how'd they do that

camping w/ the parkers!

me: the queen of ignoring requests and bringing out headcanons no one requested– yet again! (other than my babe del, @sunrisehunny


  • you can’t actually remember who came up with the idea to go camping
  • it must’ve just slipped into casual conversation 
  • and then you and peter were staring wide eyed at each other 
  • like are you think what i’m thinking 
  • and then you’re both scrambling out the door together, peter already calling out like 
  • it took a lot of pleading from the both of you 
  • at first may was straight out like nope 
  • i mean, money was tight, it meant having to find days up to drive up, pay and everything just = stress
  • but eventually you both swayed her
    • c’mon! i have great grades and i’ve been doing all my chores- please may
    • i’ll pay for the camping site! and we can use our old camping gear! it like already planned!
  • when she was still not completely convinced
  • out comes puppy eyed peter 
  • because he knows that never fails to persuade may 
  • when she sighed, you both silently celebrated because you knew it meant she was on board 
  • she was a bit questioning, raising her eyebrows at you 
    • you realize you’ll have to sleep in different tents? i don’t want no funny business 
    • w-whAT m-may no! it’s not like that!” 
  • /nervous laughter from both of you/ 
  • because nothing is official but it’s lingering but it doesn’t mean you aren’t awkward when anyone acknowledges it 
  • you both retreat back to peter’s room, cheering and excited because yes!!!!
  • what was supposed to be studying for school 
  • turned into studying to make this the best camping trip ever
  • peter literally has so many articles on camping ideas saved in his phone
  • whereas you were making sure you had enough smore ingredients for all the days you were staying there
    • i don’t think we need that many marshmallows y/n
    • pfft, you can never have too many marshmallows parker
  • (if you’re vegetarian or vegan, peter hunts for ages in the supermarket to find an alternative for you)
  • the roadtrip up was a wild ride 
  • it’s was just a giant food fest in the car 
  • peter hogged the gummy bear packet like a lil asshole
  • & the tunes made the entire ride a fuckin jam 
  • yes you definitely had a lip sync battle 
  • though your spice girl’s “wannabe” was a valid song choice
  • it couldn’t beat peter’s rendition of britney’s “baby, one more time” 
  • i mean he was dramatic 
  • it was such a magical and beautiful performance
  • you couldn’t stop laughing the whole time 
  • and may found the whole thing very amusing 
    • what can i say? britney calls to me 
  • during the gas stops, you have to go buy more marshmallows because peter got hungry and starting eating them 
  • and then like not even 3 minutes up the road, you spot a real fruit ice-cream store 
    • oh please may! can we get one!!
  • so, again, you manage to persuade to her to pull over and buy you all ice-creams because she love spoiling you guys
  • adorable peter parker getting ice-cream all over his face because he’s having the time of his life, devouring this ice-cream 
  • somehow, you guys manage to make it to the campground before midday 
  • who knows how 
  • may wanders off after parking the car, saying she was going to find out where to pay, a faint call of “set up the tents! 
  • she ends up finding the cutest park ranger and flirts with them 
  • hint: you both suck at setting up tents
  • it takes forever for you to figure this shit out 
  • y/n try not holding the instructions upside down 
  • right extreme blushing
  • you eventually get one of the tents about half set up 
  • but then peter
  • a clusmy lil dork 
  • trips over the tangle of guy ropes (you know those things that keep the cover of the tent tight)
  • and ends up taking down the tent with him as he desperately tries not to fall 
  • failing miserably
  • you can’t even be mad at him for ruining your progress 
  • because you’re laughing so hard
  • like this is side splitting laughter
  • he’s just glaring at you as he struggles to escape the twists of ropes
    • stop laughing! and- help- me- out! 
  • but honestly 
  • it just makes you laugh harder 
  • because the mighty, amazing spider-man is contained by some guy ropes
  • you whip out that phone and peter’s eyes widen as he struggles faster
  • ultimately making it worse for him 
  • the video you get of him is him struggling, very frustrated before he spots the camera and pouts angrily 
    • y/n! stop recording and help! me! 
  • you just zoom in with your camera on peters frowning face
    • i swear, if you weren’t cute” 
    • oh shh, parke– wait, c-cute?
  • an awkward silence as peter’s cheeks glow are he realizes what he said
  • “i-i mean, i’m not gonna say y-you’re not because a-are but–” 
  • and you couldn’t leave this cutie tied up after that adorable comment 
    • alright, i’ll help you out, now hold still ” 
  • it’s awkward grins and blushing cheeks as you silently detangle him 
  • but you just turn on some jams on your speaker
  • and goofily dance & sing as you set up the tents 
  • it’s quite a workout tbh 
  • so when you’re finally done, you’re slightly puffed as you sit at your camps spots picnic table 
  • peter then get’s this boyish grin 
  • which means he’s got an idea
    • you wanna go for a swim? 
  • changing supa quickly, you leave the tents behind 
  • may’s still living it up with the hot park ranger
  • you reach the river bank 
  • and the river looks magical 
  • i mean the sun is still high in the sky & you can definitely feel the heat
  • you can’t wait till you get into the water
  • so you don’t wait
  • with a running start, you jump off the rock like ledge and cannonball into the rushing water
  • peters watching you with that look of awe he always has when you make his heart go !!!
  • it’s refreshing as fuck
  • you come up grinning, shaking out the water in your hair briefly 
  • but peter’s still standing nervously at the end of the ledge
  • he’s fiddling with the edge of his tee-shirt 
  • because thIS GODDAMN CUTIE
  • is still shy and nervous about being shirtless
  • not that he needs to be 
  • because he doesn’t radiate confidence
  • and he’s never really had someone to tell him that’s he good looking or attractive 
  • and the lack of relationships in the past means he’s forever had this budding self doubt 
  • but you’re just floating up on your back, staring at the canopy of tree leaves above and sighing at how beautiful the moment is 
    • c’mon peter! it’s sooooo nice in here
  • when he doesn’t reply, you roll onto your front to see what the problem is 
  • he’s still looking nervous, with his eyes screwed shut, gripping his tshirt tightly
  • he’s just thinking come on peter it’s just a tshirt and it’s just y/n why are you making such a deal 
  • but you know peter so 
    • peter, you know you don’t have to take it off, right?” 
  • the change is instant
  • after your assurance as he relaxes and un-tenses, drops his shoulder and gives a small relieved smile
    • just get in!
  • and you make sure to send a splash in his direction with your words
  • he gasps dramatically when you get his shirt wet
    • oh it’s on!” 
  • grinning, he takes a running start and cannonballs in, creating a wave of water
  • you get soaked in water
  • again
  • he pop’s up, beaming at you 
  • and does that weirdly hot things were he shakes out his hair like a dog 
  • but it’s adorable and hot???
  • why is that so hot
  • and oh my god the grey shirt he is wearing is clinging to his skin 
  • leaving very little to imagination 
  • if fact it’s so distracting
  • that you’re only knocked out of your thoughts when peter swipes his legs and yours buckle, plunging you under water
  • when you surface, he’s already swimming in the other direction 
  • because he knows you’ll want revenge
    • i swear to god, parker! get back here! 
  • luckily, you’re slightly speedier than him 
  • not really
  • but peter goes slow for your sake
  • so you launch yourself at him, gripping onto his shoulders 
  • but suddenly his hands have come up under your thighs so it’s a piggyback 
  • and instead of getting your revenge, you’re desperately clutching at his chest fro dear life as he spins around trying to throw you off
  • he’s not really trying throw you off 
  • he just loves how you laugh so loudly & hug yourself closer to him 
  • he stops spinning, looking over his shoulder & falling so so so much more in love 
  • because you’re still laughing, a crazy grin on your face with a flushed face but you look so happy
  • you two spend so long in the river 
  • you try not to show it but you definitely check peter out when he finally gets the confidence to take off his shirt
  • the cutie immediately sinks under the water after he pulls it off, hiding his red cheeks because he’s still embarrassed 
  • but eventually you just float on the top of the water together 
  • your hands are both outstretched, barely touching 
  • but it’s enough for now 
  • you guys only get out when peter notices you’ve starting shivering ever so slightly 
    • c’mon, you’re shivering. we should get back now anyways, so may’s not worried 
  • except at one point your towel somehow got soaked 
  • peter offers you his towel straight away 
  • despite how shy he is about being shirtless & out of the water
  • he can’t have you being cold 
    • just take it, y/n, you’re shivering
  • so reluctantly you take it & wrap it around your shoulders
  • & then immediately, open you arm to invite him into the towel 
  • he grins sheepishly before ducking under it with you 
  • you two walk back together
  • huddling together under the same towel 
  • which is good because somehow peter is still very warm
  • so you stop shivering pretty quick 
  • may still isn’t back 
  • i mean she’s really hit it off with the hot park ranger 
  • (his name’s brandon and may still hasn’t paid for the camp ground yet) 
  • but by the time you & peter get dressed and dry she’s back
  • but it took awhile bc tents are very confined 
  • and peter insisted on squeezing into skinny jeans 
  • well, until he got them half on and realized they weren’t going any further 
    • y/n… 
    • yes? 
    • i need help 
    • with what? 
    • my, er, uh, my skinny jeans are stuck 
    • oh dear god. why didn’t you just put on sweatpants like a normal person! 
    • shut up and help me please
  • a lot of your time spent with peter is helping him out of weird situations
  • it was a little awkward ofc 
  • you laughed at his batman boxers & he blushed furiously 
    • he’s cool! 
  • and with lots of tugging
  • lots of tugging
  • you finally you managed to free his legs
    • okay, skinny jeans were definitely not a good idea, peter 
    • i know that now
  • so finally, you’re both dressed n dry 
  • you definitely stole one of peter sweaters btw 
  • but boi 
  • peter’s hair is still slightly wet which means its curly 
  • you seriously can’t stop looking at it??? 
  • peter get’s supa shy about it 
    • is–d-does it look weird? i know usually don– 
    • no! it looks nice, i-i like it. 
  • he smiles extra fuckin wide at that & his heart does another little !!!
  • added to peter mental notes: curly hair more often
  • dinner is a fun time because you all just ramble about how great your time has been here already 
  • may definitely gets carried away talking about dreamy brandon
  • but then she assigns you and peter to the task of starting the fire 
  • you’re the one who eventually gets the flame to catch 
  • sticking your tongue out at peter 
  • who just grins in return 
  • his hair is completely dried now and it’s so curly you’re speechless because he’s so fucking adorable
  • and now you have a decent fire
  • you bust out the smore ingredients 
  • however, peter sucks cooking marshmallows  
  • seriously he manages to set them on fire 
  • every
  • single 
  • time
  • but luckily for him, you’re a master at the art of roasting marshmallows
  • so he just begs you to do his after burning his 4th one (in a row)
  • may looks like she wants to leave but you suspect it’s because of mcdreamy brandon invited her for tea at his campfire
    • may, you don’t have to babysit us– go & visit you’re hot park ranger, we’re not doing anything here, just gonna eat smore & set random stuff on fire” 
  • intense glaring from may 
  • she does go (it doesn’t take much persuading)
  • and you’d think sitting around the fire would eventually get boring but the conversation never dies
  • peter wastes marshmallows by throwing them at you 
  • but it turns into “how shitty at throwing is peter because he hasn’t landed a single one in my mouth” 
    • how are you– a fucking superhero –still so incompetent at aiming a marshmallow?
  • blushing & mumbling because there’s really no excuse c’mon peter
  • so he changes the subject like, “hOT CHOCOLATE??” 
  • so the conversation stills as you and peter both sip at your hot drinks, which you thankfully have marshmallows left over for 
  • it, again, took awhile to figure out & get the water boiling 
  • but eventually you did 
  • & now the stars are out 
  • it’s this beautiful still moment 
  • you can feel the heat of the mug in your hands & the blaze on your cheeks from the firelight
  • you hear the crackle of the bright fire & the rush of the river that’s hidden behind the dark forest
  • and gazing up at the stars overhead 
  • it’s the most serene & peaceful moment 
  • so you can’t help but curl your lips into a grin 
  • like the most cliche thing, you’re pretty sure you see a shooting star
    • peter! did you see the shooting star? 
  • but when you turn, peters just looking at you 
  • he couldn’t help it 
  • you’ve got red cheeks from the fire and an adorable red nose
  • huddled in his sweater that’s a lil too long on the sleeves
  • you’re hair has turned unruly & curly and he loves it 
  • and the way you hold you mug in the most childlike way
  • and your eyes
  • so full of wonder, staring up at the inky sky 
  • he can’t but gaze, his lips parted in awe at this beautiful person before him 
  • lucky for him, you can’t see his blush when you can’t him gazing 
  • thank god for the fire
  • but then he looks up at the sky and chuckles
    • hate to burst your bubble but that’s a satellite- an atlas v 401 probably 
    • sTOP, let enjoy my shooting star, nerd 
  • you sit by the fire till it’s nothing but embers 
  • shyly shuffling closer to peter because the cold is creeping in now but peter is forever warm
    • do you want to go to bed now? 
    • can we stay and talk in your tent? 
    • of course, that’s what i meant 
  • so snuggled in your sleeping bags, you guys play cards and gossip & tell ghost stories
  • you use the torch & a scary voice to try freak peter out 
  • it works
    • why did you have to tell a story about a weird thing in a forest! we’re literally right beside a forest!! i’m not gonna sleep now!!
    • it’s fine peter, i’ll protect you. even if it means sacrificing my flesh to the bogeyman of the forest 
    • ew, that just sounds gross
    • good, you’re not scared anymore” 
  • eventually you get really sleepy & the mumbling stops as you drift off
  • night 
  • night peter 
  • but then there’s a large rustling from outside the tent
  • it’s actually only may getting into her tent lmao
  • you can feel peter tense up before he spits out a bunch of words
    • okay-i-know-the-bogeyman-isn’t-real-but-can-you-hold-my-hand-please
  • sighing exaggeratedly, you’re not really all that annoyed
  • in fact you’re all giddy inside at the idea of holding peters hand
  • you fall asleep with your hands intertwined between your sleeping bags
  • and that’s how may finds you in the morning tangled & scrunched up sleeping bags & messy hair but still holding hands
  • tags under the cut

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I think Shaw has come around to realize maybe this is the person for her in the world.

d bees n d birds

JILY CHALLENGE | @nottellingu vs @siriuslysnuffles
  social media au + “lily takes a photo of a pretty boy in lectures and sends it to her friend remus who promptly freaks out bc “omG that’s my roommate?? this is bloody brilliant” marauder meddling ensues”

(a brill prompt w lots of potential that i murdered but yay i finally finished)  thanks @jilychallenge


Remus Lupin to Lily Evans: I can’t come to the health lecture.  I’m sick.

Lily Evans: whaaaaaaat?!?!?!

Lily Evans: but remus

Lily Evans: they are going to talk bout d bees n d birds

Lily Evans: the BIRDS and the BEES


Lily Evans: i hate you


James Potter sent a photo to Sirius Black

James Potter: loml just sat down next to me in health

Sirius Black: is dat evans?

James Potter: u kno dis goddess

Sirius Black: way outta ur league mate

James Potter: rude


Lily Evans sent a photo Remus Lupin

Lily Evans: nvm i forgive you

Lily Evans: mr.tdh sat next to me instead

Remus Lupin: mr.tdh?

Lily Evans: mr. tall dark handsome

Remus Lupin: oh


Sirius Black sent a screenshot to 3 musketeers + pete

Sirius Black: prongsie has a crush on lily evans

Peter Pettigrew: lol

James Potter: does pvt chat mean nothing to u

Sirius Black: #yolo

James Potter: yolo cant b ur response to everything

Sirius Black: #yolo

Sirius Black changed the group name to #yolo

James Potter: blocked


Remus Lupin sent a screenshot to Sirius Black

Remus Lupin: Can you believe it?

Sirius Black: otp

Remus Lupin: I should never have told you about that.

Sirius Black: we have 2 do sthing

Remus Lupin: Sirius no.

Sirius Black: 2 l8


Sirius Black created Operation Lames

Sirius Black added Remus Lupin to Operation Lames

Sirius Black added Peter Pettigrew to Operation Lames

Sirius Black added Marlene McKinnon to Operation Lames

Sirius Black added Dorcas Meadowes to Operation Lames

Sirius Black  added Alice Fortescue to Operation Lames

Sirius Black sent a screenshot to Operation Lames

Sirius Black: At 10:23 am James Fleamont Potter sent the above message to a handsome Mr. Sirius Orion Black.

Sirius Black forwarded  a screenshot to Operation Lames

Sirius Black: At 10:34 am Lily idk-her-middle-name Evans  sent the above message to Remus John Lupin.  

Sirius Black: By the power vested in me by Cupid I appoint you all junoir matchmakers.

Sirius Black: With me as senior matchmaker, it is our responsibility to bring these two lost souls together.

Sirius Black: Let’s  make magic happen,  people!

Alice Fortescue: omg this is sooo cute!!!

Peter Pettigrew: grool!

Marlene McKinnon: wat shud we do?

Dorcas Meadowes: lilys mid name is jane.

Remus Lupin: For this you can have perfect grammar?

Sirius Black: fuk u moony its tru luv


Sirius Black (@siriuslyblanc) tweeted: all u losers are invited to a party chez moi. Esp @gunsnlilies and @jpotter_unofficial


Marlene McKinnon to Operation Lames: seriously? that was ur plan?

Sirius Black: I’m always sirius

Dorcas Meadowes removed Sirius Black from Operation Lames


Sirius Black to Peter Pettigrew: pete

Sirius Black: pete

Sirius Black: pete

Sirius Black: peter

Sirius Black: PETER

Sirius Black: PETER PETTIGREW!!!!

Peter Pettigrew: WHag?!?!

Sirius Black: add me back to op lames

Peter Pettigrew: u woke me up from my nap for THAt

Sirius Black: pls


Peter Pettigrew added Sirius Black to Operation Lames

Sirius Black: miss me?  ;)

Dorcas Meadowes removed Peter Pettigrew from Operation Lames

Dorcas Meadowes removed Sirius Black from Operation Lames


Peter Pettigrew to Sirius Black: i hate u


Sirius Black to Remus Lupin: remus

Remus Lupin: No.


James Potter (@jpotter_unofficial) tweeted: @siriuslyblanc i live with you??? y do i get a special invite???


Sirius Black (@siriuslyblanc) tweeted: because i love u


Lily Evans (@gunsnlilies) tweeted: @siriuslyblanc does that mean you love me too?


Sirius Black (@siriuslyblanc) tweeted: @gunsnlilies nah i think ur a swot so u got a speical invite


James Potter to Sirius Black: did u really invite lily evans?

Sirius Black: yea

James Potter: idk if i shud kiss you or kick you

Sirius Black: save d smooches 4 evans


Lily Evans (@gunsnlilies) tweeted: @siriuslyblanc you spelled ‘special’ wrong


Lily Evans to Sirius Black: who is @jp_unofficial?

Sirius Black: jim iams

Lily Evans: ????

Sirius Black: prongs

Lily Evans: ??????

Sirius Black: james

Lily Evans: ????????

Sirius Black: james potter

Lily Evans: ?????????????

Sirius Black sent a photo to Lily Evans


Lily Evans to Remus Lupin: et tu

Remus Lupin: What did I do?

Lily Evans: idk but

Lily Evans: sirius sent me and james potter a special invite

Lily Evans: who is the same guy i texted you a photo of this morning

Lily Evans: according to insta you are all part of some clique

Lily Evans: you are getting coal for christmas

Remus Lupin: As long as I get  chocolate for Easter

Lily Evans: im not that cruel


Lily Evans to Sirius Black: my mum said j cant come

Sirius Black: ask her again


Remus Lupin added Sirius Black to Operation Lames

Sirius Black: hi

Remus Lupin added Peter Pettigrew to Operation Lames

Remus Lupin: Lily’s on to us.

Alice Fortescue: i got this


Sirius Black (@siriuslyblanc) tweeted: @gunsnlilies #yolo


Alice Fortescue to Sugar and Spice: yall going to blacks party?

Marlene  McKinnon: yep

Dorcas Meadowes: yes

Alice Fortescue: lils?

Lily Evans: no

Lily Evans: gonna do slughorns paper

Marlene McKinnon: nerd

Alice Fortescue: please lil

Alice Fortescue: frank said hell be there

Lily Evans: marls and dork are going

Alice Fortescue: but theyll be 2 busy kissing

Dorcas Meadowes: tru

Marlene McKinnon: ily

Dorcas Meadowes: ily more

Alice Fortescue: please lils!!!!


Marlene McKinnon to Make Alice Longbottom  a reality 2k17 : do it for the longbottoms lil


Dorcas Meadowes to Marlene McKinnon: who needs tindr when they got us

Marlene McKinnon: loooooool


Lily Evans  to Sugar and Spice: fine

Alice Fortescue: YAY!!!!!!


Lily Evans to Sirius Black: she said ok


Sirius Black to Operation Lames: nice work alice

Alice  Fortescue: B)

Alice Fortescue: girl power


Marlene McKinnon to Sugar and Spice: alice wear ur jeans miniskirt and pink jumper with ur hair down, nude lipstick,  blush. fuzzy boots

Alice Fortescue: k

Marlene McKinnon: lily wear ur black jeans,  green silky top and black slinky heels. Messy pony, chapstick, eyeliner and mascara

Lily Evans: dont tell me what to do

Marlene McKinnon: too bad

Marlene McKinnon: do it or die

Dorcas Meadowes: whoa there

Lily Evans: im going as alices wingwoman

Lily Evans: got no one to impress

Marlene McKinnon: lily lily lily

Marlene McKinnon: no wonder u r single

Lily Evans: hey!

Dorcas Meadowes: the birds got a point

Lily Evans: what about dorky

Marlene McKinnon: im on my way 2 her flat

Dorcas Meadowes: !!!!!!!!!

Lily Evans: :P


Remus Lupin to Operation Lames: This is Sirius on Moony’s phone

Remus Lupin: CODE RED!!!!  CODE RED!!!!

Marlene  McKinnon: what

Remus Lupin sent a photo to Operation Lames


Remus Lupin: Also Moony’s phone has proper autocorrect that corrects spelling and adds punctuation and shit.

Remus Lupin: Remus John Lupin is a phony.

Dorcas Meadowes: scandalous

Peter Pettigrew: is that

Peter Pettigrew: tongue

Marlene McKinnon: its called french kissing

Marlene McKinnon: making out

Marlene McKinnon: lip lacrosse

Marlene McKinnon: tonsil tennis

Peter Pettigrew: i get it

Alice Longbottom: mission accomplished

Sirius Black: dammit

Sirius Black: i wanted to say that


HEY Guys. This one’s about how budo confesses his love for Ayano and how it goes. At least how I think it might go. So I tried writing Ayando again… and I’m loving this lovesick budo thing. It feels like it comes full circle. Anyway, sorry if it sucks (typos may occur) and I really tried hard on it so no hate please and thank you!! -Im out

P.S. 3, 2, 1 READ!


“I like you”

Budo closed his eyes after he said those words. They’ve been sitting at the back of his throat for so long. He didn’t think he’d have it in him. But here he stood outside the school gates under the cool shadow of a sakura tree in spring. The whisper of the breeze was what filled the silence that was lasting for what felt like hours.

The quiet was beginning to make him feel anxious. The heat in his cheek was starting to die down as he opened his eyes. Her cold grey eyes were still looking straight at him. Her usually pale cheeks were tinted with a light pink. The dark black hair Budo adored was swinging in the wind, the sakura leaves following.

Budo looked down. His cheeks heating up, once again. Damn, what’s she thinking Budo thought. She was impossible to read, even before today. Her expression always looked the same, with eyes that he felt could scare away anyone with just a glance. He didn’t know what it was about her that pulled him in so much, that he could not stay away from her for too long. Maybe it was the strong way she carried herself, or the fearlessness he saw in her. All Budo Masuta knew was that he was entranced by the small dark haired girl in front of him.

What would happen next for the two of them, he had no clue. He couldn’t imagine going on a first date with her. Holding her hand. Kissing her. The thought made him blush harder to a more deep red. Maybe he could.

He wanted to be near her. To protect her. To keep her to himself. His hope was that she might understand.

That hope he had was hanging in the air between them. If something went wrong, he didn’t know what he would do. He wanted to push away those thoughts but they kept coming back up. His heart was beating fast but he was still perfectly silent.

A movement in his vision caught his eye. He lifted his head slowly. She was taking a step closer, slowly opening her mouth to say something.

“Budo…” she said carefully. For the first time, Budo saw something in her eyes. Pity? No, he probably was imagining it, he assured himself.

“Masuta-senpai” as she started again “You are a very g-good person but”. She looked confused as she paused, an emotion Budo had never seen in her before as well. He enjoyed this side of her, one filled with emotion and mystery, quickly though, he was brought back to reality noticing the but in her word choice. Did he do something wrong? She was all he cared about and she was about to reject him? He felt defeat. No one had every defeated him before, at least in combat. One last push of hope made Budo do something he would never have done.

Desperately he reached forward and grabbed her left hand that was previously at her side. She was about to say something when he did this but was immediately cut off. Her eyes widened and started to struggle underneath his grip.

But he held on. He wasn’t about to let go of her.

“Please” he said. The crack in his voice sounded pathetic but this was all he could do. Her beautiful face turned from surprise to disgust. She stopped struggling and brought her gaze up to his eyes. They were drilling into him with a glare as frigid as ice.

“Let go of me” she said steadily with a threat behind her tone. It scared him, but he did not oblige. Though, he knew, in the back of his mind he was only digging himself a deeper hole as he continued.

“Why?” Budo asked quietly his voice cracking again. She was still looking at him with that awful glare, and it hurt. It hurt like someone was punching him in the gut, or even choking him. He mustered out all his courage and asked again but louder.

“WHY?”. She jumped letting the cool glare rest a minute. She finally managed to pull out from his grip and put her hands close to her chest. The red marks on her wrist from Budo’s own hand made his stomach turn upside down. How could he do that to her when he loved her? He wanted to cry. To start over.

“Why don’t you like me?” he asked in a slightly lower voice, looking back down.

He heard her sigh and finally answer. “ It’s because I am in love with someone else”. She said it calming almost, in a soft way that made Budo only more depressed. He had lost her, even if he never had her. And what bothered him the most was that he never had a chance. Questions swarmed in his brain as he spoke again quietly and without hope.

“Who?” Budo paused “Who do you like?”. He hated himself for wanting to know more. This would only make him feel worse. He looked up into her eyes and she was blushing. A bright pink was on her cheeks while her eyes sparkled and were brought to life more than he had ever witnessed. She was dreamily gazing at the setting sun that was beginning its journey down the skyline changing the sky from red to orange to pink and so on. He knew this look. He often had it himself.

It was love.

He wanted to scream. To kick something. To make her snap out of it. He wanted her to look at him like that, he realised.

“He’s from class 3-2” she said as she shook her head. After seeing the look on his face she turned and walked away. Budo was still in shock of the whole ordeal. He stood in the same spot under the sakura tree till the last drop of sun had finally disappeared from the sky leaving only darkness. And anger.

The boy she loved was in class 3-2. He scanned from memory all of his male classmates. Riku Soma. Ryuto Ippongo. Taro Yamada. He had never seen any of them talk to her before but he couldn’t let this go. He couldn’t let her go.

Budo started with the most likely candidate. Riku Soma was one of the most popular boys in school and it is very likely many had a crush on him. Could she be one of his admirers? Thinking about who she might like hurt him more than anything, but he didn’t even understand why he was doing all this. He wanted to do something. He wanted to get out this anger. This rage.

He checked his watch. Nearly an hour had passed since the school closed. He wondered if she had returned to her house by now. Was she safe? Was she alone?

He went on his way, deciding to stop by her home to make sure. All he knew now was that he wasn’t going to lose her. She was everything to Budo and it wouldn’t be easy for her to get rid of him.

He wasn’t going to let anyone take his Ayano Aishi away from him. He would do anything. Even, he thought suddenly, kill.

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