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It had completely slipped my mind as of reading chapter 37, but I re-read the series and remember this?

That thing Sister Krone found out about Isabella that neither she or Ray was supposed to know? 

That Krone had to look in Isabella’s books to confirm? the connection between Isabella and Ray’s identification numbers?(I speculate it was the numbers she checked as they’re there for something) Krone knew and then died.

I feel it will be important in the future, somehow. There’s just too much foreshadowing and suspense for it to set up something that simple.

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As an arachnophobiac, Sisyphus scared me beyond end. After Noah was done hiding from that spider, I kept thinking he'd look and and it like jump at the camera or something. How'd you do the effects for that?

I saw an orb weaver spider while filming the car beep scene, zoomed in on it, and realized that it was so clear that I would be able to stabilize its motion and reinsert it in giant form. I found some stock footage of a spider crawling and, using a few distortion warp tools in AE, I mapped its legs to the orb weaver so it looks seamless when it does begin to move and drop down.

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I think it's kinda crazy Ganon saw this demonic looking child gremlin who broke into his house, and thought "Yeah I'll adopt this one too." and normally I'd object, but with this story, and the way it's made, I'm somehow OK with it, and love it. How'd you do that?

Considering the fact he’s about 7′6 and could easily crush someone, I think he doesn’t feel threatened at all with a tiny thing like Midna. :p He just wants to adopt every kid he sees.

-Mod Junior and Mod Roy

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How'd you do your stick & poke? Did you do it yourself? I wanna do one on myself but I don't how.

I did it myself yea! Well one of them I started but then had my friend finish because I was shaking but the 2nd one I did completely myself. Ur gonna need needles (just regular sewing needles will do), some antiseptic wipes, a lighter, and tattoo ink. U can order tattoo ink online. U need to sterilise the needle with the lighter, hold it over the flame for about 30 seconds, then use a wipe to remove the blackness. Make sure the area ur gonna tat is clean and draw your picture with a different coloured pen from the ink. Then put a bit of ink in a separate container and dip the needle in the ink and start poking along the lines you’ve drawn. Do each poke quickly and forcefully but be careful when lining up where you’re gonna poke because you want the dots to be close together so they join into a line. If you feel the needle sticking a bit when you poke it means you’ve gone through the skin and you’re doing it right. The more you go over your dots the clearer it will look. Make sure you NEVER use the same source of ink for tattoos, thats why you put it in a separate container, and NEVER use the same needle more than once. After ur all tatted up wash the tat with warm water and soap and put a plaster over it for a bit to stop the bleeding. Every night after that put some e45 cream on it until it stops being crusty, which for me took about 2 weeks. Hope this helps and have fun just remember to stay clean

  • Ross: How'd you do it, eh? Treat people like dirt and still come out smelling like... what is that? Is that perfume?
  • Robert: I thought Rebecca was gonna tell you to stay off my case?
  • Ross: Yeah, she did. Although why she cares about you is beyond me.
  • Robert: So?
  • Ross: So it turns out I feel sorry for her more than I need to see you fall on your backside. Besides, you'll stitch yourself up sooner or later, the way you pimp yourself about. (leaves)
  • Aaron: (approaching) Oi, I though you were getting them in?
  • Robert: Yeah, yeah, I am, yeah.
  • Vic: Hey Robert, you gonna wear your little superman cape for your housewarming tomorrow?
  • Aaron: You can pull that look off, can't you?
  • Robert: Erm... about the housewarming... do you really wanna do all that? All that fuss?
  • Aaron: Oh, come on, it's only a cape, Robert, don't be a baby.
  • Robert: No, no, I don't mean about that. It's just erm... I'd rather spend the first night after we've moved in, just the two of us. Give us a chance to talk.
  • Aaron: About?
  • Robert: I dunno. Erm... it's a big deal getting our own place and it feels important that we should be taking it seriously.
  • Aaron: Are you sure you're not confusing 'serious' with 'boring'?
  • Robert: I mean it, Aaron. You know there's been times in the past when erm... I could have said something and... I didn't cos... I dunno, maybe I took us for granted.
  • Aaron: Fine, yeah. We'll stay in and talk if it means that much to you.
  • Robert: It does, yeah.
  • Johnny Storm: Come on, Valeria. If you want to be a big girl, you've got to eat your breakfast. It's good for you.
  • Valeria Richards: Daddy says size is determined genetically. [moves away her plate]
  • Johnny Storm: [to Reed Richards] You've any ideas?
  • Reed Richards: [reading his laptop] Yeah, uh, yes there is a Chinese immersion kindergarten that we should definitely visit.
  • Johnny Storm: No, I'm talking about eating breakfast here for her. Forget about her schools right now, 'cause she's not eating.
  • Reed Richards: Oh. Without the vitamins D, C and E in the food, you can suffer from asthma, anemia, truncal and limb ataxia, sweetheart.
  • Johnny Storm: That's not gonna work, Reed, you don't...
  • Valeria Richards: [eating]
  • Johnny Storm: Look at that! How'd you do that?