how you could do that on tv lol

Making out with... Jaehyun


Anon: Could you please do making out with jaehyun?

Anon: How it’d be to make out with jaehyun of nct? ;)

Anon: making out with jaehyun? c’:

Anon: make out with jaehyun please~~~ thank you !!

This was very requested and a lot of people in the surveys wanted it so I decided to prioritise Jae’s over everyone else’s lol! Because it was heavily requested, I tried to make it as long and as worthwhile the wait as possible :-) I hope you like it ;;;;-)

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jaehyun looks so good this comeback everyone makes fun of his hair (the one he had at the start of the promotions) but i didn’t think it was too bad :-(

  • Today is Jaehyun day lol 
  • First Kiss and now this lmaooo 
  • Anyway 
  • As I said in his First Kiss thing, Jaehyun would have really nice lips 
  • They’re soft and smooth and inviting and just perfect 
  • You’re always complimenting him on them and at first he used to blush, but now he’s cocky af and always wants you to remind him or he’ll pout
  • He’d proabbly boast to the other guys about amazing he is at kissing and they’d probably say he really wasnt and he’d get upset or soemthing
  • And the next time you saw him, he’d be sad and say that they only thing that’d make him better is if you rove that he’s not bad at it
  • Basically guilt trips you into kissing him lol
  • I don’t think he’d be the type to do it a lot, but he wouldn’t hardly do it either
  • Both your daily routines would clash a lot so quick pecks were usually the only time you got any form of skinship or action lol in a day
  • Making out would be saved for the night
  • Will literally wake you up in the middle of the night to ask you to kiss him
  • You’d think it was bc he wanted sex
  • And yes sometimes he did
  • So you’d prepare yourself lol and sigh really loudly
  • Then he’ll surprise you by hovering over you and kissing you, with no sex involved
  • Jae would like making out with you lying down on your bed
  • You’d like to do a lot of things lying down tbh
  • Kissing, cuddling, eating, talking, watching TV, taking selfies, having sex
  • He’d like how his body would dwarf yours and how he could easily let his hands run across your body
  • The close proximity would be his favourite thing
  • You’d lie on your back and he’d basically lie on top of you
  • Not completely but half his body would be and he’d hold him sle fup with one of his shoulders
  • Do you get what I mean? Am I explaining this alright?
  • His other hand would run through your hair and hold your neck
  • You’d put an arm around his neck and place a hand on the bottom of his back
  • He’d be very breathy
  • Not necessarily loud, but he’d basically be panting
  • Also likes to suck your bottom lip
  • I hate that word, but he’d do it tbh
  • By the end, your bottom lip will be swollen and red and he’ll laugh at you bc you look funny
  • Anyway
  • He’d change pace quite a lot, varying between slow and deep sloppy kisses, and faster and sweeter kisses
  • He’d tilt his face a lot too, because he can’t help himself and he just wants to make you feel good and vice versa
  • Making out usually happened in the dark bc its night duh
  • But JAehyun still really wanted to feel you and see if he was making you feel good, by sometimes moving down to kiss your neck
  • You’d moan lightly which would be an indicator to him that you’re enjoying himself
  • He’d smirk to himself and move back up to kiss your lips again
  • Hickies!!!!!!
  • Usually prefers giving you them, around the bottom of your neck where your collar bones are
  • He won’t realise how many he’d give you or how dark and pink and sore they are until the next morning
  • Sometimes if you were feeling like it and weren’t too tired, you’d roll him over
  • So now you were the one lying partially on him
  • He’d find it hot af actually, and would groan into the kiss
  • If he got too excited, this might lead to sex but most of the time you’d be too caught up into the moment to do that
  • He’d move his hands down to your bumb, laughing as you squeal at the warmth
  • And you’d play with his hair softly
  • Whenever he’s the one dominating the kiss, its quite heated and deep and when you are, its more gently and teasing and light awe
  • There wouldn’t be much talking involved (like in comparison to Taeyong)
  • But at the end, he’ll be telling you how much he enjoyed it and how much he loves you
  • And he’ll cuddle you to help you get back to sleep because he knows your tired awe
  • Jaehyun :-( writing these make me more depressed than writing the first kiss series tbh lol

Making out with… series

something that will never fail to piss me off is y’all saying “why do you guys take drag race so seriously” “it’s just men in wigs” “it’s just a tv show” when it literally isn’t. do y’all realize how dumb you sound? lol who could take drag queens seriously amirite guys???? how weird of us to treat drag queens as if they’re actually doing something important right???  drag doesn’t just exist on RuPaul’s Drag Race, please realize this. these queens spend years and years perfecting their craft, for most of them this is their life, their careers, their way of making a living, on top of being their way of expressing themselves. the fact that y’all keep acting as if we’re crazy for being passionate about drag really shows where you stand here. y’all think drag/drag race is just something to laugh about, when in reality drag is extremely influential and important to the queer community. if you can’t find it in yourself to appreciate drag for the amazing thing it is fine, but don’t shit on those of us who do.

Girl Can SING pt 6

Request: I know it’s superrr used but how about one on the tour bus and you and brendon haven’t been able to do anything for ages and you have to be quiet because the other band members don’t know about you two but you really aren’t and then the next morning they’re like ‘Jesus could you be any louder’ etc

A/N: Anon, there is a reason this is super used: BECAUSE IT’S FANTASTIC. Hope I did a good job with the smut, it’s only my second one and I have no idea what sex is like lol. Enjoy! @multifandom-slytherin

Dallon turned on a movie on the bus’ small tv. Everyone plopped down, having enjoyed the day off from touring. You didn’t have a single second alone with Brendon today. It had been weeks.

Brendon sits down next to you and you lean against him. Towards the end of the movie, the sun had gone down and the bus was shrouded in darkness. You feel Brendon’s finger on your knee, beginning to trace up you leg. It continues up underneath your dress. You bite your lip. He begins to draw circles on the inside of your thighs. You inhale quickly and shift minutely on the cushions.

He’s getting closer and closer to your core and you grab his wrist and dig your nails in to stop him. You can practically feel him smirking. He always did shit like this, teasing you. You hated it. You loved it. Goddammit.

The credits start to role and Brendon keeps his hands to himself, knowing the lights would flick on soon. Sure enough, the room illuminated and you and Brendon look completely normal.

The boys all had bunks in the back of the bus. You had the bunk in the front of the bus, one that’s lofted above the driver’s seat. All of you got ready for bed and you climbed up to your bunk.

The lights turn off and you hear Dallon calling out goodnight in his best mock-dad voice. You giggle. You lay there awake and all you could think about is Brendon’s hands on your body. After losing your virginity, you find are surprised to discover you are not a very vanilla girl. The way Brendon speaks to you in that filthy voice and screws you so hard… It’s exactly what you never knew you wanted.

God it’s been so long, and after the little stunt he pulled during the movie, you’re still wet. You think about maybe taking care of yourself, but it’s just not the same. Brendon is what makes it special.

You have to have been lying there for over an hour when you hear footsteps and someone coming up the ladder. The curtain parts, and Brendon’s head pops inside.

“Brendon?” You whispered disbelievingly.

He crawled in and paused with a devilish smile.

“Hi,” He greeted you, completely still. He suddenly pounces, straddling you. His lips crashed onto yours and his hands slide up under your shirt to grasp you breasts. You are taken aback.

“Brendon!” You whisper and giggle.

He starts to plant kisses down your neck.

“Brendon!” you say quietly, “We can’t do this here! The boys are right there!”

“Then we’ll be quiet,” He smiles and shrugs proudly.

“Brendon, we–”

He rudely interrupts you by dragging the hard bulge in his boxers over your crotch.

“Oh–god,” you shudder and can’t help but push your hips up to his.

“Hmmm, what was that?” he teases, “About not wanting to do this?” He tilts his head and raises an eyebrow.

“You’re the fucking worst,” you say, rolling your eyes.

“Oh really? Seems like you’re enjoying yourself to me.” You want to smack that cocky smirk off his face. Instead, you cup his hard on. He exhales.

“Jesus Bren, did you come prepared?” You narrowed your eyes and gave him that same smirk, “You’re so fucking hard.” Suddenly he slipped his hand into your panties. You suppress a gasp.

“And you, Y/n, are quite prepared yourself,” he quipped, “You’re soaked, huh?”

“I have been since the fucking movie.” You reply, accidentally showing your impatience.

“Since the movie? Well, I guess we better put that to good use.” He leans in and tucks a piece of hair behind your ear. “I bet you’ve been lying here awake, just thinking of me inside you, haven’t you?” He whispered, his breath hot on your skin. You can’t even respond. “Thinking about the way I say your name.”

You grip his back, nails digging in once again. He continues.

“Thinking about how good it feels when I touch you.” He slowly slides two fingers between your folds.

You squeeze your eyes shut to keep quiet. You roll your hips in an attempt to press yourself into his hand, but he immediately withdraws, his sole purpose to frustrate you.

He drags your pj shorts and panties down to your ankles. You kick them off and tug his boxers down, more impatient than ever.

“Someone’s excited,” He trailed off, amused by your desperation. He runs a wet finger down your chest and stops right before your core.

“Just fuck me,” You blurt out quietly. You’re so done with his games, you need him so badly. You can just tell by the look on his face that he is not quite done torturing you.

He dives down and begins to lick your clit feverishly. You wiggle around at the overwhelming pleasure, staying silent. Brendon places his hands on each of your thighs, making sure he doesn’t lose access to you.

You’re about to go crazy. You lace your fingers into his hair and pull hard. His mouth loses contact with you. He is not pleased by the pain of his hair nearly being ripped from his scalp, but it gets your message across. He snakes back up your body, then pushes himself inside you without warning. You let out the smallest of moans, your back arching off the mattress, the sensation feeling too good.

Brendon grunts, reaching down and roughly grabbing your hips. Apparently Brendon has a quickie in mind, because he starts drilling you hard and fast. He uses a certain amount of delicate movement to avoid making too much noise.

“F-fuck,” You hum.

“God, Y/n,” Brendon strains, “So fucking good.” You can practically feel his cock pulsating inside you.

He exhales a shaky, heavy breath into your neck, tickling the sensitive skin and causing you to shudder. Your reaction cues him in to your area of arousal, and he begins to suckle on your neck. You push your hands up against his chest and let out a small noise of exasperation.

Both of your breathing has picked up speed and it’s hard to keep the volume of your hard work low. Brendon isn’t going to make it much longer and it’s like a flashback to high school, when a hormonal, teenaged Brendon could only last an embarrassingly short amount of time.

He wanted to make sure he took good care of you though.

He reaches down and begins to rub your clit. You squirm and hold your breath when all you wanted to do was scream his name. Instead, a high pitched whimper escapes your lips. You grab at him blindly, more desperate than ever.

“You want to cum for me?” Brendon growled into your neck.

“Oh god y-yes,” the words fall from your mouth sloppily.

“Tell me,” Brendon grunts, “How bad you want to cum.”

“Please,” you beg, “Oh please,”

Brendon grabs underneath your thighs and changes the angle of your hips,

“Oh fuck, right there!” You cried softly, “Yes fuck me harder.”

Brendon obeyed and it took everything not to scream. You held your breath and the pleasure pooling within you only rose higher. You don’t think you can take it anymore. Your walls tense up around Brendon.

“Let go baby,” He whispers simply.

And you do.

You cum hard and your inability to scream causes your pleasure to stay within you. Your body is wracked with strong waves. You writhe on the sheets, your legs shaking and twitching.

Brendon grunts his way through a powerful orgasm.

“Oh… God” He said, his voice under pressure. Your hips buck wildly up into his. High pitched sighs quietly paint your heavy breaths. You grabbed the sheets behind your head, needing something to hold onto to control your trembling body.

“Brendon,” You squeaked.

“F-fuck Y/n,” he stuttered. “Oh. Fuck. Yeah.” He punctuated each breath. “Shit.” His arms collapse down to his elbows so he is resting on top of you.

You rolled your hips against him one last time before you slowed to a stop.

You were both panting now, Brendon rolling off of you to the side.

“Oh my god,” you sighed, eyes rolling. “God you fuck me so good, Bren.”

“You’re so fucking gorgeous,” he says, slowing down his breathing.

You giggle and it takes a while to breathe normally.

“Do you think we woke the boys up?” You ask hesitantly.

Before Brendon could even answer, a voice projected from the boys’ bunk area.

“Of course you woke us the fuck up.” It’s Dan.

You and Brendon look at each other with horrified entertainment written on your faces.

“Jesus Christ guys, couldn’t you wait until you’re alone?” Zach sounded.

You cover your mouth with your hand, trying to suppress your laughter and humiliation.

“Or at least try to be quiet?” Kenny added.

Brendon holds one of your wrists and tucks his head, holding in on of his adorable giggles.

“I think I’m scarred for life,” Dallon said, “And you’re paying for my therapy bills.”

“OH MY GOD GUYS,” You say loudly with a nervous chuckle.

“Sorry boys,” Brendon said sarcastically, clearly unapologetic.

“So, are you two done?” Zach asks in an annoyed tone, “Can I go to sleep without having to listen to a fucking porno in the next room?”

“Yes, we’re done, we’re done! Go to bed,” You retort.

“Ugh god,” Dan scoffed, “I’ll never be the same.”

Brendon leans in and whispered in your ear:

“I bet they kind of liked it.”

“WE CAN HEAR YOU,” Dallon shouted.

You’re dying laughing, your mouth open but making no sound.

“I will neither confirm nor deny,” Kenny said with an impressed voice.

“Creep!” You respond with a laugh.

“Jesus Christ,” Zach complained, “Everybody shut the fuck up and go to sleep.”

You and Brendon look at each other again and smile. It was totally worth it.

A/N: Hope you enjoyed this one :) Please give me feedback because I have zero idea what I’m doing. Like/ reblog if you’re feelin’ it!

Healing My Cancer Like Castiel: how Misha Collins touched my forehead and my heart

I had a heartwarming experience with Misha at a con recently, so I thought while my memory was fresh I would jot it all down. I rarely ever post on Tumblr, but I thought you might enjoy a firsthand account of what an angel Misha really is.

Dallas 2015 was my first con, and my daughter and I were attending to celebrate: it was her 13th birthday, and I’m in the process of kicking cancer’s ass. I’m still in treatment, but I think every day that I wake up and function constitutes kicking its ass, right? So I decided to treat myself to a Misha Meet & Greet.

I got to “meet” Misha before I met him: we had several solo photo ops before the M&G. He laughed when my daughter handed him a little toy to wear as a “wormstache”; he didn’t even flinch when I gave him a poster with my gishwhes team’s logo and asked him if he’d lick it; and when I posed alone with him, I immediately apologized for “asking you to lick my stuff.” Our photo is consequently him biting back a laugh and me cracking up. It was a blast.

Before the M&G began I approached the Creation staff member who was taking our tickets. I let her know that I have cancer, and that because of recent surgery I can’t walk terribly far. I know Misha likes to take his guests out and about, and I was concerned about holding up the group. I really didn’t want Misha to know that I’m sick.

Apparently the employee told him, so when he came into the room (there was a collective gasp – the man really is beautiful) he said he was hoping to take us outside to a nearby field so we could go cow-tipping. (He was kidding, of course.) He turned to me and asked me how far I thought I could walk, or if I wanted to try. I think he must have sensed my embarrassment, because he immediately said, “Actually, let me rephrase: how do you feel about piggy-back rides?” =D I laughed, buried my face in my hands and shook my head. He noted that Creation really should make golf carts available to us for just such occasions, and he was quite serious about that. He said, “I’ll go wherever you want to go.” I couldn’t speak, so the other ladies in the group were kind enough to bail me out and say that it was hot outside so we may as well stay where we were and enjoy the air conditioning. Misha pulled up the blinds on the floor-to-ceiling windows to see what the weather looked like, and there happened to be two fans sitting at a picnic table right next to the window. Their faces were comically surprised – their mouths were literally giant Os when they saw him – and we howled laughing. Misha grinned and gave a hugely exaggerated roll of his eyes. 

We laughed a lot during the next hour or so. He joked about how he kind of forgot what was going on with Cas at the end of Season 10, so he was really hoping that he pulled off his performance in the first few episodes of 11. We talked a bit about guest directors and why he wasn’t inclined to direct this season (he is trying to take things off his plate). Somehow we talked about how people often refer to him as “the short one,” and he insisted that Jensen is barely an inch or two taller than he is. He pointed out that wardrobe always puts Jensen in boots that are basically “high heels,” and Cas gets stuck wearing “pretty much slippers” so their height difference is exaggerated on the show. That struck us all as hilarious. Also, he’s never been cow-tipping, in case you were wondering, but he did throw rocks at wild chickens in Hawaii once until he realized he might really hurt a chicken if he hit one, and he didn’t want to do that. XD We spent a lot of time talking about gishwhes, and how somehow it only recently just occurred to him that HE would like to participate, too, but he still hasn’t thought of a way to do that. We suggested he create a team with 14 pseudonyms so he could gish by himself, win, and then go on the trip alone. Hahaha! 

I told Misha my team got the CNN story about gishwhes on the air, and he was thrilled. We talked about how many meteorologists didn’t want to dress up for that challenge, and I laughed at his surprise – really, Misha, you can’t imagine why professional television personalities don’t want to be superheroes in drag? LOL But I told him I did that challenge myself (I’m the faculty advisor for a collegiate broadcast newscast), and I dressed up as “BatBoobs.” He wanted to see pictures of that, so I vowed to bring one to the autograph session.

At the end of the M&G each of us got to pose next to Misha for a group photo taken with our own phone. While the Creation employee struggled to unlock my phone, I leaned in to Misha and whispered an apology for keeping the group indoors. He squeezed my shoulders a bit and whispered back that he was proud of me. I’m not sure what he was proud of, but the moment touched my heart anyway. I left the room crying happy tears.

When my daughter and I went for autographs Misha recognized us immediately. I brought a collage of pictures from my team’s gish entries for him to sign. I pointed out “BatBoobs,” and he laughed so hard he put his head down on the table. He studied the rest of the pictures for a while, so I took the opportunity to thank him again for his kindness earlier. He knew exactly what I meant; he reached out and held my hand and asked me how I was feeling. He wanted to know where I was in my treatment, when I was diagnosed, and what my prognosis was. My daughter piped up and said “we’re all scared of chemotherapy.” Misha took her hand in his other hand, then squeezed our four hands together. I was worried that I was holding up the line, but he didn’t seem to care a bit. He has this remarkably intense gaze that is almost disconcerting; it’s easy to forget you’re not the only person in the room when he’s talking to you. 

Anyway, Misha stood up and with a little smile said, “I wish I really had angel healing powers. Come here.” I leaned forward, and while we all laughed he made his best intense-glowy-eyed-Castiel face and touched two fingers to my forehead. He promised to keep trying, and my daughter was still howling laughter. She said “yeah, good luck with that!” He high-fived her, and we walked away… that was probably the first time my daughter and I have ever been able to talk about my cancer and laugh. I’m grateful to Misha for that moment.

I had a Jensen/Misha duo op on Sunday. We posed – yes, I was grinning like a baboon – and as I walked away Misha caught my arm. He made me promise to let him know when I was in remission, because he expected to see me again at another con soon. I was so startled that I’m not even sure I responded to him, but I think I nodded. I know I cried.

Our last op was Sunday evening with Misha and Kathryn. We were at the tail end of the line so we weren’t being rushed. My daughter chatted with Kathryn for a moment – they compared their Grumpy Cat stuffed animals, and my daughter told her she named hers “Grumpy Cas.” After the photo we started to walk away, but my daughter turned back to hug Misha quickly. As she pulled away, he caught her head between his hands and made her promise to take care of her mom. I think she was caught by surprise because she couldn’t speak; her eyes welled up with tears. He stroked her hair and her cheek, and as she walked away he said  “I’m counting on you!” She still can’t talk about it without getting weepy. Frankly, neither can I.

I’ve always heard what a sweetheart Misha is. Everyone says he’s genuinely kind and that meeting him is a pleasure, but I wasn’t prepared for his warmth. I don’t have adequate adjectives and adverbs to describe the authenticity of his compassion, the sincerity of his concern or absence of pretense. To me, Misha will always be a big of an enigma. How can a person so beautiful on the outside also be *that* beautiful on the inside?

TL;DR – Misha is awesome.

Holby City viewers (salt warning)

I’ve just read (online, in a rag I won’t link here) that Holby lost 2 million viewers since 2016.

But I thought it was doing powerful storylines?! I thought every character got treated the same?? What could it be??

Compare “Back in the Ring” or “A Perfect Life” to recent episodes, and the gulf in quality and characterisation is clear. I am absolutely tired of bad television being defended on the grounds that none of us deserve better. Please can we stop doing this.


Bernie’s exit “arc” is underwhelming.
Bernie barely mentions Serena.
Neither does Jason.
Serena isn’t back for months.
When she is, no-one says “bisexual.”
Serena’s relationship with Bernie is treated as “banter.” Lol, Serena shagged a woman. How hilarious. Lol, Serena, do you remember when…? Female sexuality, so laughable. Over 50?? Totes banter.
Bernie is never on-screen again.


Strangers (Kang Daniel)

『Author’s Note: I’m sorry if this isn’t how you wanted it, you can request if you want me to redo It(:! Also don’t ask why they didn’t order food, apparently they just wanted to talk rather than eat lol

Request: “Heeey!!! Here where i live(Spain) we have a tv show (named “First dates” where the staff, with some facts about you, finds you a match and have a blind date in their restaurant.. I was wondering if you could do a scenario where your match is Daniel and in that date you both fall in love with each other and start dating??”

Group: Wanna One

Member: Daniel

Type: Fluff❥』

As you checked your watch you were getting nervous. You were supposed to be at the restaurant at seven thirty but not wanting to be late you showed up five minutes early however, your date you were supposed to meet was nearly ten minutes late.

You took a sip of your water awkwardly deciding to wait for five more minutes. As if your date had read your thoughts about leaving a guy-who seemed no older than twenty-three- stumbled into the seat in front of you which took you by surprise.

“Uh hello” You mumbled. The guy smiled at you “I’m so sorry it took long for me to show up, traffic was bad. Oh yeah, I’m Daniel” he stuck out his hand for you to shake. “(Y/N)” You introduced yourself back.

“I’m not sure what to talk about.” You spoke truthfully. “I’ll start” Daniel thought for a moment what to say then spoke again “I used to study in Canada. I like to skateboard and I’ve been b-boying since junior high school. I even placed first in a rookie b-boying competition, not to brag.”

He let out a little laugh. You had to admit he was very attractive and he did seem interesting. “Also I changed my name from Euigeon to, well obviously, Daniel.” “Really? Why is that?” you asked. “It was too hard for people to pronounce, my dad even had trouble saying it at times.” He explained.

“Also I can do a British accent, want to hear.” You laughed “Mmm, I think I’ll pass.” “Suite yourself, tell me about you.”

“Well when I was younger I used to enjoy.skateboarding also, I wasn’t very good at it but it was fun. I did dance but not something as interesting as b-boying.” You tapped your foot as you thought about what else to say.

“I like cats.” you threw in there. Daniel’s face lit up. “Cats?” He said full of interest. “I love cats. I have two, their names are Rooney and Peter.” You smiled at him “Those are cute names.”


As Daniel carried his last box of things into your apartment he turned to look at you. “Can you believe I’m moving in.” “It seems like only yesterday you walked in that restaurant almost ten minutes late.” You teased as you held one of his cats. “I told you, there was a lot of traffic.”

You two sat down on your couch exhausted after moving boxes all day. “Remember after our first date I took you to a dance studio and we both danced all night.” He grabbed your hand to hold. “It was one of the best nights ever.” You remembered how much fun the two of you had.

“And then the cat café date. I think that has been one of my favorite dates” You kissed your boyfriend. To think you were both strangers at one point, who knew the date would turn out so well.

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Tuesday things 💪🏼

• I slept in, again, until a little past 10am, and watched an episode of csi miami with my cawffeeee 🐸☕️

• then at about 11am I did my morning workout! I did level 3 of Jillian’s ab workout and OMG I am dead.
Literally. Dead.
I tried to do level 3 a looong time ago and couldn’t even get half way through! I mean, this was like a year or so ago.. and I just never attempted it again bc I didn’t think I could do it. But for some reason today I thought to try it, and there was only one move I couldn’t quite get!!! Progress is so cool guys! This just goes to show how different kinds of workouts can improve your strength so much!! :)
Thank. You. Bouldering. hehe

• now I’m relaxing post workout and watching more csi (lol I have a problem. But it’s soooo good!! I’m almost done with season 3 and I love it as much as I did when I was a kid watching it on tv!)

• no plans for today really! I am going to go on a run tonight once the sun sets, but apart from that I’m prob just watching csi all day 🤷🏻‍♀️💁🏻

• I haven’t eaten anything yet today and it’s past noon, but I am not at all hungry. I think I need to make a doctors appt soon bc I’m a little afraid something’s wrong with me. Tmi- I have been getting bruises all over me with no rhyme or reason. My pee is like this neon yellowish greenish color, and I’ve been sleeping for 10-12 hours Every. Single. Night. and am still always tired, and I am not ever really hungry.
I take vitamins and iron supplements and have for a while now and it’s not made a difference at all. So idk what it could be? Any input is good if y'all have experienced any of this?

• anyways, I hope you’re all good! Happy Tuesday ☺️

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Rules: using only song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these questions.
Artist I picked: AJJ

What is your gender? Unicorn, Lady Killer

Describe yourself: Personal Space Invader

How do you feel? Una Mas Cerveza Por Favor

If you could go anywhere, where would it be?: Distance

Favorite mode of transportation: Golden Eagle

Your best friend: Best Friend (lol)

Favorite time of day: I Wanna Rock Out In My Dreams

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called? Do, Re, and Me

What is life to you? Survival Song

Relationship status: No One

Your biggest fear: We Shall All Die Alone Someday

I’m tagging: @hpslutcraft @chibi-oneiros @cidermoon @astriferous–ace @the-thinwhiteduchess @yourfluffiestnightmare @writerofthought @glamrock-lizardman

a very interesting one, thanks for tagging me @ketzwrites and  @phildrawsfanart (sorry sweet only saw it now lol)

rules: using only song titles of one artist/band, cleverly answer the questions and then tag 20 people (why always so many?)

artist/band: Adam Lambert
what is your gender: Lucy
how do you feel: Broken Open
if you could go anywhere: Down The Rabbit Hole (coz of the heat)
favourite mode of transportation: Slow Ride
your best friend: Crawl Through The Fire
favourite time of the day: Another Lonely Night
if your life was a tv show: A Change Is Gonna Come
relationship status: Dreamer
your fear: Things I Didn’t Say

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rules: using only song titles of one artist/band, cleverly answer the questions and then tag 20 people

artist/band: Queen 
what is your gender: Calling All Girls
how do you feel: I Want To Break Free
if you could go anywhere: In The Space Capsule
favourite mode of transportationI’m in Love with My Car
your best friend: We Are The Champions
favourite time of the day: The Night Comes Down
if your life was a tv show: Feelings, Feelings
relationship status: Somebody to Love
your fearAnother One Bites the Dust

This was really fun !!! It’s so hard as well though ! lol But fun !

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Hi! I was wondering if you could do headcannons for negan being around a nerdy/geeky girl. Like she still makes references to tv shows or books even though the worlds gone to shit or the fact that she would rather find a comic book than anything else? Thank you so much :)

‘Ello! Of course I will do this!

This is literally me lol

- When she started talking about TV shows she missed Negan understood, he still missed being able to flick over channels and watch Friends
- But when she started talking about how she was dead inside about how she could never see the next Star Wars movie he was a little bemused
- she would try and explain to Negan about what Shipping was and did get it, eventually
- “So if you think two characters should fuck, us for instance, you ‘ship’ them?”
- “Exactly!”
- Negan would ask his men if they came across any comics to get them and take them so that he could give them to her
- she was the only one who called the dead ‘Zombies’. The only damn person.
- Whether is was because of watching Zombie shows of TV or whatever
- Negan has caught her a few times at the dead of night leaning over a piece of paper writing Harry Potter fanfiction
- Which he would obviously proof read
- “Woah, as a gorgeous man myself I know that you cannot do that with your dick. Trust me, I’ve tried. Unless Draco has a spell to do that, it’s not possible.”

I loved this oh my god

It is now my headcannon that Negan would be a giant nerd as well once he got the hang of it

The Answer Is In The Lyrics..

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rules: using only song titles of one artist/band, cleverly answer the questions and then tag 20 people 

artist/band: Queen
what is your gender: Fat Bottomed Girls
how do you feel: I’m Going Slightly Mad
if you could go anywhere: The Invisible Man
favourite mode of transportation: Bicycle Race
your best friend: Friends Will Be Friends (Right To The End)
favourite time of the day: Now I’m Here
if your life was a tv show: It’s A Hard Life
relationship status: The Show Must Go On
your fear: Another One Bites The Dust

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Some questions :)

1. What’s the last thing that made you cry?
2. Have you had your tonsils removed? Your wisdom teeth?
3. Who’s the last person you hugged,
4. What song is currently stuck in your head? Or was most recently stuck in your head.
5. Do you sing in the shower?
6. Do you call pets, kids, friends, ect. cutesy nicknames?
7. How long could you last without your phone?
8. What was your favorite tv show as s kid?
9. What room are you in right now? Describe it on 5 words or less.
10. What is your biggest dream?
11. What is your ideal ice cream sundae?
12. Ideal pizza?
13. Ideal meal?
14. Ideal day?
15. What’s something you haven’t done since you were a kid?
16. Whets something you wanted to do when you were a kid, as a grown up, but in retrospect, you realize it was lol silly?
17. How many times have you seen your favorite movie? Or read your favorite book?
18. If you could tame a wild animal to have as a pet, which would you want? What would you name it?
19. How often do you laugh so hard, your sides hurt? What makes you laugh that hard?
20. Are you an organized person? If not, do you wish you were?

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Band/Music Artist: Type O Negative
⭐️ What’s your gender: Cinnamon Girl

⭐️ Describe yourself: Summer Breeze

⭐️ How do you feel: I Don’t Wanna Be Me

⭐️ If you could go anywhere: Halloween In Heaven

⭐️ If your life was a TV show: Skip It

⭐️ Relationship status: Wolf Moon

⭐️ How you wish your life was: Drunk In Paris

⭐️ Your funeral: Everything Dies

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Rules: Using only song titles of one artist/band, cleverly answer the questions and then tag 20 people.

Artist/band: BTS

What is your gender: Miss Right

How do you feel: Wake Up

If you could go anywhere: If I Ruled the World

Favourite mode of transportation: Run

Your best friend: Epilogue: Young Forever

Favourite time of the day: Coffee

If your life was a tv show: Fire

Relationship status: INTRO: Boy Meets Evil

Your fear: Blood Sweat & Tears

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For the drabble challenge: 9 / 22 / 38 / 62 / 64 with Bucky and watching Ghost Adventures please. You can pick which one you like best for it. Love you ❤

“You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!” // “Why can’t you appreciate my sense of humor?” // “If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?” // “Here, take my blanket.” @firewolfkelly - love you too <3 x

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“What are we watching?” Bucky asked bouncing lightly on the bed as he flopped down on his tummy he looked at the screen, “Ghost Adventures! What’s that?” 

“A show about a group of guys that go to haunted places and try to catch it on camera.” You tell him eyes trained on the TV. “This episode has a demon called ZoZo, low key kinda not okay.” 

Bucky nod slowly, his blue eyes going from looking at you to the screen and intently watching the screen, he didn’t really understand the show. He understood the basics. They set up cameras. Film themselves. Do backstory of ‘haunted’ place. Stay there for the night and try to capture anything. 

It’s silent in your room as you sit watching intently. Normally you watch this show alone, normally cause Bucky comes to bed late or when he does come early (lol) you don’t have the TV on.

You felt a hand on your back before it could do anything, you screamed and jumped a foot in the air. Holding your heart and looking at Bucky with wide eyes, he did the same back till he chuckled lightly.

“That’s it, leave. You’re banned from watching this show.” You point sternly to the door, Bucky raises an eyebrow. 

“You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!” Bucky sits up on his knees, smiling lightly at you, you couldn;t help the grin at how cute Bucky looked; pouty lip, hair pulled back and arms open for a sorry hug. 

You turned the TV off and hugged Bucky, who laid down still holding you. It was eerily silent with the TV off, despite Bucky being with you, you felt weird and slightly scared? The episode was very intense and you didn’t even see the ending. 

“I can’t sleep after that episode.” You admit to Bucky, face in the crook of his neck, his laughter vibrating against you. Calming you slightly. 

Bucky calms and is silent for a beat, “If you can’t sleep… we could have sex?” 

You pull away and smack Bucky’s chest who laughs loudly, grabbing your wrist, gently in his metal hand and holding you as he continued to laugh as you tried to get away. Calling him disgusting, despite the fact, you totally would cause he is, after all, your boyfriend.

“Why can’t you appreciate my sense of humour?” He asked and you rolled your eyes. “If you’re still scared, is there actually anything I can do?” he asked seriously.

You shrugged and snuggled closer to Bucky, resting your head on his chest and pulling the covers over your head slightly, as if that would stop a ghost/ demon from hurting you. You felt Bucky shift and then felt another blanket being draped over you both. 

“Here take my blanket, it will protect you.” You chuckled and looked up at Bucky, he grinned and planted a soft kiss to your lips and held you till you fell asleep soundly. - You had a dream that night, that yourself and Bucky were part of the crew and Bucky totally was the worst Ghost Adventurer ever.-

(Hope this is good enough. Love you Kelly. - Ro)

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rules: using only song titles of one artist/band, cleverly answer the questions and then tag 20 people

artist/band: Paramore
what is your gender:  (One of Those) Crazy Girls
how do you feel:  Fake Happy 
if you could go anywhere:  Hello Cold World
favourite mode of transportation:  Fast in My Car
your best friend:  Hate to See Your Heart Break
favourite time of the day:  When It Rains
if your life was a tv show:  Hard Times
relationship status: Be Alone
your fear:  No Friend

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rules: using only song titles of one artist/band, cleverly answer the questions and then tag 20 people.

Last time I did Sunset Rubdown or Wolf Parade I think, so this time definitely MCR so prepare for ultimate emo self-description.

what is your gender: Give ‘Em Hell, Kid
how do you feel: I’m Not Okay (I Promise)
if you could go anywhere: My Way Home Is Through You
favorite mode of transportation: Cemetery Drive
your best friend: Sing
favorite time of the day: Early Sunsets Over Monroeville
if your life was a TV show: It’s Not A Fashion Statement, It’s A Deathwish
relationship status: The Only Hope For Me Is You
your fear: The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You

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rules: using only song titles of one artist/band, cleverly answer the questions and then tag 20 people

artist/band: taylor swift (duh)
what is your gender: mine
how do you feel: 22
if you could go anywhere: wonderland
favourite mode of transportation: white horse
your best friend: tim mcgraw
favourite time of the day: starlight
if your life was a tv show: a place in this world
relationship status: invisible
your fear:
bad blood

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82 Truths

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