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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Review (SPOILER INCLUDED)

Well, guess who went to the cinema twice in one week :D But for real, I needed to see Valerian too before I’m off. My best friends Tessa and Ina and me went to see Valerian and I can not tell you how exited we were to see this movie since the trailer came out. So, here we go, my opinion on this movie:

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I had veeeeeeery high expectations on this one. The trailer showed really cool parts of the movie and my excitement was there since then. The story was a great one, I loved it - I was with it the hole movie, I didn’t get bored or sth, I was so sad after the credits were shown; The story took me away with it and that didn’t happened in a long time, I really wanna know what’s gonna happens next.

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The introduction showed the history - or I better say the future - of the universe, starting at 2020 till the 28th century; humans and millions of creatures from different planets live peacefully together in a space station named Alpha. A cut to a beautiful place called Mül where the pearls live and that this planet was destroyed years ago. It was a good way to start the movie, so the viewer could understand what everything with the history had to do with the present day and Valerians and Laurelines mission. It wasn’t confusing at all, you could follow the story line very easily and it took you away from your seat into this awesome world; It was like I was in the story, I followed every step the story took, felt with the characters and got goosebumps at so many points - huge shout out to Luc Besson, this movie is a masterpiece!

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To be honest, I have nothing negative to say about this movie, I loved every single bit of it. After the movie we went to a restaurant to eat dinner and we talked of course about the movie; Tessa said it was a little bit tooooo much going on in the story but I don’t agree on that, it was perfect for me (I still love you T, no worries). She also mentioned the open end, Laurelines “maybe” threw her of (I would marry Valerian straight away). I get Tessas point, the movie could have had a closer ending but I think there is everything possible with this open ending. Who knows, maybe Valerian meets someone else or he and Laureline are getting married.

I’m gonna suggest this movie to everybody, I think this is going to be a movie you deferentially should watch before you die. It’s a great one. As you can tell, I’m still blown away by it :D.

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Describing how incredible the camera shots are is impossible - there are no words for that. The slowly flying-in-logo is awesome. The flying-in-space-sequences are beyond everything. Following Valerian underwater than overtake him, so you could see him speak is stunning. Showing Alpha and Mül is beautiful. The fighting scenes are impressive. And the scenes where Valerian jumps through the different parts of Alpha as he chases after the space ships of the Pearls … wow. Just WOW! I’m glad I watched it in 3D, it was such a great experience (I thought “That would be even more cool in VR” while watching the movie and a few minutes later Ina said the exact same thing :D Just imagine that - OMG!)

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Btw, the costume designer should get an Oscar for this movie, just look at the suits. They are so awesome, I want one too. Let’s talk about the actors and how great they are in this movie :).

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Dane DeHaan: Valerian. The Major. Dane is such a good actor, I could write a novel about his acting skills. He had me with this movie after a minute into his performance as one of the main characters. Valerian is hot af and so handsome, I can’t. He did a great job, the interaction with him and Cara was just the best - they ARE a real team. And I believed every word that came out of his mouth, his performance was just unbelievable good. Fy faen!

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Cara Delevingne: Laureline. The Sergeant. For everyone, who says Cara isn’t an actress: GET THE HELL OUT OF MY BLOG! She is a great model and a great actress, I’m glad she got that role! The first movie I saw with her was Suicide Squad and I loved her performance as well as I loved her as Valerians love interest! Laureline is a badass fighter and she might not admit it but she loves Valerian; I’m really exited to see how the relationship between them is going to be. I could get carry way with theories but I’m not gonna do this to you :D.

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Clive Owen: Arün Filitt. The Commander. Clive played the character of the villain very good! While watching it, you get the feeling that the Commander is up to something but that fact wasn’t intrusive; He made it thrilling and I enjoyed watching him get to what he wanted – and THEN get caught by the main characters of course ;D. I wonder if Clives character is going to have a bigger role in maybe (hopefully) upcoming movies, I could defiantly see him in there.

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Rihanna: Bubble. The victim. As Valerian sat down on the chair with his drink, Tessa turned to me and said: “Now it’s Rihannas turn.” I totally forgot about her, watching the movie, I was so keen on the story. Rihanna flashed me with her performance: She is such an awesome dancer and her acting is really good. I loved Bubble and I was so sad as she died … I wanted her to have more scenes she did a very good job. The dying scene was heartbreaking, it touched us all. I’m looking forward to see more of her acting skills.

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Kris Wu: Neza. The Captain. Ina hold her breath as he had his first appearance on the screen - AND it was a close-up :D. Neza was one of the key-characters to get this story going, he saved the pearls in the not-radioactive-zone at the end. I think he did a really good job, well done mate!

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It was the funniest thing as his name appeared on the screen at the beginning of the movie. I sat between my friends, Tessa on my left, Ina on my right. We were reading the actors names. Me and Tessa looked at each other as Danes name was shown – we wanted to see him in this movie so badly. After a few seconds the name Kris Wu appeared on the screen and within this second Tessa and Ina turned to each other and looked at each other like with confusion and excitement in the same time:

I: “He’s acting in this movie?”

T: “I had no idea!”

Me *slightly confused because I had no idea what was going on*: “Who is this?”

I: “That’s Kris Wu - or Wu Yifan - an ex-member of EXO.”

Me: “Ooooh, I didn’t know what, I’m not that into EXO. He’s an actor?”

I: “Yeah, he played in a few movies. Oh my god, NOW I’m reaaaaaly exited!”

I follow Dane on Social Media and I was wondering who this guy on one photo at the L.A. premier (I think it was L.A. … not sure) was … Within the next two minutes I knew a little bit more about the Ex-Kpop star (Ina is a walking dictionary when it comes to Kpop). And every time his face showed up, Ina looked with her satisfaction-face towards me and Tessa and we had to laugh every time :D.

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I need to know how the story goes on and I wanna see Cara and Dane in another movie like this. Like I said, I’m still mind blown and wanna rewatch this movie so badly but I’m going on holiday in a few days :D. So I’ll have to wait until the DVD comes out but that’s fine ;). I highly recommend this movie to anyone, who loves a good story, action scenes and really good actors.

Well, see you soon! And remember, be

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You know how we always say these Adams Foster kids move on so fucking quickly and find new love interests so fucking quickly? 

It’s even more ugly and unrealistic in summary …

  • Mariana: Garrett (the guy she pierced her nose for), Chase (crush on), Zac (ex-boyfriend), Mat (ex-boyfriend), Wyatt, and Nick.
  • Brandon: Talya, Callie (on-again-off-again), Lou (ex-girlfriend), Cortney
  • Jesus: Lexi (ex-girlfriend), Emma (ex-girlfriend), Hayley (ex-girlfriend)
  • Callie: Wyatt (ex-boyfriend), Brandon (on-again-off-again), AJ.

and that’s all fine and cute for a three season show but in the fosters timeline it’s been one year … all this happened in under a year? one … year.

I get that theres a stereotype that teenagers move fast but …

I hate this website sometimes. Tumblr is so quick to be like ‘protect all muslims’ then just completely ignore the struggle of ex muslims and continue to ignore us despite how obvious and clear the abuse and hatred we recieve from muslims is, despite how peacefully we want to exit Islam and just live our lives. And no one will call them out on it or even bring attention to how problematic it is. 

harereh  asked:

hii! how are you? :) can you please do a harry imagine where you are walking on the streets and you get noticed by paps, fans? how would he protect you, deal with it? than you! love your writing :)

Of course! Thank you for sending in the request! Sorry it took me a while to respond, I was working on two other things at the same time! I hope you like it, I’ve decided to base it in an airport instead of in the street because I’ve done an imagine like that before! :)

Harry Styles Imagine


My stomach was full of butterflies as I stood in the front of the airport with a couple of security guards. 
Harry’s plane had just landed and I was so anxious and excited to see him. I hadn’t seen him for a month, since he’d left to start the WWA tour at the end of April with his band, One Direction.
To most people, a month may not seem like a lot but since Harry and I got together in November, the longest we’d been apart was five days.
There were two photographers stood a couple of hundred feet away, behind a metal barrier. Thankfully, there wasn’t a huge crowd of people waiting for his arrival so we would leave pretty quickly.
As soon as people started walking out of the gate ahead I stood up on my tip toes, trying to get a better view.
“There he is” said Preston, one of the security guards.
I saw him immediately. He pushed his curly hair back off of his face as he spoke to his tour manager/ security guard, Paul.
Harry may have just been on a plane for thirteen hours but he looked amazing. Wearing his usual attire of black skinny jeans, a black t-shirt and brown boots. 
I walked forward quickly and he turned his head.
As soon as he saw me, his pace quickened and he dropped his suitcase before pulling me into his arms, resting his head in the crook of my neck.
My feet were no longer touching the floor and I wrapped my arms around his neck, taking in his familiar scent of coconut and mint.
“You came” he murmured and his grip tightened slightly.
I smiled “I told you that I would”.
Harry set me down on my feet and kissed me quickly, keeping the PDA at a minimum, as he always did when we were anywhere that a camera might spot us. 
We were led to the doors where a sea of paparazzi and fans now stood, waiting for Harry.
There were a few policemen stood in front of them, trying to get them to move back.
“The car’s waiting, we need to make a move” Preston said seriously.
After arranging how we would exit, Paul and another security guard led Harry out first.
Harry looked over his shoulder to make sure Preston was following close behind with me.
As soon as Harry and I stepped out of the door, there was a roar of screams from the waiting fans and, despite Paul’s plan, Harry slowed down his pace and reached back to hold my hand tightly.
“I’m not having her walk without me” Harry said to Paul over the noise.
Paul didn’t say anything, he just moved our formation tighter together as we walked through the crowd.
“Harry! Marry me!” someone shouted.
The paparazzi were shouting questions at him and even directed a few at me.
“Y/N how do you feel about Harry’s friendship with Cara? Is there a love triangle between the three of you?”
“Harry, how’s that new sports car treating you?”.
“Y/N, what’s it like being with Harry when he’s so flirtatious. Have you seen the pictures of him and Miley yet?!”.
It was too unsafe for Harry to stop and take pictures with any of the fans. As we reached the car, he stood by the open door.
“Get in” Paul said in a frustrated tone.
Harry turned to look at me “Not before Y/N”.
I climbed in quickly, followed by Harry, Paul and then Preston.
Harry put his arm around me “Are you okay, babe?”.
I smiled at him reassuringly “I am now you’re home”.
He kissed my forehead “I mean, did anyone hurt you?”.
I rolled my eyes at him “No, I’m fine”.
“Don’t roll your eyes at me misses, I have to make sure. I don’t want you getting hurt” he pouted.
I looked up into his bright green eyes “Well, I’m okay. Honest. I’m kind of used to the chaos at this point”.
“So…How much did you miss me, exactly?” he grinned.

Julie Plec says fans will never guess how Nina Dobrev will exit the show...uhh

Uh, that makes me a little nervous. I really hope it’s not that “eternal sleep” possible spoiler from someone who says a friend of a friend who is friend’s with Julie Plec said Kai puts Elena in an eternal sleep and connects her to Bonnie’s life, therefore if Bonnie dies then Elena wakes up, but as long as Bonnie is still living then Elena would stay asleep. And if they try to find a loophole then they both die. 

To me when I heard that I couldn’t stop laughing at how ridiculous that would be. I mean..really? Hahaha. I still highly doubt that would happen, because it doesn’t make sense logically. But here’s JP’s quote in this interview: 

“I won’t comment on how we will exit her,” EP Julie Plec says. The show’s fans, however, have plenty of theories. Here are a handful of them, submitted to EW via Twitter; share yours in the comments. And know this: “If by some miracle someone in this section is actually right,” says Plec, “I will personally take them to lunch—or a Skype cocktail hour—to talk about being a writer because clearly they should be one.”

I can tell you right now if it turns about to be that eternal sleep theory then she clearly needs to stop being a writer and be put away in a nut house.