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It's wierd how they think of her tbh. I saw the tweet you talked about yesterday that goes "Betty should be comforting and supporting Archie >:(". It seems like they just think of Betty as a prize for Archie....

it does! they want her to be the beautiful, perfect girl next door and eventual housewife for archie. betty would be absolutely disgusted to read how little they think of her. a lot of them honestly believe that, should archie express real interest in her, she’d drop jughead and screw over veronica to be with him. it horrifies me that there are people who legitimately believe that and want that. why do they have so little value for women? 

i truly do my best to try and understand and respect all shippers– we all have our own likes and opinions– but i just cannot wrap my head around b*rchie at all. betty and archie getting together romantically would absolutely destroy both of their characters and their relationships with their best friends, but the stans just don’t care. they value them as a ship rather than individual people. i can’t relate. one of the reasons that i love bughead so much is because they’re good for each other. they help each other grow as individuals within their partnership. it’s so lovely and rare and healthy. b*rchie is the complete opposite. archie and betty would do nothing but hold each other back. they would be just another half-miserable suburban couple with 2 kids and a white picket fence. something that neither of them wants or would be satisfied with 

how to make a silent hill monster

take any wierd fetish drawing with bad anatomy

imagine it sprinting 30mph at you in a dark alley while hissing and sputtering
Men of Reddit, what innocent behaviors have you changed out of fear you might be accused of wrong doing? • r/AskReddit
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Just a short selection of comments I found. It seems men can’t seem to get away from being called pedos and perverts.

Sticking to myself at shopping centers.

I’m a tall(6'3), bearded man who grew up in a small town of about 800. So I grew up holding the door for anyone, saying have a nice day or howdy everywhere I go, and help anyone with anything if they need it. It’s just how I was raised.

One day I was headed to my girlfriends house and decided to stop at Walmart to grab some snacks on the way down. I was 20 years old at the time, but for as big as I am and the beard you could confuse me for 25-30. Anyhow, I was standing in the chip isle and noticed a little girl no older than 5 wandering around looking frightened, so I walked over and said are you lost? And she just kept saying “ mommy ” so instantly trying to do the right thing I thought to take her to the cashier so she may call over the loud speaker and call for her mother. As I walked she held her hand up to hold mine and I thought nothing of it, being as I was only doing the logical thing. Next thing I know the mother runs up to me screaming and snatching her daughter up, calling me a kidnapper and threatening to call the police. I tried explaining the situation and where I was trying to take her, unfortunately she was an uneducated moron and at that point I got a little heated and decided to tell her to maybe not let her child run off next time. Moral of the story, I tried to do the right thing not even thinking about how it would look for a bearded man to be walking with your little girl, even though they shouldn’t of been left alone, but it’s definitely something I’ll never do again.

When shopping with my wife and she wants to try stuff on I just have her text me pictures of her outfits if she wants my opinion.

We were at Macy’s a few months ago and I was just patiently waiting outside the dressing room waiting for my wife and she would open the door and step out to get my opinion.

I was just looking at my phone and minding my own business when I notice people walking up to me. A middle aged woman had gotten a manager and she had brought a security official of some type and asked me to leave or they would be forced to call the police.

It was super embarrassing and now I feel super self-conscious when shopping with my wife.

I stopped going to the playground with my niece. She loves it when I’m there with her. Going on slides with her or pushing her swing. But according to the mother’s there and the old ladies its creepy for a man to go there, even with my niece.

At first I didn’t care, I just ignored them. But some even went as far to ask my niece who’s only 3 if I was her father and other inappropriate things. Even got the cops called on me twice and after explaining the situation and having to go as far as having to get my sister down there, they left. But I’m still a creep to the woman’s eyes. I don’t talk to the other kids, I say Hi back and answer them if they ask something.

But… I just don’t understand.

I’ve been getting driving lessons recently and after the first one the instructor dropped me off and when we were organising new lessons we just said we would meet at the same place. It’s outside a school.

We probably met there about 10 times at various parts of the day in a car with massive “Driver Learning School” stickers all over it.

A woman came up to me yesterday as told me how it was wierd that two men met there and how people were talking and how there were “weirdos” about who people thought were selling drugs and how we wouldn’t want anyone thinking we were “weirdos”.

I’m a large dude. I seem to get more scared of this at work.

I’ve been told I’m intimidating in meetings. I pay close attention to my tone and body language now.

I stare at the elevator doors with my headphones on, especially when a lady gets on.

When the kids charity uses our offices for events every few weeks, I go to a different floor to use a private bathroom so I’m not alone in a public bathroom with any kids.

I volunteer at cub scouts. No parent or scoutmaster (predominantly male) is allowed to take the children anywhere alone. Not even to let them play in the gym after the pack meeting.

A female colleague was leaving the company. I offered a handshake. She asked for a hug (which I gave). I told her that in a company with 60% women, you never assume a hug. She nodded and said ‘Fair point.’

I have a bad back. I asked for a place to lay down occasionally during the day for short periods of time. They told me to use the 'wellness room’. Which is built for and decorated for nursing moms. And it’s outside the women’s bathroom. I told them a 6'4" dude with a beard laying on the floor outside the women’s bathroom is not a good look. They agreed. I lay on the cold tile of the handicapped bathroom now.

All it takes is an accusation, even if wholly unfounded. The conversation will always be there. I make sure I don’t even put myself in that situation.


Finally ….After that crash I redrew it ^^

I saw a little bit too late that I drew the wrong dress

In Trickstar Star wears the other green dress …Well sorry for that ^^(also in the two lasts panels They are smaller …. wierd..^^’‘‘)

So this is how I turn a normal scene into a starco scene ^^

I already reached 1000 followers Thank you so much for that!!!Love you guys !!<3<3<3

I think I won’t draw a lot for the episodes next week cause I’ll be in Paris until Thursday T_T

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Slav (Voltron) with 1A?

Last but certainly not least! I really didn’t know how to draw Slav, so I hope he doesn’t look too wierd. 

Shiro’s not taken in by Slav’s sudden change in demeanor. XD

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The real question that people forget to ask about everyone's favourite OTP (JoMitch obviously) is who gets hurt protecting the other from Dean? Does Dean threatening Mitch finally set Jonas off? Does Dean go to far and Mitch is forced to defend his boyfriend? Do I get hurt by breaking my hand while punching dean's stupid face repeatedly to protect by boys?

Jomitch sounds wierd I cant get over how wierd it sounds pls call it mitjo like everyone else

Grocery Shopping

Dojutsu Bunch #1

“Toilet paper, toilet paper,” Itachi murmured to himself as he clutched the wrinkled grocery list in one hand and pushed the cart with the other. “Already got the ketchup… and eggs… Oh yeah, I can’t forget the bubble bath–hush, Hanabi, it’s okay.  Don’t cry,” he prodded the two year old toddler who began to bawl in the front seat of the cart. “We’re almost done, almost done.”  He handed her a bottle of milk and she quieted her fussing.

“Alright, got the milk and grape juice,” Neji announced, placing the items in the cart with a thunk.

Itachi scanned the items on the shelves to his left without looking up. “Tomato juice for Sasuke?”

“Done,” Neji replied, patting Hanabi on the head, who had begun to reach one chubby arm out for him.

“Cinnamon buns for Hinata?”

“Got it.”

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The best and worst quotes from @straightcharactersoftheday

Today i took it upon myself to quote my favorite source of entertainment!
The fantastic blog @straightcharactersoftheday
I reeeaaallyyyy love that blog and i 10000000% think that straight characters need more representation??? like they are so right????????? straight characters are practically NON-EXISTENT NOW!
all vry fantastic vry good statements are bolded

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Things Felt But Unsaid

This is my little gift for @stoptryingtomakethingshappen for the Secret Santa event, hosted by @drarryexchange . It’s the first time I’ve written for the Drarry fandom and the first time I have written anything as fluffy as this, but I hope you’ll like it!

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

This warmth, those arms around his body, that messy dark hair tickling his neck.

Why, Potter? thought Draco as he watched with foggy, still tired eyes, the peaceful form laid in his bed.

Certain rays of sun were decorating their faces through the curtains, leaving small dots of light across pillow-patterned cheeks and closed eyelids.

The whole thing felt like some sort of dream to Draco. Too surreal, too good to be true after so many years of anger and self-destruction.

He turned his head a little to have a better look of the man still asleep behind him. Barely resisted the urge to extend his hand, to touch with pale fingers the warm skin pressed so beautifully against his.

Years before, every time the image of the familiar boy - now man - entered his field of vision, all he used to feel was rage and disappointment. And hatred, so much hatred… Sometimes he couldn’t even think because of it.

Things changed to such an extent that the past now seemed like an alternative existence, not part of the same life, full of anguish.

After all of that…How could you chose me?’

Harry’s breathing was caressing Draco’s neck while his chest moved with every puff that escaped past his parted lips. He’s always been a late sleeper and secretly, of course, Draco liked this. It gave him time to think, to appreciate better just how lucky he ended up.

After his sixth year, the only ending he visioned for himself was the cold, empty space of an Askaban cell. Or being Voldemort’s lap dog for the rest of eternity.

Not this. Not this closeness. Not so much forgiveness.

And especially not so much love.

Despite his earlier - better - judgement, Draco’s hand found itself buried in dark hair, too tangled for its own good and not soft enough. However, Draco felt a strange sort of affection every time his fingers moved across Harry’s unkempt locks, and the last thing he wanted was to stop.

“Malfoy” a morning voice echoed suddenly.

Draco stopped his movement, focusing his attention instead on green eyes, now open, gazing back at him.

“Morning, princess,” he said, his tone full of fondness. “Slept well?”

Harry blinked twice, trying process everything at once.

“Draco” he called out once again, a bit confused still. “Why are you up so early?”

Draco smiled.

“Not everybody can sleep until noon with no remorse like you, Potter,” he said, no bite in his words. “Most people have responsibilities, you know? We don’t have the luxury of taking a nap whenever we  want just because we defeated a wizard years ago.”

As usual, when confronted this way, Harry rolled his eyes.

“If I’m not wrong, Malfoy, you - as in, the responsible one out of the two of us, according to your words - are also still on bed. So, instead of throwing around baseless accusations, why don’t you keep messing with my hair since you like it and start telling me about what you seemed to be so conflicted about.”

Draco would’ve done anything to wipe the smirk out of his face. He should’ve known better than to bring up any sort of competition whenever it involved Harry. That bastard always had some sort of witty answer up his sleeve, no matter the time of the day of night.

“You know what, Potter?” he said. “I think I liked you better asleep. Why don’t you go back to it?”

Harry eyes sparkled at that. Draco didn’t apreciate that look.

“Neah,” said Harry in mocking laziness, perfectly aware of how much Draco hated when he did that. “I think getting on your nerves for a bit longer will be more entertaining.”

“Oh, shut it already,” said Draco, rolling over, having his back facing Harry once again.

Harry only laughed at how silly Draco was behaving.

“I see someone woke up quite cranky today,” he said.

“I’m not ‘cranky’. I’m just tired of you,” remarked Draco.

“Please, you’ll never get tired of me,” laughed Harry, poking Draco in the ribs to play around some more.

“Yes, I am. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to make me some breakfast. I can’t stand being hungry,” he said, rolling out of bed.

Harry raised his hand, gently touching Draco’s arm.

“You mean making us breakfast, right? he grinned, trying to make his voice sound sweet.

“As if you still deserve something after the trick you pulled last night. I won’t be able to sit for a whole week thanks to your lack of patience.” he mumbled hoping to come out as angry, but failing miserably. He couldn’t fool Harry so easily.

Of course, he still freed his arm and moved towards the door, his stepping as lazy as possible.

“Like you didn’t enjoy it,” Harry said, a bit frustrated by Draco’s pride and stubbornness.

The blond ignored him and left the room, leaving Harry behind without a care.

“Cranky indeed,” said Harry to himself, throwing the covers away from his body, with a trace of regret of abandoning the warmth of the bed. He searched in a hurry for a pair of trousers and a clean shirt before following Draco in the kitchen, a discreet smell already filling his senses.

Once entering the room, his eyes fell immediately on the shirtless form standing in front of the fridge, wand in hand, a frown painted on his features. It seemed like he was in the middle of warming up a piece of bread - “Again?” Harry noted, not knowing how to react anymore to Draco’s wierd antics. But no matter how hard he tried, Draco simply refused to touch anything that had to do with technology.

“I might hurt myself, Potter!” he shouted once, after a whole hour of washing the clothes - the muggle way. It had been a disaster, without any exaggerations. After ruining two perfect sweaters and a pair of boxers Harry gave up, leaving Draco to do things as he pleased.

Even if it wasn’t extremely practical.

“How much longer or you going to incendio that poor bread?” Harry asked, getting closer to the blond and observing his every move.

“Don’t disturb my concentration. I don’t want to burn it too much and deal with ashes.”

“Draco… That’s why we have the toaster,” sighed Harry.

“I’m not going to touch that machine. Ever. End of story,” said Draco, finally lowering his wand, deciding that it was enough. “Besides, it’s a good exercise of control.”

Harry decided not to comment. Instead, he positioned himself behind Draco and embraced him from behind, resting his chin on his shoulder.

“You are out of hope, you know?” said Harry, leaving a small kiss on Draco’s naked skin.

“And you are sweaty and in desperate need of a shower. You stink. But do you see me complaining?” said Draco as he placed the now slightly burned slice of bread on a plate, not impressed by Harry’s antics.

The other boy flinched at the words of the blond.

“For real?” he asked ashamed, lowering his arms.

“Yes, Potter. Now go throw some water and soap on yourself and come back looking acceptable for once. I’ll also dress accordingly to a kitchen when you are done and then we’ll finally eat as two normal human beings.”

“Fine,” he accepted the first part without a second thought. “But, for the record, I don’t mind seeing you shirtless at all times”.

“Noted. Now go. I’ll finish with the rest of the toast and deal with the eggs while you’re in there.”

Harry did as told and, with one last look at Draco, he left the room, almost running all the way to the shower. He turned on the water and walked inside after leaving his clothes nest to the sink, and allowed the cold liquid to touch furiously his heated skin.

On the other side of the house, Draco was preparing everything just as he promised, but no matter what his hands were doing or what words left his mouth with every textbook incantation, his thoughts were far from those actions.

He was taking in the last words words exchanged, replaying them over and over again, as well as the feeling of having Harry’s front pressed to his back. The dialogue, no matter how embarrassing and awkward it had been, was just another proof of their closeness, of how much they have evolved over the years to finally reach the point of talking about anything without fearing a thing from the other. That domesticity brought a soft smile to Draco’s face.

They were far from perfect. Both made mistakes that couldn’t ever be erased, but they learned. They have grown up together, step by step, curse after curse and now, with each caress of the other’s skin.

The sound of the shower stopping could be heard even from where Draco was standing, but somehow, in the hurricane that had taken over his mind, it ended up being missed. He heard, however, Harry’s steps as he got back, hair still dump and clothes fitting him a bit awkwardly.

“Good, you’re done,” said Draco, turning around as soon as Harry came back. “You can start eating if you want, I’ll be back in a second.”

Five minutes later they were both seated on each side of the table, eating in silence. Harry was enjoying a glass of orange juice while Draco was more than pleased with his water, taking a mouthful every few bites.

It was peaceful. Calming. Familiar. Precious.

“Harry, could you please give me the salt from over there?”

“Sure, but don’t you think it’s salty enough?”

“It needs a little bit more.”

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

It wasn’t what he expected, but it was better that everything Draco believed he deserved.

He might never be able to say out lout exactly what he felt. He might never leave his insecurities in the open so easily. But, with Harry, he wanted to at least try.

He was stubborn. Full of pride. A coward in every sense of the word.

It wasn’t like him to be so open.

One day, Harry, I will tell you everything I can’t say right now. I don’t know why you chose me, but I swear, on Merlin’s beard, that I’ll prove to you that giving me this wasn’t a mistake.

And it will never be.

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This might be wierd to ask but how did capcom find you and use your face for the game

I stalked their CEO for about 3 months (spending the nights outside their family house, popping my head through their window, greeting them every time someone came out the door, etc -regular stalking stuffs, you know). Finally, they agreed to use my face if I stopped.
If you really want something, never give up!

More seriously though, they find me through my modelling agency (don’t go stalking around, it’s likely to end badly :p)

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This is not a question, it's a thanks for including my "comic" it's wierd how it has over 300 likes on your page but i still have 2 followers😂 I do not care about the amount of followers I have, just trying to make someone happy!

:) Follow him guys

Things that bother me about the Legend of Zelda

-What happened to Zelda’s Loftwing for the duration of SS? I mean, I know it appears at the end of the game, but where was it until then? Was it injured? Was is hiding out somewhere? WHAT?
-Why did Hylia give up her immortal form to become a human for the sake of using the Triforce if she’s not even the one who ends up using it? (Link does, not Zelda) Kinda makes the whole thing pointless… (unless you’r looking at it from a Zelink angle ;)
-If Demise’s essence is sealed away in the Master Sword, then how is he reborn into Ganondorf several hundred years later?
-Where do Kokiri come from? What is their life cycle like? How are they born? I mean, its kinda implied they come from trees (because of the Koroks, more on them later), but they look like Hylian children. Why?
-Why did the Master Sword seal Link away in OoT, but not in WW? I mean, WW Link is only like 2 years older than young OoT Link. It makes no sense.
-What even was the point of piercing Link’s ears during that seven year slumber? Was it just because it made him more attractive (cause if that’s the case it fucking worked)
-Why exactly are there so many torture devices in the Shadow Temple? Who exactly were the Sheikah torturing in there and why?
-Why did the goddesses have to resort to flooding Hyrule? Couldn’t they have just sent another reincarnation of the hero to stop Ganondorf instead of, oh I dunno, DESTORYING THE ENTIRE FUCKING KINGDOM AND KILLING MILLIONS OF PEOPLE?
-Why would Majora give Link the Fierce Deity’s Mask if there was a large change Link could defeat he/she/it (another thing that bothers me) with its power?
-If Ganondorf fruitlessly captured all those girls in WW, why didn’t he just let them go after finding out they weren’t Zelda? I mean, WW Ganondorf doesn’t seem THAT malicious…
-How the fuck did TINGLE of all people learn how to read those sea charts, and why is he the only person in the Great Sea who can decipher them?
-Side note: What the FUCK is Tingle’s deal anyway? Is he crazy? Mentally ill? WHAT?!
-Why the hell does Tetra’s tanned skin get whitewashed when she turns into Zelda? That’s really fucking stupid.
-How did the evolution of the Kokiri into the Koroks happen? Did they just gradually turn into tree people, or did it happen all at once? Was it like: BOOM! And now we’re all trees, hooray! Or was it slow and wierd and messed up?
-How did Midna get into Hyrule in the first place? I mean, she says the only way she can get back is with the Mirror of Twilight? Did she use that before it was broken?
-How is Zelda able to remain a human in the Twilight, but Link can’t? Does she have some special Triforce magic bullshit going on that we don’t know about?
-How did Zelda really save Midna’s life? Did she give up her like her life essence, or was it just the Triforce of Wisdom?
-Where did Link ride off to at the end of TP? Are we ever gonna find out?
-Who in the holy FUCK thought destroying Lorule’s Triforce would be a good idea?
-Where are all of the other reincarnations of Link and Zelda at during the events of Hyrule Warriors? I mean, you think they’d have a role in trying to keep their individual Hyrules safe… (unless they fucking each other in which case that’s a good excuse)
-Where did Agitha get her fucking unholy bug-controlling magic from?
-What were Lana and Cia called before they were split up? Was it one of their names, or an amalgam of the two?
-Why did Cia never try to capture Link? I mean, that would have been a much more direct way of trying to get what she wanted instead of all the bullshit she did.
And finally

-Who at Nintendo thought making Triforce Heroes was a good idea?