how was this show cancelled

  • Disney: might cancel gmw
  • Gmw Fandom: makes twitter campaign's about renewing gmw and saving the show trending multiple times
  • Disney: uses gmw fandom for publicity by posting about gmw on their social medias to bait us with hope even though they intend to cancel the show
  • Gmw Fandom: fills comment section up with the save gmw campaign
  • Disney: calls MJ and tells him about the cancelation and plan to tell everyone in possibly a few days...
  • MJ: beats them to the news and alerts everyone immediately the show is over while dissing Disney
  • Gmw fandom: starts arranging a Netflix campaign and start to call them that night
  • Disney: posts a half assed goodbye to gmw announcement on instagram
  • Gmw fandom: fills up the comment section telling Disney how exactly stupid they are for canceling their best show
  • Rowan Blanchard: the star of gmw disses Disney in her rant/goodbye about the show angering Rowan supporters
  • Disney: the next day they accidently like a tweet saying that Disney are idiots
  • Gmw: literally gets nominated for two awards
  • Gmw fandom: now expanding to Hulu
  • Gmw fandom: live chatting and calling Netflix 24/7 to the point where they make a tweet about it and get two articles written about the campaign
  • Disney: posts a picture of gmw reminding everyone the show has been canceled
  • MJ: is a genius and the picture that Disney posted is from World Meets Girl which is an one hour special that literally shows just how STUPID Disney is for cancelling gmw and Disney is airing it on their own channel
  • Gmw fandom: continues campaign
  • YouTubers: start making videos about the news and Netflix alerting the YouTube fandom about what's going on
  • The Writers: show that they are all for gmw changing networks and support the campaign without even saying it.
  • Netflix: has been getting requests all around the world and the representatives think we might actually have a real shot at this
  • Disney: tries to post something
  • Gmw fandom: floods them in all social media begging them to hand over gmw rights
  • I'm crying
  • @netflix @hulu plz save this show

Steve Aoki is the definition of how to treat fans right. I can’t count the amount of times people have called us crazy, obsessed, delusional, etc. Which in many cases resulted in hate. Which (for them) proved their point.

But Steve has been nothing but kind and respectful and understanding. He understand where we come from and that means a lot. And the result is amazing. Cause in return everyone loves and respects him. He didn’t come in with a preconceived idea about boybands and their fans. He was open and honest and respectful. The result is that everyone loves him. I am so grateful that Steve Aoki exists and I’m so grateful he has never judged us, but started embracing us from the start.

And the thing I’m most grateful for is how he has been an amazing friend to Louis. He literally canceled shows for Louis and that deserves a lot of respect.

  • What she says: “Yeah, I’m fine.”
  • What she means: “Okay listen, the show Freaks and Geeks was really great, it was funny and well cast and it let you really get to know and love the characters as though they’re your friends too and not just part of some tv series, the show really had some depth to it and the characters went through stuff we can all relate to, it wasn’t just some cliché high school show either, there were cheesy moments but that happens in real life too, the show was way ahead of its time and I can’t believe there’s only 18 episodes, how can you cancel such a great show after only one season?”

i wanna see how tf disney keeps its ratings up. they just cancelled their most watched show ever in the last few years, and this show was something. they taught so much on acceptance; gender equality, disabilities, racism, family issues, etc. i really wanna see how they’re gonna pull through. im wondering how exactly that is. not with a talking dog and it’s computer. not with fcking bizardvark or whatever tf it’s called. not with a dumb combination of friends that time travel, that’s for sure.

i am suddenly very afraid of this show not getting a season two so please, everyone go and watch this show !!

people who love shows with suspense and are even part of the lgbtq community, please please go watch it !! you will definitely enjoy this show !! we are really in need of more views so as to get a second season for this !!

the story basically revolves around two guys who witness a triple homicide when fooling around in the woods and try to keep it a secret along with their relationship, which causes troubles for through the season.




HANNIBAL: The New Series trailer

Still one of the best, creepiest horror trailers ever made.

*He should have hopped faster.” Terrifying.

How the hell did this show get cancelled?

Canceled Jingle Ball Performance

Note:  i decided to write this one today because it relates to something that just happened and I didn’t want to wait and post it a couple weeks from now because thats how long it will probably take me to get to the bottom of my request list. Also, I combined two requests together again. 

Requested: Pukey Shawn?

I know you have a long list of requests but I thought I would send one in! I was wondering if you could write one about how he’s sick and had to cancel a jingle ball show (I just saw his tweet) and how you take care of him and such! BTW I love your writing!!



“Wake up,” You say, nudging your boyfriend. He doesn’t move much. “Shawn, get up.” You say, one last time before you disappear into the bathroom to get ready for the day. When you return from the bathroom about fifteen minutes later after getting ready, Shawn is still in bed. This catches you by surprise because he is normally pretty good about getting up. He has to be since he’s always being forced to wake up at ungodly hours for work. This morning isn’t even too early, but he knows he has to be up because he has some work commitments he needs to get to this morning before you get on your flight to San Jose for him to perform at the jingle ball there. You’ve only been in New York for two days, since he’s been preparing for his SNL performance. You’re both tired, but even when he’s tired, he isn’t normally this hard to get out of bed.

“Shawn,” You tell him again, seemingly for the fifteenth time this morning, “You gotta get up babe.”

“I feel like shit, (Y/n),” Finally comes his raspy voice, hidden somewhere behind the covers.

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  • Steven Universe: *Has been under the threat of being canceled at some point for years from how Cartoon Network handles the show*
  • SU stans: The show might be canceled and it's all the SU criticals' fault!!

I owned every second
That this world could give

I saw so many places
The things that I did
With every broken bone
I swear I lived

i get that people are still angry about lexa’s death and clexa not being able to continue, but why do you want that the 100 to be cancelled so bad?? i mean it’s fucking ridiculous. do y'all ever think about the other actors on the show and how they’ll be out of a job if the show does get cancelled? like stop being so damn selfish. you don’t like the show? fine. no one is forcing you to watch it. but trying to boycott the show and shit talk about it every chance you get is fucked up. stop ruining it for everyone else who still like the show.


How did this show get canceled again?

Ok fellow The Halcyon fans, I am actually going to compose a email to write to ITV in response to them stupidly canceling the show. I love it so much and they have made a huge fucking mistake canceling this show considering how popular it was, the large age demographic that he held and the great characters and representation. Not to mention the cliff hanger of Season 1 and unanswered questions. I will tell you before I send it.