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Some things are really hard to watch.

a pretty good bad idea (1/?)

pairing: Trini/Kimberly (Power Rangers

words: 2097

summary: With great power comes unexpected and awkward side effects. Also: kissing lessons. (Isn’t that how the saying goes?)

a/n: Guess who saw Power Rangers and is predictable trash? Guess who loves all that trope-y cheesiness? Guess who doesn’t remember how to write, but is doing it anyways? Me me me. Anyways, I tried to bring the cheese, my friends, but I’m just not capable of writing poetry like ‘Are we Power Rangers or are we friends?’. Alas.

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WARNING for @smallandsundry : there is KISSING in this fic. (Also, no bear rangers.) Please avert your eyes.

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Yoojin sharing her Alice in Wonderland phone case that reminds her of us Cheshire.  ❤️

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Bakugou with his girlfriend having cuddle session. Especially when he comes from his job.

Adult!Bakugou is a bit more mature and I didn’t know how much I needed this until now…

P.S. these scenarios never really stick with their original request and iM SOrRy!


With Bakugou’s hero career taking off, he was out a lot more and came home a lot later. His girlfriend knew how much this meant to him and how hard he worked so she couldn’t easily complain about how little time they spent together now. She knew this wouldn’t last forever so she decided to be supportive and stick it out as much as she could. Still, when he wasn’t home she found it hard to sleep at night.

This particular morning, she found herself sitting at the kitchen table with a cold cup of coffee. She had given up on trying to sleep hours ago and decided to just wait for him but as the sun rose her nerves grew and the thought of him never coming home haunted her. She jumped when she heard the door slam and ran to the living room.

“Baku-…” He tossed his shirt aside and discarded his pants on the floor till he was left only in his boxers, than dropped onto the couch like a sack of potatos. It was obvious he wasn’t in any shape to move another muscle so she hurried to fetch a blanket from the closet. Covering him, she gently said, “Welcome home.”

“Mm,” he groaned. His eye peeked open and he looked straight at her. “I’m fine.”

He answered her unasked question. When the two of them had started dating there was an unspoken rule that she should never ask if he was okay. He, in turn, would always let her know if she could do anything to help him. She smiled and nodded. “I know.”

“The job lasted way longer then it should have. I’m damn tired.” He shifted and lifted the blanket, a rare invitation she readily accepted. She crawled onto the couch next to him and his arm draped around her shoulders. “And you didn’t sleep either, did you?”

“I wasn’t feeling good.”


She frowned and buried her head into his chest. “It would be weird if I could sleep soundly while you were out fighting bad guys, wouldn’t it?”

“You dumb ass. You don’t need to worry.”

“I’m not worried. I just miss you…”

She didn’t see when he frowned. He knew it. He knew she had been way to lenient about him being out all the time. He knew it had been taking its toll on her but she kept quiet and supported him anyway. “…’re amazing.”

She raised her head and gave him a confused look. “Huh?”

‘Shit!’ he thought. It had just slipped out. “H-How about this weekend we go to the beach?”

“Really?! The whole weekend? Are you sure you can do that?”

“Yeah. I’ll let the others know I’ll be away. Should be fine.”

“Yes! I’d love that! Oh, and babe?” She kissed his chest and squeezed him. “I think you’re amazing too.”

“Shut up.”


For this year’s Spring Break, my best friends, my boyfriend, and I trekked the Grand Canyon to Havasu Falls. We nixed the helicopter and mules to complete the 24 mile round trip by foot. Greatest experience.

A Little Love

Hanschen’s neighbors hated him.  When sweet Ernst, who baked pies whenever someone moved in and had a key to everyone else’s apartment, announced he was finally getting a roommate and the roommate was his boyfriend, everyone had been thrilled.  Wendla and Ilse across the hall had even offered to throw a party for the new guy, or at least help him move in, but Ernst had politely declined.  “He’s kind of private,” he told them, thanking them profusely for the offer.

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EXO (OT12) - Reaction to You Trying to Cheer Them Up

You noticed how quiet Min had been since he had gotten home. He hadn’t said anything about being upset, but you could tell. You walked over and wrapped your arms around his neck giving him a cheesy smile. He tried to muster one back but it looked forced. “Min, you have to tell me if something is wrong. I can’t help if I don’t know.” He nodded and placed his forehead against yours. “Everyone is just stressed and tired. Practice didn’t go very well today, and I feel like I should help since I’m the oldest. Junmyeon can’t do everything by himself.” You understood how much he cared. “Well no one can be responsible for keeping everyone happy, don’t be too hard on yourself babe.” He smiled and then kissed you. “You are right.” Then he kissed you again. “Maybe I could take your mind off of this for a bit…” You backed away and grabbed his hand. He followed you energetically with a stupid grin.

Lu was pouting about something. Some news about not getting a role in a movie that he really wanted to be in. Trying to get his attention you moved in front of him. He seemed to be out of it and was staring blankly as if he didn’t notice you at all. “Lu? Babe? Hello!” You moved closer and he blinked a couple of times, coming to. “Sorry baobei, I just really wanted it.” You leaned on his shoulder and held him tightly. “I know. But you know what else I know? I know that you are an amazing actor, and if they didn’t want you, then you don’t need them anyways.” He smiled down at you and kissed your head. “You are also the most handsome, they were probably jealous.” You felt him giggle as he wrapped an arm around you.

You had been making silly faces at your boyfriend from across the room as he was working on something at the table. He was on the computer and had been conversing with his manager over the phone. You didn’t want to bother him, but when you noticed the shift in his demeanor and the unhappy tone his voice had taken on, you wanted to make the situation better. Luckily you had gotten him to smile back at you. He even blew you a kiss. When he had finished with his task he plopped down on the couch and pulled you close. “Well thank you for cheering me up during that.” You smiled up at him and he gave you one in return. “That’s what I’m here for.” “My number one cheerleader.” You both giggled, “Maybe I should get an outfit.” His eyes lit up and he gave a delighted smirk.

The disappointed look on Junmyeon’s face was evident when you got home. You looked at your phone seeing if you were late but you were actually a bit early. Wondering if you had done something wrong you recounted the past few days, nothing stood out. You went over to join him on the couch giving him a kiss on the cheek before sitting down. “Why do you look so blue right now?” He turned to you with a little pout, “You know how we planned that weekend getaway for our anniversary?” You nodded, still a bit confused. “Well the manager let me know that some promotional opportunities popped up during that time, and that I won’t be able to go.” You were a little upset, but you knew what dating an idol meant, your time isn’t always the priority. You gave him a smile, getting over the disappointment quickly. “Oh well, we can get away another time. Just being able to spend some time with you is enough, no matter where.” Relief washed over his face, you knew that he never wanted to make you upset. You wrapped him in a loving embrace and gave him a kiss.

Yixing called you at work letting you know that he would be staying late for a meeting with his managers to go over his scheduling conflicts between his Chinese and Korean promotions. You heard the sadness in his voice, knowing how he wanted to reunite with his bothers for a much longer time than he was being allowed to. He had also been busy filming all day and had to be exhausted. You decided to prepare a nice, relaxing bath for when he came home. Complete with lit candles, flower petals, and champagne. When he came home you gave him a big hug and a kiss and led him to the bathroom. “Wow, baobei, you really know how to surprise me.” With that you directed him to undress and get into the water. He did as he was told and you joined him after he was comfortable. You sat in between his legs with your back against his bare chest. He wrapped his arms around your waist and you could tell that he felt relaxed. As the time passed, you both shared what happened during your hours apart today and you let him vent to you about all the issues that weight heavily on his mind. As you went to bed later that night he let you know how much your gesture meant to him. “You always know how to make me feel better, that is why I love you.”

You made it your mission to give Baekhyun all the love and affection possible in order to make him smile. He had been informed that he would be leaving to promote CBX’s new album in Japan again and he didn’t want to leave you. He had missed you so much last time that he already knew how sad he would be. Of course, Dae and Min would try to cheer him up, but he still didn’t want to go. You showered him in kisses, tickled his sides, cuddled up to him, anything you could think of. Finally, he gave up pouting and started to giggled loudly as you started to imitate him and his brooding behavior. “Please continue, your face is cute when you do that.” You scrunched your face and continued to pout. He couldn’t help himself and kissed you, deciding to be happy and enjoy the rest of his time with you before he had to leave.

You heard Jongdae on the phone, and it didn’t sound like a very good conversation. You were sitting in another room to give him some privacy, but his voice wasn’t the quietest to begin with, especially when he was upset. He walked out of the room, his face contorted in frustration. You walked over and wrapped your arms around him, your head in his chest. Your affection instantly helped him calm down and feel better. “Want to talk about it babe?” You looked up at him but he shook his head. “No, I think something else would be better right now.” He lifted you and brought your mouth to his as you giggled. “Alright, I’m all yours,” you said as he carried you to somewhere more comfortable.

It was quite odd when you came home to your happy virus boyfriend being mopey on the couch you knew something was definitely wrong. He looked up with a pout and opened his arms for you to cuddle with him. You fell into his arms, he was laying down so you were now laying partly on top of him. You gave him a pout that matched his own, “What’s wrong babe?” He told you about how he was having some issues getting his song on the new album even though he worked super hard on it. You understood how important his songs were to him and it bummed you out too. When he started to frown again you immediately showered him in kisses. He giggled as you placed kisses on his forehead, his cheeks, his chin, and nose. Eventually he brought your lips to meet his own, the song forgotten for the time being.

Kyungsoo came home with an upset expression. You looked up at him with concern as he moved forward to hug you. “Some stuff happened, it will be alright.” You didn’t say anything, you just squeezed him tightly. As he pulled away you smiled which made him smile back at you. He could never resist your charms. Kyungsoo moved to your bedroom and changed into his casual clothes. You followed him and tried to tell him some things that you thought would make him happy. His strong and silent personality showed through as he would smirk and react without much conversation, which he usually did when he was upset. He tended to keep his words to himself. He moved to the kitchen and started pulling out pans and materials for the dinner he had planned for tonight. That is when you moved forward and placed your hand on his, “Sit, you are tired and need to relax. I have helped you make this enough times.” He smiled and let out a small giggle. “Alright, just don’t burn the house down.” You gave a judgy look, and he couldn’t help but kiss you before he sat at the table.

When Tao became extremely cranky, you knew something was wrong. You immediately resorted to cuddling up to him and telling him how much you cared for him. The boy would try and act like he was still mad but the smile would creep onto his mouth. “Taooooooooooo, you are literally the best. Don’t be upset.” He turned to you and kissed you sweetly, holding your face in his hands even after the kiss was over. To top it all off, you offered to go shopping with him. This made him even happier. You knew that browsing stores would take his mind off of whatever was bothering him. When you were at the store he picked out a really nice outfit and bought it for you. “My baobei needs to be spoiled after dealing with me.”

When Jongin came home after dealing with a sore back at rehearsal all day he wasn’t in the best spirits. He plopped down and wrapped his arms around you, his face in your chest. You ran your fingers through his hair as you asked how the day went, knowing that the answer wouldn’t be a nice one. “I kept messing up, my back doesn’t want to move certain ways right now.” You gently pried him off you, saying that you needed to do something quickly. He gave a small pout as you walked away leaving him alone. You made some arrangements over the phone and returned to join him on the couch again. About forty-five minutes later there was a knock at the door. When Jongin opened it, he did not expect to see his dogs and his parents. He greeted them excitedly and when they walked in, he gave you a giant hug and a kiss. “Thank you Jagiya! You are the best girlfriend ever.”

The boys were off on tour and Sehun had been texting you about how much he missed you. You asked him what time he was free to chat and he let you know that it would be in the middle of the night where you were. Not that you cared, you just wanted to talk to him and hopefully take away some of his homesickness. You received the video chat request at around two in the morning. As soon as you saw his face, you were filled with joy. “I wish I could reach through the screen and hold you right now.” You felt the same way, distance really made you love him even more. “Are you sure you don’t need to sleep right now? I don’t want to keep you up, just saying ‘hi’ and seeing you for a bit will be alright.” You shook your head. “Trust me, seeing you and cheering you up is more important.” You both talked about how your day went and he told you about how great the places they had been to were. “I’ll bring you back here with me next time.” You giggled and excitedly agreed. Then you heard little footsteps approach you from behind as Vivi walked over to you. He stood up on his legs trying to jump on your lap. You smirked at Sehun before you bent over to pick him up and set him on your legs. Sehun’s smile widened as soon as he saw his fur baby in the camera and took on his voice which he reserved for his son only. Vivi moved around happily when he saw Sehun as well. When you finally became overwhelmed with the need for sleep you let Sehun know that it was time to say goodbye for now. “Alright. Thank you for staying up for me. I love you, and I can’t wait to be home and wrap you in my arms again.”

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A new start, part 5

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 2793

Warnings: Language and fluff

Part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4


Chris stared at you in total shock.  His answer felt like a punch to the stomach.  Your mind whirling with what felt like rejection.  Stomping off to the kitchen you pulled an open bottle of wine out of the fridge and poured a rather large glass for yourself.  He stood in the same spot in the living room unsure of what to say.

“Just go home Chris. I’m sorry I said anything.  It won’t affect work or the movie, okay? But please go.”  It was difficult to look at him so you just concentrated on your glass as you stood at the kitchen island.  He walked into the kitchen slowly, as though he were afraid to startle you.

“I don’t want to go, [Y/N]. I was just surprised to hear you say that.  I mean, come on, why would you, this amazingly talented and wonderful woman, want a dork like me?  I have had this huge crush on your since walking into that trailer.  Holy shit, I think my heart stopped when I saw you.” You looked up quickly at him.  Not sure if you could believe the words that were coming out of his mouth.  “I knew I couldn’t act on them.  You had been so hurt by that asshole and you needed a friend.  So I wanted to try to be that friend.  You know what?”  You shook your head at him.

“What?”  Chris had moved close but stopped before getting too close.

“We became good friends. It felt good.  I knew I couldn’t have more than that with you but I was happy, am happy being your friend.”  Letting go a breath you had been holding.

“So you mean you just want to stay friends?”  He put up his hands quickly.

“No, no.  Not what I mean.  Shit, what the hell am I trying to say?  [Y/N] I meant I don’t want you to think that I only became your friend because I wanted to take advantage of it.  You have become a real friend.”  You canted your head looking at him as you leaned against the island.

“So, you are my friend. And again it sounds like you just want to be my friend.”  A look of confusion on your face.  Chris raked his hand through his hair.

“Fuck.  This is not coming out right.  I am nervous as hell right now and my brain obviously can’t get my mouth to say anything right.  Okay, let me try again.”  Taking a long pull from the wine glass, you stared at him.  The sweet taste and bubbles helping to settle your stomach that was doing flips as Chris paced back and forth in front of you.  “[Y/N], I like you a lot.  I have since day one.  I was lucky enough that you let me become your friend.  But I want more.  I want to be more than your friend.  I want you to see that there are guys out there that aren’t lying, cheating fuckers.  Well maybe not other guys out there, but see that I am not like that.”  You laughed as he fumbled through what he was trying to say. Finally getting to the point.

“So if I understand you now, you like me?”  He laughed quietly taking a tentative step closer.

“Yes.  I like you.”

“What do we do then?” Crossing your arms over your chest, you looked back at him.  Chris shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.

“Maybe we should go out. See how things go, being more than friends.  Like normal people.”  You bit your lip as though you were thinking very hard over the offer.  When truly, you were trying not to throw up.  Your heart furiously in your chest.

“I think that is a good idea. When?”  

“Tomorrow?  I know you are off the afternoon.  I should be done by six.  Maybe pick you up here by seven?”  

“Seven is good.  So tomorrow?”  He nodded, as everything felt a bit awkward now.  Why did it have to be awkward?  This man had been your friend for the last several months.  You had told him things you had not told anyone else. Now, it was awkward.

“Yes, tomorrow.  Umm I should probably go.  It’s late and umm yeah.”

“Yes it is… late.”  

“Okay, see you tomorrow, [Y/N].”  He walked towards the door.  You followed behind, to see him out.  As he opened the door, he turned back startling you and causing you to bump into him.

“Oh sorry.  I wasn’t….”  Chris laughed, relaxing his stance.

“Can I hug you at least? I have missed you this weekend. Not talking to you since last night sucked.”  A flush of blood surged to your cheeks and you smiled shyly.

“Yeah you can hug me. I missed you too Chris.  It was just… hard to concentrate on my thoughts about you when you were right there.  I needed a step back for a moment.”  He took the moment to step forward with his arms out, enclosing them around you in a tight hug.

“I understand that now. I’m sorry for acting like an ass. But I promise I will make it up to you tomorrow.”  Returning the hug you squeezed tight.  It felt good in his arms.  You wanted to continue the feeling but he slowly pulled back.  His face gave the impression it was reluctantly.  “See you in the morning.”  Chris walked towards his car throwing a grin over his shoulder. You waved like an idiot as you leaned against the doorframe.  As he drove off the realization hit you that you were actually going on a date with Chris. Not just friends hanging out and having a pizza.  A real date.

“Fuck, what did I get myself into?”  Rubbing your face, you closed the door and went upstairs to get ready for bed.  It was going to be a long day tomorrow.

After a fitful sleep, two large cups of coffee and an hour in the hair and makeup chair you were ready to get work started for the morning.  The crew was setting up the shot as you sat in your chair waiting for the director to call you into the scene.  Your phone started going off with a FaceTime message.  Jake, for whatever reason, was calling.  “Yes Jake?  I’m kinda working here.”

“Well don’t you look all fancy ‘Miss I’mma super star actress.”  Rolling your eyes at him through the screen you asked again.

“What do you need Jake? I don’t have much time.”  He laughed as he moved the phone to show a beautiful black horse.

“Seems this girl right here needs a new home.  She is great with other horses and…”

“Yes.  I want her!  She is gorgeous.  How old is she?  Where did she come from?”  You excitedly sat up in the chair and squealed causing a few odd looks from those around you.  Jake laughed petting the horse’s nose.

“She is five and has all her papers and looks pretty healthy.  Going to have the vet check her out before I load her up in the trailer. I figured you would want her so he is already on his way.”  Your brother knew you well.  

“I hope Boots and Talladega like her.  Jake you are the best.”  

“I know, I know.  Glad you appreciate that.  Now did you tell that guy you like him yet?  You look like you are in a better mood.  Get a little something last night when you got back?” He wiggled his eyebrows with a smirk. You did not realize at that point in the conversation, Chris had walked up behind you, now he was trying not to laugh.

“Ugh, Jake you are worse than mom, you nosey ass.  I have to go. Send me the info when you get her home please.”  Turning the phone off, you did not wait for him to say goodbye.  You leaned back in your chair with a groan.

“So you told your family about me?”  Chris whispered in your ear, causing you to scream and jump out of the chair.  He had a wide grin on his face.

“You scared the crap out of me!”  He continued to grin at you.  It was infectious and you could not help but start to smile.  “And maybe.”

“Sounds like a yes.  I think I like it.  Don’t worry I told my mom, well she actually dragged it out of me, but she knows I have this giant crush on you.”  Laughing you turned to sit back in your chair. Chris came around to sit next to you.  He looked so handsome in old military costume.  Just looking at him made your cheeks flush.

“Fine, yes I told my brother and my dad.  Who probably told my mother.  They noticed how we were texting all weekend.  So they got nosey.”  A look of pure happiness crossed his face.  If you were telling your family there must be something there for you.  He tried to give you that nonchalant look again as he turned to watch the set.  It was not fooling you but you were not going to push the issue.

“So where are you taking me tonight?”  You looked at him out of the corner of your eye, trying to play him at his own game.

“It’s a surprise.  Don’t worry you’ll enjoy it.”  That did not give you any information.

“Well how am I supposed to know what to wear?”  That damn smirk of his appeared again.  

“Wear that red and blue swirled dress.  That looks gorgeous on you.”  You raised a brow at him.  If you remembered correctly, you had only worn that dress once during the whole time you had been in North Carolina.  

“Okay, if you like it that much.”  Before either of you could continue the director called you both to the scene. The morning was busy with trying to get as much done before the afternoon shots with Chris and change of location.

By the time the afternoon started to turn into evening, you were trying to calm the butterflies in your stomach.  Chris would be at the house in little less than an hour.  You had showered and pulled out the dress and sandals.  The things that were most difficult were your hair and makeup.  Makeup wise you did not want to look over done.  Not that you could ever do what the makeup artists did to you on a daily basis. You wanted to look like you, just a prettier version.  Once that was finished you worked on your mess of [Y/H/C] hair.  Finally getting it up into a loose but pretty bun.  The doorbell rang as you slipped into your sandals. Of course he was two minutes early. As you opened the door, looking at the man standing there it took a moment to remember to breathe.  Chris looked amazing in a khaki colored pair of dress pants and a white long sleeved dress shirt with the top button undone.  “Wow, [Y/N] you look… just wow.”

You beamed at him.  It felt good that he thought you were beautiful.  “Thank you. You look so handsome.  Let me grab my purse and we can go.”  He nodded sliding his hands into his pockets.  

The car ride started off quiet, both of you nervous and afraid to say the wrong thing.  “[Y/N] I’m sorry.  I don’t want this to be weird.  I want you to have a good time tonight.”

“I think you are worrying too much.  I always have a good time with you.  Remember we have been out so many times before.  They just weren’t technically dates.  So this should be easy.  Like before, just with more feelings.”  Chris looked over at you a moment as he tried to read your face.

“True.  Okay easy then.  Let’s try for that.”  You moved your hand over to his and squeezed to show him it would be all right.  But you did not expect him to squeeze back and hold tight to your hand.  He did not want to let go.  There went your heart; it was now somewhere lodged in your throat beating at ridiculous rate.  You wanted your hand to stay in his, so there you left it.  The smile he gave you as you did just that made your toes curl. Damn this man was going to kill you one way or another.  You felt like a school girl on a date with the football star.

The restaurant was situated on a grassy area that looked over the beach.  While there was dining inside Chris had reserved a table outside under the stars.  There was a small band playing with several couples dancing in the middle of the tables that were scattered about.  Twinkling lights ran the edges of the outside area.  It was beautiful, quiet, and just perfect.  With the wine ordered, he stretched his arm across the table and took your hand in his.  Your mind started over thinking everything again.  Like should you be feeling this way?  He was your friend.  Your friend who was now looking at you like more than a friend and was holding your hand. However, it felt good, it felt right.

“Stop trying to over analyze this, [Y/N].  It’s dinner. If you don’t like it then we will go back to being friends.  I promise.” Fear flashed in his eyes the moment he said it.  But he was a man of his word and would never force you to do something you did not want to.

“You know me too well. I’m sorry I know.  I over think everything.   But don’t think I don’t want to be here with you, I do.  It is just a big step for me.”  This time he was the one to squeeze your hand in reassurance.

“How about we not worry about it?  Let’s have a good time.  Tell me about your new horse.  You were so excited today.”  Chris knew what to say to distract you from yourself.  The conversation after that flowed easily just as it always had with him. You told him all about the new horse as well as your other two back home.  He went on to tell you stories of learning to ride for a movie years back then falling off and bruising his tailbone.  You laughed so loud you had to cover your mouth.  When the meal came each of you fed the other a bite of your meals just to try them out.  After finishing and chatting for a little while longer Chris stood up holding his hand out to you.  “Dance with me?”

You bit your lip nervously as you took his hand and stood with him.  He drew you alongside of him and out onto the dance floor.  Twirling you around first before he took you in his arms.  The two of you danced just staring into the others eyes.  It was then you realized this was how it was supposed to be.  This was the person who made the world look beautiful and bright.  You had spent the last four months getting to know him and becoming his friend.  Now there was more.  So much more.  Closing your eyes, you laid your head on his shoulder drawing close into his arms. Chris leaned his head against yours. Neither of you wanted to move.  However, after several songs, you knew it was time to go.

The ride home was similar to earlier in the quiet of it.  The difference though was the air about it all.  Both of your hands encircled his as he drove back to the beach house. He would look over at you for a moment and you would grin at him, causing him to return the smile.  When you arrived home he got out, opened your door, and walked you up to the house. “Do you want to come inside for a bit?  We can have a glass of wine.”  

“I want to.  But I think it’s best if I go home.  I am not going to rush this.  I want you to be able to see me as someone you want to be with and who will do anything for you.  Especially wait for you. I’m not in a rush nor am I going anywhere.  Remember that. I will call you in the morning if that’s all right.”  You nodded with tears welling up in your eyes.  This man did not know what he was doing to your heart.  Chris took your hand and kissed it before walking back to his car.  There you stood on the front porch watching until you could no longer see his taillights. It had been a wonderful night.  

“Oh shit, I have it bad….”

Part 6

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This was not what I was expecting. After three songs I wasn’t expecting a genre change. It was a nice change of pace but it was not what I was expecting.

The guitar echoed through my room, this was not something I would typically listen to but I still couldn’t shut it off. A voice inside of me told me to keep listening.

That voice inside of me was trying to kill me. This was another song that wasn’t about me. My eyes were not blue. Harry’s eyes were not blue. Which means, he was writing about someone that was not me. He was writing about someone with blue eyes.

Maybe it was the same person, I’m really hoping it was. I was hoping that he hadn’t told two other girls that they were the type of girls people wrote songs about. It hurt enough to know he told one.

“It’s not you and it’s not me.” sarcastic laughter fell from my lips.

Damn right.

I don’t know about him, but I was not the same girl that he had dated months ago.

“Are you sure about this..” the hair dresser asked cautiously, I nodded. I was damn sure about this.

Harry and I had been separated for a month, and I was losing my mind. Every single thing I saw reminded me of him. If a person spoke a certain way or wore something I think he would, I would have to fight back tears.

Everywhere I went, I saw him. I saw us. The grocery store. The mall. Hell, even in my own best friend’s house. I was reminded of us. Little memories of how we would use to be were everywhere. It was torture.

Even when I looked in the mirror.

I would catch a glimpse of myself and see his hands on me. How his fingers would twirl in my long hair or pull it back in his fists. I couldn’t stand it. So I decided if I was going to start moving on, I needed to change.

First, I stopped going anywhere we had spent time together. Bars. Restaurants. Clothing stores. Everywhere. If we had stepped foot in it together, I no longer knew that place existed. Even if it cost me more money to travel to places that weren’t within a five mile radius of where I lived, it was better for me mentally.

Second, I started apartment hunting. I loved Lily with my entire heart and would love to be her roommate forever, but I knew that she wouldn’t uproot with me. I wanted to stay in New York but I couldn’t stay with her. We had lived with her for a month, the guest room was filled with him. Even if he wasn’t there, I could smell his cologne. I could feel his arms wrap around me when I slept in bed alone. I couldn’t be there much longer.

And now, came my appearance which I was currently working on. I had been walking to my new grocery store, which was an extra six blocks from my old one. I wasn’t familiar with the neighborhood yet, but I caught my reflection in a passing store window. I saw myself, my hair down around my shoulders. Harry loved my hair. He loved that it was long, he loved how my dark locks made the green in my eyes pop.

I knew he wasn’t there, but I could feel him. I could hear his voice whispering to me, telling me I looked beautiful. It felt so real, it sent a shiver down my spine. My eyes involuntarily closing.

I couldn’t continue living like this, I wanted to forget. I immediately whipped out my phone, googling the nearest salon in walking distance. I made it there within minutes, demanding a stylist the second I walked in the door.

“This is a big change, have you thought it through?” she asked, her finger pulling my hair to my back. “Not at all.” I answered honestly. She sighed, “Must’ve been bad.” she said, nodding with her eyes locked to mine in the mirror. I knew was she was talking about, my face gave it all away. She knew exactly why I was doing this.

“It was.” I sighed, my eyes dropping as her hands found my shoulders. “How long has it been?” she questioned, wrapping a cape around my front. “About a month.”

“So it’s still fresh.” she said mainly to herself, she moved so that her face was resting beside mine. I looked back to the mirror, her eyes glued to me. “Don’t worry, when I’m done with you you’ll be ready to get back out there and forget all about him.”

I mustered up the best smile I could and prayed she’d be right.

My fingers pinched at my hair. It was slightly grown out since then, it reaching a little past my shoulders. It had taken six hours to get it to the blonde we agreed on, but it was worth it. I left feeling like a new woman.

I barely recognized myself when I woke up the next morning. People I knew were pleasantly surprised, saying I looked so much different. That’s what I had wanted. I wanted to remove every part of him from me.

I wanted a new me.

I thought this would help, but after a week I had just felt disappointed. I still saw him in me. I still saw him in everything. We were different but still the same. As much as I had wanted us to be completely different people. We were still the same, just not together like we use to be.

“We’re not who we use to be.” I mumbled, my mouth crammed to the brim with food. Harry turned to me, his eyebrows caught together with a look that insisted I go on.

“It’s a Friday night, and we’re sitting on the kitchen floor eating cold mashed potatoes.” I tried to laugh but I feared something would spill from my lips. He nodded, “I’m fine with this.”

“If you would’ve told me months ago that this is how we would spend our weekends together, I would’ve laughed in your face.” I added, my head shaking. He lifted his spoon to his lips, his eyes scanning the kitchen.

“I don’t see anything wrong with this.” he said before stuffing his face with a shrug.

I took in our situation, both of us facing one another, sitting cross legged on the kitchen floor. A bowl of potatoes separating us. I was wearing one of his shirts, on accident, I thought it was mine but the length of it told me it wasn’t. He didn’t mind, he loved seeing me in his clothes.

His hair was down, his bangs falling onto his forehead as opposed to how they were always styled up. I loved when he looked like this, when he looked effortlessly handsome. His graphic tee hanging low on his collarbones as his sweatpants clung to his legs in all the right places.

“Months ago we would be in some secluded place of a busy bar, doing things God would not approve of.” he chuckled at his own words. “We were such sinners back then.” I agreed, smiling over to him before scooping up more potatoes.

The fridge had been open, in case we needed to grab more food. The light of it paling the room, the two of us sitting in front of it.

“You look absolutely beautiful.” he whispered, to which I laughed.

“Thanks.” I said, my mouth full.

“I mean it. Everyday when I wake up and see you, I can’t help but think of how truly blessed I am. You’re so beautiful every second of every day.” he gushed, his hand reaching between us to wrap around the side of my neck. “I love you so much, Brooklyn.”

I swallowed, my hand moving to ghost his. “You’ve gotten so sappy in these past months.” I joked to which he playfully shoved me. “Get fucked, I was being cute and you ruined it.” he laughed, his spoon filling with more potatoes.

I shifted around to lay into his side, “I know, babe. I was kidding. I love you too.” My head rested in the crook of his neck, his face slightly turning to place his lips on my forehead.

My hands came up to his chest, his breathing was normal, but his heart was racing. “You nervous?” I joked, and he laughed while shaking his head. “You’re the only girl who can get my heartbeat racing just by touching me. It’s like I don’t have one until you’re near.” I swooned, clutching to him harder. He always knew what to say.

“If you’re really craving the old days, I can put on some real pants and we can go out for a few hours.” he suggested, distracting me a little from his kind words, tilting his head down to look at me.

I shook my head, taking in his appearance. I moved to see his face, his eyes hypnotizing me as I thought about how much I really loved everything about him. How little moments like this were the things I really appreciated.

“This is all I really need.”

The wine washed away the memory of that night, replacing the taste of potatoes with the sting of the alcohol.

I needed him. I needed him like I needed him that night. I didn’t care if this song was about me or not, I needed Harry.

“Stop laughing this is serious business.” he said, his voice stern as he looked to my grinning face. I cleared my throat, nodding as my face fell straight.

It had been exactly two months since Harry and I have been dating, so we decided to indulge in alcohol. Which led us to a closed park at nearly three in the morning, where we stood by the swings. One of his arms wrapped around the back of my waist as his other clutched my hand at our sides.

My tipsy brain consumed me, laughs falling from my mouth before I had a chance to sustain them. He scoffed down at me, “We’ll never be prepared for the talent show.” he groaned, his body falling limp.

We decided to walk home, both of us nowhere near sober so we knew driving back wasn’t an option. Our arms were stuck to each other’s bodies, using one another as crutches to drunkenly stumble home. Which led us to the park.

It was a park we had always gone by, never paying much attention to it. However, on this night, it was all I could focus on as we passed. Noticing how the pond next to it looked somewhat like the location in Dirty Dancing where Patrick Swayze was trying to teach Baby how to do the big lift.

I mistakenly mentioned this to Harry, mainly as a passing comment, but as soon as his eyes locked with the pond, his face lit up. “I know how to do the lift.” he beamed, his eyebrows wiggling as he looked down at me. I shook my head, already knowing what he was suggesting. “No.” I put my foot down, knowing this would not end well.

And yet, here I was, standing across from him in said park, practicing the dance from Dirty Dancing that Harry knew by memory for some reason.

I decided it was best not to question it.

“C'mon, we can do this.” he cheered, moving back from where we were standing to position himself a few feet away from me. “We really can’t.” I laughed, my smile feeling as if it was carved into my face at this point.

“Don’t talk like that! Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” he yelled, the determination on his face only making me laugh harder. “Harry, we’re on a hard surface. I may be drunk, but I can still feel if my bones break.” I fought, only seeing this end badly.

He sighed, looking off to the side of where we were standing. His sadness visible even in the moonlight. He continued to look off, his slump shoulders straightening as his head snapped back to me. He began to inch closer, walking as if he was on ice.

“Then maybe..” he started, taking another step. “We should..” he continued, his body halfway to where I stood. I was suspicious, he was too calm. “Take this elsewhere.” he finished, to which my eyes widened.

I looked over to where he was staring, the pond. “No! No! No! No!” I screamed, automatically fleeing from where he was and off towards the street. “Oh no you don’t!” he yelled, his speed doubling.

His legs were far longer than mine so it didn’t take him long to wrapped his arms around my waist. I kicked my legs, “Harry, no!” I protested as he spun me around, having no difficulty throwing me over his shoulder as I struggled against him. “Harry, yes.” he stated smugly as he carried me towards the water.

“You’re drunk! You’re not thinking this through!” I tried to reason, but it was no use. Once he had his mind set on something, he would go through with it. “Probably not, but here we go.” he said before flinging me into the pond.

I rushed to reach back to the surface, my entire body freezing. When I finally caught my breath I saw him on dry land, laughing. His arms wrapped around his stomach as he cackled. “HAROLD!” I screeched, my wet hair stuck to the front of my face.

Within seconds he was in the water beside me, after he had cannon balled into the pond. He sprung back to his feet, his hair flat and pushed away from his face as a smile danced on his lips.

He moved over to wrap his arms around me, I was struggling to keep afloat while he could practically stand on the bottom of the pond floor. He lifted me, moving my legs to wrap around his waist.

I couldn’t be mad at him, not when he looked like this. His eyes were focused on my lips as he pushed back my hair, revealing my face to him. “Even like this, you’re breathtaking.” he whispered, his hand lingering at the side of my head.

The moonlight reflected off of the water, his face illuminated only by the night sky. He looked incredible. A smile tugged at both of our lips as he moved one hand to the small of my back, pulling me into him. Our lips crashing against each other’s. Both of our breaths catching as our mouths moved together.

When we pulled back he continued to stare at my lips, a smile tugging on both of our features. “You look so beautiful. You put the moon to shame.” he gushed, and my happiness radiated off of me. He was my everything.

“Now.” he said, his eyes locking with mine. “Let’s get this lift down.”

I grabbed my phone, my fingers sloppily unlocking it as I realized that this was the alcohol’s doing. I couldn’t talk to him, he moved on.

No, I was not doing this. I was not calling Harry. It would only end poorly on my behalf, but I still couldn’t help myself from searching his number in my contacts.

I had blocked it a month or two back, I couldn’t stand ignoring him. I had never wanted to ignore him, but it was for the best. It was for him. He needed to move on, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist him for long.

I loved him.

His picture was the same one that would pop up on my screen for months. His head was squished between his hands, his smile so wide that it consumed half of his face. He was sitting across from me in a restaurant, one where we sat outside where the sunset behind him slightly backlit his figure. It was my favorite photo of him.

His name was still “H” in my phone, and I could never change it from that. We had been so close, such a constant in each other’s lives that I could never put him formally in my phone. It didn’t feel right. I couldn’t do that to him.

I laughed despite myself, more so at myself. After all the things I had put him through, changing his name in my phone was the one thing I COULDN’T do to him. I was so pathetic.

Tears filled my eyes, the song nearing its end as I went to the bottom of his contact. My finger tapping against the words “unblock”. I won’t let myself call him, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have it so he could call me if he really wanted to.

I knew he wouldn’t, he moved on. Didn’t stop me from thinking it though.

A vibration in my hand alarmed me, my heart stopping as I saw his name flash across my screen. This was not happening.

My heart felt as if it was going to escape through my mouth, my breath hitching as my phone vibrated again. His name flashing once more. I pulled down my notifications screen, seeing his name with the number two next to it.

With hesitant fingers, I clicked on it. Tears streaming as I saw his words.

The message was from two months ago, it had to be a day or two after I had blocked him. The time stamp read three in the morning, knowing he was probably having a rough night seeing how he usually only stayed up later if he was drinking or upset. His words sloppy, so I assumed he was drunk when he sent them.

His texts haunted me as the song finished, my mind not being able to believe what I was reading.

“Not a dayy goes by where I don’t mmiss you, kitten”

“I know youre probbably sick of mee, but im just trying to remmember how it feels to have a heartbeat”


Envy & Salty Tears - Part 2

Part 1

It’s in the middle of a shopping centre where you find yourself encircled by fortunate couples and cheerful families, many parents pushing their children in strollers or holding their little hands as they keep them close and away from straying off into the crowds. Harry’s beside you, rambling on about some place in Las Angeles, you lost interest when your eyes began to focus on the darling families walking around, particularly the babies that are cradled in the arms of their mother or father. Harry mannerly tugs you into an establishment, needing a new shirt and tie to wear to an event to promote his upcoming album in a week. Your eyes skim over the several flawlessly pressed shirts on the set up display of tables, the shirts ranging from different colours and a fabrics. “What colour is your dress, love?” He examines kind-heartedly, his hand gliding over the soft Fine cotton broadcloth formal dress shirts. “It’s black,” you respond, eying a certain shirt that would appear dashing while pinned against your husbands torso. His hand dances along a few different shirts, trying to find one he will be comfortable wearing most the night, to say he’s nitpicking with dress shirts would be an understatement. You tolerate him when taking his sweet time contemplating different shirts, occasionally looking at you for approval. “I like this,” you finally hold up an Executive Collection Traditional Fit Wing Collar Formal Dress Shirt. A Fine cotton broadcloth with classic five front pleats and French cuffs. He glances up, distracting his eyes from the black dress shirt he’s been eying. “Is it comfortable?” He calls into question, causing you to stifle a laugh.
“No shirt is going to be comfortable with how fussy you are.” You wear a smile, handing him the shirt for him to decide whether he will wear it or end up shoving it in the back of the wardrobe to collect dust.
After what feels like hours of contemplating different shirts and broadcasting your opinion, you leave the store hand in hand with Harry, along with four new stylish shirts for him to choose from, along with two new neck ties. Your eyes can’t help but find themselves glistening at toddlers that bounce around on their parents arms, a desire you wish to have. You can’t help but pays attention to the countless baby stores that are full of young parents and soon to be parents, finding adorable outfits for their little ones arrival and journey in the world. You had imagined to be on the road of creating a family by now, to be up at all hours of the night with your own baby and not the ones you deliver and monitor as an OGYN. You had expected to be planning birthday parties and play dates by now, to have little feet scuttling around and waking you up at all hours of the night, keeping you on your toes.


You laze around on the couch, flicking through the stations on the television to find something to entertain your while you relax on your time off away from the hospital setting. “You’ve been quiet since we got home, what’s running through that sweet mind of yours?” Harry inquires while he falls into his chair, getting comfortable as he rests his arms on the arm rest. “I haven’t had wine in over a year.” You update him of how you’ve neglected to touch any sort of alcohol, including wine in an attempt to conceive.
“Would you like a glass?” He advances, more than happy to push himself to his feet and pour you a glass of wine of your choice from the fridge. You shake your head, “since our last discussion of continuing to try, it’s been seven months and nothing has happened,” you advise him, reminding him of how you’re still without baring a child after keeping quiet about your frustration each month you’re given the news of not being pregnant when your period arrives on schedule. “I’ve had one scare, one damn time I was late.” You continue, a sigh escaping his lips as he gives you a sympathetic gaze.
“It’ll happen.” He reassures you like he always does, whenever you fret about this he never knows what to say to make you feel better, it’s like he’s programmed to remind you that it’ll in the course of time happen, that it will happen when you both least expect it. “When? When I’m old?” You mutter, wanting a baby now, not later. “I’ve waited long enough.” You press,
“It'll—” his voice behind but you swiftly cut him off,
“No! Don’t tell me it’ll happen or it’ll be okay.” You raise your voice a bit, your emotions beginning to heighten. He looks at you, not uttering any words of advice or assurance. He keeps his lips pressed into a firm line, his eyes staring at you aimlessly. “I uh, I don’t know what to tell you then.” He gently answers, looking down at his phone in an attempt to break the tension,
“I want a bloody baby.” You mumble, lowering your voice, noticing it isn’t fair to take it out on him, it isn’t his fault. “Am I that much of a bad person that I shouldn’t have kids?” You question, beginning to wonder if it’s just not meant to be. Maybe you’re not as good with kids as you’d like to think you are. Your nieces and nephews love playing with you and love when you baby sit them, you’ve never once had a problem in all the years you’ve watched the little ones. Harry can’t help but chuckle at your ridiculous comment, earning him a hard glare from you, “sorry, I shouldn’t find that amusing.” He clears his theist, “maybe our little one just isn’t ready to come to us yet. Give it a little more time.” He assures you, probably just as frustrated as what you are— after all he is also the one going through the struggles with you, he has to witness you crying every month you receive your period. This has just as much a tole on him as it does you, he is just better at hiding it than you. “Then why can’t we have a baby? It shouldn’t be this hard.” You huff, unsure of how other couples are privileged enough to end up pregnant after their honeymoon.
“C'mere,” he gestures towards you, opening his arms for you to go to him, you shake your head, “do I have to come to you?” He challenges, raise a brow as you stay positioned on the couch, not moving. “Don’t make me come to you,” he grins, a small chuckle escaping from you as you defy his multiple demands, “alright.” He pushes off the chair, standing to his feet and coming over to you, a cheeky grin exposing his dimples. He leans down to mildly lavish kisses on you, his hands pressing to your sides, his fingers beginning to humor you. “No.” You whine, trying to wiggle from his tinkling grasp, giggles escaping from you. “I told you to c'mere.” He smiles, amused by your giggles and terrible efforts to escape his prying hands. He gives into your pleas and stops his hands from tickling your body as he falls beside you on the couch, his hands carefully pulling you into his lap. “Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” He whispers, his arms holding you tightly and securely, his scent filling your senses.
“A few times, you’re only saying that to make me feel better.” You shake away his flattering and smart compliment, not believing his affable words.
“I’m saying it because it’s true. How about this weekend, we go up to the cabin and you can spend all weekend wrapped up in my arms and we can spend the whole weekend trying?” He presents, and you shrug. You highly doubt a change of scenery will unexpectedly alter anything. “Do I need to tickle you to get a yes or no?” He engages in playful teasing, his fingers circling your tickle spot.
“We can try.” You agree, figuring there’s no harm in travelling to the cabin on the lake where it’s serene and relaxing.


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I hate our new distributor. Our old one delivered around noon, when things slowed down and we were all relaxed. Now we get truck at 7 and have to start putting things away right when we get to work, which no one wants to do. It’s gotten so bad we need a third person on truck days, except we don’t have enough people to schedule three in the morning. They also frequently just don’t send us stuff, giving no reason why. They require we submit the order for our Monday truck on /Thursday/ when the only other truck is on Wednesday. Like we know how the weekend will go! And they park in the middle of the sidewalk, meaning anyone who is trying to /use/ the sidewalk has to either come all the way up to our door or go into the (very busy) street.

Spencer Reid-Criminal minds/NCIS Crossover

I was sat at my desk, talking to my boyfriend Spencer Reid and my best friend Penelope Garcia, who both worked with me at the FBI. “So, my two wonderful genius’. What’s it like living together?” Penelope asked Spence and I as she took a sip of her coffee for a pink coffee mug with a glittery unicorn on the side.

Spencer and I had been together for 2 and half years and over the last weekend We had moved in together. We had moved out of our small apartments and moved into a cute little house about a mile away from the BAU office. “It’s Great, every morning I get to wake up next to my amazingly beautiful girlfriend.” Spencer said as he reached over both his and my desk and taking my hand. I smiled widely at him before turning back to Penelope.

“It is amazing, I guess it will be something we would need to get used to. You know, we both have a set way we like things to be but I think we’re doing OK so far, right Spence?”

“Yeah we doing great.” He said smiling back at me. “We can’t wait for you guys to come round, how about this weekend, we could have dinner together.” Spence offered, getting a little louder towards the end so the rest of the team could hear, the group all nodded in agreement and we went back to talking and working until Hotch came over to my desk. “Y/N, Can we talk?” He asked motioning towards his office. I nodded and stood following my boss as he shouted back to Garcia telling her to get the rest of the team in the conference room.

We entered Hotch’s office and I took a seat at his desk. “What’s up?” I ask as he takes a seat behind his desk and pulls out a file.

“We got a case” he said handing my the file

“OK, and why are you telling me this in here?” I ask taking the file but not yet opening it. I read the name on the top and noticed it was my file. I looked up a Hotch confused before looking down at my file.

“Four navy officers found dead within a five block radius and an Agent Gibbs from NCIS called us in, asking for you and this team specifically.” I looked up at Hotch, both shock and fear evident on my face. Hearing that name brought back so many memories of my past. A past I hadn’t yet told most of my team about. “I want you to take the lead on this one. You know the NCIS team, how the investigation will go and how to handle the investigation because this case would be different to the usual cases” He continued watching me closely

“I’ll have to tell them the truth won’t I. I mean will I have to tell them all of it or…”

“Just tell them what they need to know.” Hotch interrupted before standing up and heading for the door. I followed after, a lump growing in my throat and tears filling my eyes. I had tried so hard to hide from my past for the three years that I’ve worked at the BAU. God the team are gonna hate me.

Hotch and I walked into the conference room and immediately Spencer noticed that there was something wrong but he saw me following Hotch so he kept seated.

“OK, we have a case in DC. But first there are somethings you need to know.” Hotch said before taking a seat and handing the teams attention to me.

“OK story time.” I said as I took a shaky breath. I heard Hotch whisper something to Spencer and a second later Spence was stood by me. I looked up at him and he gave me a reassuring smile and nodded. I took another breath before I looked back at the team and began.

“OK, as you know before I began working here I used to work at the university near by. But what you don’t know is before I worked there, I worked in DC for NCIS.” I explained, fighting back tears.

“My real, legal name is Y/F/N McGee. You all know that I was adopted as a baby. My adoptive parents changed my name to McGee but always told me about my birth mother so when I left NCIS after a horrible incident I wanted to start over. I have a brother but he never knew about my mum telling me about my birth mother so after a big argument with him I changed my name and the got a job at the university and here I am I also have a sister I still talk to her but she doesn’t know where I am and she doesn’t tell our brother we talk..” I said watching everyone to take in the unexpected info.

“What made you leave NCIS?” JJ asked. I shook my head and a felt a tear stream down my face and Spence wrapped me in his arms. “I’m sorry but I can’t tell you, not yet. I promise I will tell you when I need to or when I’m ready. I am sorry that I didn’t tell you guys but when I joined the BAU. The deal was I kept this to myself until I was ready to tell or if the team needed to know. I understand if you are mad at me for keeping this but please, don’t push me to tell you any more, I tried really hard to get over what happened and four years later it still haunts me so please respect this one request, I will tell you anything else you want to know but what happened to make me leave NCIS is to stay with me. Is that OK?” by this point I know I was crying because everyone all came over and comforted me until I felt better.

“OK, so now you know that, the case, I don’t know much except that we are working with Y/N’s old team, which is why she will be taking the lead on this case. All orders come from her, do you understand?” Hotch asked we all nodded and stood up ready to leave. “OK, cars leaves in 30 minutes, Reid, Y/N and Morgan In one, JJ you’re with Dave and I, Garcia you can stay here or you can go in the car with Morgan.” With that we all left and got ready to leave for DC.

*In DC @ the NCIS base*

The ride to DC mainly consisted of Morgan asking question about my past which I answered except those that involved my brother. Garcia had decided she would join us so after the questions she and I did our best to sing along to the radio which was fun considering we couldn’t sing to save our lives.

We had made it the NCIS base, signed in and was making our way up to the floor that I had been many times. As the lift doors opened I could hear a voice I had heard a million times before and some how it sounded exactly the same. As I got closer to the voice I heard more of the convocation. “Boss why in gods name did you bring those big headed, case stealing ass hats in on the case. God I can’t stand them” I laughed a little when I felt the men behind me stiffen. Oh this should be fun.

I guess Gibbs noticed me because he smirked a little as I came to a stop behind Dinozzo and he sent me a slight nod. I smiled and reached up and smacked the back of Tony’s head the way Gibbs used to, or still did.

“Can it bozo, we’re not that bad” I spoke loudly. He turned, surprise evident in his eyes but it soon turned into a mischievous glint

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t McGeek Jr. What are you doing here? Haven’t seen you in, what four years? Oh does big brother know you’re here?” He ask as he swung his arms over my shoulder. I shook my head and pushed his arm away before turning to Gibbs.

“Gibbs it’s good to see you again.” I smiled,“Well, you asked for us, we’re here, what ya got for us?” I asked reaching over to shake Gibbs’ hand but to my surprise he pulled me into a hug which I happy accepted.

“Nice to see you too McGee, or is it Y/L/N now?” He laughed pulling away “Anyway, best way to describe it is…well…the Davy Jones Killer is back.”

“The Davy Jones Killer?” Rossi asked. I felt my body stiffen and the feeling like every bone in my body would break at just the sound of his name. I relaxed a little when I felt Spencer place is arm on my shoulder.

“Err…Yeah, he was the killer I had on my last case at the NCIS. The unsub kidnapped navy officers and marines, kept them and tortured them for two days before he killed them by drowning them then he would stuff them into an old locker and dump it where it would be found…You know literal meaning to ‘Davy Jones’ Locker.” I explained. Trying to keep myself together.

“I guess the name makes sense now, Who named him?”

“The media…word of the murders leaked and the local papers ran the story and named him/her” Dinozzo answered

“So why did you want Y/N so badly?” JJ asked. I saw Ziva look at me a little confused but she replied anyway.

“Well, err…five year ago the err…unsub strayed away from his usual MO and took an agent, tortured them for two day, but before he had the chance to kill them we managed to track the agent down, unfortunately he had already made a run for it and left our agent in horrible shape.” She explained without give too much away. I felt myself move as I took a seat in a near by chair as I took deep breaths.

“I guess you get to find out why I left…the agent that was kidnapped…that was me… I had a lead and some how he know about it so before I could tell Gibbs what I found I was taken. The team found me and I was pretty much dead. After I recovered I left NCIS and began working at a university in Quantico and soon after Rossi and Hotch offered me a job and I took it… But even after I was nearly killed, something kept pulling me towards helping people, you know NCIS, FBI it just seemed like it was something I had to do.” I explained through tears, Spencer, Garcia and JJ all trying to calm me down a little.

A couple of the team members, Spencer and Penelope, knew about my past but I never told them about why I left NCIS not even Spencer, because it hurt to much to think about let alone explain and Spencer knew that so never pushed, which I was grateful for, but talking about it now seemed to bring all the memories that I had tried to bury deep down back all at once and I couldn’t keep it to myself any more. After I had stopped crying I just listened to everyone talk.

“Yeah her accepting the job coursed a huge fight between her and Probie and they haven’t spoken since.” Dinozzo said.

“So is that how you got those scars? When you were taken?” Spencer asked tears in his eyes, I knew that hearing me talk about such a painful memory hurt him because he knew there was nothing he could do to help.

“What scar?” Derek asked looking at me and Spence, an eyebrow raised.

“She has a few small scars up her arms and legs and one large one, about six to seven inches long, on her left hip, never told me how she got it though.” Reid explained to Morgan.

“Wait, how do you know about that, that scar is below trouser line meaning it isn’t visible unless she isn’t wearing trousers.” Dinozzo interrupted

“Oh geek girl and boy genius have been dating for nearly three years now, if anyone knows about Y/N not wearing trousers it’s pretty boy.” Derek said smacking Spence on the back, making everyone laugh as Reid and I turned red.

“OK back on track, please. What do we have on the Unsub so far.” I asked uncomfortable with the conversation.

“Well we know that he hates the Navy. Maybe he was rejected or got discharged and he’s taking his anger out on other officers that got what he didn’t?” JJ offered, I nodded and smiled a little.

“Yeah I remember him always telling me that 'it wasn’t his fault and if they had given him a chance this wouldn’t have happened’ I never know what he meant but JJ has a point. What if he meant that if the navy had given him a chance he wouldn’t have snapped and began killing.” I replied explaining my theory. “Garcia, when we get you set up could you get a list of anyone who didn’t get in or was dishonorably discharged 5-6 years ago, around this area?” I asked as I grabbed a pen and paper writing what I needed down.

“You got it girl wonder, just get me a Computer and we’ll be rolling” She said look over the paper. “I know I’m not a profiler or anything but I’m thinking, what if he had a dad or a grandparent who was pushing him to being the armed forced, you know?”

“And when he was told he couldn’t his father was disappointed, maybe coursed an argument which made our boy snap, baby girl you’re on a roll.?” Derek said fist bumping Garcia.

“Well OK, Garcia is it? You can go down to Abby’s lab and work with her, Y/N can you take her down?” Gibbs said. I nodded and looked at Hotch who nodded.
“OK, Dinozzo can you take Derek to where the bodies were found? Reid and Rossi can you go down to autopsy, ask Ducky what he found and see what you get from them. JJ, you and Ziva go and ask family’s see if they have anything or anyone that links them, Hotch you’re with Gibbs. OK?” I instructed, everyone nodded on went there separate ways, Reid and Rossi followed me and Garcia to the lift.
First stop was the Lab .

“OK, you two go down the next floor and you’ll find Ducky and Jimmy, have fun.” I laughed before kissing Spence’ cheek and exiting the lift, Garcia following behind. As I neared the lab I heard the all to familiar voice of Abby the NCIS lab technician. “It’s not like we need the help, why did Gibbs have the bring in the FBI, especially after last time. They fried my baby McGee.” At the sound of his name I stopped. Garcia noticed and grabbed my hand. “Are you OK?” she asked I nodded and smiled, “Lets go meet Abby, you’ll love her.” I said as I started walking again, “ I don’t know who they are but Gibbs gave me their names. Yeah, Derek Morgan, Jennifer Jareau, David Rossi, Arron Hotchner, Dr Spencer Reid and Y/F/N Y/L/M.” At this point I was at the door so I decided to speak up,

“Yeah I heard that last one is a real…what’s the word…oh yeah, Psycho Bitch.” I said as I lent against the door way. Abby turned towards the door and her eyes lit up, she dropped what ever papers she was holding and she ran into my arms, almost knocking my down.
“Y/N…Your here…In my lab…what?..why?” she asked as she pulled away. I laughed and smiled back, “Nice to see you too Abbs. This is my friend Penelope, she needs a computer if you don’t mind.” Abby grabbed Garcia and took her towards the computer leaving me stood smiling as I watched them.

It was then I noticed the other person sat at a computer. He didn’t say anything he just went back to what he was doing. I shock my head and walked over to Abby “Abs do you have a large map of DC? I wanna look at something.” I asked, she nodded and pulled out a map and placed it on a large white board. I thanked her, put my head phones in and got to work.

I marked out the locations of the first group of bodies on the map the marked out the next set of bodies. After a bit of work my phone began to ring, “Y/L/N” I answered,

“Hey, we’re about done here, we’re coming up to the lab,” Rossi said into the phone before he hung up. I put my head phones in and got back to work until I felt a pair of arm wrap around my stomach. Knowing it was Reid I pulled out my head phones and lent back into his chest. “ I’ve drawn a blank. I’ve marked out their last known locations and where the bodies were found but I have nothing…the first lot of bodies were all taken from a ten mile radios but dumped in a town 5 miles away in a ten block radius, same for the last lot of bodies. There is no correlation between the locations of abduction and dump sight.” I explained to Reid.

We stayed like this until I got fed up so I turned around and hugged into Reid’s chest, now that my head wasn’t so preoccupied with the map, I felt a little relaxed just standing there in Reid’s arms, that was until I remembered why I was here, and who we were looking for., and just like that, I couldn’t breath, my head went dizzy and I felt myself falling. “Y/n, what’s wrong?” I heard Reid say, I felt I couldn’t talk so I did the only thing I could do, I signed the sign for Panic attack. Reid didn’t know a lot of sign language but he knew this sign all to well.

“Panic attack? Oh crap… Here take her in there, and shut the doors, it will be quiet.” Abby offered. By now Abby and Garcia were standing close by me even Tim, who had been ignoring me but watching me all day had joined to make sure I was OK. Spencer sat me down on a chair and smile, shaking his head. “It’s OK I got this, can you just get her a glass of water please.” He said calmly, he had done this a thousand times before so he wasn’t worried. “Y/N look at me, OK were gonna count our fingers OK,” he said loudly but calmly as I looked up a Spencer and nodded. I looked into his eyes and we began to count, counting each finger as we went, my breathing slowing with every count, just as we hit ten Spencer leaned in and brought his lips to mine. We stayed there, for about a minute before he pulled away and smiled at me. “Better?”

“Much” I smiled back before taking the cup of water from Abby taking a sip. I smiled and thanked her before laying my head of Spencer’s chest. “You should take a break, in there and I’ll carry on from here.” Spencer said as he picked me up and took me into the quiet room.

I’m not sure how long I was there for, but I woke up to the sound of knocking. I sat up expecting to see Spencer but instead stood there was the one person I never expected to see, my big brother. Just seeing him bought tears to my eyes, I had missed him, so much.

“Hi” he said quietly, I didn’t say anything back I just looked at him, tears welling up. “Y/N, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean the things I said when you left.”

“It sure sounded like you meant them Tim. Do you know how much it hurt me, my heart literally broke when you told me you hated me. The only person I had left in the world hated me and didn’t want me anymore.” I sobbed

“I know and I’m sorry I was angry and scared. You we going of to join the FBI, I couldn’t protect you while you were there and I couldn’t understand why you wanted to leave me behind.”

“Just because I took the job doesn’t mean I was leaving you behind Tim. You were the only family I had left.” I shouted this time feeling myself get angry.

“That’s why I got angry…wait were? I’m not your family anymore?” he asked sadly, you could see his heart breaking the moment he said that. I shock my head and stood up.

“Of course you still my family Timmy, you always will be, its just while working at the BAU I found a new family. You left me alone and even though you did I still loved you, I still love you, but I’m not alone anymore…I have Penelope and JJ who treat me like their sister, I have Rossi and Derek who to treat me like a little sister and Hotch, who since the day I joined the team has treated me like a daughter, even his son, Jack, calls me his big sister. And Spencer, who I love so much because every time I’ve fallen his been the to pick me up and every time I felt broken, he’s the one who put me back together again, they are all the best family a girl could ask for.” I said stepping closer to Tim, I didn’t know what I was doing, my body just did what it wanted. “but there is always someone missing, someone who knew how to make me smile at even the darkest times, with just one words. But that person told me he never wanted to see me again.”

“I told you I never meant what I said. Of course I want to see you again, as often as possible. Your my little sister, If you don’t forgive me I will understand…” At this my head snapped up and looked at him before I laughed and ran into him. “Of course I forgive you, you Idiot, you’re my brother.” I said tears of joy welling up in my eyes. This is the first time in four years I’ve held my brother in my arms and right now I couldn’t be happier.

After a little while of talking to Tim I decided it was time to get back to work. I exited the room, with Tim following behind, and walked over to Spencer to find him talking to Hotch, Garcia and Abby. As I got closer Hotch noticed me and rushed over. “Y/N are you OK?” he asked concern written on his face. I nodded and smiled before grabbing Tim’s hand and pulling him over to my team.

“Guys, this is my brother Tim McGee, Tim, these are some of the members of my team. This is our tech analyst and my best friend Penelope Garcia, our team leader and my work dad Aaron Hotchner and this handsome devil here is my boyfriend Dr Spencer Reid.” I said introducing them all. “Nice to meet you McGee, OK boss lady, we may have found your guy.” Garcia said as she moved to face me handing me a tablet with a man of the screen.

He had a pale, rounded face. His blue eyes were surrounded by huge black circles and were almost dead. He had a scar that ran from his eye to his jaw bone. his black hair rested messily on his head and a short black beard covered his lips but you could still see the slight smirk that played on his lips.

I looked at the picture and it sent a shiver down my spine. I might not have seen his face while he was hurting me, but I knew those eyes. Those where that eyes that hunted my dreams for years after the incident. This was the face of the man who destroyed me, turned my from the extremely happy woman into a small, scared girl that for the first year of my life after the kidnapping, spent every night, crying, screaming and sleeping with a gun.

“Where?” Was all I said as I put the tablet down and grab my gun.

“We don’t know yet. We have checked every possible lead but we cant find him.” Abby replied, looking over at me slightly wary.

“I have an Idea”

“No” Reid said before I could even say anything, “it’s not happening, you’ll get hurt again and Hotch and I wont let you.”

“Spence, its the only way to draw him out.” I retorted but he just shook his head no. I looked towards Hotch but he did the same.

“Thing is guys, Hotch gave me the lead on this case, I know this case and I know what needs to be done, So Abby, I want you to write, call, fax every newspaper within a fifty mile radius, tell them we have a lead, tell them Ex NCIS, now FBI agent Y/F/N McGee has taken over the investigation of the Davy Jones killer…make it clear I am in charge and I know who the killer is. Make him come sniffing around the base Abby, bring him out to me.” I instructed as I grabbed my jacket and walked out of the Lab.

“You not doing the right thing here, Y/N.” I heard Hotch say behind me, I turn and smiled a sad smile before walking into his arms.

From the day I met Hotch he had treated me like a daughter, he took care of me, he became protective of me when I started dating Reid. He took me into his home when I got kicked out of my first apartment in Quantico. He was more of a father than my adoptive father ever was and I was thankful for him and he always knew how to make things better…except this time. “But you can’t put yourself in danger, I won’t allow it. Please stop this, we’ll find another way to bring him out.” He pleaded, holding me tight. “I don’t think I could loose you, Y/N, non of us can especially Spencer. he loves you and he just wants to protect you.” He continued, trying to reason with me.

“I know, and I love him for that, but I need to do this. It is the only way to bring the guy out of hiding. you know I’m right.” I explained

“It’s not Y/N you know it’s not.” Spencer interrupted walking to me and Hotch.

“But you know it is Spencer, I’ve looked back at the date of the first of the most recent deaths, it was just after I appeared on the news with the grieving family from the Carter kidnapping case. He saw me there Spence, he knew it was me. He started killing again to draw me out again.” I said trying to reason with me worried boyfriend.

“She’s right Reid, the dates are to much of a coincidence to be wrong.” Hotch agreed

“She’ll get herself killed Hotch, I couldn’t take it, the team couldn’t take that…Jack couldn’t take that, he couldn’t lose another mother/sister figure in his life, not if we could have stopped it. We can’t let her do this.” He cried, no I mean he was literally crying tear ran down his face as he made his case.

I smiled a sad smile and walked over to him, wiping his tears before kissing him softly. “I’ll make you a deal, If I don’t die…If I come out of this alive, I will take a whole week of my vacation time and we will go visit your mum, we’ll go any where you want, just us,” I bargained, trying to lighten the mood a little which worked, a small smile appeared on his face after a couple of minutes. By now Hotch had left us alone to talk it out

“OK, but If you make it out of this, without being killed, You have to marry me.” He said simply, a smile on his face. It was a real genuine smile and I couldn’t help but smile back.

“Why Dr. Reid, did you just propose to me?” I asked a hint of humor in my voice.

“Why, yes I did miss McGee, I am asking you, right here, right now to marry me.” He smiled.

“Well, I accept your proposal, when I make it out of this, and I will, I will marry you, any place any time.” I said smiling up at him, pulling his face down to mine and kissing his lips softly. Only pulling away when the elevator door opened revealing Rossi, Morgan and JJ.

“Guys non of that, we are on a case. ” Rossi said as he walked by us

“Yeah and we just ate.” Morgan smiled slightly as he followed.

We just ignored them and smiled, wild toothy grins that wouldn’t leave our faces which JJ noticed. “Why are you so happy about, isn’t Y/N doing something that could get her killed, or am I the only one who sees that."She grumbled, glaring at me.

"I just asked her to marry me when this is finished with.” Spencer shrugged which than made JJ scream a little in excitement.

“Oh my god, what did she say? Wait, no if you are both smiling and happy she said yes. Oh my little Spencer’s all grown up."she laughed pulling us both into a hug.

We pulled away and we turned to each other, "Don’t say anything, until we get this guy, OK?” I told JJ who just nodded and pulled us both in the the lab where my team and McGee where talking while Abby was typing away at the computer and we waited for a few minutes until Dinozzo and Gibbs entered the lab.

“OK the News teams will get this out there and will keep repeating it every half hour until it’s over. McGee I want you on protective detail of Y/N until further notice. Do you understand?” Abby said after she finished typing, we all looked at her and began laughing McGee nodded and looked over at Gibbs who smiled softly at Abby and nodded.

“You heard her McGee.” He said simply. “McGee Jr, this is a stupid idea but also smart so good luck and good job. Well, I guess all we can do know is wait. So I suggest go home and sleeping, I trust you have hotels to stay at?” Gibbs asked. My team and I nodded and we all began walking out of the lab ready to go to the hotel to go to bed because it was getting late.

*The next morning*

The next morning I woke up to a knock at the door and JJ call my name. I climbed out of bed and opened the door letting her in the room, I also peaked my head through the door frame to see Tim was still on the couch, that the hotel had put outside our room, so he was comfortable while watching over me.

“Did you sleep at all?” I asked him, to which he nodded,

“Yeah, Dinozzo took the first shift. I got back about ten minutes ago.” He replied,

“Right well, let us get changed and we’ll get over to the NCIS Base.” I told him. He nodded and I walked back into my room. JJ had already woken Spencer up so I walked straight over to my case and pulled out clothing for the day before walking into the bathroom. I put on a black pair of skinny jeans, a white blouse and a black waist coat. I added a black skinny tie and a pair of black converse.

“Aww I love the 'Reid’ look you got going on there Y/N.” JJ smiled as I walked out of the bathroom. “I think it’s cute how you like to match your outfits.” She laughed again, pointing to Spencer who was sat on the bed smiling a wide grin. That was when I noticed Spencer and I did match, except his shirt was blue, not white and his wore a pair of suit pants which, matched his waist coat.

“Really, again.” I laughed, looking at Spencer.

“Wait, this has happened before?” JJ asked surprised.

“Yeah, more then you think.” I shook my head before grabbing my keys, bag and badge and walked out to the door, JJ and Reid following behind me.

“Hey sis, guys, you ready to go?” Tim spoke once he spotted us.

“Yeah, the others will be meeting us in the lobby.” JJ replied. We walked to the lift and down to the Lobby where the rest of my team were sat waiting for us, Rossi rose when he saw the  four of us ad handed us each a coffee and a muffin.

“Breakfast!” I yelped happily taking the cup and food gratefully.

“Yeah your gonna need it…Just got word from the young lady in the NCIS lab….”

“Abby” I interrupter.

“Abby…right…she got a phone call, left no name, telling her that the unsub was spotted by the NCIS base. We think he is going to try his luck today.” Rossi informed us.

“Wow, that was quick.” I sighed, a little uneasy. “Well, lets get this over with you guys can take the cars meet us there, Spence, you wanna come with Time and I?”

Spencer nodded and I made my way, following Tim, to the car.

*At the NCIS Lab*

I looked around, the team were about, keeping a close eye on me but not close enough for the Unsub to spot them, if he shows up. I was on the computer in a room were I can be seen from outside, in plain sight. I looked up every now and then, only to see my team keeping an eye out for me.

“You know this might not even work, this could all be fore nothing.” Derek told me from at the door frame. I looked up and smiled sadly at him.

“It will work Derek, he won’t want me alive, being able to identify him.” I told him, “It’s not who he is.”

“And if it does work and he comes here, what happens if he gets to you? You could be hurt.”

I nodded and smiled slightly at him. “I know Derek, that has crossed my mind already.” I told him honestly.

“We might not be quick enough to save you.” he whispered, to which I nodded in response.

“I know.” I whispered back.

“He’s scared you know.” Derek commented after a couple of minutes silence. “He won’t show it, because he’s Spencer, but I can see it in his eyes, every time he looks at you, it’s like it’s for the last time.” He told me. I nodded and I I began to shown the feeling I had tried so hard to hide.

“I dunno how…how else I’m supposed to get this guy, I dunno what to Derek, I need him to know that this is for the best.” I cried.

“He knows that Y/N, we all do, we just wanted to find a better, safer way to find this guy.”

“I’m sorry Derek.”

“Don’t worry about it kid. Just make sure you get out of the alive.” he told me I nodded and smiled up at him.

“He asked me to marry him you know?” I blurted to Derek.

“Yeah I know, I wasn’t supposed to tell you I knew cos he wanted to tell everyone together but I guess he couldn’t wait…Congrats girl wonder, you and him…you’ll live a long and happy life together, have a few genius kids and be the best family I know.”

“And they’ll have there uncle Derek to teach them how to play football because god knows Spence can’t.” I laughed, making Derek laugh too.

“Yeah and their auntie Penelope will tech them how to look of the bright side of everything.” Derek continued.

“And Uncle Hotch keeping them in line,"I told him smiling at the thought of a mini Spence and a tiny me running around.

"Actually, I think your kids will call Hotch 'grandpa’ and Jack will be there uncle.” Derek laughed and I couldn’t help but laugh at him because he was the most part right.

“See. you know you’re gonna make it out of this alive… you got a whole life planned.” Derek said as I walked back to my desk, Derek following behind.

Then the worst happened. I heard the sound of a window crack and the sound of something flying through the air. It all seemed to happen in slow motion, Derek dove in front of me and the bullet hit him in the arm, it seemed to go right throw and hit me square in the chest. It knocked the breath right out of me. Derek fell to the floor, holding his arm and groaning in pain.

“Derek!” I whispered breathlessly. My chest felt as though it was being torn in two. Blood filled my mouth and spilled over my lips as I slowly fell to the floor.

“ I NEED SOME HELP IN HERE” Derek shouted as he made his way to me. He pulled his jacket off and pressed it to my chest, applying pressure to keep the bleeding a bay. “Y/N, Kid stay with me OK.” he spoke, you need to talk to me OK stay awake.“ By now people were running in to the room and kneeling by me.

"Tell me about you’re kids, what will there names be?” Derek asked, ignoring the questions and shouting coming from everyone in the room. “Ignore everyone else focus on me…tell me what names you want to give your’s and Spencer’s kids.”

I nodded and thought for a second, fighting against the darkness that threatened of over come me. “I always liked Ariya for a girl.” I laughed when Derek eyebrows raised in suprise.

“Game of thrones. Nice choice. What about a boy?” He asked. I began coughing, loudly and it hurt a lot. I felt a tear roll down my face. “Another name from Game Of Thrones?” he asked to which I scrunched my face up.

“No way” I laughed breathlessly, “For a boy we’ll call him Timothy.” I smiled at Derek who smiled back. “Timothy Derek Reid. After the two most amazing brothers Spence and I have ever met.”

Before Derek could say anything Spencer came rushing over, panicking like usual.

“Kid, shes gonna be OK, we just need to keep her awake.” Derek told him and he only nodded in response. He was to shocked to speak by the looks of things.

“So Timothy Derek and Little Ariya, will they be baptized?” Derek asked, Spencer just looked at him confused but still didn’t say anything.

“Yeah, JJ and Rossi will be godparents to Ariya and Tim and Abby will be Godparent to Timothy Derek. But you and Garcia will be Godparents to both, that way if the worst ever happened they will not be separated.” I smiled, my mind being to occupied to bother about the impending darkness that looms over me.

“No Y/N, Keep fighting OK, stay awake, tell me more about little Tim and Ariya.” Derek shouted panic but it was no use, he sounded so far away and as my eyelids dropped the sound of Derek’s voice stopped completely.

*Two Days Later*

I laid there in darkness, I could hear everything that’s going on but I couldn’t open my eyes, not that I didn’t try. All I did was try to give Spencer some sign that I was OK but, nothing worked, so I decided to take a break when I heard the door to my room open and a few sets of feet shuffled in.

“Hey, Kid, hows she doing?” A voice I knew all to well asked Spencer who was still by my side, holding my hand.

“She’s OK, the Doctor said she’ll wake up any day now, everything is looking good she just needs to build up strength to open her eyes.” Spence answered

“Yeah? That’s great.” I heard Rossi speak up.

“They said that by the amount of brain activity it’s likely she can hear us.” Spencer explained.

“Well that’s good, hey, Y/N, It’s Garcia. we need you to wake up, I don’t know if you know this but…Wait, does she know?” Garcia asked, I guess Spencer.Know what? I thought to myself.

“No, that doctor said she was not far enough gone to have noticed, only four weeks or so by now” He answered. I was starting to get frustrated, what were they talking about?

“I’ll tell you what, if she is able to hear this, she would be freaking out that she doesn’t know whats going on.” I heard Hotch laugh.

It was at this point I felt my finger move…I can move! I shouted to myself. I used every bit of energy I had left to open my eyes and speak. “You got that right Dad.” I muttered, catching everybody’s attention.

“Y/N!” Garcia shouted carefully pulling me into a hug.

“Hey guys.” I smiled as I watched Spencer rush closer to me.

“You know, you scared the hell out of me Y/N,” Spencer smiled softly grabbing my hand and bringing it to his lips.

“Sorry, Spence, I swear I was fighting with everything I had…I still have to marry you yet.” I joked.

“You what now?” Garcia asked, shock clear on her face.

“I’ll explain later.” Derek told her before turning back to me. “You look like crap Kid.” he laughed, making me laugh too.

“So, what don’t I know about? Is everything OK?” I asked, getting a little anxious now.

“Everything’s fine, I got some news.” Spencer smiled, bright over to the others who all nodded back to him.

“While in surgery, you ermm lost a bit of blood and well the doctors ran some tests and well, Y/N, You’re pregnant.” Spencer explained, he looked like he was about to explode with excitement.

I looked at him shocked for a couple of minutes and I shook my head. “Is it OK, I mean with everything that happened?” I asked sitting up, worry and fear evident in my voice.

“The baby is fine, about four months, the doctor said it would have been a close call but the little one kept fighting.” He smiled, placing his hand over my stomach.

“Does everyone know?”

“Well the team do and your NCIS team know as I guess Tim told them.” JJ interrupted, finally speaking up from behind Hotch.

“Yeah, it looks like Little Ariya or Little Timothy Derek Reid will become a reality.” Derek smiled at me making me laugh.

“I’m gonna be a mom” I cried pulling Spencer into a hug.

“So what you gonna do when you get out of here?” Rossi asked.

 I looked over to Spencer and smiled “Well, it we have a trip to look forward to and a wedding to plan” I reminded him, coursing the already huge smile to become even bigger.

*Three Years Later*

I looked up at my soon to be husband as I slid the silver ring on to his finger. He did the same, slipping a thin silver ring onto my finger matching the engagement ring he had gotten me perfectly.

“I know pronounce you man and wife, you may now kiss the bride.” Rossi smiled. I smiled up to Reid and grabbed a hold of his suit jacket, pulling him to me and kissing him long and hard as our friends and family burst into loud cheers. We pulled away an Spence and I walked down the Isle, Derek was Spencer’s Best man, my brother Tim and Jack were the grooms men, while mine and Spencer’s son Timmy was our ring barer. Garcia was my maid of Honor and Abby, JJ and Sarah, my sister, my bridesmaids.They all followed behind us, happily. As we passed our friends and family I couldn’t help but smile at myself. Gibbs and Dinozzo were at the front, along with Ziva, Jimmy and Ducky and their dates. Hotch, being my father figure of course gave me away (and Timmy stuck to him like glue.)and Rossi played the role as minister.

Our wedding was to be small and private but soon turned into a big white wedding in a public garden, under a gazebo filled with flowers and fairy lights at sun set. Our bridesmaids were dressed in red dressed with black and red roses while Abby dressed in a black dress with red and black roses. The groomsmen were dressed in black suits with red ties and pocket squares. Spencer dressed slimier. I ware a while dress with lace sleeves and a long white vale. I felt very much like a princess and I couldn’t keep the smile off of my face all day.

As Spencer and I reached the end of the isle I turned to him and smiled. “Well, would you look at that, you stuck with me now.” I joked.

“Well, It’s a good job I love you then, isn’t it?” Spencer smiled, “Mrs Reid.”

“It may take a while to get used to that. I smiled up at him. ” And for the record, I love you too Dr Reid.“ I replied. Spence laughed and lent down, kissing my lips once again. Timmy came over and Spencer Caught him and brought him to his hip. I turned to face The photographer and the three of us smiled at the camera as he took a photo. Spencer then whispered in Timmy’s ear and smiled as he handed him to me. With Timmy perched on my waist and Spencer by my side we once again looked at the camera only this time, as the photographer counted down as he hit one both Spence and Timmy kissed each of my cheeks coursing the biggest smile to erupt on my face.

"I love you Mrs Reid.”

“and I you Dr Reid.” I smiled, placing another soft kiss on his lips, which the photographer caught on film.

Another Outsiders Weekend?

So y'all know how we did the outsiders weekend, would any of y'all be interested in doing something like that for Halloween? Like either planning or participating in like a Halloween themed outsiders weekend or something? It’s only august still but I’m just hella excited for Halloween lmao. I’m just trying to gauge how excited everybody else is. So yeah would y'all wanna do something like that?