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I feel you, anon. I very much feel you. Please have both, and please take care of yourself! While deadlines are important, your health is too. I hope you feel better and you’re able to meet most of your deadlines. ♡ And thank YOU for the request! ♡

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At the End of Ages (10.22 Coda)

Some apocalyptic MoC/demon!Dean x Castiel future-coda fic for deanswingsbothways.
Mature/non-explicit, ~1023 words
[Now on Ao3]

There are entire cities that lie still and silent because of the Heir of Cain. The bones of the dead lie scattered among the quiet ruin. Snow and rain and the movements of the earth have their way, and new life teems where humanity once tamped it down. Man’s great buildings become His headstones.

Some places still survive. Some have armed themselves with weapons that might kill the Heir, or at least inconvenience him long enough to make him hesitate, even if it would come at the cost of their own annihilation. He stalks their outskirts like a lion in darkness held back by a fence of thorns. Their fire will die out soon, and he’ll be waiting still.

Some, desperate as they are nihilistic, fly the sigil of the Mark of Cain – a fallen angel’s wing – as their flag in hopes of appeasing his wrath. Countless have begged to serve him. The Heir has no need of servants, only death, and they are dust beneath his feet.

Godkiller, they’ve called him. The Elder Gods that rose up against him met the same end as those who did before the Mark, a thousand years ago. Anansi could not trick him. Athena could not track him. Dread Kali watched him walk out of the flame and saw the Morning Star in him just before she died. The gods are silent now.

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