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I won’t be updating tonight cause I’ve been out all afternoon and it’s late and I just got home and I’m so tired, I’m sorry!! I’ll have more updates out really soon I’ve just been busier than usual lately 😫😫 I love you guys tho

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A video? An IG post? Sometimes I try to imagine how D will come out. And I know that I will be so proud that it will be impossible to fully explain. I know that I want for him to be able to state whatever he needs and to be finally heard. I wanna people stop questioning him on that matter and.. Oh how much I would like to know when it will happen to be fully prepare myself to be a complete cheerleader/proud mama shit 😊

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Here's an idea, for UT Toriel, Sans, Papyrus, and Asgore. (Optionally Alphys and Undyne, but I know the char limit is 4 now so you don't gotta). Long story short, and older person, probably in their 70s or 80s, but still in good health, has fallen down into the underground. They loves talking and puzzles and the likes, but doesn't like the whole fighting and dueling thing too much. How do they all react? (Honestly I just like old frisk tbh)

(Prepare for old Frisk, their weapon is a cane and butterscotch candy. Their armour is three layers of sweaters. Their attacks are talking about their days as a young child; offering hard candy and asking if you have eaten today. Do you maybe want some soup? Or a tea?)

UT Sans: Not really into fighting, eh? Perfect. He is too lazy for that anyway…oh, and he is also on break, so couldn’t fight them even if they wanted to. And he is always up for a nice chat, just sitting down and doing nothing, talking about whatever.

He is also glad that they are into puzzles, Papyrus loves puzzles, and he really could use a friend to talk with. And you seem friendly enough. 

UT Papyrus: No fighting? Aww, but how is he supposed to them if he can’t fight them. But they…really like puzzles. He is super enthusiastic the moment he has a chance to talk to another puzzle lover. And they are so nice, taking him under their wings immediately.

He is a grown skeleton, but it’s nice to have somebody elder, somebody friendly to talk to. Like a kind of mentor, just less mentoring, and more friendly interactions.

UT Toriel: She doesn’t mind it, she thinks it’s nice to talk somebody older for once. She can finally swear again, thank fucking god. She usually doesn’t swear a lot, but she always held her tongue when she was around the fallen children, and she didn’t have any social interactions apart from them. Froggits and Whimsums don’t make for great conversational partners.

She likes to sit down and have a nice chat with them, some tea and a nice slice of pie or some cookies, in front of the warm fireplace. She also enjoys finally being able to have a real conversation, to not have somebody to look after like the children. A lot of very amusing evenings follow their first meeting, especially after Toriel get’s out an old bottle of whiskey she has been storing in a far corner of her wardrobe for a special occasion.

UT Asgore: He….he is very glad. He doesn’t want to fight either. The need for revenge was long replaced by a deep grief, the anger long gone. He just wants to free his people, he promised them after all. And in any other situation, he would fight them. But they are old. They don’t want to go to the surface, they are alright with just staying here, have a few good last years, even if they are Underground.

He will let them stay in the Underground, monsterkind can wait for some longer. He is honestly just tired of it all. So, like with Chara all those years ago, he will let them stay here and take their soul after they pass away naturally. He enjoys having some company too. He always mingled with all monsters Underground, but in the end, he was all alone in his castle, only the guard and some servants who cleaned from time to time.

He enjoys having somebody there again, even if it’s far from the way it used to be.

Someone help this is the first Thanksgiving my mom brother and I aren’t going to dinner with the rest of the family and none of us know how to prepare a turkey

  • I wish I could get pictures of the looks on my mom’s face at having to put her hands in a dead bird
  • Both my mom and brother are grossed out so I did it
  • “Do you feel a bag of giblets?” “No, just a cold, empty cavity.” “STOP DESCRIBING IT!”
  • “What’s a giblet?” - My brother
  • “Well, the bag says pull out two things and we pulled out two things so I guess those are it?”
  • “Do we take the plastic thing out?”
  • “Shannon, if you call [the bag of turkey juices] that again, I will have to throw up on you.”
  • “Shannon, you can keep [putting the foil over the turkey].” (smacks my hand away the second I get close to the juices spill) “NOT YET!” “WELL, THAT’S WHY I WAS WAITING”
  • “Do you want me to massage the turkey with oil?”
  • “Wow, mom, that’s a lot of pepper” “She’s pepperjacking the turkey”
  • “Yeah, mom, you salt that turkey”
  • “Can I burn these?” “No, those are the only trash cans we have.” “Sad as they are.”
  • (After asking several more times) “CAN I BURN THIS” “YOU KNOW WE CAN’T”
  • It took some effort to fit the whole turkey in the oven, we had to adjust racks and shove
  • After full minutes, my mom remembered: “THE POP TIMER!”
  • After failing to find a place to fit the pop timer: “JUST STICK IT IN THROUGH THE TINFOIL”
  • My aunt’s hosting Thanksgiving dinner at her house, safe in the knowledge that her turkey is better than ours and her windows and oven are the cleanest in the goddamn world

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Uhm how were you able to stomach watching B***rk? Like I wasn't prepared for all of that and stopped after reading spoilers lol

beserk? oof girl i read the manga and that shit highkey triggers my depression lol i stopped reading after Guts meet up with the loli witch ting i love the characters (& art style!!!) but too much dark shit can weigh on your heart even if it’s fictitious bc humanity literally is that horrible sometimes? so you know.

name a more iconic duo than me and procrastination. go ahead, i’ll wait. 

I think I see why her friends keep crushing on her…



Adrien: Has she always been this cute?  Why didn’t you tell me?!

The Pharaoh / Le Pharaon


Me: Oh this au is all fluff!

Also: Hey what about insecure Todoroki

Part 4 of the snapchat au!

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Markiplier’s You’re Welcome Tour

I’m sitting in my hotel room, skillfully eating some leftover chicken and dumplings from Cracker Barrel with a coffee straw cause I don’t have a fork, putting off taking off my makeup, and writing this post while everything is still kinda fresh in my mind.

I had the most amazing time tonight at the show! I honesty wish my brain was working better now so I could write better words but this is all I got lol

The show was SO GOOD!! I had so much fun and the Louisville Palace was beautiful!! Like wow it was a gorgeous theater and I’m so glad I got the chance to go! I appreciate so much what everyone did to put this show together for all of us and it all went so well! 

I had VIP seats so I got to see Mark sing before the show started and I am honestly so proud of him for facing his fear of singing in front of everyone and doing so well! Sorry the phone lights threw you off a little but tbh it really added to the moment. And I’m glad you got your little guitar clamp thing back lol Thank you so much for doing that for us~

I had seen little clips of the show here and there from June and I thought it looked amazing but I was not prepared for how much more fun and amazing it was to actually be there and participate in the show! Every second was so funny and fun and I think my favorite part was the dance off! Sorry Ethan but Mark won this one lol The fan participation was so cool!

I love the whole team so much it was awesome to see them all perform in person. ALSO AMY AND KATHRYN!! Shout-out to them for being awesome and beautiful and going around to get questions from people!

Okay I better wrap this up cause I’ve rambled too much at this point. I might write more tomorrow if I can think of more to say. But thank you Mark, Ethan, Bob, Wade, Tyler, Amy, Kathryn, and of course Dan the Music Man for putting on a fantastic show that I won’t forget~


P.S. - My mom also loved the show and thought you all did amazing!


well damn wonho, show kihyun what you really got 


So this is love, so this is what makes life divine…


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