how will i cope with the hiatus

i was driving in the snow for the first time yesterday and as i went into a skid i shit you not my only thought was “I CANNOT DIE BEFORE JOHNLOCK BECOMES CANON”

hi!! as you may have realized, i’ve been going kinda mia the last weeks. i’m actually taking a small hiatus for numerous reasons: i’m right into my finals, and i really wanna pass so i can keep living in Paris ; i also had problems with getting internet into my new apartment and i still have no wifi access (fuck me). on top of that, i’ve been feeling very depressed recently. instead of letting it swallow me, i’m trying to develop healthy coping mechanism, like going out, making projects, keeping myself active (also sleeping a lot). and i started reflecting on myself intensely too, and thinking about how i wanna come out, my identity, getting in touch with my vietnamese roots, my transition, etc. it’s a lot of work for me and that means i physically and emotionally cannot spend as much time on tumblr interacting with people. so yeah, i’ll go back to tumblr once i can, see ya ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

“Don’t create or consume art depicting abusive ships!! even if you are a survivor don’t share it!! keep it to yourself!!”

Ok but consider this:

1. You are essentially silencing abuse victims like this, telling them their coping mechanism is invalid.
2. talking about your pain and experiences is literally how therapy works doing that is therapeutic
3. Sal a cute! CUTE!

   I forewarned most of you, that I’d be leaving on the sixteenth of May on a very important trip. I chose way back in December of my life to buy a set of flights to Pittsburgh, PA to meet a person that I consider extended family, and a sister by this point for how much she has helped me cope with my issues. Not to mention she’s been a huge supporter of my muses since day one on this site. I’m leaving for two weeks out of Boston to see @rozhdeniye / @popcultureliedtoyou . My activity for the second half of May will not be much. 
   I’m not expecting to be online. I’m expecting to hang out and find my way around PA for six days, and spend time with one of my closest friends, including seeing Guardians Of The Galaxy during this time period. It should also be noted on May 22, i fly out of PA to visit my best friend that resides in Chicago, and i’ll be staying with her for five days. This also means, I will not be as active because the summer in Chicago is an amazing thing, and I’ll be walking around the city, not to mention celebrating my 23rd birthday on the 23rd of May with my best friend. 

    it should be noted during this time, I’ll have my queue set to run. I’ll have put enough in there for two weeks, and I might check in now and then but my personal trip matters far more than being on here. I’ll be in contact with those that have my cell number, but for the most part. I’m keeping myself off the internet to clear my mind. 

   By the time I post this, I’ll be on my flight out of Logan. And i wish you all the best for the two weeks that I’m not around. 

Calling all SPN veterans


This is my first season that I actually got to watch live, and I’m really not sure how to deal with this hiatus. Like I watched Sherlock and dealt with that wait, but a season finale of Sherlock never left me so devastated or confused. Like I had to turn around my life size cut out of Cas. I couldn’t sleep and keep randomly tearing up. I can’t read destiel fanfiction, which is not only a major way I spend my time, but is also a coping mechanism/self soother for my anxiety, depression and borderline personality disorder. And every time I stop myself from reading, I’m reminded of why it hurts too much right now. Sometimes it even feels hard to be on here. I was in the process of rewatching the show, and now I can’t even turn it on.
Also, I’m so confused. I keep seeing all these conflicting theories, but not a lot of posts have sources to ease my anxiety. I want to believe that he’ll be brought back somehow. Some people are even theorizing that this is a way to finally jumpstart destiel into cannon. But there are so many other possibilities (au!cas, dean’s hallucination of memories). I’m just terrified that if I spend all summer believing he’ll come back and he doesn’t, I’ll be even more devastated in the fall. Hope is a powerful thing, yanno?
So anyway I’m just feeling pretty sad, lost, confused, and even a little hopeless. It is also making me very nervous because I’m supposed to be moving to New York in 2 months for school. I still have a lot to do before the move, and I’m worried being this upset and not having my go-to coping mechanism is going to hurt my ability to prepare. I’m hoping some of you seasoned vets of this heartache can help me out. Anyone got any good tips on how to make it through the hiatus?

My mental health is getting even more difficult to deal with and with all the bad news I keep seeing on my dashboard it’s really not helping me cope or recover at all and it’s actually making my anxiety and depression exponentially worse so I think I’m gonna take a bit of a hiatus from tumblr. My blog will be running on queue for a bit until I’m in a much better place mentally and emotionally which… I can’t say for sure how long that’s going to be. I hope y'all understand.

Whenever people use Káno/Cáno as a nickname for Fingon instead of Maglor I just imagine Maglor suddenly popping up in the middle of a room like “HEY” and then disappearing again right after. 


this is how i cope with the RWBY hiatus. and deal with having a whole week off at work before school starts.

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Return and Not Just a Stunt

You have to think about it a bit because there IS a lot of overlap where things that could be used to support his return could actually apply to his leaving being a stunt where he doesn’t return.  However, there are several pretty strong things that still point to return being the endgame. 

The short list is:

  • Zayn and 1D share a new team which wouldn’t happen just from a stunt
  • Zayn didn’t want to leave and therefore will probably come back
  • There were already several attempts to bring Zayn back which seem to have been aborted because of 1DHQ, not Zayn
  • Ever since Zayn started doing recorded interviews, he’s been careful about his wording regarding the situation, when he hasn’t it seems likely it’s been scripted because there are other blatant lies being told and not everything seems under Zayn’s control
  • Zayn’s already being set up for a reconciliation with the other boys and there have been gratuitous reunion mentions
  • 1DHQ (generally tells the opposite of the truth) has protested too much in the past about how a reunion could never, ever be possible

I’m going to do a longer explanation/list under the cut, but if you want the evidence that goes along with it, you can find it here.

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anonymous asked:

Can we talk for a moment about Pearl's PTSD? Just how fucking horribly the war messed her up? I had a headcanon confirmed today that Pearl regenerated many many times in the war by sacrificing herself for Rose in the heat of combat. I bet you ten-to-one with that last scene where Pearl is just: "Why won't you let me do this for you, Rose?!" Rose had enough and put her foot down and Pearl took it as an insult because her intentions were good but maybe she didn't realize what she was doing to(1/2)

long ask deserves a long answer! i am getting a bit off topic at times but there’s a lot of thoughts to be written down you know?

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