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How do people do digital art? How do people make art in general? I have so many AUs I wish I could draw but I am so crap at drawing that I could never do them. Sigh, I really wish I could do it Maddie but I don't think I can.

Hahaha it’s easy anon!!! I’ll teach you what to do in five simple steps!

1. Think of a great AU idea!

For this example, I’ll do a classic coffee shop AU!

2. Start brainstorming!

I’m thinking Yuuri and Victor go to the same coffee shop every morning and eventually start sitting together.

3. Start drawing!

4. Add a watermark – you wouldn’t want anyone stealing your art!

5. Cry

Jacksepticeye themed asks
  • I haven't seen these around before so I'm making one!
  • 1. Sticky bomb!: If you could make a weapon of your choosing, what would it be and what funky name would you give it?
  • 2. SPEED IS KEY: What's your dream super power?
  • 3. Green Pewdiepie: Has anyone ever compared you to someone else? Was it positive or negative? How did you feel?
  • 4. Antisepticeye: What's your favorite horror trope? Least favorite?
  • 5. "Am I recording?": Have you ever done something to completion only to find you'd done ot completely wrong? What was it?
  • 6. BAYTIN(as of today its a meme ahah): Ever been in a fight? How'd it go?
  • 7. Irish Slang: Do you know another language? What is it? Say something in that language!
  • 8. Dr. Schneeplesteen: What's your favorite board game?
  • 9. All the Way: What was one of your most unmotivated points? What got you through that point?
  • 10. Jacksepticeye power hour: Are you impulsive or do you usually think things through before doing something?
  • 11. Cool Patrol: If you met your idol, who would you meet and what would you say?
  • 12. Cuz Fuck you, that's why!: What's a favorite insult that you actually use on others?
  • 13. I know what do: When learning something new, do you learn quickly or does it come slow?
  • 14. The gauges: Is there anything you'd ever want to do to 'decorate' your body? Tattoo/gauges/hair dyeing/piercings?
  • 15. That's a stup: Do you get bored easily?
  • 16. Robin's edits: Do you think you'd ever be a video editor? Are you currently? What's your favorite edit to do/favorite edits to see?
  • 17. Signe: Do you have a significant other? How long have you been together? If you are single, have you ever had a significant other? How long did it last?
  • 18. The hat™: Do you have a favorite peice of clothing? What is it?
  • 19. The Undertale series: Do you have a favorite game? What is it?
  • 20. High fives all around: Is there a special greeting/parting gesture you give to others? What is it?
tfc characters as texts i've sent
  • neil: i should be dead how'd i get away with that
  • andrew: it was all my doing i'm glad i've confused everyone
  • kevin: pls remember vegetables exist and they love you
  • matt: sleep well sweet nugget
  • dan: but you know what. maybe I'M risky.
  • allison: i fight dirty and psychological trauma is the aim
  • renee: two people have asked me for directions in the past hour why is my face so soft and trustable
  • aaron: did u not know i only have one friend
  • nicky: i can even play heads or tails in multiple languages which is irrelevant just a fun fact
  • seth: i love death and dying and being dead

Some evidence pointing to Kylo Ren having a redemption arc for @reylorobyn2011. I’m hinging a lot of the stuff toward the end on the death of Han Solo because that is a factor that a lot of people contend with regarding the possibility of Kylo being redeemed.

  • The latest spinoff book for TFA says that Ben Solo was influenced by the dark side in utero. So there’s that. It wasn’t entirely his choice.
  • “There is still light in him, I know it” line from Leia in The Force Awakens parallels Padmé and Luke talking about Anakin/Vader who did eventually get redemption–“There is still good in him” in Episode III “There is still good in him”/“There is still good in you” in Episode VI.
  • Adam Driver is quoted as saying “Humanity” in answer to the question, “What’s one aspect of Kylo Ren you’re excited for fans to see in the next film?” on the Larry King show and then followed it up by explaining that there are things that are going to be explained in Episode VIII that they were only operating under the assumption of in Episode VII.
  • The Star Wars Databank updated Kylo Ren and Rey’s biographies to say some interesting things about him–
    • There is a lot of talk about his “emotional pain” as well as “conflicts and doubts.”
    • It is worth noting in the latter case the word choice since Luke at one point said to his father, “I feel the conflict within you” in Episode VI. 
    • The word “conflict” is used again when it talks about Kylo killing Han–he “suppresses his conflicted emotions.”
    • Rey senses that Kylo Ren is “vulnerable” and “filled with conflict and pain.”
    • In terms of pain, another recurring word next to conflict, Kylo himself references it–“I am being torn apart. I want to be free of this pain.” Kylo Ren uses his pain to fuel his Force powers, both emotionally and physically (see: how he beats his own wounds) but the chronic hurting is something he wants to stop and that’s why he kills Han, aside from, of course, Snoke telling him to and the fact that he thinks that it’s “too late” for him to come home.
  • It is worth noting that J.J. Abrams had this to say in his DVD commentary for The Force Awakens concerning Kylo killing Han Solo: “And I think, the instant that he’s done it, he regrets it.”
  • Han forgives Kylo for killing him in the junior novelization and hopes that “his son could one day forgive him in turn,” thinks of him as “Ben” rather than “Kylo Ren” once he takes his mask off, and there are continual references to how “sad” his eyes are.
  • In the script for The Force Awakens, it says: “Kylo Ren is somehow WEAKENED by this wicked act. Himself horrified. His SHOCK is broken only when – CHEWIE CRIES OUT IN AGONY!”

So, yeah, this face that Kylo makes after killing Han is one of supreme regret. It’s his “What have I done?” face.


HEY Guys. This one’s about how budo confesses his love for Ayano and how it goes. At least how I think it might go. So I tried writing Ayando again… and I’m loving this lovesick budo thing. It feels like it comes full circle. Anyway, sorry if it sucks (typos may occur) and I really tried hard on it so no hate please and thank you!! -Im out

P.S. 3, 2, 1 READ!


“I like you”

Budo closed his eyes after he said those words. They’ve been sitting at the back of his throat for so long. He didn’t think he’d have it in him. But here he stood outside the school gates under the cool shadow of a sakura tree in spring. The whisper of the breeze was what filled the silence that was lasting for what felt like hours.

The quiet was beginning to make him feel anxious. The heat in his cheek was starting to die down as he opened his eyes. Her cold grey eyes were still looking straight at him. Her usually pale cheeks were tinted with a light pink. The dark black hair Budo adored was swinging in the wind, the sakura leaves following.

Budo looked down. His cheeks heating up, once again. Damn, what’s she thinking Budo thought. She was impossible to read, even before today. Her expression always looked the same, with eyes that he felt could scare away anyone with just a glance. He didn’t know what it was about her that pulled him in so much, that he could not stay away from her for too long. Maybe it was the strong way she carried herself, or the fearlessness he saw in her. All Budo Masuta knew was that he was entranced by the small dark haired girl in front of him.

What would happen next for the two of them, he had no clue. He couldn’t imagine going on a first date with her. Holding her hand. Kissing her. The thought made him blush harder to a more deep red. Maybe he could.

He wanted to be near her. To protect her. To keep her to himself. His hope was that she might understand.

That hope he had was hanging in the air between them. If something went wrong, he didn’t know what he would do. He wanted to push away those thoughts but they kept coming back up. His heart was beating fast but he was still perfectly silent.

A movement in his vision caught his eye. He lifted his head slowly. She was taking a step closer, slowly opening her mouth to say something.

“Budo…” she said carefully. For the first time, Budo saw something in her eyes. Pity? No, he probably was imagining it, he assured himself.

“Masuta-senpai” as she started again “You are a very g-good person but”. She looked confused as she paused, an emotion Budo had never seen in her before as well. He enjoyed this side of her, one filled with emotion and mystery, quickly though, he was brought back to reality noticing the but in her word choice. Did he do something wrong? She was all he cared about and she was about to reject him? He felt defeat. No one had every defeated him before, at least in combat. One last push of hope made Budo do something he would never have done.

Desperately he reached forward and grabbed her left hand that was previously at her side. She was about to say something when he did this but was immediately cut off. Her eyes widened and started to struggle underneath his grip.

But he held on. He wasn’t about to let go of her.

“Please” he said. The crack in his voice sounded pathetic but this was all he could do. Her beautiful face turned from surprise to disgust. She stopped struggling and brought her gaze up to his eyes. They were drilling into him with a glare as frigid as ice.

“Let go of me” she said steadily with a threat behind her tone. It scared him, but he did not oblige. Though, he knew, in the back of his mind he was only digging himself a deeper hole as he continued.

“Why?” Budo asked quietly his voice cracking again. She was still looking at him with that awful glare, and it hurt. It hurt like someone was punching him in the gut, or even choking him. He mustered out all his courage and asked again but louder.

“WHY?”. She jumped letting the cool glare rest a minute. She finally managed to pull out from his grip and put her hands close to her chest. The red marks on her wrist from Budo’s own hand made his stomach turn upside down. How could he do that to her when he loved her? He wanted to cry. To start over.

“Why don’t you like me?” he asked in a slightly lower voice, looking back down.

He heard her sigh and finally answer. “ It’s because I am in love with someone else”. She said it calming almost, in a soft way that made Budo only more depressed. He had lost her, even if he never had her. And what bothered him the most was that he never had a chance. Questions swarmed in his brain as he spoke again quietly and without hope.

“Who?” Budo paused “Who do you like?”. He hated himself for wanting to know more. This would only make him feel worse. He looked up into her eyes and she was blushing. A bright pink was on her cheeks while her eyes sparkled and were brought to life more than he had ever witnessed. She was dreamily gazing at the setting sun that was beginning its journey down the skyline changing the sky from red to orange to pink and so on. He knew this look. He often had it himself.

It was love.

He wanted to scream. To kick something. To make her snap out of it. He wanted her to look at him like that, he realised.

“He’s from class 3-2” she said as she shook her head. After seeing the look on his face she turned and walked away. Budo was still in shock of the whole ordeal. He stood in the same spot under the sakura tree till the last drop of sun had finally disappeared from the sky leaving only darkness. And anger.

The boy she loved was in class 3-2. He scanned from memory all of his male classmates. Riku Soma. Ryuto Ippongo. Taro Yamada. He had never seen any of them talk to her before but he couldn’t let this go. He couldn’t let her go.

Budo started with the most likely candidate. Riku Soma was one of the most popular boys in school and it is very likely many had a crush on him. Could she be one of his admirers? Thinking about who she might like hurt him more than anything, but he didn’t even understand why he was doing all this. He wanted to do something. He wanted to get out this anger. This rage.

He checked his watch. Nearly an hour had passed since the school closed. He wondered if she had returned to her house by now. Was she safe? Was she alone?

He went on his way, deciding to stop by her home to make sure. All he knew now was that he wasn’t going to lose her. She was everything to Budo and it wouldn’t be easy for her to get rid of him.

He wasn’t going to let anyone take his Ayano Aishi away from him. He would do anything. Even, he thought suddenly, kill.

Sam came back from his morning run to find he’d missed several text messages. His heart jumped in his chest before he even read them, wondering what he missed, what was wrong, if someone was hurt or dying or needed his help.

Jody (1 hour ago)

Happy birthday! (Claire and Alex wish you a happy birthday too.)

Sam blinked and checked the date on his phone to confirm that, yes, it was May second, before sighing in relief. He skimmed through all the messages quickly, just to make absolutely sure no one was dying.

Donna (1 hour ago)

Happy birthday! 😊 🎉

Mom (33 minutes ago)

Happy birthday, Sam. Call me later, if you’re not too busy.

There were a handful of others, but Sam wasn’t paying attention after the one from his mom. He wore a stupid grin on his face as he made himself breakfast, not thinking too hard about why his mom’s text made him so happy. It was nice to just be happy for a minute.

His phone buzzed at the table. He hated having his phone out while eating, but it might be important. It buzzed again as he was checking it.

Alicia (now)

Please respond to Max’s texts. He’s stressing tf out.

Alicia (now)

Also happy birthday ✌

Sam scrolled through his notifications, finding a long string of texts from Max at the bottom among the others he hadn’t really read.

Max (2 hours ago)

Happy birthday dude.

Max (2 hours ago)

Over the hill am I right?

Max (2 hours ago)

I have something for you later ;) 🍆

Max (2 hours ago)

If you want, I mean.

Max (2 hours ago)

I don’t know if you really do birthdays or if it’s a family thing or what.

Max (2 hours ago)

But hmu if you want your gift.

Max (2 hours ago)

Sorry if this is weird.

Sam couldn’t help but snicker. He liked when Max stumbled and lost his cool. It made Sam feel less like an awkward old man (even if he did have to google “hmu” and what the eggplant emoji meant).

I’ll call you later tonight.

he answered quickly. Then he called his mom like she asked, before waiting for an answer.