how we repopportunity

By April D. Rongero, APIASF Staff

I #repOpportunity by always looking for the silver lining.

Sometimes a change in perspective is all it takes to turn an obstacle into an opportunity. I’ve learned to embrace the idea that “[a]dventure is but a collection of detours” (Andrew X. Pham, Catfish and Mandala), and I know that looking on the bright side has helped me navigate the more challenging moments in my life.

By Simone Jacobson, APIASF Staff

I #repOpportunity by making time to say THANK YOU to every person and organization that helps APIASF grow!

Each day I come to work at APIASF, I aim to help mobilize resources and communities so that our Scholars can ultimately contribute to a more vibrant America. Throughout this process, of course there are obstacles and challenges. This month, I’m happy to #repOpportunity by voicing my personal gratitude to APIASF’s many generous supporters who share our vision and invest in our Scholars’ successes. I am also truly thankful for all of the APIASF Scholars who make my job so profoundly rewarding – each new opportunity you seize is like a powerful high-five to the entire APIASF team!


For October 2013, re/present will be exploring opportunity – whether that means being prepared when an opportunity arises, making the most of a situation, or proactively seeking opportunities for growth.

We invite you to participate by printing any of the above images, filling in the blank, taking a pic, and telling us how/why YOU #repOpportunity!

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APIASF staff will also be sharing how they #repOpportunity throughout the month, so stay tuned!