how was it not made before

He held his skate guards to the ice for a few moments before touching the ice with his right hand to thank it the way he always does. I hope he leaves this venue with a good mental image and that he will return to this arena and stand at the top of the podium in February next year.


1st panel
Blue: But I DO understand!
2nd panel:
Blue: I also had my brother taken from me. My Papyrus.
Fatal: . . . . .. . . .

Anyways, here ya go! This is my first Fatal picture too. Ive drawn Blue before but never Fatal. I hope it came out ok :‘3

Safety in a Fist of Diamons

Vex knows the dangers of not having money too intimately to ever take it for granted. 

Ao3 link here.


There was something deeply fucking upsetting about the fact that her friends thought that Vex pinched pennies for her own sake.

There was something in her heart that broke, every time they made it a joke, when she bartered with innkeepers, with potion sellers, with Gilmore , for fuck’s sake, when they had first met him, before he turned into a friend.

There was something that stuck in her ribs when they thought it was greed rather than absolute, stomach churning panic when Vex counted their coin.

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Can you imagine how that Manchester eye kiss must've been??? The flippy over thing... Apparently dan made the first move that boy was saucy asf

i always think about how phil said his heart did the flippy over thing and “it’d never done that before” because dan and phil had both been in past relationships before they met each other but it just goes to show that what they had was so new and so different and so special and they put so many things at risk by jumping headfirst into everything and things couldve gone so wrong but. they didnt?


Just wanted to quickly point out that this new design for Ash, though it harkens back to the old artstyle we just moved on from, goes beyond just simply putting XY Ash in OS clothes and calling it a day. Using BW Ash as an idea for what he possibly would’ve looked like had that happened (and as you can see, looks very different from what we’re seeing for the movie) .

M20 Ash’s features are slightly less angular then XY’s (though not full soft boy like in SM) and his eyes are a lot less wide, it actually does harken back a bit more to the OS/AG/DP days of how Ash looked, complete with the brown coloring being a tiny sliver on the eye rather then bring clearly seen. I think this was very much purposely done to capture that “classic” feeling.

People forget Ash underwent a design change way before SM during the DP/BW transition where Ash was made to look more younger and childlike (mostly by softening up some of his features and making his eyes bigger and brown) so going fully back to their roots will be very important in making the movie feel more authentic imo.

The way Carol closed her eyes in that second hug, like she just had to focus on what it felt like to be held by him before she nuzzled right into him is a hundred different levels of perfect. I didn’t expect to get so much confirmation on her end about how much she loves him in this ep but this is just one of multiple moments that prove it. She has been so closed off for so long now, seeing the real Carol again, someone soft and vulnerable, is like remembering what made me fall for these two in the first place. I’d never really forgotten but damn it’s been a long time.

As time goes on, I cannot help but wonder
if you were real
if you were really here

Were your arms always so welcoming?
Was your light always so blinding? 
Were your colors really so brilliant,
     was your voice really so soothing, 
          were our days really so gentle and beautiful?

Did I really know my way back to you
as easy as breathing
              as dreaming
all those years ago 
before skies grew dark 
and I forgot how to navigate by the stars?

Or maybe, perhaps, 
I have made you up
every glittering radiant bit of you
inch by small sparkling inch. 

Maybe you are just
the painted figurine
     of a desperate heart
nothing more 
    than the wispy imaginings of
         a wandering soul lost in the wild
a glorious statue gilded in gold
    only found in the twisted entrails
         of a tired memory steeped in longing 
              for something that never existed.

—  a letter home with no address ( j.p. )

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It's almost Valentine's Day so I have to share this idea that came to me at work today. Better have your dentist on speeddial, cause this shit is so sweet it's gonna rot your teeth. K, so I imagine their first Valentine's Day as a Serious Couple McCree brings up the subject of Valentine's Day a few weeks in advance, cause he's a romantic and loves the holiday but wants to know how Hanzo feels about it before he plans anything.


This is really late and I’m sorry this took me so long but this is amazing and adorable and I’m so glad I got this. I don’t really have anything to add to this other than it’s absolutely beautiful and made me cry and I hope ya’ll enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you so much for this amazing submission, Darling!

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Anon here with the story about working on MLK day and how this woman complained that I must have rung her up incorrectly because her total was too cheap. I can't appreciate her "honesty" or that she "really, really wanted to save [my] ass", if she wasn't paying attention when I made sure her order was correct before she even paid. If it's too cheap, then she can go to another coffee shop where the drinks are more expensive.

TsukkiYama Enemies to Lovers Headcanons

Headcanons about the pairing TsukkiYama when they go from being enemies to lovers. This is set like they are still first years in high school, but they weren’t previously friends before. If there is pairing that you would like to headcanons like this made about, you’re welcome to request it!

Thank you for this request!

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Can you please do number 16, 36 and 37 with Draco Malfoy for the drabble, please? Thank you so so much

Prompt Request - Prompts List
16. “Give me a reason not to turn around and walk away now.”
36. “I don’t love you anymore!”
37. “You’re lying.”

Character: Draco Malfoy
Word Count: 380
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

+ + + + +

Give me a reason not to turn around and walk away now,“ you said in a clear but shaky voice.

"How about the fact that you promised me you’d stay by my side no matter what?” Draco replied, his face contorted in hurt.

“That was before you decided to push me away! How in Merlin’s name was I supposed to be by your side if you wouldn’t let me? It doesn’t matter anyways. This is over now,” you shook your head.

“No it’s not! I won’t let this be over! Not without me fighting for you!” Draco yelled.

“It is over, Draco! It’s over! I don’t love you anymore! Okay?!”

You’re lying,” Draco stated, “You’re lying to me. I know you are. You do love me, and you can’t convince me otherwise.”

“Tears formed in your eyes as you bit your lip, willing them not to fall, "Please, Draco. Don’t make this any harder than it has to be.”

“No! We’re not breaking up! We can’t! I need you, I need you! Please… please don’t walk out on me. I don’t think I could take it…”

“Draco,” your voice was no more than a whisper as you took his hands in yours. You leant up and brushed your lips softly across his, kissing him gently, and lovingly.

It was a perfect goodbye kiss.

You reluctantly pulled your hands from his, though he desperately tried to cling onto you.

“Please don’t do this!”

“I’m sorry, Draco. But this,” you gesture between the both of you, “doesn’t work well at all. You deserve someone who can support you, who can love you wholly and completely. That someone isn’t me, and trust me when I say that I wish it was.”

The air was thick with tension, and you took in a trembling breath as you watched Draco collapse onto the floor, sobbing.

It took all you could to not run over to him, to hug him and tell him everything would be okay. Because you truly didn’t know if everything would be okay.

With one last glance at the broken boy, you gathered your strength and exited the room, leaving behind the one person you never thought you ever would.

But this was for the best. At least, that’s what you told yourself.

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It seems that most of the actors are getting big breaks in film (Rowan and Corey) and with Sabrina so excited to focus on her music I'm not sure they'll even be interested in GMW anymore.

While it’s lovely to see the kids getting small roles in big movies or big roles in small movies, none of them have really had a “big break” yet, nor have any of them booked a conflict. Sabrina did music + GMW simultaneously before, and I highly doubt the executive producers would bother trying to save the show if they didn’t think they’d have the main cast on board. (And that’s not to mention how clear they all made it prior to cancellation that they wanted to keep going). ☺️

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I love your blog and your Mysmes threads! I'd actually like to do a request, I think it would be interesting. What about RFA finding out MC is deaf? Thank you!

I’m actually taking sign language right now so this is somewhat relevant.


  • very shocked of course
  • you never mentioned in the messenger before!
  • after your first smooch, he tried to talk to you
  • you kind of know how to read lips but you were never good at it
  • and you awkwardly just sign to him
  • and he didn’t even know what you said ;;;
  • thankfully Seven knew so he had to play translator 
    • yes even on your first date
  • even takes lessons from Seven in exchange for cleaning his house >
  • it becomes a useful skill when he has deaf clients come in with their pets 
  • very involved in deaf awareness events with you


  • you made mention of it somewhere
  • but Jaehee sort of forgot
  • she was so excited to see you!
    • >//
  • she’s just talking and talking
  • and you just nod along, trying to stop her for a second because you didn’t catch most of it
  • you ask her if she forgot you were deaf
  • and she just stands there…
  • flushed
  • how embarrassing
  • thankfully Seven stepped in and helped translate for you
  • she didn’t want Seven following you two around everywhere so she has you teach her
  • it becomes really useful when you two are at the cafe


  • you told him pretty early on that you were deaf since it’s a piece of important information
  • and it was awkward when you went over to his apartment
  • but you two made due
  • you were pretty good at reading lips so it was incredibly hard
  • this marshmallow was such a dork because he was so excited to learn
  • very determined to tell you how much he loves you with signing
  • his acting skills make it all the better
  • if anyone dares to insult your disability
  • he’s got a few words to say
  • lw likes most of the RFA has no idea what you two are saying
    • you two could be talking about something nasty and most of them wouldn’t know
  • Zen signs to you to complain about Jumin
  • and this fucking starts signing back
  • wtf
  • Zen is shook


  • you thought it would be awkward when the two of you first met
  • or just in general, it was going to be awkward
  • but when you told him that you were deaf, he started to sign to you
    • uh like what
    • boy where did you learn that???
  • he took up signing as sort of an advantage when there were clients who were deaf
    • very smart
  • it made you so comfortable
  • this donut knew how to sign and that made you all warm and fuzzy inside
  • is very insistent EVERYONE learns how to sign
  • has the RFA learn and all his bodyguards learn
    • so they can communicate with you without any problems
  • overall he’s extremely supportive and just a sweet donut


  • found out during your background check yo
  • thankfully he’s found someone else he can sign to
    • not only do you know morse code and binary, you can SIGN
  • you didn’t even mention it, he just claimed that he can sign to
  • so you were signing to the camera in the apartment
  • and he told you exactly what you said to him
  • wowie!
  • he was even better than you were
    • and you knew the language your entire life!
  • becomes your translator for events and conversations in the RFA
  • is very proud of you though because you don’t let your disabilities hinder your ambition
  • which adds onto the very long list of things that he loves about you  (❤ω❤)

I made it to 50 daily drawings!! And I haven’t even missed a day since Janaury 28th. When I challenged myself to this I didn’t really believe in myself (even though I actually did succeed at a month long one before xD) but I can’t believe how far I’ve gotten already! And I wanted to do something special for my 50th drawing so… I actually used my tablet!! I’ve had a tablet for so long but I’ve never done a complete drawing with it, so this was a first! I’m pretty happy with it! Maybe I’ll actually start doing digital drawings more and more now that I actually have shown myself I can do this haha.

But yeah, here’s Islacura and Audino! Since my blog happened because of my dragons and pokemon, i thought they were a fitting subject xD I think if Islacura had a Pokemon, it’d be an Audino! Healing powers, you know xDD (and audino’s always been a pokemon i liked a lot but havent given enough attention haha)

Thank you all for your support and friendship!! I really wouldn’t have gotten this far without you guys ;;

day 50/365

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Before Pidge dries her hair she shakes it out like dogs do. She gets it from Matt who used to do it to mock their dog after playing in the pool, but it actually works really well for their hair. The Holt's have a dog and they would joke about how eventually they’d have to bring it to space so that everyone in their family would have been to space. Pidge used to try and ride the dog when she was little and Matt recorded her falling off and made an edit with music playing and it became a meme.

my little baby is a meme

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I'm irish and I've always felt super uncomfortable with the whole "kashy" thing . I'm not trying to be rude or anything but thats literally how we pronounce our ts. Especially since I've been made fun of before for how i say "tree" instead of "three" i just really don't get why people feel the need to call her out on it.

In response to this Analyzing Rhink: The kiss that started it all


This is beautiful on so many levels holy shit

@remembertherandler @rtr-gifs

People have explored this before, but this is something all together different. Quite the analysis and HIGHLY intriguing! I’m looking forward to the next part :)


Yes! @themouthking


god…… i love this fandom


This analysis was so fascinating to read. You made some points I’ve subconsciously made in my own head and put them into words. It’s quite clear that kiss didn’t go as they expected, and that it was so much bigger a deal than they were willing to admit. My theory on how things have developed since then is that going through all the materials and memories for their book, they’ve seen things from the past in a different light, and living in the more liberal environment of CA, they’ve finally…


@withasideofcrazy - you are right about this being an awesome fandom :). I keeps inspiring me in so many ways to be surrounded by all you amazing people with your amazingly thoughtprovoking texts. :)


I love analysis like this in any fandom, but this is particularly fabulous. Can’t wait for the next part!


This is absolutely amazing and fascinating. I’m so here for this!


This is amazeballs. And 100% true.


I haven’t been part of any other fandom, so I wouldn’t know if this is special for the rhink- fandom, but I love the kinds of conversations ya’ll have here and the psychological realism that I’ve seen in almost all the fic’s I’ve read, I love it! You people are awesome!



We are honored and grateful for all your notes and comments. So glad you found it worthwhile!

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Jas i made my first gif and im so envious of you!!! How can you do it so much!!! Thats wild!! I bow before u

asjdknf i think after a while u just get used to clicking fast (but secretly i am constantly dying inside with how bad my gifs look sometimes)


In honor of tumblr’s birthday-

Originally posted by huffingtonpost

and the fact that I’ve been on this site almost since the beginning of it, I thought it might be fun to take a look back through my archive and highlight some things. So,

The first post I ever made:


I was probably 18, and I used to write things, and I don’t claim they were ever any good, and I’m a thousand percent anxious to have anyone look at it, but I guess I kinda used this as a journal before I started getting into fandoms and actually followed people and had people following me.

First Meme I ever reblogged:


Gotta say I still laughed when I saw this.

First Fandom I belonged to & the first post I reblogged in it:


Still laughed. Also when using reaction gifs was as common as emojis are now. I watched glee since it aired in 2009, but it wasn’t until darren criss happened that I discovered the fandom side of tumblr, and thus haven’t looked back.

And lastly, the very last thing I reblogged:


Still going y’all.

This was actually kind of fun to do, I’d love to see other people do it too.

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