how was puberty


‘We’re learning about reproductive system in a mixed class.’
I think that’s good, I think that’s good. Honestly, schools that divide people via gender — it doesn’t make any sense. It’s like, what are you trying to do there? Stop people being distracted from sex and romance? Firstly, non-straight people exist. Secondly, toxic masculinity in all-male schools and the horribleness that is girls being mean to each other in all-girl schools are probably worse than any kind of flirty distraction that would happen. And I think that, you know, people of either gender learning how the opposite sex’s bodies work is a good thing. You know, if more boys knew how menstruation worked and more girls understood how male puberty worked, life would be less confusing, especially as a teenager where everything is just horrifying and confusing.

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Please tell me just one little theory.


Pic 1: I just wanted to show y'all how puberty works….I was 17 and going to prom by myself cause no one wanted to go with me.

Pic 2: I just turned 22 earlier this month and was supposed to go out for my bday, but niggas still wanna sleep on me

Smh I was soo skinny back in the day. I also didn’t believe in getting my eyebrows done back then …..ew!😂😂😂😂


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Part 2 of OVERCOME

BACKGROUND: You start teasing Jungkook in a library. What starts out as a game to test the young boy ends up back firing.

GENRE: Purely smut, library sex, youngerboy!au

Authors note: Told you guys I was thinking of making a part two. Nothing but sin for Jeon. Tell me what you think! Will edit errors later. 

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do you have any victor coming out headcanons? i love the ones you did for yuuri a while back ahhhh

Those are some of my favorite headcanons of all time. All these hc’s come from a personal place and are mostly based on my own coming out experience. While Yuuri’s was very fluffy i can’t help but feel Victor’s wasn’t as much. TW for slight homophobia/internalized homophobia.

(12-13) - First crush

The first time Victor gets a crush it’s on a cute boy whose staying with him+Yakov+Lilia from Moscow for nationals. He’s a year older than Victor, and doesn’t look at him like the prodigy of Russia. The day before he leaves Victor admits he likes him. The boy just hugs him and makes Victor promise he’ll win lots of gold medals. Victor never sees him again, but learns later from Yakov it was his last performance after an injury

(14-15) - Words

The first time Victor hears the word gay it’s from an older senior American skater laughing with his friends. He doesn’t know why his hands shake, his throat tightens, or why water bottles are so goddamn loud when they slam into the floor. Why the word sounds so sharp and final. He ends up winning a silver he’s so shaky, and when he sees the American skater again he shoved him “accidentally” into a wall with his shoulder. When Yakov makes him skate laps he clenches his fists the entire time.

(16) - Himself

Victor says “I’m gay” for the first time to Yakov’s bathroom mirror on New Years Eve tipsy on stolen glasses of champagne. He stares at the last dredges of childhood clinging through the thick of puberty. How the words pop out of his mouth, and how his tongue curls around the still unfamiliar syllables. Victor wakes up with his first hangover to Yakov AND Lilia vacuuming remarkable close to his bedroom.

(16 ½-17) - Yakov+Lilia

Victor tells Yakov during a 5 am practice, exhausted, and down on his knees gasping for air on the ice. Yakov stops the music and eyes him like he just spouted 3 heads. “You’re what?” “I said I’m gay.” “What does that have to do with you failing your triple flip?” “Nothing! Everything! I don’t know!” “…twenty laps to cool your head, and then we’ll talk…but this changes nothing.” 
Lilia just snorts in his face and tells him his free leg is disgusting. 

(18) The World

Victor comes out to the rest of the skaters slowly. A trickle of talking about prospective boyfriends, interesting dates, and pointing out guys he thinks are hot. Then a paparazzi follows him and a cute skater to a restaurant in China. They catch them holding hands+kissing in a booth. Victor watches the news with a weird mix of total numbness and overwhelming feeling.

Yakov gives him the choice of where to go from there and the resulting tell all article ends up memorized by a still realizing Yuuri Katsuki at 13-14 in Japan. 

(20s) - Acceptance

Victor is fully comfortable in his sexuality and more by the time he hits his 20s. He has a few relationships but most end before anything more serious than talking of moving in together happen. He goes to gay bars with friends, has half of the younger skaters come out to him routinely, and gets sent fan letters from young LGBT fans who look up to him. They stay in a drawer next to his bed for days when getting out of the bed seems a little extreme. 

(24) - The Florist

Victor’s first serious relationship happens when he meets a cute local florist in downtown Saint Petersburg. He laughs loudly, calls Victor pet names, holds his hand in a soft grip, and has never seen figure skating not even during the Olympics. They end things when Victor blows him off for 3 weeks straight because of training.

Christophe comes over, they drink, he cries, and when he meets The Florist again the next day. They talk for a long time about where it went wrong, the signs they ignored, and if it was possible to get back together. The next time Victor sees The Florist he has a thick diamond ring, and laughs while taking Victor’s orders for Roses for “Y. Katsuki.” 

(27-28) - Yuuri

The first Victor memorabilia that Yuuri willingly shows him (And isn’t found while looking under his bed for Makkachin’s favorite dog toy) is a wrinkled article with a photo of a barely 18 year old Victor gliding across the ice with multicolored blades sending rainbowed fractals across the ice behind him. “Making History” is the tile and its held together by tape and hope. Yuuri tells him how much the article helped him, and Victor clings to it because it’s the physical version of the letters in his drawer. 

They recreate the photo for the magazine following their marriage. Gold mixes nicely with rainbow. 

i’m just wondering why the crew & brenda sucrose decided to design stevonnie the way they are

like yeah i know they used the excuse of “stevonnie is suppose to represent all the ‘firsts’ of a relationship” and “how puberty changes how people see you and how you see yourself”, but it’s just. why were they designed like this?

why is stevonnie captivating people like this? they’re the fusion between two children that are both under the age of 15

i may like their design (because it does look nice), but stevonnie- epecially if you know about them in the context of the show- should not be seen in this way in the show due to the fact that they’re children

having this 

be the first way we are introduced to stevonnie will never sit well with me











‘We’re learning about the reproductive system in a mixed class’. I think that’s good, I think that’s good. Honestly, schools that divide people via gender. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s like what are you trying to do there trying stop people being distracted from sex and romance? Firstly, non-straight people exist. Secondly, toxic masculinity in all-male school and the horribleness that is girls being mean to each other in all-girls schools is probably worse than any kind of flirty distraction that would happen. And I think that, you know, people of either gender learning how the opposite sexes’ bodies work is a good thing. You know, if more boys knew how menstruation worked and more girls understood how male puberty worked, life would be less confusing, especially as a teenager where everything is just terrifying and confusing. … ‘What about when you’re asexual?’ That’s fine. You know you can have any sexual identity that YOU want. It’s okay. You can feel as specifically sexual or non-sexual as you please. … 'Can I be pansexual and asexual at the same time?' You don’t have to define it. You know there’s lots of words and words can be good. You know there’s a million words for genders and there’s a million words for sexual and what they can be good for these labels is helping to understand your feelings 'cause if you see a description of something written down you can be like 'see that’s how I feel’ and maybe if you want to covey your personality to somebody, then you can look that up and go 'yeah, you know what I mean’. Maybe you’re a pan romantic asexual, which means 'I can feel attraction to all genders but I don’t feel particularly sexual, maybe it’s just at this point of my life and maybe that’ll change in ten years’ and that’s a way to do it. I know that people argue that sexuality and all these labels and definitions are different things but we don’t even know what sexuality means. So there we go.

@danisnotonfire​ during his live show on the 21st of March 2017

Quotes from Dan (42/?)

Dan commenting about splitting up genders in school for sex education and how gender and sexuality labels are fluent and yours to use as you choose. 

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i'm sorry, but i was HIGHKEY disappointed that you were right about 4 o'clock being vmon's song.. i only want hob's mixtape i want to listen to his mixtape already that's all i want

Lol what??? Are you really upset that Tae and Namjoon released their song that they talked about releasing the first day of FESTA???
From this message, I’m going to guess you’re one of those fans who just stick around Bangtan for Hoseok and could care less about the other members? That’s crappy. I love Hoseok, but even I know he isn’t the only guy who deserves all the spotlight. As it is, the Hoseok you’re deeply infatuated with has been blossoming into the lovely boy he is thanks to everyone he works with and knows. Those 7 boys work together to make us fans happy. Not a single one should be left out. 

Goosebumps Title Asks

Welcome to Dead House - Have you ever moved to a new home?
Stay Out of the Basement - Are you hiding anything…?
Monster Blood - How tall are you? Would you change your height if given the chance?
Say Cheese and Die - What is your favorite photo of yourself? Could you share it?
The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb - Do you believe in curses and bad luck?
Lets Get Invisible - Have you ever wished you could trade places with someone else for a day?
Night of the Living Dummy - Do you constantly try to one-up your siblings? If you don’t have siblings, do you constantly try to one-up other people? 
The Girl Who Cried Monster - Can you recall a time that people did not believe you about something, even though you were telling the truth?
Welcome to Camp Nightmare - What lengths have you gone through to pass a test?
The Ghost Next Door - If you could choose how you were going to die, how would you go and why?
The Haunted Mask - What do you consider to be a “symbol of love” in your life?
Be Careful What You Wish For - If you had three wishes, what would they be?
Piano Lessons can be Murder - Do you have any musical talent? What kind of instrument(s) can you play?
The Werewolf of Fever Swamp - Would you adopt a stray animal? Have you?
You Can’t Scare Me - What is your biggest fear?
One Day at Horrorland - Do you enjoy rides? What is your favorite ride?
Why I’m Afraid of Bees - Do you kill insects or let them outside?
Deep Trouble - Do you like to swim? A pool or the ocean?
The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight - Do you have any bizarre family/close family friends? What do they do that’s so out of the norm?
Go Eat Worms - Have you ever ruined someone else’s hard work?
Ghost Beach - Do you have any unusual hobbies that other people may judge you for?
Phantom of the Auditorium - Have you ever been to or been in a play? What play(s) have you gone to/been to?
Attack of the Mutant - Who is your favorite comic book Super-Villain?
My Hairiest Adventure - How did you react when you reached puberty? How about when you started to grow hair in weird places?
A Night in Terror Tower - Have you ever traveled to another country? Where did you go and what kinds of things did you experience?
The Cuckoo Clock of Doom - If you could go back in time, where would you go and why?
It Came from Beneath the Sink - How often do you compliment others? How often do you insult others?
The Barking Ghost - Are you a dog person or a cat person?
The Horror at Camp Jellyjam - Have you ever tried so hard to win something that you realized wasn’t worth winning in the first place?
Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes - Have you ever been accused of something you never did?
A Shocker on Shock Street - What is your favorite genre of movie? What is your favorite movie of that genre?
The Headless Ghost - Do you enjoy scaring others? Or do you enjoy being scared yourself?
The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena - Do you prefer the cold weather or the hot weather? 
How I got my Shrunken Head - Do you own any rare or bizarre artifacts?
Bad Hare Day - Are you into magic tricks? Can you perform any?
Egg Monsters from Mars - What is your favorite holiday?
The Beast from the East - What is your favorite outdoors game to play?
Ghost Camp - What is your favorite summer-time activity?
How to Kill a Monster - What are you allergic to (if anything at all)?
Legend of the Lost Legend - Have you ever gone treasure-hunting or geocaching? 
Attack of the Jack'O'Lanterns -  What is your favorite Halloween costume (that you’ve worn or seen someone else wear)?
Vampire Breath - Are you forgetful and often misplace important things?
Calling All Creeps - Have you ever received and answered a strange call from an unknown number?
Beware the Snowman - What is your favorite thing to do in the snow? 
How I Learned to Fly - Do you wish to be famous? Do you think being famous would ruin who you are?
Chicken Chicken - Have you ever done something that has caused you to regret it once you received the consequences?
Don’t Go to Sleep - What keeps you up at night?
The Blob that Ate Everyone - What kind of things do you like to write about (if anything at all)?
The Curse of Camp Cold Lake - Do you treat others with the same respect they treat you?
My Best Friend is Invisible - Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever gone ghost hunting?
The Haunted School - What is your favorite subject in school? What is your least favorite subject?
Werewolf Skin - Do you feel comfortable in your own skin?
I Live in your Basement - Are your parents extremely over-protective or are they under-protective?

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now I want to see Oscar and Ruby go on an awkward first date while a cheeky Ozpin provides play-by-play commentary and Oscar tries not to lose his shit. OOC for Ozpin but might make a a funny chibi scene

Hah, the presence of Ozpin is the main reason I don’t ship them. I wonder how shitty and awkward that will become. You’re your own person, growing up, figuring yourself out… and suddenly you’ve got this spooky old man in your head right in the middle of puberty. How is this kid ever supposed to have normal relationships with Ozpin peering over his shoulder, intentionally or not?Sounds gross and uncomfortable for Oz, too. 

But that scenario is pretty funny, from a lighthearted standpoint.

“She’s too young for us, you know.”

“She is literally two years older than me.”

“Yes, well. Compliment her eyes.” 

“I thought you didn’t approve of this.”

“I don’t, but Ruby will know you are referencing her powers. Then she will become curious and ask questions to learn more about her destiny, but you cryptically avoid explaining, causing her to seek out the answers at all costs and save you the trouble of convincing her to accept her destiny.”

“But that’s terrible! I don’t even know any of those things!”

“Well Oscar, you appear to be boring her, so this is really your only chance at a second date.”