how was i not supposed to ship this

The Worlds at Our Fingertips

Chapter 19 - Day-Drink For Your Health

A Stardust Perc’ahlia AU. After a nice break over the holidays, I’m back to fic writing! Things are a little more cluttered in this stretch of my life, so weekly updates may not be happening. Rest assured I am still excited about this fic and love writing it! Thanks to everyone who has been waiting patiently, and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

              Vex has no idea how much time it takes for The Broken Howl to stop pitching and swaying. The passage of time stops its usual habit of leaving mental markers in her mind, and trundles along down a nondescript path that leaves her disoriented. Additionally, Vex isn’t sure if the airship escapes the storm, or if the storm itself merely leaves them behind. She supposes it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the fellow she helped pull back onto the ship is doing well with the exception of some stitches and a sharp headache. Vex is careful to speak in a moderate tone near him, sympathetic to his plight after having spent her recent days nursing similar injuries. A few other people in the mess hall are sporting smaller pains, bumps, and bruises. They’re all the result of the splintering channel… but the storm had come and gone without leaving any serious injuries.

              With the danger safely behind them, and business as usual continuing above the deck, the crew has no qualms speaking about the onset of the storm. It had apparently appeared with breathtaking swiftness, developing at a rate that must’ve been spurred on with magic. None of them had caught a whiff of magic beforehand, and the conjuration of the storm had blindsided them all. Pike had acted quickly enough to buy her crew time to prepare and secure their lifelines, but at the cost of mistiming a strike of lightning. Everyone is eager to explain that things could have been much worse had their fearless leader not acted as she did.

              Vex listens while swimming around in a mental fog. It seems like people are speaking around her, but not to her. She feels dazed and incredibly small. The memory of the storm still thunders in her mind, and the quick glances Percy keeps shooting her don’t help her pay any sort of attention to what’s being said. He’s standing near the wall by the metal stove, warming his hands. Vex doesn’t feel quite up to standing at the moment, otherwise she might join him.

              Unexpectedly, a flagon of ale is planted between her hands. Vex startles and looks up into Scanlan’s blinding grin. His hair is damp and mussed, but somehow still maintains the appearance of purposeful styling.

              “A drink for the big damn hero!” Scanlan says loudly.

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HAP BIRTH MAX @mangaken!! 🎉🎉

hOW MANY YEARS HAS IT BEEN aaaa you’ve been one of my closest friends ive made on here :’)) Thank u for sticking with me throughout these years and I apologize for any wrongdoing ive done u_u;

sentimental stuff aside FJSKF AFTER 47843 YEARS I FINALLY DREW AN ACTUAL LAPIDOT rip i know ive said ive been wanting to draw them earlier but well better late than never i suppose hAHAHA they’re really cute and because of u i got into this ship 8’’))


Dean Creations Challenge | deanwnchestcr vs angelusautemdomini
↳ Prompt: Dean!Centric Episodes - 11.14 The Vessel

Teach me how to use it. It’s the power of God. Maybe I can use it to save you, save the sub.
And your war?
I wanna help you now.
You save this ship, get us to the surface, and then what? The power of God will consume you, and you’ll have merely brought the weapon closer to the Nazis’ grasp. We are supposed to die, let us do it with a purpose.

I’m so happy Gravity Falls didn’t end with the male lead kissing his love interest in front of the sunset like many other cartoons/movies. In fact the only end game romantic ships we have are SoosxMelody, BlubsxDurland, TambryxRobbie, and WaddlesxGompers and i think that’s beautiful .


porlyusica ain’t slick bitch

i know we all want it but how she supposed to keep him warm with a crop top and a mini skirt meanwhile porlyusica rockin a hugeass coat like no,,, lucy fully dressed and still more naked than gray smh damn

Tsk. Just how are you planning to represent our liege if you can’t even dress yourself properly?”

Alright so the new song is amazing the girls vocals are only getting better and better and their dancing has noticeably improved and the the videos aesthetics are really nice but the guy makes the mv so uncomfortable for me. Like not even in the since of “hey I ship — he’s not supposed to be here haha” like that “kiss” scene with Solar hell even Hwasa’s weren’t exceptable by any means. Both scenes left a bad taste in my mouth and I really just wonder why they were even allowed in the pv. Hell I didn’t even like how Hwasa’s character in um oh ah yeah forced himself on Solar.

What I learned from Shadowhunters 02.01:

o1. Magnus should never wear a shirt. 
o2. Jace killing 5 vamps on his own, with no real weapons, is an incredible turn on. 
o3. Jocelyn needs to stop. Clary also needs to stop. 
o4. Simon Lewis is as wonderful as the sun. Yes, I get the irony
o5. I ship Clizzy.
o6. Luke and Simon’s relationship is A+. Give me more. 
o7. ALEC KILLS APOLOGIES and my heart aches for them. LET THEM BE HAPPY.

I'm flipping through the channels and see OUAT and Henry is dancing with a girl and Swan Queen are watching and some romantic ass music in playing in the background and like THIS IS SO GAY, I LOVE IT.

Like how are we NOT supposed to ship Swan Queen together, did y'all SEE those proud Mamas?!

P.S. What song was that playing? Someone tell me, I need to hear it right now immediately.