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see, the thing is we all wish there was a blog like this for us. but in reality if we died nothing would change.

I don’t believe that for a second. See here’s the thing, there is always someone out there who cares, even if you don’t know it. Whether thats a family member or friend, or even someone you barely talk to. For example, the girl who sits a few seats away in math class? You could make her smile whenever you speak in class. There could be a boy in your English class who has a little crush on you because you have the loveliest eyes, or a nice smile, or a nice voice quality. There could be a cashier at the grocery store who you were nice to and smiled at, and then they thought about you the rest of the day. You may think none of these things could possibly happen, but you’d be surprised how you exist in other peoples minds. I know this for a fact. There are people in my school who stand out in my head and I care about them a lot, I just don’t talk to them that often. There’s the girl in the grade below me who talked to me on a day when I felt really lonely or the one who smiles at me in the halls. There’s the bright girl in my English who’s so smart and genuinely nice to everyone. There’s the boy who teased me about my british accent (for acting) and the girl on costume crew who was always so helpful. None of these people know how they stick out in my mind of course, or notices how I smile when I see them. So in short, yes. If any one of us died, something would change. Someone out there would care. I promise you that. 


happy birthday to our sweet namjoon!
thank you for being our galaxy 

Imagine living in a city where there are no monuments, no buildings from before 1970, no proof that you had grandparents or parents, no history at all. Wouldn’t that make you feel like you were just a passing fad, that you could be blown away like leaves?… for any community to feel substantial and able to change without losing themselves, a history is absolutely crucial.
—  Emma Donoghue, talking about LGBT history and LGBT historical fiction

Me: Anti-straight and the constant hatred of straight people often hurts other members of the lgbt community because it throws any of them who are “viewed” as straight under the bus and it’s also harmful to straight trans peope–


White filmmakers/whiteness in Hollywood is so funnyyyy. They love inserting themselves into stories that have absolutely nothing to do with them and I bet that’s why whitewashing of all these roles happen. And why are they so intent on whitewashing Asian roles?? Like why did we need an American version of Death Note starring white people??? Who asked for Scarlett Eyebrow Raise Johansson to be the Major in Ghost in the Shell? Why are they so selfish??????


suddenly, hogwarts AU and everyone is babies??! idk it’s out of my system now don’t tell me to draw anyone else or argue with me about house choices it’s done i’m going to bed now!!!!


Throwback to the time JHope had nothing but murder in his eyes for Park Jimin. 

A mix of things I love: summer, beaches and Lance ☆

I am so sick and tired of white Canadians trying to defend themselves by saying that because they aren’t personally racist, there’s no race issue in Canada, when, in the next sentence, they’ll go on to tell indigenous peoples to “get over” what’s happened to us and that the government should cut off funding to us because all we do is waste it and beg for more… the reason indigenous peoples in Canada are protesting is because we want the same chances and the same basic human respect that other Canadians have. Indigenous peoples can’t even put a tipi up on Parliament Hill alongside “official” Canada Day celebrations because that offends all the white people who don’t think they have anything to do with the ongoing colonization of these lands and don’t want to be reminded of it. Let me lay it down for you:

Whether your family came here 1 or 5 generations ago, you have access to opportunities that indigenous Canadians will never get access to

you will have a home with clean drinking water, which over 100 indigenous communities in Canada do not have access to

you will have access to healthcare and education for yourselves or your children, which many indigenous children do not have access to

you will have the opportunity to integrate into Canadian society, which many indigenous peoples do not

Your existence on these lands is at the expense of indigenous peoples. The system was created to protect and provide for you, and not us. You came into these resources at the expense of our wellbeing. And all we want is to be heard. We want equal opportunities that were stolen from us YEARS ago that YOU benefit from to this day by the simple act of existing. We’re not asking to take opportunities away from you, we’re not asking to send you back where you came from. We’re literally just asking to be treated as equals.  


Me: Oh this au is all fluff!

Also: Hey what about insecure Todoroki

Part 4 of the snapchat au!

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The perpetually-offended on tumblr are complaining about people drawing NSFW fan art of the Wendy’s mascot...

And I’m just sitting here thinking, “You must be new to the internet".

Like…it’s been this way for at least 15 years now.  You came here late.  This is something you’re just going to have to deal with, because complaining ain’t gonna do shit

Sometimes I think of the pioneers of the Trek fandom, painstakingly putting together zines, copying their fanfiction over and over and over again on unforgiving typewriters and spreading their love for this show and these characters through secret clubs, through the mail, distributing their books and artwork by hand to people they knew they could trust. 

Whenever I think things are hard as a content creator now, I remember them and just thank every star in the sky that they were willing to put in the hard work so that the passion they felt for this show would carry on. Without them, we wouldn’t have a fandom. We wouldn’t have spaces like this where we can share our fanworks with thousands of people. Instantly. Where we can openly and proudly talk about the things we love with those same thousands of people. Without leaving our couches.

So, thanks Trek parents, for all your hard work. <3