Aaw. Don’t be sad anon. Let me do it for you. After all, that’s what I am here for :)

Here we go: Reporting @vansandburberry @stylesforstiles @bulletproofhalo @worshippedlove @saltygoodness @bromanceshmomance @ittybird @happy1days @larreeds @16meets18 @freddiesmyqueen @lesbianslovelouis @bethaboolou @zenlikejen @louisforlunch @unintentionalarry @lads-laddylads @lapelosa for being disgusting excuses for human beings. How DARE you all use your brains and question things How DARE you not give into the media narrative? How DARE you have trust in Louis Tomlinson’s heart of gold? You all need to be reported. You have harrased anons who came to you for your advice and opinions- you told them what you thought and used logic and facts- that’s harrasment. You violated tumblr guidelines because your blogging interfere’s with the anon’s style. Im sorry, you all need to grow up. How and why would you even entertain the idea that 2 boys maybe in love? How fucking could you call this transparent stunt out for the bullshit it is? People are blind- let them remain. You all are disgusting for protecting Louis. 

There you go anon, I hope you are pleased :) 


why is nobody talking about how fucking beautiful this song is?