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#helpless (hamilton, a writeup)

okay so tl;dr? i cried. i frickin sat there with two teardrops rolling down my face and chin and neck and i couldn’t frickin wipe it away because i was so invested (and also i didn’t want to ruin my makeup) and it was just. it was so good guys. so good.

gushing about the staging under the cut

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I just wanted to say I love your writing! Do you think you could write a KageHina fan fiction based of your username? If you have time please do 😂

“Kageyama I swear, I fell asleep for like…two minutes, tops, and when I woke up they were just gone. Like that. Poof, into thin air.” 

Kageyama scrubs a hand over his face, and sighs.

“You’re telling me,” he says, and he’s trying to be calm about it all, he is, but his jaw is already aching from the grind of his teeth and his forehead hurts from all the frowning, “that someone stole your shoes, right off your feet, and you didn’t even notice?” 

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so it’s no news that an infuriated debate is surrounding iron fist. i’m not gonna get into that here. i will, however, offer my pov on what makes it a better show than we’ve been reading in the past ten days or so. contains spoilers:

  • it’s a feel good show with a light-heartedness to it. daredevil, jessica jones and luke cage were pretty dark and socially/politically charged on a level, iron fist really isn’t asking to point you the way to anything. danny is extremely traumatized but the writing won’t allow it to weigh on your shoulders thanks to the innocence that’s also inherent to the character and often paints him as a most unlikely hero. you might feel for him (if you have a heart, i guess) but once you’ve closed your netflix tab you’ll probably just be as hopeful as he is or forget about his problems altogether. i’m not sure i’d have watched daredevil with my younger brother, but i’d surely watch this one with him.
  • danny rand’s story is one of loss, trauma and even rejection that i’m sure can resonate with many people even though they never punched a dragon. anyone danny’s age (or even not) can definitely feel like they don’t belong, and maybe i’m overreading but the fact that he can’t always control his titular fist feels like an allegory of how all of us often can’t or won’t find our own energy and strengths to get ourselves out of a bad place.
  • it’s been argued that danny lacks charisma and generally the quality of a hero. it’s true, but that’s because the narrative wants him to. he’s a boy who has no idea who he is or what he’s doing, although he might sometimes think he does. his naivete is the point of the character and while he can also be problematic those aspects of him are never celebrated. i don’t know how that’s going to evolve in other seasons/shows, but season 1 danny is no hero because he’s not supposed to be. to be quite honest, if critics didn’t get that i have no idea how to help them.
  • to offer some support to what i just said: there are scenes in which characters flat out tell danny he’s “the worst iron fist ever” and a pretty underwhelming fighter (i’m using kinder words than those that were actually uttered). he’s repeatedly called out on his shit and kept at arm’s length, his ability to be the iron fist is openly questioned and no one ever restrains from pointing out he really isn’t the sharpest pencil.
  • there are five women on the show, and they pretty much to various extent carry it by moving the plot forward. take joy: she could have been the good sister to the bad brother but she helped danny regain his place in the company because it was the right thing to do and then single-handedly kept three asses in it when they were voted out. jeri showed a more human side to her character while also being a boss ass bitch against the meachums, not to mention she took way less than half of new york combined to figure out whether danny was actually whom he claimed to be or not. now, the three women of colour then deserve a bullet point each. 
  • colleen is a wonderful character. resourceful and independent, like danny she’s long been a little detached from the world (namely left in japan with her grandfather) and can feel like a fish out of water. she’s young and idealistic but also way more experienced and mature than danny, which makes them both a sweet, even touching pair and a not-so-ideal match (claire’s words, more or less). with her great fighting skills and her complexity she’s rightly considered the highlight of this show. 
  • claire is too cool for me to describe so i’ll just say she keeps being wonderful and offering a refreshing, grounded point of view to the craziness that surrounds her. sweet christmas!
  • madame gao is a force of nature. she’ll just stand (or sit) there and offer serafic words of wisdom and even when put in a corner she’ll be the most powerful person in the room. her ability to mess with people’s head by simply spilling uncomfortable truth makes her frightening because really is there an enemy more dangerous than some part of us we don’t want to face? and, well, obviously she’s one hell of a criminal mastermind. i haven’t been this terrified since fisk and she barely raised an eyebrow this whole season.
  • when finn jones said this was the most diverse show in the marvel/netflix universe many might have laughed out loud, but turns out he was right. there are episodes in the back half of the season, especially towards the end, where he is pretty much the only white character around. 
  • i’m very excited about davos. his position and motivations are understandable and i like that he’s not a villain born but he’s coming from a place of love and loyalty. this, along with the fact that he wanted and felt more deserving to be the iron fist, really makes for a compelling opponent. i’m not sure where this alliance with joy is going, but i can’t wait to find out.

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If Ketch's new orders are to eliminate the Americans hunters, then she's going to have to kill Mary, and they have a thing even if they say they don't have a thing, Ketch it's, actually, the one who looked like he knew about the thing but was too insecure or oblivious about it to tell her anything. It'd be... i DONT know, if that's the case I hope Mary kills him before

I’m not really sure I understand what you mean there, but yes, I do agree that Ketch and Mary are having very different reactions to their (unforeseen) night of fun. I think that episode revealed a lot about who Ketch is and what he wants, but, since this is Buckleming, I’m not sure it was intentional, and how seriously should we take it. For instance, we now know with some certainty that Ketch is colour-blind, in a sense - that when we’ve seen him being rude to women, it wasn’t about them being women, per se - Ketch seems to operate in a world where the only people worthy of respect are those who do his job, and do it well. And, even more unusual, he doesn’t seem to mind if someone - even an outsider like Mary - is better than him. When she corrects him in front of Mick, who, after all, is supposed to be his boss, telling him they’ve killed eight shape-shifters, and not seven, Ketch is not annoyed in the least. Instead, he’s admirative. Considering he’s an alpha male who kills and tortures people for a living, this tells us a great deal about how his mind works.

(Mary’s attitude in that scene tells us a lot about her as well - here she is, the failed daughter, the failed wife and the failed mother, doing the only thing she knows how to do and doing it whit a proud smile on her face. I’d say there is a parallel with Dean in there somewhere, Daddy’s blunt instrument and all that, but I’m not sure it’d be appropriate - after all, we know Dean wants out, in some way; that he doesn’t want to be that person, never has. Mary, on the other hand - despite her insistence in pointing out she can ‘have it all’ is not, in fact, having it all. Whatever she says, she’s deliberately chosen hunting and killing over her sons, and she’s having a whale of a time. This is not a moral judgement: I’m simply trying to understand the character.)

Like - when Ketch was talking to Dean, he never showed his hand at all, in a way. But when Mary told him she once left hunting behind because she wanted a normal life, David does an excellent job to convey what would be pity on someone else’s face and is, instead, a kind of half empathy on Ketch’s. I have this feeling that while he was trying to make Dean his (if not sexually, than professionally, even if the subtext supported both readings), here Ketch is acknowledging he himself belongs to Mary. In that whole scene, he behaves like a subordinate - flattering without being unctuous, polite without being distant. And when he says out right that he understands and respects her unusual and ‘unwomanly’ choices (“Mrs Winchester, I believe you’re drawn to danger.”) - I believe that’s when something inside Mary woke up and decided that, after all, why not? They’re adults, and they’ve got a room, and look at this gorgeous man. In a way, he is to Mary what Crowley was to Dean - a bad influence, sure, but also genuinely attached to her within the limits of his capability to feel anything, and also non judgemental in any way and completely hers.

(In fact, I can see Drowley beginning in very much the same way during that ‘summer of love’ Dean and Crowley shared: I have no problem whatsoever in seeing this exact scene play out - Crowley offering Dean a drink in this same amused, friendly, slightly subservient way, and Dean suddenly ignoring the glass and catching Crowley’s tie in his hand instead; and pulling.)

The thing with men, though, is that - and it could be cultural, or biological - I really don’t know - very often they assume sex will change things. Since sex enpowers them but sullies you, you sometimes meet this power shifting attitude - as the old movies told us in greatest detail, women have control over men as long as they don’t sleep with them; but once the deed is done, the thing is reversed, because, as I said, sex makes men stronger and women weaker.

(Exposed to the dangers of gossip and pregnancy, that is; cheaper and dirty now their virginity is gone.)

As idiotic as this concept is, it somehow persists and lasts, and I think you could see it unfolding in this last episode as well: how Ketch’s careful politeness changes to a sort of cockiness - look at him, sitting up against the headboard, completely naked, his legs open, his penis (still this ever-important sign of masculinity and power and all things sacred) in full display. Contrast him with Mary, already dressing, as if hiding her own nudity, and slowly putting her wedding ring back on like some sinful adulteress. But next, and, okay, for once they wrote an interesting thing, the relationship between them is reversed. Ketch tries to be dominant and mark some kind of point, and Mary shoots him down every time. Having sex was her decision, not his; she’s now deciding it doesn’t mean anything, and he doesn’t have any say in that; and when Ketch confesses, with some regret, that he’s okay with it because he’s not ‘built’ for that and he’s not, in fact, capable to care for other people, just like her, Mary’s almost needlessly petty in pointing out that, again, he’s wrong, because she can, and she did - with someone else, that is, and certainly not him. At that point - and, again, I like how David played this, because he tried to cover himself at first, closing his arms across his chest, but then he sort of - manned up, so to say, and got all alpha again, choosing to remain there stark naked despite Mary’s word and even playing a card he knew would upset her: “I notice you took my advice. You had a choice to make - your work or family ties…”. Ketch doesn’t finish his sentence, but he doesn’t have to. Mary may be a strong woman, and also an unusual one, but she knows her relationship with her sons is far from perfect, and also that she’s a big part of the reason why. Hearing Ketch pointing it out - yeah, that must have smarted a bit - and, again, instead of being a ‘good’ woman and take the criticism, Mary lashes out and defends herself. And this is when Ketch finally takes a step back, because this is the kind of people he’s been trained (or trained himself) to respect: a bigger alpha.

So, really, I don’t know how to read this whole thing. I think it’s a big character shift for Ketch and almost invalidates the idea he’s a psychopath, but, then again, psychopaths are hard to write, so there’s that as well. I still don’t know what to make of Mary, and if I like her as a person (I do like her as a character, though - good choices all around). And, finally, I can’t help but feel that, if you took their relationship and that entire dialogue and gender-bended it, well, here you go - Buckleming did manage to insert their usual bit of dubcon, and yay, because look at it - Mary’s clearly superior to Ketch in most ways (professionally and, very clearly, emotionally), so if this was Mark Winchester seducing wide-eyed, damaged and vulnerable assassin Ms Ketch, who calls him Mr Winchester and hopes sex will lead to something more even if, sadly, she’s not sure she can ever love anyone - yep. They never disappoint, do they?

Castiel woke with a start.

The room around him was bright and warm. A soft breeze blew the curtain gently in the air above his face. He sat up slowly and the duvet rustled against his skin. The curtain brushed against his neck, a soft touch there and gone.

He could hear someone whistling.

Castiel stepped carefully out into the kitchen and there was Dean, standing in front of the stove, spatula in hand. He was whistling as he poured another measure of batter into the pan. The mouth-watering smell of butter frying filled the room.

Through the widow he could see a manicured lawn and gardens bursting with colour. Somewhere over the hill somebody was flying a kite.

He breathed out, and Dean turned and gave him the brightest smile he’d ever seen.

‘Morning sunshine, some coffee?’

Dean pointed with the spatula at the table, where a steaming mug sat waiting for him. Castiel sat, still slightly in awe of the moment in which he found himself. Dean turned back to the stove and busied himself flipping pancakes onto the plate waiting beside it.

‘Sam’s coming around later with the kids, he wants us all to go to the water park.’

Dean licked butter off his fingers as he plonked the plate down onto the table. He picked up a fork and twirled it theatrically before he plucked two steaming pancakes from the top of the pile.

‘That sounds… wonderful. Thank you, Dean.’ Dean smiled brilliantly again and Castiel had to remind himself how to breathe. He looked down at the pancake on his plate, golden brown and crispy around the edges. It smelled like hot butter and sugar. Perfect.

‘Yeah, but he made me promise not to go looking for a case while we’re there. Apparently he thinks I still don’t know how to relax.’

‘Well… I suppose we can’t help it if a case were to find us.’

‘Exactly.’ Dean waved his fork for emphasis, and went back to happily stuffing his face with pancake.’

Their brief moment of peace was broken by someone banging violently on the door.

Castiel’s heart leapt up into his throat, but Dean didn’t seem to hear it, and carried right on eating.

The banging came again, and the brightness of the room seemed to fade a little.

Castiel cleared his throat, trying to ignore the sinking feeling in his chest.

‘Come in.’

The front door burst open, and there was Dean. Another Dean. His Dean. Looking more real than anything else in the room.

Castiel’s heart broke a little at the sight.

Dean took in the scene before him with relief and a bit of confusion. He watched himself take another pancake off the pile and drench it in maple syrup. His eyes travelled across the table to Castiel, who was sitting half out of his chair, staring at him.

Neither of them said a word. Everything Dean thought he would say had vanished the moment he’d laid eyes on Castiel’s heaven.

‘Deano, we don’t have much time… the Angels are still out looking for us.’ Came a voice from somewhere outside.

‘Cas…’ Dean breathed, and held out his hand, silently begging Cas to take it.

Cas turned back to the table. He watched “almost Dean” carry on talking and laughing as if Castiel was still there in the moment with him. 

‘Only if you want to.’ Dean’s hand trembled, almost imperceptibly.

Cas turned back to meet his eye. ‘Will you still make me pancakes?’

Dean, still holding out his hand, nodded.

Without a backwards glance, Cas took his hand and let Dean lead him out through the door.

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OK so I'm in love with your Trans!Isak headcanons Do you have any that focus on him coming out as Trans to the boy Squad? I hc that Jonas already knows but how do you think Magnus and Mahdi found out?

hallaa! i’m so glad you like them 😍! here r some more, just cause you asked. 

  • isak is nervous
  • hell, when isak not nervous?
  • it’s become something of a common theme, he supposes
  • anxiety surges in his veins, plunges in his gut and claws at his throat
  • his binder is tight; almost too tight, constricting his lungs and blooming bruises along his ribcage
  • a warm, slender hand snaps him out of it
  • squeezes the nerve-endings out of him, makes him exhale into may air
  • it’s still chilly in oslo
  • chilly enough for a jacket and, if they’re lucky, a scarf 
  • nevertheless, even loves wearing layers; something the shorter had learned early on in their once-catastrophic relationship
  • he was kind of like a reptile
  • the duo are meeting with the rest of the boys today
  • they’re supposed to meet up at this dingy little bakery mahdi frequented since he was a kid, something about the promise of homeliness screaming inside isak’s guts and making him squirm
  • when they arrive, isak is hit with the smell of fresh dough and lavender
  • an odd combination, surely, but it fits the quaint shop
  • there’s cracks in the walls covered by colourful flora and long, thorny vines, and mold on the floorboards painted over with swirls of purples and whites
  • even must be going wild, the artist that he is
  • the boys are already here, voices loud against the clanking of china and the soft acoustic wafting through the speakers 
  • all in all, it’s one the most comfortable places isak’s ever been in, and he reckons, momentarily, that it could soften the blow; if only a little bit
  • navigating to the rather rowdy table, even clears his throat, playing with his boyfriend’s fingers comfortingly
  • ‘‘hey!’‘ mahdi and magnus chorus in unison, standing up abruptly so as to smother the two in much needed hugs
  • jonas stays back, presumably to give the younger blond space, a knowing look in warm eyes and a furrowed brow
  • ‘you okay?’ he mouths
  • ‘fine,’ isak responds, quite weakly, humming under his breath and taking his spot next to the aforementioned brunette 
  • ‘‘we already ordered for you guys. two bear claws for even, and a cupcake for isak,’‘ magnus announces proudly, grin big and wide and oh, isak wishes he could smile back, wishes there wasn’t a dull roar in his organs 
  • swallowing, the boy lets out a soft murmur of thanks, eyes glued to intertwined digits
  • ‘‘isak,’‘ jonas begins
  • the latter quirks a brow, gaze wandering to a corresponding concerned one, all thick eyelashes and pale skin
  • ‘‘isak,’’ he says, again, firmer this time, as though comforting him in that quiet way of his, to which the boy is grateful
  • ‘‘so, uh, i have–i have something to tell you all.’’
  • ‘‘okay, shoot,’‘ mahdi says around a mouthful of red velvet cake, lips covered in frosting
  • magnus lets out a noise of agreement
  • ‘‘right, um–well, i’m–i’m transgender. a transgender guy.’‘ 
  • swallowing the last mouthful of his treat, mahdi wipes his mouth, hesitates once, twice; smiles
  • ‘‘thanks for telling us, bro. anyway, did you do your lit homework last night? i couldn’t get past the first fucking question!’‘
  • raising a rather confused brow, the blond breathes, ‘’you’re not mad?’’
  • ‘‘mad? why would we be mad? sure, it’s gonna take a little getting used to, but you’re still a guy. sometimes, certain guys have to let people know they’re guys,’’ magnus pipes up this time, smiling a nice, magnus sort of smile, one that’s soft around the edges and quiet in the shadow
  • ‘‘yeah, true,’‘ mahdi hums
  • ‘‘like, we never doubted you were a real boy, ‘cause you are one, ‘course, but telling or reminding us doesn’t hurt, either. you’ve just got different parts, and that’s chill. just means no more dick jokes.’‘
  • isak’s eyelashes are wet at this point, throat numb as he swallows thick tears because holy shit, how did he get so lucky?
  • even presses a reassuring kiss to his temple, and rubs soothing circles into his knuckles as they wait for their order, conversation like white noise in his ears 
  • truthfully, he hadn’t expected this, especially from magnus, of all people
  • magnus who, when prompted, went off about how hot ‘’two girls in action’’ were
  • nevertheless, his friend was apparently lot more educated than he knew
  • the more you know, really
  • ‘‘good job choosing this place, mahds,’‘ even grins
  • isak agrees

cbat123  asked:

Hi Lou- hope you are well- I'm seeing a lot of spec that The Arrow writers never intended to bring Olicity back together after their break up last season- that the current resurgence is partly due to the falling ratings we have seen . I am ambivalent about this subject. I don't know wether to believe the writers were just stalling because of increased series length or if they were ordered to can Olicity. I think I know your response on this, but would appreciate your wisdom on this anyways!

Anyone who doesn’t think that Olicity was always the story and they absolutely always intended to bring them together again doesn’t have a basic grasp of the narrative. I don’t like to be unkind about it, but anyone who thinks that this is just a sudden change of heart from the writers don’t understand the first thing about story telling. The writers were always overt about their commitment to Olicity. For years now. And yes, including during their break up. 

They screamed at us every episode that this was the main love story of Arrow and nothing was changing. That’s why I could never quite grasp how some folks got so rattled by a few interviews that basically just said ‘watch and see’, like interviews always do. I never understood how some peeps could let that overshadow and colour their interpretation of what was actually going on in the actual show. 

I made the call at the beginning of the season that when Olicity reunited, some people would claim it was a change of heart by the writers/giving into fan pressure. There was zero doubt in my mind that would happen, and here we are. Those who struggle with maintaining the big picture always examine details out of context and would come to incorrect conclusions. No one on Arrow would ever dream of canning Olicity for good. They tell us that over and over again, how magical they are, how the show came together with finding Oliver a love interest that people could invest in. It amazes me that people just forget all those YEARS of them heaping praise upon a couple and could just think they’re abandoning them on a whim. Especially when that isn’t supported on screen. 

There was never one second that the writers and the show wasn’t 100% committed to Olicity. If some folks got bogged down in plot points and misinterpreting vague interviews, that’s not down to the show. That’s down to some folks not understanding how stories work. Particularly lengthy stories. Now, I’m not saying that everything Arrow did in telling the Olicity love story worked. They made missteps. Absolutely. But the one thing that I can’t understand how anyone could argue is that the Olicity love story ever stopped being told. Or intended to be ended. That befuddles me. 

So, yeah, some folks are saying what I knew they’d say about the Olicity reunion. They weren’t right when they thought the writers were breaking Olicity up for good and they’re not right now when they think the writers had a change of heart and brought them back together. I know that for a fact because I watch the show. The show never deviated from Olicity’s love story. So, even though I have no doubt some people will always believe that the show did a U turn on their supposed U turn, I believe there is simply nothing that we’ve seen on screen or BTS that supports that kind of thinking. 

I hope that didn’t come across as preachy or dismissive or mean… I’m not sure how else to state something which felt obvious to me the whole time. The show was very clear about its intent to me. The only thing which confused me about this season was the fan stuff. And it kind of continues on. Knowing how some folks are going to react doesn’t make it any less surprising… which, I have to admit, surprises me. And I don’t know why. Hence the surprise, I guess. lol 

Written for the bagginshield anniversary :)

“Do you remember the day we met?” Bilbo asks, propping himself up on one elbow, fond smile on his face as he looks down at his husband. There’s a rather becoming flush on Thorin’s cheeks still, though their breathing has finally returned to normal, and his bare chest looks so lovely in the firelight that Bilbo can’t help but trace absent patterns across it with reverent fingers.

Thorin smiles, and Bilbo kisses the crinkles by his eyes because he can.

“I do,” Thorin answers, large hand playing the knobs of Bilbo’s spine like a harp, “I was rather… frustrated by how lovely you were.”

Bilbo pulls back with a frown, “Lovely? Thorin, you do realise I was there, don’t you? You called me a grocer!”

Thorin does, at least, have the grace to look a little ashamed, “Yes. Dwalin still laughs at me about that.”

“Laughs at you?”

Thorin sighs, “I am not always so rude to respectable hobbits, you know. He was well aware of the effect you had on me, even if the others were not.”

The colour on his cheeks is brighter now than it was before, and it seeps down and across his chest in a way that Bilbo would find dangerously endearing if he weren’t busy blinking in surprise.

“I – effect? Thorin, I love you dearly, but even you cannot deny that our first few months of acquaintance were rocky at best.”

Thorin hums in acknowledgment, eyes falling to watch as his own free hand comes up to cover Bilbo’s, “I did not know you then as I do now, and I admittedly did not think you were suited to our quest,” Bilbo scoffs and Thorin’s eyes meet his again with a shy smile, “But I thought you a fine thing, even then.”

Sometimes, the way Thorin looks at him makes Bilbo’s breath catch in his throat and his heart feel like it could fly. He looks at Bilbo like he can’t believe he’s there, and Bilbo has to claim another kiss before he crumbles under the weight of it.

“I suppose I thought you quite handsome,” Bilbo smiles against the king’s lips, “For such a self-important, overly serious, arrogant – ”

Bilbo yelps out a surprised laugh as Thorin, grinning, pushes him back into the bed and leans over him until his dark hair trails across Bilbo’s shoulders like silk.

“Insolent hobbit,” he admonishes, kissing the laughter from Bilbo’s lips again and again and again.

They’re smiling like a pair of fauntlings by the time they finally pull away, Thorin letting his forehead rest against Bilbo’s.

“Why did you ask, ghivashel?” Thorin murmurs, leaning back just enough to see Bilbo’s face, “About the day we met. Did you think I could forget it?”

“No, it’s just…” Bilbo smiles, twisting the marriage braid in Thorin’s hair around his finger. It’s only a few hours old and Bilbo lifts the bead at the end to his lips, “Here we are.”

Thorin reaches down to press a kiss upon Bilbo’s own marriage bead and when their eyes meet again, Thorin looks as awed as Bilbo feels. “Yes,” he breathes, eyes shining with more than just firelight, “Here we are.”

first time through the greaves oil refinery
  • Daud: I know many things, bodyguard
  • Daud: But I don't know you.
  • Daud: So tell me a bit about yourself. What's your favorite colour? Do you prefer jellied eels or serkonan sausage? How did you get the Jotuns into Asgard?
  • Corvo: ...
  • Daud: *to the whalers in general* Why isn't he talking
  • Corvo: ...
  • Daud: I know he was drugged, he should be coming out of that by now
  • Thomas: Sir, did you not know. He's not voice-acted yet.
  • Daud: *turns to Thomas, gives him a raised eyebrow*
  • Daud: Then how am I supposed to interrogate him?
  • Thomas: I'm sorry sir. I left a memo on your desk but Lurk didn't leave a real filing system or index cards, so...
  • Daud: Never mind. Can we redo this scene? We'll knock him out again, just get Mischa to say he's drugged when he comes in on the boat. And we can get Jenkins to practise his knock-out punches on Corvo
  • Jenkins: Yay!
  • Daud: Just remember to do it when I nod like *this* at you
  • Jenkins: Like this? *punches Corvo*
  • Daud: No no not yet when I SAY IT. *sigh*
  • Daud: Also you didn't knock him out. We're not trying to torture the poor man, we're trying to make him unconscious without resorting to a stupid tyvian choke-hold
  • Daud: Like this *punches Corvo*
  • Jenkins: I seeeeeeee.
  • Daud: Okay, reset! Positions, people
Fights like this (Chris Evans x Reader)

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A/N:  First of all: Happy Halloween!! (to all of you who celebrate it) Remember to be safe, and have fun and probably diabetes if you eat a lot of candy.

To the anon that requested this: Please forgive any mistake, inaccuracy and all that, I didn’t read it twice but I wanted to post it after the super long wait, sorry. Tell me what do you think! I found hard as hell writing this.  (I got a lot of info from the Christopher’s Haven site)

Request: Reader is Chris’s fiance and they’re together since before he was Cap. For like 5-6 years. She is not an actress (why does every Chris fic writer makes the reader an actress?). but she understands that Chris can’t be home for long times. And she understands his friendship with Hayley. Until that dubsmash that Chris kissed Hayley. She sees it on Twitter and when Chris thinks she’d be cool with it, she’s actually very jealous and angry without yelling. And it leads to argument, lots of angst, break up OR angry smut

Warnings: hehehehehehehehehehe….. smut ahead

It wasn’t easy, but of course you didn’t expected it to be. Being compromised with one of the emerging stars of Hollywood wasn’t an easy job and it meant that a lot of sacrifices had to be done, but yet, it was worth every minute, Chris always took care of that since the moment he met you.

It was supposed to be a normal day in your volunteering at Christopher’s Haven, where you would organize different activities and games for the children staying at the place, so they could always have fun and be entertained, but it turned out to be the day your life would change.

Since you arrived you could sense how everyone in the place was shedding an unusual happiness and  excitement.

“I know, I know, I’m sorry, there was an accident a few blocks back there and I had to walk to here” You explained to Will, your superior, justifying your delay.

“Don’t worry, someone got you covered” He waved her hand nonchalantly, pointing at the  fuss in the common area where the kids usually played, a crowd of tiny persons jumping excitedly around a guy.

You frowned, who else could have been there? It was your turn after all and the other volunteer would arrive some hours later.

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Thunderbirmon and Digitalworldproblems' Guide to Digimon
  • Rule #1: Make friends with everyone, they'll come back later.
  • Rule #1b: Unless you're in the Frontier Digiworld in which case if they come back there's every chance they're going to die.
  • Rule #1c: Or if they're Leomon. Any Leomon.
  • Rule #2: Don't pick favourites, because chances are they will die.
  • Rule #3: Never split up from the group because you'll probably die or have several near-death experiences if you do.
  • Rule #4: Always have optimism, even if you don't, pretend you do. Everything in the Digital World that has a consciousness will feed off negativity. Always act like you are happy or else you are screwed.
  • Rule #5: Bring several pairs of gloves, eventually something will throw poop at you and you better be prepared.
  • Rule #6: Expect to find an evil Digimon that will end up becoming a good Lopmon.
  • Rule #7: If you have goggles, you're probably going to be the most powerful. If you don't have goggles, argue incessantly with whoever does and that works too.
  • Rule #7b: If you do not fit into either category, be prepared to be tossed aside while those two do all of the fighting.
  • Rule #8: Make sure you can swim, someone somewhere will make sure you end up attacked in the water.
  • Rule #9: You must be in perfect physical condition because at many points you will be required to run for your life for extended periods of time.
  • Rule #10: Practice friendship speeches every day, one might just save your life.
  • Rule #11: Have ridiculous hair, have unnaturally coloured eyes and wear ridiculous shoes to fit your giant feet.
  • Rule #12: Have at least one tragic thing in your past to look back on and give you strength to fight further at a pivotal moment.
  • Rule #13: There will always be a missing extra member of your group. Search for this person at all times.
  • Rule #13b: Unless it's Ryo. He'll show up eventually, no point trying to rush it.
  • Rule #14: The small child of your group is actually capable of taking care of themselves, no matter how incompetent they appear to be.
  • Rule #15: Establish a really annoying trait early on so that when you overcome it, it counts as character growth.
  • Rule #16: Know that your Digimon is nothing but a tool for character development.
  • Rule #17: The comedy villain always comes after the storm.
  • Rule #18: Be aware that if you so much as breathe next to another character, people will ship you. It's unavoidable, no matter how much or how little of an age gap there is, whether you are related or not, or whether you are the same species or not.
  • Rule #18b: If you don't want hate mail forever, never get in the way of Tai and Sora. There are people out there who will fuck your shit up.
  • Rule #19: Expect to have your heart broken once your adventure is over.
  • Rule #20: If you want to do something and never have an American or European see it, do it while peeing and nobody will ever hear of it
  • Rule #21: If your partner Digimon has a form that resembles humans, never Google that form's name and look at images, or else you will never be able to see your partner the same way again.
  • Rule #21b: Actually just never Google your partner, nothing is sacred.
  • Rule #21c: Never Google yourself and another character in the same search, the effects will be even worse than googling your partner and looking at images.
  • Rule #21d: Unless you're into that, I guess. We're not judging. (We are. We aaare.)
  • Rule #22: Don't even bother bringing food. You will only need to eat in the first few episodes and then you will never get hungry or thirsty again.
  • Rule #23: Remember - It's never a game. This advice will make most bad humans turn good. And possibly crush their souls.
  • Rule #24: If a Digimon tells you that you can trust them, there is a 99% chance you can't and they will turn on you and probably steal any essential belongings of yours.
  • Rule #25: Falling is only fatal in the human world, anywhere else and something will conspire to catch you.
  • Rule #26: Once you think you have defeated the final enemy, you have not. There will always be one that is stronger, or the same one will return twice more.
  • Rule #26b: Don't worry though, despite being stronger, Digivice ex machina will intervene and save the day.
  • Rule 27: Light is the almighty good but darkness is also good??
  • Rule #27b: If whoever explains this first is themselves a representative of darkness, they're lying and evil. Everyone knows objective evaulations of darkness only come from the almighty light.
  • Rule #28: There will always be an evil Digimon who will attempt to convince you to believe that you are the only sane person in the group and that the evil powers of darkness that you have spent your entire time fighting against will help you rise above the commoners.
  • Rule #29: Sexy is evil. Anyone who thinks they're sexy is therefore evil.
  • Rule #30: Your Digimon is always right yet they will still do whatever you force them to.
  • Rule #31: If they're small but have two legs they're probably Ultimate level or higher.
  • Rule #32: Walk down stairs, do not run.
  • Rule #33: No really we're not kidding. Walk down stairs, do not run.
  • Rule #34: If your Digimon is blue and related to dogs, you will be playing an important role.
  • Rule #34b: Same goes for fire Digimon.
  • Rule #35: You must love eating weird food combinations. It is a custom with Digimon protagonists.
  • Rule #36: No matter how desperate the situation, you always have time to chat, sass, and bicker.
  • Rule #37: When holding up your Digivice to activate something, it is essential that you do some hand movements and turn around a few times before actually activating it.
  • Rule #38: Beware Digimon bearing banquets.
  • Rule #39: When you kill an enemy Digimon, make sure to destroy the body because they will probably come back if you don't.
  • Rule #40: All adults should be assumed to be dangerous idiots until proven otherwise.
  • Rule #40b: Do not accept any direct help from adults because they will probably make everything worse.
  • Rule #40c: Accepting help from Digimon will probably kill them in the long run.
  • Rule #41: Don't feed your Digimon too much food or else they won't be able to move in times of a crisis.
  • Rule #42: There is no moment that doesn't need terrible jokes.
  • Rule #43: At some point, some almighty celestial Digimon will descend and explain everything to you that was supposed to be explained at the start.
  • Rule #44: If something calls itself God it's probably evil.
  • Rule #45: Never trust any digimon named after Satan.
  • Rule #46: The whole Digimon level actually mattering thing will eventually gravitate towards being total bullshit as your adventure continues.
  • Rule #47: Wear clothes relating to your personality.
  • Rule #48: Don't reveal anything in an internal monologue you wouldn't want the world to know.
  • Rule #49: If you always wear headgear, expect everyone to beg you to take it off at some point just so that they can see your hair.
  • Rule #50: Sea Digimon can fly out of water. Legless Digimon can fly. Any Digimon can fly if the plot demands it.
  • Rule #50b: Until suddenly your Digimon becomes aware that it needs wings in order to fly. Then it will no longer be able to fly.
  • Rule #51: Your Digimon can engage in colossal battles in the real world. They will probably destroy buildings while stopping that digimon from destroying buildings, but fuck it, it's in the name of good, right?
  • Rule #52: Despite the name, baby Digimon can take anything up to a building collapsing on them as long as they aren't the target of it.
  • Rule #53: If you're in the Tamers universe, you don't need to wait for a magical bonding moment for your Digimon to evolve. You can just cheat by slashing an evolution card.
  • Rule #54: All prophesies and legends are true, and are probably about you. Especially the ones involving a great darkness.
  • Rule #55: Even if the entire world sees you save both worlds, you won't be treated like a hero. People probably won't even remember the existence of Digimon about 5 seconds after the problem disappears.
  • Rule #56: No matter how much the world is going to end in like five minutes and you've proven yourself competent before, all normal people are going to insist on you doing your chores and homework and staying where it's safe while the world dies.
  • Rule #56b: Even though you're pretty much excused from school, you'll probably still have to do homework. But on the bright side, there is pretty much no bedtime!
  • Rule #57: Always get into petty fights with your Digimon so you can reunite stronger than ever later.
  • Rule #58: Keep your Digimon a secret from your family/friends and if they see it, deny that they saw it. Apparently the giant monsters rampaging through the streets are more normal than a partner Digimon.
Don’t Speak | Pt 4 & Epilogue

Synopsis: Vestina is betrothed to Loki and things between them are going well, Vee even thinks she might be in love with her dark prince, until she overhears some hateful things he and his friends have to say about her.

The marriage must go ahead but can she ever forgive him?

Based on this imagine

Previous: Part One | Part Two | Part Three |

AN: Sorry for the delay, the must abandoned me for a time.

AN2: In order to kick our muses in their respective arses, @evieplease and I tried an experiment and we swapped stories, each writing sections of the others fic. This final installment is now twice as long as originally planned, but I think you’ll enjoy it. See if you can spot which parts of this @evieplease wrote.

Thanks for your help, hun, and as usual, for betaing

Part Four

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Don’t you know you’re all I need?

Bonus drabble for Come and get lost with us

Fandom: Haikyuu

Characters: Daichi, Suga

Words: 986

Sometimes, Daichi doesn’t quite get that safety is one thing, but happiness is an entirely different matter.

The silence between them was loaded and heavy, heavier even than the clouds on the horizon. Suga liked their colour, usually, could see a certain kind of beauty in them rather than a foreboding sense of rain. Today, though – today, even a clear blue sky would have only weighed down on his mood.

“What’s going on?”, Daichi asked him, finally, and Suga clenched his fists and looked down at them in his lap. Not only had he spent the majority of his day scooped up in his own home without being able to do anything worthwhile for the people in the city, now he had been forced into … into this.

And how was he supposed to talk about it with Daichi, of all people?

“My parents, they …” He absent-mindedly rubbed at the green on his fingertips, caused by all his fussing with herbs ever since the talk this morning.

“They want me to marry someone.”

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Reincarnated - Reylo/Force Bond

Rated: PG (some mention/description of death/murder)

Info: Reylo force bond one-shot story based off of prompts I received. Kylo Ren begins to feel/experience what Rey feels/experiences and he wants to put an end to it immediately. So he sets out to find the girl and do whatever needs to be done to end the torture, but things don’t go quite as planned.

* will eventually be getting posted on ao3; I’ll provide a link when possible

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So i think i understood it all to fit under the ‘Media’ theory.
(The only part I’m not too sure on is what Red Guy pulling the plug symbolises. I understand it is a metaphor for something, but I’m not sure what).

The fact that all of the Red Guys look the same symbolises the fact that everyone loses their individuality and creativity and all become the same in their boring, dead-end jobs.

When Red Guy starts singing the song from the first DHMIS, it shows that he misses his individuality and adolescent days and wants to regain the creativity he had when he was younger. The fact that Roy then appears and starts watching him from afar means that he is making sure that Red Guy knows that he cannot come back to his teenage years and that he must continue his boring life as an average adult.

When Red Guy is watching Doy on the computer thingy and is pressing all the buttons, this is showing that, now he is an adult, he can see all of the control the media has over children (and teenagers and elders) and how is is affecting them but cannot do anything to help. This is shown by the fact that no matter what Red Guy does, there is still someone there with Doy telling him how he should or should not feel about different things. Roy emerging from the darkness to grab Red Guy’s shoulder also symbolises that he cannot do anything to help Doy (or anyone who is targeted by the media) and also that Roy (the media) is always watching over everyone to make sure their lives stay how they’re supposed to be (Children & teens being told how to think, feel and act, adults living identical and boring lives and then elders being manipulated by younger civilians too) and that nobody falls out of place of this.

Red Guy pulls the plug ?? Symbolising ?? That he gives up trying to help ?? I’m not quite sure.

BUT I do understand that when Red Guy pulls the plug he says, “I wonder what will happen?” (explanation of this quote after the next scene)

Then there are three characters (same design as current ones, different colours) sitting in the same kitchen as DHMIS 1 (though a lot emptier, symbolising ?? that their minds are currently empty and have yet to be filled with things the media tells them ?? or just that they’re new targets ?? Again, I’m not quite sure what this is a metaphor for) and the calendar changes from June 19th to June 20th. The notebook begins to sing the first song again.
This symbolises that no matter what happens, the cycle will always just repeat. Once children, teenagers and elders escape the eye of the media, new children, teenagers and elders fall into it and begin to be manipulated in exactly the same way the previous were. (The new characters also look a lot younger in their age groups than the previous did, probably to show that they begin to be manipulated as soon as they become the age to be classed as a child, a teenager or an elder)

Red Guy saying “I wonder what will happen?” before pulling the plug out and then going into this scene gives us the answer to his question.
What will happen if he pulls the plug (whatever this may be a metaphor for)? Nothing. The cycle will remain the same and more targeted people will continue to be manipulated.

The message is just that there isn’t an end to being targeted by the media. It doesn’t matter what we do because nothing will ever change. The cycle will always repeat.

carry on, darling, we were built to last

Watching the gold medal, the same one as the other five in Victor’s trophy case, being hanged around his fiancé’s neck was not actually as bitter a feeling as many supposed it would be. Victor was happy. He placed second, but he was so happy… happier than any gold could make him.

After two years of training together, after a year he spent cheering on Yuuri from the sidelines and a year he motivated him from the ice as his fellow competitor, Victor could honestly say Yuuri deserved that gold. He’d worked so hard to achieve the highest place on the podium, towering over the other skaters, that when Victor looked up to the side he couldn’t imagine a better way to end this season.

Yuuri noticed him and smiled a tad apologetically.

“Sorry, I took the gold,” he said, almost as if he thought it was rightfully Victor’s. What a silly boy.

“Yuuri,” Victor shook his head with a smile, stepping up onto Yuuri’s podium and wrapping an arm around his waist. “You did your best and you got a medal to show for it. Don’t make me angry.”

He said it teasingly and by the little embarrassed laughter he knew Yuuri caught onto it. Camera flashes sparkled all around them constantly while they held up their medals. A stray thought, one that he didn’t have for a very long time popped into his head.

He always used to kiss his medals.

And didn’t he promise Yuuri to kiss his medal at last year’s GPF? There was something like that, wasn’t there?

Victor grinned to himself. He dropped his silver and reached out to take Yuuri’s gold. It was already warm from the heat of Yuuri’s hand. Blinking furiously, camera’s focused on what Victor was doing and he knew that soon the whole world would be talking about it, but… he didn’t care. He wanted them to know that Yuuri was his in every single way.

So he pulled the medal up to his lips, giving it a small kiss, while flashes went off from every direction making spots of white dance across his vision. Yuuri seemed to have remembered their promise, because his eyes brightened and he smiled at Victor a little incredulously, but overwhelmingly warm and–

How could Victor have held himself back?

He let go of the medal and leaned down, tilting his head away from the cameras for just an ounce of privacy. His lips pressed against Yuuri’s, sweet and slow, and grateful more than anything. Because it was Yuuri who showed Victor how colourful and warm the world could be, it was Yuuri who made him believe in happiness and bright future, it was Yuuri who beat his ass on the ice fair and square, finally, after all these years of loneliness…

“Congratulations, Yuuri,” he whispered against slightly trembling lips before he pulled back.

Yuuri’s cheeks were flushed, so beautiful in the sharp lights directed at the podium, but he wasn’t shy. He looked straight at Victor, with his eyes direct and warm. His lips were quirked in a tiny exasperated manner that Victor had come to associate with Yuuri calling out his name in that cute, meltingly adorable way.

“You’re horrible, you know that,” Yuuri said, but his voice was light. “Now the press just won’t leave us alone.”

Victor only shrugged a careless shoulder, pulling Yuuri closer to his side and smiling at the flashing cameras.

“It was going to happen sooner or later,” he replied. “And I actually quite like the idea of everyone knowing you’re mine and I’m yours. It’s a little exciting, isn’t it?”

He glanced down at Yuuri, who was busy making a peace sign at one camera. A little was an understatement. Victor was always excited when Yuuri was concerned. Ever since Yuuri swept him off his feet, quite literally, at that unforgettable GPF in Sochi.

When Yuuri turned his head back to him, his smile a bit nasty – oh, how Victor loved that smile ­– Victor didn’t expect these words to fall from his mouth.

“You’re dealing with it, then,” he said. “I have another season to prepare for, coach.”

And he hopped off the podium, leaving Victor alone and shocked and pleased beyond reasoning, because Yuuri was always going to keep him on his toes and he just couldn’t wait for what the future will bring.

ShalluraSundays :: dancing

a/n: first entry for shallura sundays, thanks for the wonderful prompt and putting this event together! this was inspired by john mayer’s amazing song “slow dancing in a burning room”, so i highly recommend listening to it while you read. hope you enjoy!

ffn or ao3

slow dancing in a burning room

They don’t talk about the mission.

For the 24 hours Allura was in Galra captivity, Shiro can picture all too clearly what she may have gone through. His memories of his year as a prisoner have always been fuzzy, even when he was just back in the gladiator ring—time blurs and your mind becomes a master of forgetting what you don’t want to remember—but the first day has always remained clear. Or at least, the fear that had threatened to choke up, clawing at his throat and burning his lungs.

Thinking about Allura being captured by the Galra hurts even more, mostly because it’s his fault. On bad days, Shiro can’t exactly formulate what else he could have done—been faster, better, stronger? Dodged her grab for his collar?—but it doesn’t really matter. He lost her.

He can’t lose her.

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tattoos and stick figures

punk!cas au: 4.2k words 

Castiel can hear the whispers of the parents on the playground around him but by now he’s used to it. He just keeps looking out for his daughter.

Being a young and single father had made Castiel fall victim many times to the glares of judgement from the middle-aged women around town. He’d walk hand-in-hand with Claire down the street and she would be none-the-wiser to the whispered remarks being made about her dad. 

It bothered him sometimes. When Claire was still a baby and he pushed her around the park in her pushchair, people would give him those looks, as if he’d just stolen the baby from a kind and caring suburban family. But no. It was just her and him.

He supposes that it also doesn’t help that he is covered pretty much head-to-toe in tattoos and piercings.

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