how was this not foreshadowing


“what do you think about when you daydream or get distracted?”

nothing. my head is just a running loop of the hamilton original cast recording

Can you believe we’ve already been shown - twice - the order in which the GPF finalists will place, from last to first

I mean, look at the end of episode 10

and the intro to episode 11

I know it’s to show off the beautiful faces of the finalists and kill us slowly with anticipation, but the order is right there, and I know this didn’t happen by accident.

I don’t believe in coincidences, and neither does Kubo-sensei

EDIT: I have never been so happy to have been proven wrong. Bless your soul, Kubo-sensei

You know after everything we’ve seen so far, it got me thinking, how Victor’s FS Program, “Stay Close to me” might be foreshadowing a possible ending, my total guess here, but just listen to the last few verses of the song. It’s like Victor’s narrating his final feelings for Yuuri. Feelings he’s got the chance to understand not only after the banquet night, but after all those 8 months spend together.

“Stay close to me
Don’t go
I’m afraid of losing you

Your hands, your legs
My hands, my legs
The heartbeats
Are fusing together

Let’s leave together
Now I’m ready”

Victor is ready to leave, he’s ready to retire, but he wants Yuuri to be willing to become part of this new future. And you get Victor’s afraid, afraid of losing that one precious thing he’s manage to find. “Stay close to me. Don’t go. I’m afraid of losing you.” And this is something which can be interpreted from both Yuuri’s and Victor’s perspectives, they share the same fears, and at the end they want the same thing. “Let’s leave together. Now I’m ready.” It presents this idea of the start of a new life, the start of a new beginning, which they are no longer afraid to face, they see things clear now.

And we know about the duet version of “Stay Close to me”, meaning the song might be telling a story, since they met and now after 8 months the song can finally come to an end, with both men standing side by side. The series starts with this song being an individual routine, while at the end it changes itself into a duet. Them standing together has change the complete sense of the song, it’s like the verses are adding up and the gears are starting to fit. Their time together and what they plan on doing for their rest of their lives is sum up in those two lines of the final verse. Their heartbeats are now one, they stand together, now they are ready.

Process to Elimination

Present at the procession are (in alphabetical order):

Ace, Acorn, Adelaide, Aerial Aim, Applejack (Bounty Hunter), Applejack (Ronin), Archibald T. Manaford, Ash (in Equestria), Autumn Blue, Batpony/Bruce Mane, Belgian Waffle, Blood Sugar, Bo Diddly and Wallace, Bumble Buzz, Bunny and Bear, Burning Stream

Cabernet, Cam, Captain Flintlock, Carmen Pondiego, Chain Rattle, Cherry Okapi, Chiptune, Cloepty, Cold Front, Connie and Subbie, Cross Stitch, De Writer, DEath GAme MAster, Derpy (Out of Work), Derpy (Science), Dewdusts, Dexter Dush, DJ Color, Doctor Pater and Time Twister, Dr. Radical, Draxxor

Electro Beats, the Eleventh Doctor and Amelia Pond, Elora May Apple, Falsafa, Filmcut, Flutterpsycho, Fullforce

Gamer, Gargle, Ghost Rose, GoldDrop, Golden Pen, Gurumone and Rosemary, Guyra, Hallo and Elder, Humble Pie, Ickie Vickie Mod, Ineeda, Inkheart, Input, John Sinclair and Bonnie Green, Johnny Lightem

Lola Cloudmaker, Lovely Pages, Lovey Dovey, Lucky Star, Mashu Maro and Nevermore Pendulum, Miel, Misfit

Nerdy, Nigel Hugsworthy, NocturnaledFlight, Nombre, Occult, Okalani Creations, Opalescent Pearl, Pandora, Peachy Pit, Peachy Pop, Pembroke W. Korgi, Pinkie Pyro, PiX, Pure Hue, Random “ALOS” Idea, Ren, Ride Roughshod, Rosa Lanzar, Rotten Grave

Sally, Sarsaparilla Hoofer, Scifresh, Scootaloo (Adult), Scorching Opal, Scribbles Styal, Sea Swirl (the Attention Horse), Secret Tale, Sera, Shaula, Sir Lint-A lot, Snew Pea, Snow Skies, Sockz Sowing, Sonata Dusk, Starlight Gear, Steel Strings, Stormy Skies, Straight Razor, Sugar High, Sugar Kisses, Sunny Starlight, Sweet Disaster, Sweet Treat, Sweetgrass, Sweety Peach

Tequila Shots, the Tinkerer, Toola Roola, Tryp, Twilight Sparkle (Psychotic), Twisted Gravekeeper, the Unnamed Pony, Valerine Piper, Viola, Winter Graphite, Winter Snow, Wist, Wuta, Xana, Zap Point

do u ever think about how the writers of avatar foreshadowed zuko’s decision to side with azula at the end of season 2 way back at the beginning of the same season when he was dreaming about the two dragons?

one had the voice of azula and the other iroh - both arguing for his soul. in the dream he chooses azula and the world he sits in falls apart, then in the crystal catacombs of the earth palace he chooses azula again and everything that he worked for in that city breaks apart from underneath him

do you ever think about that?

Sherlock Loves Dancing: How One Line of Dialogue Foreshadows Episodes 9, 10, and 11

Do you remember this moment?

Of course you do. It’s about three minutes before we all start bawling like little babies. But do you remember what he said?

“I love dancing. I’ve always loved it. Never really comes up in crime work but I live in hope of the right case.”

This line is a nod to the Sherlock Holmes story “The Adventure of the Dancing Men” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In it we see someone who’s threatened by their dark past in America, where their spouse goes to Sherlock Holmes for guidance.  The person being threatened refused to tell their spouse about the horrible things in their past, but pretends like the threats are just a practical joke. Holmes isn’t able to save the husband – he dies of a gunshot to the heart one night in his home. Sound an awful lot like The Abominable Bride?

That’s because it is. But wait, there’s more!

The woman in the book was being threatened by letters written in a code she understood. Her husband refused to acknowledge her troubled past because she told him not to. He never spoke of it. But the foreigner writing those letters was a person who knew her from her old life and wanted her back with him, since he was once her fiance. Doesn’t this sound familiar too?

From “CAM” - Charles Augustus Magnussen. The man who sent a quizzical letter to remind her of her dark past. 

And the husband who refuses to learn anything about it:

So the mirrors are in place all because of that one line of dialogue. If there’s any merit to it, we’ll see Mary and John both suffer severe injuries and Mary’s ex fiance come back into the picture after years of being snubbed. 

How exciting!

A very interesting theory for Goblin is that the Grim Reaper is actually the Queen and Sunny is the King. In episode 3, there was definite foreshadowing when the Grim reaper asked "how do you know the king wasn’t reincarnated as a girl?“ The gender reversal completely caught me off guard, but it would also explain why Goblin and the Grim Reaper have this instant chemistry and despite his claims, they clearly care for each other. Of course, this raises even more questions, especially about how the Goblin said that “to become a Grim Reaper you have to have committed enormous sins in your past life?” What huge sin did the Queen commit? Was that background story we saw from Shin’s perspective distorted and there was actually another story underneath the surface? The way things are going, and IF this turns out to be true there is potential for a lot of twists and jaw dropping answers to our mysteries and I am 100% here for it.


Ok so I was rewatching Yuri!!! On Ice again, and I noticed this in episode 4’s beach scene. I always wondered why they showed this, but after seeing episode 8, I think I understand. I think we all know now how YOI’s staff loves foreshadowing, which leads me to believe that this small part where they show footprints and paw prints next to each other is a foreshadowing of Makkachin’s death; or at the very least the unknown of what will happen to Makkachin. At the start of the shot they are both visible, but as the shot pans up, we see the footprints continue while the paw prints become lost in the sand. Of course, this could also be representation of Yuuri losing Viichan, but with what happened at the end of episode 8, I think the staff knew what they were doing to give us a warning or a clue as to what might very well happen. Just Something to think about.

So a lot of people have seen this quote from Rising Tides: Crashing Skies going around and I think it’s really cool how people caught that Ronaldo foreshadowed Pink Diamond’s human zoo.

The thing that bugs me is that when people post this image, they kind of cut the entire Ronaldo quote in half, which sucks because the second half of the quote is the interesting part

Ronaldo: Wait, so the hand wasn’t here to snatch up humans for a human zoo, or interfere with our subsidized Beach City wind farm, or thaw out the cryogenically frozen pets of the one percent?!

Thaw out the cryogenically frozen pets of the one percent? Hmmm. I wonder what that goofy line could refer too…

Words cannot express how much joy I felt by JJ seeing the two youngest competitors as the most looming of his competition. Who represented as JJ’s biggest threat? Not the current GP silver medallist or the previously named ace of Japan or even the rising star able to enthral a whole stadium. No it’s the barely legal dark horse from a country I doubt JJ could find on a labelled map and the fairy-like fifteen year old kitten. I love how these two are the focus.

I also think it’s foreshadowing for Yura and Beka dominating future competitions although I hope JJ deals with the pressure this creating a trio of young skaters to inherit the crowns of the soon to be retired Chris, Yuuri and Victor.

YOI theory

So in light of recent spoilers (AKA that kiss!!!!) I have decided to rewatch previous episodes to hype myself up. All that led to was me tearing myself down because I realized something.

In episode 3 Yuuri is telling Takeshi the story of Eros. And

It sounds

A lot


Victor and Yuuri.

Now the way the story ends:

It could be foreshadowing for how this is going to go. Victor could just throw Yuuri aside after seeing him enter the Grand Prix Final and possibly win. He could be inspired by his student’s win and decide to go for another year before retiring.

This could represent Victor leaving town and going back to Russia. So, will Victor and Yuuri have a happy ending? Who knows

However upon recent reflection and help from a friend, I realized that Yuuri changed the story. The woman (Yuuri) seduces the playboy (Victor) and the playboy falls in love against his better judgement. And then we get this

So, we shall see which is right!