how you're even real


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…


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Gigi's Arab, not white. Y'all keep forgetting that calling her white and shit. Arab's are not white get it through your fucked up drama thirsty heads. Y'all think you're justice warriors but you keep fighting racism with racist come backs.

(What in the boiling, sulphuric lakes of hell… LMAO!)

Dear JeJe fan,

I don’t know why you’re here or what you expected to accomplish, but… hi? And yeah, if I were to believe your words, I’d totally be convinced by this faceless ask and attempt at a jab. Honestly! *winks*

If this refers to my post★, maybe if you weren’t out for blood in name of your princess, you’d have noticed I used these exact words: “wrapped in white privilege”. Now, if you can’t see she is privileged, that’s your problem; not mine. (And so is how you choose to interpret my words.)

As for the drama, it’s really hilarious! What I (and many others) complain about is the constant drama that surrounds those situations. People just want music and some cute selfies of the singer they like. Believe me when I say all this ‘drama’ and PR disaster doesn’t have me as intended audience— it never had. A lot of people eat that shit up like candy, but I’ll leave it to you to figure out who those are. *winks*

You stay over there; I’ll be over here. Sounds good? Yep, sounds great! :)

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dUDE YOU LIKED MY GASTER ART???? oh my god it's such an honor but you haven't even seen the creepy part about it yet- i've deleted the blog about a year ago but recently i've found out that someone is holding it without doing anything. empty blog, no posts, no icons, used the same color scheme that i did. being the forgetful person that i am, i thought i was the one who kept the url for old time's sake and i forgot which email i used- i said hi on IM for funsies, and then... he replied back.


that’s actually really freaky shit! I want to try messaging him myself >_>

“Throw like a girl”
What? What are you talking about? Girls don’t throw. Girls can’t throw. Because the boys never pass to them.


30 days of Krista and Becca Ritchie >> throwback coballoway

“So here I am,” Connor continues, “about to waste front row seats—”

“Wait, you can’t see anything in the first row. The stage blocks your view. Everyone knows that.”

“Did I say first row? I don’t think I did.” He tilts his head. “You really need to get those ears checked, Miss Calloway.”

insp. by @connorose

jemma simmons had to resign herself to the fact that she had NO FUTURE. nothing ahead of her but a barren wasteland, a few minutes of sunshine, and will. and now she’s back and she’s expected to hope and to plan and just to function in general under the concept of later, of there now being time and resources and things towards which to strive. can you just… that’s so jarring. so so jarring. how can you possibly readjust mentally?? how do you go from accepting the emptiness as your home to suddenly having time to fill with things again?? why aren’t more people talking about this