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Some doodles I did on the side yesterday night ( @blesstale drew Zunde that there ) including Dreby taking his first steps. I saw this kid screaming “NOOOO!” at some meat in a grocery store before running to his mom, so there we go ✌️


-The Secret History

Who knew two boys from Columbus, Ohio could be attending The Grammy’s tonight….. the clique did. 

I am at a loss for words of how proud I am of Josh and Tyler for coming this far and for being able to go tonight and potentially walk away with 5 wins. No matter what the outcome, they have shown what is possible for all artists.

Tyler started this adventure when he was only a teen, finding Josh, being able to hope that two guys could put on a show. It was a dream with no plan B in sight and turned into them selling out MSG twice, and Tyler sharing with the clique that WE did it. 

No Phun Intended. Self-Titled. Regional At Best. Vessel. Blurryface.

Each album came to life, being heard by the few, then by the many. Each era has brought new colors, new journeys, new clique, but most of all, a new story for each person who enjoyed the era. Even if you didn’t come in until Blurryface or just now, you can enjoy each era. Regardless, with Blurryface coming to an end, one can only imagine what Tyler and Josh will create next.

Tonight, this is not just a special night for Tyler and Josh, it is a special night for their families, friends, all the crew members apart of the ERS, and the clique. Beyond seeing them in suits, we get to watch them have this magical moment and share how proud we are of them.

At my ERS show, Tyler shared how uncomfortable him and Josh were with wearing suits and going to The Grammy’s. He did not think they would win anything, which all of us disagreed with. Yet, what he said is to tell everyone that they are taking us with them, they are representing us tonight. Tyler and Josh are not going to just try to win as many Grammy’s as they can, they are going for us and to share it with us.

No matter what happens, as the clique started with “Stressed Out”, we will always sing along for these two happy boys from Columbus. They’ve made some huge moves in 2016 and now 2017, but they are still as humble as ever and continue to be kind and make everyone who loves them feel the love they give back.

Thank you to Josh and Tyler’s families for sharing your boys with us. You have given them to the world and let them show what they can do. I can only imagine what it feels like to have them becoming so well-known, but the clique is so lucky to have them and incredibly grateful that you share them with us. The Grammy’s are for you all as well.

Thank you to the crew of ERS, the directors for all the Blurryface MV’s, and anyone who has been involved with these two incredible young men. You all put together these ideas, make them happen safely, but also dedicate so much time and we are so grateful. Tonight is for you too.

Thank you to the worldwide clique for continuing to share their unconditional love for Tyler and Josh. We are one family, who build one another up, share a common love, but also remind these two guys what they mean to us. You all are wonderful people and tonight is for you as well.

Here’s to the 2017 Grammy’s! Let’s enjoy this night, no matter the outcome because we will always be proud of Twenty One Pilots. Tyler and Josh have already won hearts around the world, which counts with no Grammy’s or 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 Grammy’s. 

We will always sing along. |-/


It seems that way, doesn’t it?

💕The Empath Tarot Spread💕

Being an empath certainly has had its challenges over the years, you pick up negative energy and positive energy and then what? Sometimes it just weighs you down till you feel like a pancake but we’re strong little cookies.🍪 You can clear out the negative energy and protect yourself. This spread is for each person trying to grow as an empath or already an empath, it should help you find your grounding. I’ve used this with both tarot and oracle! As always, I hope it can help.💜

The First Card: This card is about who you are without all the energies of everyone around you. Sometimes we pick up so much from other people it’s hard to see who we truly are or how we feel. What’s really going on in our heart? What is in your heart when you take away the residue energy others left behind?

The Second Card: This is very important because this will give you some information on your grounding. Are you even grounded? If not, what can you do about it? How can you get grounded? We empaths gotta make sure we’re grounded.

The Third Card: Is there anything affecting you, if so what is majorly affecting your energy right now. It could be what happened today or on a bigger scale - like something that might have been wearing you down for a while now. This card is to help you understand it all. What’s affecting me if anything?

The Fourth Card: As an empath making sure your energy is clear/clean can be pretty important. This card will give you insight on how to clear away junk you might already have but clear away future junk too. What can I do to help clear away negative energy, now and in the future?

The Fifth Card: Protecting yourself from bad energy is pretty imperative, little loves. Your protection bubble or shield is one way to stay safe from impending bad energy. How can I shield myself or what kind of shield should I create?

The Sixth Card: So now that you know what’s going on where do you go from here? This card is to inspire you! Go out and live your amazing empath life and stay strong despite the feelings, good and bad, we pick up.

We’ll make the case for you — what perfect casting that would be. What if you could create your own Disney Princess? Wow! I would love to create a Disney Princess whose figure is like what we all look like — she wouldn’t have this extremely tiny waist. I just want her to look how we do and have a really cool, honest personality. In general, I feel like Disney has done a great job with all these different princess movies and the stories behind them.

Showing What’s Yours (Reggie x Reader)

Request: your dating Reggie for a couple years & when Veronica comes she likes him and tries to like break them up. But then she sees how much we love each other & feels really bad.

 Veronica stepped her way inside of Riverdale High with Betty on one side and Kevin on the other. For her first day here she didn’t feel as nervous as she thought she would but it all changed when they walked in. Everyone stopped and stared, most were whispering about what Veronica assumed to be her. Making their way down the hallway Kevin and Betty were telling her all of the latest gossip of Jason Blossom murder. It happened to be the talk of the town and they didn’t want her to be completely clueless on her first day.

“There is Archie Andrews” Kevin said as he pointed over to a redhead boy by the lockers. “Betty best friend and soulmate”

“You two are dating?” Veronica asked cursorily, wanting to know more on this wonderful topic.

“Shh Kevin and no we are not we’re just friends.”

“That Betty is here in love with but is too sacred to say anything about it” Kevin spoke at he looked at the handsome boy as Betty eyed him down not impressed he was doing this here in the school hallway.

“Who’s that?” Veronica asked as she lifted her eyebrows liking what she was seeing. A tall built boy was making his way to Archie’s side at his locker. She had to admit he was hot.

“That’s Reggie Mantle, he was one of Jason’s best friends. He also on the football team as well” Betty told Veronica. She nodded her head he was for sure her type.

As the four of them sat at the lunch table talking and enjoying their food, Veronica let her eyes wander the school yards. Looking at all of the different kind of social groups she wondering where she use to fit into. One table caught her eye, it was the football team. She scanned her eyes until she found Reggie, the boy she wanted to be hers. She was shocked as an random girl came up to him placing a water bottle in front of him, then went to leave but not before Reggie kissed her cheek.

“Who’s that?” She asked interrupting the conversion. All of them turned to see who Veronica was talking about, Kevin was the first one to speak

“That’s Y/N L/N, she’s a year older than us”

“She’s also Reggie girlfriend” Archie added causing Veronica eyes to widen.

“You guy didn’t tell me he had a girlfriend”

“You didn’t asked, what’s it to you anyway” Betty claimed before she realized what was on her mind. “It’s not going to happen V. They have been dating for years”

“Their the longest running couple in this school” Kevin added in.

“We will see about that” Veronica announced as she got up from her spot to make her way to her next class, passing by Reggie’s table she gave him a wink. He smiled but was slightly confused on what she was doing.

Knowing she was here before you were Veronica knew that was the perfect time to get started on her break up plan. Watching the boys leave the room one by one pretending she was there for Archie but she already knew he left, she waited. Until she saw the boy she was looking for Reggie. She moved to block his way of coming out of the room.

“Hey Reggie” V said as sweetly as she could.

“Veronica right? You are the new girl?” Reggie questioned remembering her from earlier that day when she winked at him. It hurt V a bit when he didn’t really know who she was but she didn’t care.

“Yes the one and only” She started while laying her hand on his chest. Reggie look down at her confused on what she was doing.

“W-” But she cutted him off, standing on her toes, she leaned to meet Reggie’s ear and whispered

“Meet me at Pop’s at eight, we could get some milkshakes” Before Reggie even had a chance to denied Veronica was already gone. You passed her on your way in but didn’t think anything of it until you got to Reggie.

“Hey sorry I’m late, Cheryl was talking to me. What’s wrong with you? You looked like you seen a ghost” You asked as you put your head on Reggie’s forehead making sure he didn’t have a fever.

“It’s nothing, just something that I got to deal with later” He smiled happy to see you finally here.

“Okay whatever Reg as long as everything is fine” Lacing your hands with his, you guys made your way to his car while chatting about each other day.

Reggie looked around Pop’s as he step in looking for Veronica. He came with one thing in mind and that was to turn her down. He didn’t like her like that because he loved you. Spotting her in one of the back booth he made his way over, siding in the seat across from her. Veronica smiled thinking she was getting to him and knowing that if she gets her way there wouldn’t be no more Reggie and you.

“Well look who decided to come” Veronica said cheerfully while reaching her hand across the table onto Reggie’s. He looked down with disgust and pull his hand back down by his side. V looked at him with a frown.

“I think you got the wrong idea Veronica” Reggie started to say but the door opened to Pop’s making V stared at the person who walked in. Reggie turned to see who was so important but wished he haven’t when he saw you. You caught sight of them right away and went over.

“Well well what do we have here?” You mocked full well knowing what it was.

“Babe it’s not what you think” Reggie said while getting up but you stopped him and pushed him back into the seat. Leaning over the table to come face to face with Veronica you started to speak

“Listen here Ms. Lodge, I know you are new and don’t know how this little town works yet but you should know one thing. You don’t go after someone else’s boyfriend. You knew he was taken  because Betty and them told you but you still had to try right?. I don’t know what’s going on in your mess up family and frankly I don’t care but if you value your life or that stupid pearl necklace you will stay away. Got it?” Veronica look at you wide eyes and nodded. She didn’t think that any of this was going to happen more so you telling her off. You seemed to sweet and innocent to do it but boy was she wrong. Standing back up straight you grabbed ahold of Reggie’s hand pulling him out behind you. Standing outside of Pop’s, Reggie only had one thing to say.

“Damn that was hot babe” Smirking Reggie felt proud that your were all his.

“What can I stay I love what’s mine and no bitch is going to take it away” You said with a laugh, Reggie then kiss you. You guys were each others and no one was going to stand in yours guys way of happiness.

Yes, I see the rebirth symbolism. No, I don’t think that it means the end of 1D.

Obviously, Harry wants to grow with this project, present himself in a new light with the public. A lot of the symbolism we’ve seen so far – emerging from water, sunrise/set, “Sign of the Times”, the sheer drama of the promo – indicates a maturation, a moving on from the past. But wouldn’t that be what anyone who has been in Harry’s situation would want? For the last seven years, he’s had an image that isn’t true to who he is forced upon him. If he’s going to counter that image and show who he really is, it has to be a radical shift. Especially for people who only give him 3 seconds of thought before reaching a conclusion and moving on to the next thing to cross their timeline. But while marketing needs to be blunt, obvious, Harry himself is capable of complexity, nuance, balance. I think it does a disservice to him to reduce his complexity to a marketing message that is aimed primarily at those who don’t know him.

Growing up, maturing, coming into your own doesn’t require disposing everything from your past. It’s about holding onto the parts that work for your future and putting away childish things. And I think that while Harry considers the shallow, womanizer image to be a childish thing, I don’t think he thinks his bandmates or the collective, matured creativity they have yet to share to be a childish thing. Nothing he’s ever said has indicated that. The image he has to wrestle with comes from how he was marketed – not from his bandmates or their experiences as a unit. Harry has never said anything to indicate that 1D is something he wants to move past or set away as a childish thing. Like any curious, intelligent, creative young person, Harry – and Louis, Niall, and Liam – wants to grab hold of everything he can and figure out which parts fit his mature self. Change happens. Change is good. Change is stimulating. Change doesn’t mean forgetting the past. All of them will change and grow. 

I know we haven’t heard from Harry directly on the topic, but the others have reassured us time and again that 1D has a future. I know they lie, but they lie when they can’t tell the truth and hedging/avoiding would essentially give away the truth. When asked about anyone leaving the band before Zayn’s departure, they couldn’t say anything other than a definitive “No” or it would be an effective “Yes.” Hedging wouldn’t have worked. But it would work in this situation. “We’re all just focused on our own work right now. We will have to see how we feel in the future.” “I really hope so, but we needed a break. We can’t make any decisions right now.” etc. But they didn’t do that; they clearly said that 1D would be back. And we haven’t heard much from Harry on anything, which I think is part of his effort to establish a dramatic shift in his image, so his silence on the matter doesn’t really tell us much. I can’t imagine the others would be so definitive if they knew that ¼ was intending to move on without them. 

I once thought that announcing firm future plans for the band would be the best so that they can do their solo work without the doubts hanging over their heads. I think I was wrong about this being best – to announce future band plans would place a limit on the time possible to devote to their solo projects and would make it seem like those projects aren’t as important and are just gap fillers. I don’t think they want that. I think they want it all – to have full, fruitful solo careers and then take what they’ve learned and how they’ve grown into a new era as a band, as a team. They were kids when 1D started; they need/want to grow up now. Their growth was stunted in the factory-produced boyband under the old regime. I am sure that contractual issues shape the way it has to happen, but I think these solo projects are their chance to grow and discover who they are as artists and people. That doesn’t mean leaving behind the good parts from a not totally great experience. Maturity is being able to separate the childish things from those that shape who you are going forward.

james is such a wolfstar shipper like he is worse than all of us

like he would always manage to get the two of them alone at least once a day

he would always play truth or dare with them to ask them THE question

he drags all the gryffindors into his stupid matchmaker plans

and puts up with the worse strategy like “wormtail we should injure sirius and let the drama of the hospital do the rest” “james NO”

little does he know that remus and sirius are kind of together since year 3, and officially together since year 5.

and they aren’t even hiding it. since year 3.

but he still matchmakes them, even after he finally realizes they are together

“moony tell us the truth how do you really feel about pads ?” “james we are engaged and we live together” “you’re avoiding the question.”

Advice for Scorpio moons: although privacy is comforting to you, and this makes you very resistant to express your true feelings, others will not know how you’re feeling unless you tell them. People can’t read your mind, and you will continue to feel unconsidered by others until you voice how you’re really feeling inside. We care about you, we just don’t know what you want, because of your privacy issues. Others will appreciate your honesty. Showing your emotions and expressing your feelings is not a weakness, it’s actually a strength, and it will empower you. Being able to say how you’re truly feeling is brave, and requires a lot of strength, especially for someone as deep, intense and private as you. You will be heard and listened to by others.

anyway i can’t even express how grateful I am for When We Rise because like… idk I feel like it’s an important story for us to hear bruh

in order to really understand the LGBTQ+ community I feel like I have to understand the history behind it, and yeah I read articles and stuff, but to actually have it acted out, and to have a better understanding of what it was like, is invaluable to me even if parts are fictionalized or dramatized or sanitized

it still gives an emotional context that is difficult to get from words strung together

Something Missing (something strange) - Gaston/OC

Okay, so this is my first foray into Beauty and the Beast fics. I blame the 2017 movie (though I’ve been obsessed with the original movie since I first saw it as a child). I ended up writing the ending to this before the beginning and it turned out far longer than I had expected. It’s pretty rough right now but seeing as I’m leaving tomorrow for vacation, I wanted to give you something. (Also I could not get this out of my head). Let me know what you think (and if you find any errors both grammatically and characterization wise). 

Title: Something Missing (something strange)
Pairing: Gaston/OC
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast 
Rating: PG
Warnings: None really. Some misogyny because it’s Gaston.
Summary: Elise has finally returned to the village of her childhood. Things are not quite as she left them.

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The same idea about fate and destiny is just SO much more compelling from Minako, here. I know I’m supplementing a lot with my own headcanon, but the thought of how much Minako sacrificed, how much she struggled, just to keep Usagi safe. Only to watch her Princess run herself through all over again. I love that you can take that last line, “Is our fate to repeat this totally unavoidable?” and hear it as “Is it our curse to relieve this?” and it still works. WORKS BETTER, for my tastes.

I’m not sure how much this’ll be followed up on (I suspect not much if at all), but it’s a delicious set of ideas.


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@bleebug. A little extension of the pancake moment. And for @spartanguard for chest hair comments. Because.  And for: @this-too-too-sullied-flesh on her birthday.

Rating: M

He really doesn’t care.

The Charmings have dragged them all throughout town for the past few weeks and pestered him with questions he seldom had an answer to. What kind of flowers did he like? What was his favourite cake flavour? What colour did he want to wear? (Okay, that one he had cared, but he thought the answer of black was bloody obvious.) Who did he want to invite?

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my therapist’s favorite video game franchise is halo and i almost started crying immediately