how white is you dancing

Explanig some russ stuff

So, I am Norwegian and I have not been russ yet, but I have been on a russ buss and partied on one. This post is going to include little details about being russ that you can use in your fanfics/headcanons or if you are just interested in how it works. 

  • Sana is the bussjef of the girl squad/Pepsi max’s russ buss,  what does she do?
    • Russjef is in the name russ boss and means someone who has the main control over anything that happens on the buss (choice of dekknavn, the actual name etc.)
  • Another thing is russepresident and russestrye referring to the russ president and the russ board
    • The russ board is something every school has. A group of russ that create rules and stuff for russ at the school can do. It is considered good to have a lot of russestyre members on your buss. 
  • Rullesjef is something you have every day during your russetid and depending how big your buss is you are it at least one
    • If you are rullesjef you are in charge of making a list of who is going to rulle (party on the buss) and give out rulleplass
    • They are in charge if something bad happens. They are the ones who have to talk to the police, know where people are etc.
    • The rullesjef has to stay sober the entire night to take care of problems
  • You hire a driver to drive you around during russetiden. They usually have two days off during that period.
  • Most busses have three places you can party, the floor between the seats, the seats and sort of standing on the armrest between the seats.
  • You party when the buss is driving so expect a lot of falling
    • Anytime you hit a speedbump someone falls, 
    • Traffic lights people aren’t excepting 
    • ROUNDABOUTS people keep falling everywhere (your russ fic is not realistic if people don’t fall on top of each other in a roundabout)
  • Russbuss are the epicenter of white dancing. 
    • I don’t care how good you are at dancing on a russ buss you have no space so it is throwing your hands up in the air and trying to jump.
  • Sometimes the buss will stop either at a buss meeting spot or just somewhere. 
    • Buss meetings spots are avoided by some people because it is where the fighting usually breaks out.
    • Most busses have rules like never leave the buss alone and make sure you can see the buss at all times
  • Even if you don’t drink you are going to smell like alcohol
    • People throw beer, either by accident (the falling) or on purpose (the assholes
  • You are not going to get alcohol from anyone, alcohol in Norway is fucking expensive like with all other parties it is always a pre-game before rulling. 
  • People don’t dress up for rulling.
    • You get fallen on, stepped on and thrown alcohol on DON’T WEAR PRETTY CLOTHS
    • Most people wear jeans, a top and a headband representing the buss if you are close with any of the members you might also wear one of the sweaters
    • If you are russ you wear your russdress ferdig snakka
  • Mixed gender busses aren’t a thing. 
    • What is a thing is kjærstebusser or boyfriend/girlfriend busses. This is busses that party together and give each other shootouts. 

Ask me if you have any more questions and I might write more about this in the future (I want to make a post explaining russeknuter but this is what I have produced for the moment)

how come when black girls meet white guys, they always have to basically announce that they’re white? “i know i’m a white guy but…” “this white boy knows how to dance!” “i can’t dance. i’m white. what can i say?” “do you like white guys?” 

the signs as dumb shit people have done/said at my school {pt.2}
  • Aries: "Beyonce is thirty-five now, right? Do write-ins actually work? Can I vote for her?"
  • Taurus: *slams textbook onto the desk to the beat of "We Will Rock You"*
  • Gemini: "White people can't dance." / (teacher): "Excuse you, I am half-white and I can dance just fine."
  • Cancer: "How long do you think it would take for pizza hut to get here?" / "Dude, we get a half hour lunch."
  • Leo: *freshman boy eating a cup of Ramen noodles in the library*
  • Virgo: "I can't even think straight." / "SAME. *finger guns*"
  • Libra: "I thought it was, like, illegal for teachers to swear."
  • Scorpio: Literally, kids will just walk into the home ec room, take food and leave without a word. I don't even have a specific one to list here, it just happens so often.
  • Sagittarius: "Math, not even once."
  • Capricorn: "The school is broke, they said. We can't afford an art class, they said. But we can afford to buy brand-new bleachers for the football fields, they said."
  • Pisces: "Do you think I'd get in trouble if I snuck into the office and played Weird Al over the loudspeakers?"
The Killers Song Titles
as sung by The Killers
The Killers Song Titles

jenny was a friend of mine | mr. brightside | smile like you mean it | somebody told me | all these things that i’ve done | andy, you’re a star | on top | change your mind | believe me natalie | midnight show | everything will be alright | sam’s town | when you were young | for reasons unknown | read my mind | uncle jonny | bones | my list | this river is wild | why do i keep counting? | tranquilize | shadowplay | all the pretty faces | leave the bourbon on the shelf | sweet talk | under the gun | where the white boys dance | show you how | move away | glamorous indie rock and roll | who let you go? | ruby, don’t take your love to town | daddy’s eyes | losing touch | human | spaceman | joy ride | a dustland fairytale | i can’t stay | neon tiger | goodnight, travel well | a crippling blow | tidal wave | forget about what i said | four winds | flesh and bone | runaways | the way it was | here with me | a matter of time | deadlines and commitments | miss atomic bomb | the rising tide | heart of a girl | from here on out | be still | battle born | carry me home | prize fighter | shot at the night | just another girl | a great big sled | don’t shoot me santa | ¡happy birthday guadalupe! | boots | the cowboys’ christmas ball | i feel it in my bones | christmas in la | joel the lump of coal

greenrocky23  asked:

Lol I'm white but I love how you roasted Jimin for dancing like a white person like we can't dance for shit💯😅I think your blog's really cool & I love that you're doing this kind of thing cause I feel like you girls don't get appreciated enough??🙈

wow i love white people who can take jokes and not get offended 👏🏾 and thank you so much for recognizing that us POC do need more representation within kpop cuz WE IN DIS BITCH 💯👏🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

🍀 Irish Dance Questions🍀

1) hard shoe or soft shoe?
2) favourite dress maker/designer/brand?
3) favourite famous dancer?
4) favourite age group? (Can’t be your own)
5) treble jig or hornpipe?
6) reel or slip jig?
7) biggest accomplishment in dance?
8) brand of hardshoes?
9) wig colour?
10) best you’ve done at a major?
11) one thing you like best about your dancing?
12) one thing you need to work on in your dancing?
13) name of your dance school?
14) favourite set music?
15) current set dance?
16) best dance memory?
17) would you choose dance over school if you could?
18) how many solo dresses have you had?
19) school/team dress colours?
20) favourite team/figure dance?
21) bun or full wig?
22) worst dance injury?
23) favourite dance show?
24) what’s in your dance bag right now?
25) dream solo dress?
26) favourite move/trick?
27) favourite feis?
28) where do u practice in your house?
29) favourite dance quote?
30) favourite part of being at your dance school/studio?
31) ever moved dance schools?
32) would you consider moving dance schools if some of your friends did?
33) biggest inspiration?
34) one goal that you want to achieve before you stop dancing?
35) do you talk to your competitors backstage?
36) do you tan for feises?
37) have you ever won anything that wasn’t a trophy, medal or sash? 38) have you done any other kinds of dance?
39) what do u think the reason would be for you retiring from dance?
40) do you use white shoelaces for softshoes?
41) how old were you when you first started dancing?
42) would you continue dancing at another school if your school closed?
43) do you get nervous backstage?
44) do you have anything special you do after feises?
45) have you ever been in a parade of champions?
46) how do you motivate yourself to practice before feises?
47) do you do any other sports besides dance?
48) what’s one thing you don’t like about dance?
49) have you ever fallen on stage?
50) if someone told you that you could only dance for one more month, what would your reaction be?

Crystal Castles really had the weirdest fan base for such ostensibly abrasive music. Like how do you explain the white girl I lived with who took krump dancing lessons and yelled at rugby on TV from her exercise bike having Doe Deer as her ringtone? Is all of this because they were in that one episode of Skins?

Let's talk about "racism against white people."

So-called “racism against white people” is someone joking about how you can’t dance and your food doesn’t have any seasoning. It’s people mistrusting you because all the white people in their community were taught that racism is A-OK.

Racism is the fact that I wasn’t allowed in my boyfriend’s family’s house for two years, and the only reason stated was, “I’m uncomfortable that she’s black.” Racism is the fact that when we moved in together, we went through 8 different realtors who rejected us outright despite pristine credit and excellent recommendations from my old landlords until we found a realtor who was… wait for it! Black. Racism is being told that I’m not getting call backs from job applications because my name is “too black,” and knowing that it’s a very real possibility. Racism is being told, once I start the job, “you’re so nice! I really like you. You know, I was worried when they said the new girl’s name was Diva because I mean… well, we were all expecting you to be really ghetto, but you’re not what I expected at all!” Racism is when white guys hit on me and say- to my face-  it’s because I’m “exotic” and because “black girls are wild in the sack.” Racism is listening to every white student in the University Honors Program say, in seriousness or as a “joke,” that I only got a full academic scholarship because I’m black. Racism is telling them that I’ve been a straight A student since kindergarten, and their response being, “yeah, but still…” Racism is my having a total of zero friends in elementary school because I was bussed to the school on the white side of town to get a better education, and had rocks thrown at me while they called me nigger, saying there were no niggers allowed on this jungle gym. Racism is being ostracized in junior high because I was back on the black side of town, but I supposedly “talked white” and therefore supposedly thought I was better than everyone else- because good grades+good grammar=white. Racism is hearing, “you’re the cuter sister because your skin is lighter.Racism is going to high school in the suburbs and hearing my crushes say, "my parents would totally flip out if I brought a black girl home.” Racsim is my “friend” asking me to distract the employees at a store while they shoplift, asking what they even expect me to do, and hearing, “just come in before me and they’ll watch you ‘cause you’re black.” Racism is hearing the local homeless dude walk into your job and scream at your boss that he’s a “nigger lover.” Racism is bringing up racism and hearing your coworkers say, “Yeah, but when black people are racist against white people because they make fun of them all the time, like 'cause they can’t dance or something, then white people can’t say anything!” and the other coworker responds, “Yeah, I don’t understand why people make such a big deal! the [cue silly voice, finger quotes, and eyeroll] N-Word Is just a word. Like, somebody called me a bitch the other day and I’m not freaking out about it! Racism is seeing a black person you call your friend having a problem with this and dismissing it as "exaggerating” because you “don’t get it." 

So-called "racism against white people: somebody pulled your pigtail on the playground. Actual racism against POC: A bullet to the fucking head. Do you really want to compare the two?