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☽ Emotional Comfort: The Moon In The Houses
  • -☽-☽-☽ What Makes You Happy
  • Moon in the 1st House: Expressing yourself freely
  • Moon in the 2nd House: Protecting the things you value
  • Moon in the 3rd House: Sharing your ideas with others
  • Moon in the 4th House: Spending some time at home
  • Moon in the 5th House: Going out just to have fun
  • Moon in the 6th House: Feeling needed and useful
  • Moon in the 7th House: Spending time with your friends
  • Moon in the 8th House: Realizing how much you've grown
  • Moon in the 9th House: Travelling & chatting with foreigners
  • Moon in the 10th House: Being respected and admired
  • Moon in the 11th House: Feeling like you made a difference
  • Moon in the 12th House: Understanding yourself a little better

I just gotta say, the “beautiful” concept that they’re going with is done so well. Like it’s such an easy idea to screw up seeing as so many people have different ideas of what’s beautiful? I’m just so proud of starship for portraying it across so well and not feeling like each of the boys pics had to look the same. I feel like it just shows an overall maturing of they way they think and I honestly think this comeback will be amazing and unlike anything else they’ve done before.


Hardy Friday part 2/3!

The first post today was just to remind ourselves that the Tommy we know now has had a journey…just like we all have ♡

I’m calling this the “Then/Now” series.

These are the first 8. There are 8 more to come. I had a blast making them!

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  • what she says: lmao i loved when jon snow choked baelish for being such a creep it was awesome
  • what she means: truthfully most women have at some point in their youth had to endure unwanted sexual advances from older, creepy men in their lives. this could range from men ogling you or making creepy comments about "how much you've grown" to downright groping, assault, or abuse. baelish's interactions with sansa are terrifyingly familiar to anyone who's had to experience sexual predators at a young age and so watching jon attack him was cathartic in a way

anonymous asked:

when I look at your blog I can see how much you've grown and by doing that you're a great inspiration.

thank you!! i like keeping my old posts around to reminisce and also see how much my editing has changed :-) i’m pretty proud of my lil simblr journey