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Two Months Later...

I wrote my first fanfic in like 2 years, maybe more. Uh… So i hope you guys like it. Damien BloodmarchXMC. No NSFW, but touches on transgendered issues.

Note: I am a transman myself. I’ll put some of it under the cut so the post isn’t too long. 

I had started to love the way the moonlight stroked the cul-de-sac at night. The smell of the freshly mown grass and remnants of cookouts would always make me smile. Even though I hadn’t lived there for as long as the others, it already felt like home.

It had been a couple of months since Amanda had left for her school. It was lonely, but all of my friends kept me busy. Working out with Craig, baking with Joseph, chatting with Mat at the Coffee Spoon, helping Amanda’s old school and Hugo with school fundraising, going fishing with Brian, and drinking with Robert and Mary. It was good to keep my mind of things and how incredibly lonesome it had been without Amanda. Of course, there was one other that would occupy my thoughts and I would spend my time with.

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Writing Tip: Fuck the Fucking Rough Draft

Quick reminder to my fellow scribblers out there: rough drafts are still fine–and are really meant to be–shitty

Not just ‘rough,’ but full-on ‘Hey Guys This Is My 1st Fanfic Be Gentle !!1!,’ stream-of-consciousness awful

Maybe you’re the type to spin literary gold out of thin air and if so, kudos to you, Hemingway, but for most of us just putting down that first draft is like trying to break through a concrete wall with a plastic spoon, mainly because we’re all subconsciously hoping that the first try will be a perfect construction of grammar and narrative with no need for the pains of editing and revising

But I will tell you what my guys, I have never once not had to go back and fix something* (*many things** (**everything)) after completing the rough draft no matter how careful I thought I was being

So, you know what? Fuck the rough draft. Churn that piece of shit out as fast as your enthusiasm will let you. (Because honestly, one of the worst killers of a piece of writing is fretting over the details for so long you lose steam/interest/the will to write the damn thing once you convince yourself you ‘Just Can’t Get It Right.’ You can.)

Write shitty. Write the most extravagantly flowery purple prose. Spend a page writing about some fucker’s cerulean orbs or spend three pages discussing how pretty the scenery of that sweet Fantasy Realm © is. Spend two (2) lines discussing how Expendable Character #4 got killed off by the bad guy and move on

Fuck the fucking rough draft

Finish it off

Step back from it

Then come back and do the post-fuckening after care. Reread, revise, cut out excess, add padding where you need it, spackle over the plot holes, etc

Do it as many times as you need to before you’re no longer polishing a turd and have an actual gold nugget in front of you

You can do it, friends

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  • You’d never hear this straight from Iwaizumi’s mouth, but he is just so pleased that he’s the slightest bit taller than Daichi, since he’s around tall people so much (the rest of the Seijou third years, even his kouhai Yahaba). The height difference is especially nice, because he can easily rest his forehead on the soft tuft of Daichi’s hair.
  • Iwaizumi is the big spoon. Daichi had tried to insist on being the big spoon some nights, but he mostly stopped after hearing Iwaizumi’s reasoning. (“Whenever I have my arms around you, I just feel really… grounded, I suppose,” Iwaizumi had said. They both exploded. They’re not used to so much cheese.)
  • Every night, one of Daichi’s last thoughts is how strong Iwaizumi’s arms are, ahem.
  • They’re both so used to addressing each other formally that the first time Daichi calls Iwaizumi “Hajime”, Iwaizumi has to physically leave the room.
  • The one time Daichi had decided to call Iwaizumi “Iwa-chan” as a joke (it was Suga’s idea), Oikawa couldn’t stop whining about “how mean Iwa-chan is, can’t take a joke”, rubbing his new bruise all the while.
  • The rest of Seijou are a bit intimidated by Daichi, but they love him in the same way they respect and are awed by Iwaizumi. Even Kyoutani listens to what he has to say. (Oikawa is so indignant, it’s funny.) Karasuno adores Iwaizumi. 
  • Iwaizumi isn’t used to being gentle and affectionate (his best friend is Oikawa, come on), but he finds that he likes receiving affection. Daichi picks up on this really quickly and initiates most of their touch. 
  • Daichi isn’t used to giving affection either, but he thinks it’s worth it, to have Iwaizumi’s face blush red when Daichi leans up to kiss him; worth it, to have Iwaizumi kiss him back just as forcefully, or just as shyly.
  • Daichi understands that he is the foundation on which his team members rely on, and he’s grateful to be that support for his team. But sometimes, as a captain who carries his team on his shoulders, he tends to find it taxing. Iwaizumi is his rock, and one of Daichi’s greatest comforts can be found in Iwaizumi’s embrace, at the end of a long day.
BSM: Your Friends Use You For Him


Picking at her food, Y/n looks around the kitchen table without lifting her head. She knew this topic would arise again, of course it would. There was no backing out of the topic. 

She finally sighs, sick of the question being asked millions of times by her family.

“I just don’t want a Sweet 16. Okay? I just…don’t.” She mumbles, twisting her spoon upon her plate.

“Why don’t you want a Sweet 16, Y/n? You only turn 16 once, you can’t make it up!” Gemma screeches, dropping the fork held in her hands onto the plate.

“I know” Y/n shrugs, “I just don’t want one.”

Even though Y/n said it so casually, she really does want a Sweet 16. She always wanted one. She grew up planning out every bit of her Sweet 16, where it would be, how nice she would dress, all of her friends there. But the truth was, being Harry Styles’ little sister caused a lot of fake friendships. Being in highschool, Y/n is surrounded by 15 year old fangirls for One Direction, and they would always use her to get to Harry.

She didn’t mind not having friends, it was definitely better than having fake ones. She’s fine with just her family, but she does want someone to have a good sleepover with time to time. Or someone to tell everything to. It was hard not to have anybody like her for who she is.

“Being your older brother, I would like to say that I really want you to have the best Sweet 16 you could ever imagine.” Harry smiles, taking a bite out of his potatoes.

She sighs again, moving the food upon her plate with her spoon. Her temple was being held up by her fist, implying she is done with this conversation. It’ll depress her if it doesn’t end.

“Baby,” Anne whispers, “I really thought you wanted one.”

“You know what mum, but I don’t. Okay?! I do not want a Sweet 16! I don’t want anything to do with a Sweet 16! Don’t you understand that?!” Y/n yells, slamming the table with the side of her fist, finally reaching her breaking point.

If someone else mentions it, she’ll end up breaking something.

Everyone at the table flinches, their mouth agape at her sudden out burst. She’s never one to yell, much less punch a table, so they all knew instantly that there was something a lot deeper than what she claims. 

“But you have Clair, and Tiffany and Courtney, and you have us. We don’t need something big, what about I take you and your friends out to London, right in the heart of it?” Anne suggests.

Y/n can’t keep it in any longer. Her eyes become glossy, and she swears her heart is beating faster than any other time before.

“Yeah, mum. That’d be fantastic. Take me to London. Just me, because I don’t have any friends. Claire, Tiffany and Courtney? They aren’t my friends anymore.” She frowns.

Gemma quickly reaches over to Y/n, placing her hand softly on her back, rubbing the skin soothingly. Y/n knows it’s her way of saying sorry.

“Awe, sissy. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Y/n groans, “this happens all the time. This isn’t anything new.”

Harry looks concerned at his baby sister. Nobody should be use to losing people, especially best friends.

“Why’s that, Y/n?” Harry asks.

Y/n gives him a look, a look of hatred and frustration.

“Well,” Y/n sighs, placing her hands on the surface of the table so she can stand up. She shakes her head, closing her eyes slowly, “I was born your sister.”

The entire room starts to spin, a clang on Harry’s chest squeezing against him, because he knows now. He knows why she didn’t want a Sweet 16—because she couldn’t.

“Great.” Harry mumbles, placing his head in his hands.

“She didn’t mean that, Harry. You have nothing to do with it. She’s just mad.” Gemma says quietly.

He shakes his head, rubbing his hands along his face in frustration. Sighing, he slumps against his chair, stiring his food lazily along his plate.

“She did mean it. I’m famous. I’m in a damn boyband, girls her age like us. They’re probaby—shit—I can’t believe we’ve never thought about this.”

He squeezes his eyes shut, fingers clenching around the metal of his spoon.

Anne gasps, her hand slightly touching her heart, “You’re not saying people u—use her, right? Not my baby.”

Harry rubs his eyes, his jaw clenching just thinking about how bad he’s making her school life.

“I have to fix this” he whispers to himself, sliding his chair across the floor, causing a high pitched screech to echo throughout the room.

“Mum, the first thing I want you to do tomorrow is call the school and tell her she’s not going back, alright? I will find someone to teach her here, just, please, alright? I don’t need this shit happening to my baby sister because of me.”

Anne nods, looking down at the table with guilt and sadness. She doesn’t understand why this is happening to her baby, but she should have expected it. She only blames herself.

Harry walks up the steps, cursing under his breath with every step he takes until he reaches her room.

“Y/n?” Harry whispers, lighting knocking on her door with two knuckles.

“It’s open” he hears her mumble.

Cracking open the door at first, Harry can tell she had been crying, but not too much. Her eyes were red and glossy, but her skin wasn’t red, and her voice wasn’t scratchy like they usually are when she’s severely upset.

She’s looking out the window, the soft sound of music playing in her room. Her knees are up to her chest, a pillow laying on top to place her chin comfortably on it.

“Hey” he says softlt, taking a seat on the other side of her windo bed.

“Hi.” She whispers.

“Look I—”

“It’s not your fault, Harry. Not at all. I’m sorry I blamed it on you.”

“But it is my fault. It’s all of our faults. We never noticed what would happen if you went to public school, we never thought of all the horrible things.”

Y/n shrugs, “I only have two more years. I’ll survive.”

He shakes his head, eyes and fists squeezing shut. 

“No. You’re not going back there, alright. I’ll figure something out for you.”

She sighs in relief, as if the world has been lifted off her shoulders. Anything is better than going back to a school where people take her to her advantage. She had to watch herself because something could be held against her. Anything is better.

“Thank God.”

Harry smiles slightly, placing his hand ontop of hers. He has to do something to make it up to her. He wants her to have a Sweet 16 no matter what, something better than all of her fake friends.

“Lets go to New York” Harry suggests, knowing that it has always the place she wanted to go. Ever since she was a little kid.

Her eyes light up, her mouth dropping wide, stunned at the idea.


“I don’t care if you don’t want a Sweet 16. I’ll give you a full week off of school and we all go to New York. Right in the center of the city.”

“H—Harry, that’s so—so—so much money and so much time I don't—”

“No. We are going to go to New York City. I care for you, I’ll do it.”

Tears of excitement start to pile in her eyes, and she quickly throws herself in her brother’s arms. She squeezes him tight, smiling against the fabric on his shoulder.

“I am so lucky to have you as a brother. I love you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Harry smiles, arms perminately around her back, his thumb rubbing right against her spine.

“Anything for you, my sweet sister. Happy birthday.”

Eisuke’s Jealousy (5)

Eisuke’s Jealousy (1) (2) (3) (4)

His gaze was dark and heavy on you.

“Eisuke…wha-what are you talking about, I told you already”

“________, tell me I’m not playing with you” He said as his tone sounded like he was about to loose his cool. You didn’t know what to do or what to say, should you doge it, or ask him a question?

“He is my escort you, the one you hired” you thought quickly on your feet.

“Really? Huh, why would he even” He said with a small laugh, you were relieved to hear it. You decided to not touch the subject of that women anymore, you were scare Eisuke would try to doge the topic the same way he did. Eisuke then came closer to you as he finish unbuttoning his shirt.

“What you said earlier….it was non sense, I thought I didn’t had the need to tell you that you are the only women I would love.” Eisuke then stretched his right hand and to cup you cheek. “It knocked out my senses that you would even ask that to me ______. Don’t do that again.” With that he leaned down, towards your lips, and gave you a passionate kiss. You were melting under his touch, your mind was going blank, you could only think of Eisuke at the moment. Just then, he grabbed you by the waist tightly, making you let out a small gasp. Eisuke then pulled his lips away from you and then started biting  and sucking on your neck. In a sudden movement you pushed Eisuke back with your hands.

“Eisuke, please tell me nothing is happening between you and anyone. Please tell me I’m the only one.”

“________, you and only you are the only that I love, nobody but you.” He finished his sentence as he gave you a kiss. Eisuke ran this finger along your cheeks, down your chin. “We are going out for something special tomorrow.”


“Yes, now get to bed, I’ll join you in a few minutes.” He walked to his desk as he said those words. He hadn’t occupied that desk ever since you guys arrived at the hotel, but somehow he had his laptop, the one that he always used, there. Seeing that he was into his business stuff you decided to get ready for bed and headed over to the bathroom to brush your teeth. As you brushed them, you looked at your reflection on the mirror and you felt so relieved that Eisuke was back and that he had calmed your doubts. Eisuke looked truthful when he had told you that he love you, truthful enough that you decided to believe him. When you finished brushing your teeth you headed over to the closet room, which was near the bedroom. You wanted to get into your pajamas. You first took off your shoes, then your socks, pants, and at last your shirt, leaving yourself in your underwear. Reaching for your camisole you felt a warm firm hand touch your right shoulder, you quickly turned around to face him. His honey hues were set on yours. In a matter of seconds he hugged you tightly, picking you up from the ground.

“I miss you _______.” You wrapped your legs around his waist and held on to his neck as he carried you to the bed. Gently, he set you on the bed and took of his shirt, he then gave you your pajamas and he put on his. This action of his took you by surprise. “I’m exhausted.” He mumble as he got in bed with you. After pulling up the covers he spooned you in his arms.

“How was the trip?” Your back was touching his pectorals. Still embracing you he answered,

“It was better that I expected. I’m fully recover and I made more profit after.”

“Oh my god, that is great!”

“Yes, and the hotel here is going to bring even more profit to us.” At that moment you had all sorts of thoughts and emotions running thought your head, “had he said “us”” you thought. This was the first time he ever said anything that made you think he was sharing his wealth with you. “________.”

“Oh yes, I just had no words to describe how happy I’m for you.” He then buried his face on your neck.

“For us ____. Now go to sleep, you need rest for tomorrow.” He scowled.

The following morning your heart jumped from excitement as you were awoken by gentle hair strokes that Eisuke was giving you as he smiled at your sleepy face. “Morning, you have several appointments today. First one is a Spa, next is going to  be the dermatologist, after that is an appointment with Dr. Sheperd for teeth whitening, followed by one at a boutique with a fashion designer, and then  you have one here, with a makeup artist.”

“Are my teeth that ba-”

“No, you just need to look radiant for tonight.”

“Is this event going to be that big?” Smirking he answered,

“It will be the second to biggest most important party you will ever attend to in your life.”

For the first time in a long time you guys sat together and ate breakfast. Eisuke look so calmed that morning that it made you fear, this was not the usual him. After getting ready he sent you to with your escort to go to your appointments while he was at work. He must of have forgotten who the escort was because you saw François in the hotel entrance when you came down. 

“How is your day ______.” He said as he inspected you. He must of being worried because he still thought Eisuke had cheated on you, or at least you thought he hadn’t.

“I’m doing fine, things got cleared up ish” You said politely trying to keep your distance, you knew that you were head over heels for him.

The first thing on the list of appointments was the spa, and it was wonderful. 

The staff were super considerate and careful, probably because they knew who they were dealing with. When you were getting your back massage you thought of how awful it was to be in love with two guys at the same time. You felt your heart break into two when you saw François. In the other hand, he made you forget Eisuke even existed. François made you feel like if you were in the heavens, everything was the color pink whenever you guys were together. 

After finishing with that appointment you went to meet up with François at the entrance, so he could take you to your next one.

“________, you know how I feel about you right?” He said as you both were seated in the limousine.

“How could I not, you have shown me with every action you have taken to make me happy.”

“I’m glad you know, I was, I just wanted”

“Shhhhh.” You said as you held your index fingers on his pink tinted lips. You know that if he kept on going you were going to probably confess how you felt for him.

It was 1:30pm when you got out of the dermatologist. Next was making your smile brighter. “How is your project going?” You asked.

“It’s is going great, you actually gave me great feedback, and I changed some stuff on the left wing of the hospital.”

“I’m glad I was of help.” You were jumping from excitement when you heard that he included your ideas in, Eisuke never did that.

Your mouth felt so weird when you came out of that appoint. It was 3:35, and you had an hour free till your next one, which was very close to were you where. François took you to a cafe to talk, to kill time. “Here…,” he said giving you a small box and looking away. When you opened the box you saw that it was a silver ring with diamonds on its sides. It looked very expensive.


“________, I know. You are forbidden to anyone, but that doesn’t mean I will stop fighting for you. Eisuke might not see what he has in front of him, but I do. I know how you feel, partially because you are very transparent when it comes to showing your emotions. However, I’m not making you choose right now. I just want you to know that there is another way you can take. Wear that ring until you have decided, and if I see that you don’t have it anymore, I’ll know then that you have chose one.” Your heart almost shattered of how thoughtful he was. He knew you were having a hard time, and he wanted to make it easier if you had to reject anyone. You gave him a half smile as you put on the ring on your right ring finger. It was 2:45 now, and you had to go to the boutique.

Every dressed look so gorgeous in that place. “Hello Madame, we are going to try a few dresses on for tonights event. Please make your self comfortable while I bring the racks of dresses that you are going to try.”

“When do we have to be back by?” You asked François as the receptionist left.

“Uum, not until six.”

“OOh gosh those are going to be a lot of dresses that I have to put on.”

“I guess so”

You tried dress after dress after dress. François was your audience, and it felt so natural to ask him, “So how do I look?” and he would always answer with something that would boost your ego, and those dresses that were not quite flattering to your body, he would be very gentle about telling you that it did not look good. The whole time he kept on writing something on his little journal that he carried everywhere.

“He what are you writing there, “ you said as you took a peak, however his handwriting was so awful that you could not make a word there. It was a mixture of capital letters and chicken scratch.

“N-nothing…” he stutter and blushed as he pulled the journal away from your sight.

“Miss, the next dress is ready” the designer said.


After putting on the dress you asked François if it looked better then the rest.

“………you look….stunning.” The dress was champagne color.

“Ooh thank you,” you blushed.

“That is the one ________. It compliments your body really well, your skin practically glows with that color too.” It was’t that much of a surprised that this dress accented your curves, Eisuke and him did have similar taste, starting with you.

“We’ll take this one.”

“Alright madame, Mr. Ichinomiya payed for any dress you picked in advance, and will be shipped to you in a few minutes to the hotel you are staying. I’ll take the liberty to add the accessories and shoes that will go with it”

You and François left the boutique at 5:30pm, and gave you perfect time to arrive at your room at six. When you got there everything was already set up and ready for you.

“Good evening, we are going to do a similar process to the one of the other night. Your dress will be arriving soon. Your make up will consist of black gel eye liner, golden, brown, and cream color eyeshadow in powder form this time. Lips will be more to the pink hue yet it will have a golden mist to it. We will start you off with a mask, then we will retouch the eyebrows, do you a hairstyle, then we’ll do the makeup. Again, if there is any questions please don’t be afraid to ask, we are here to help. Do you mind if I put on the radio, I tend to work better with music”

“Not at all” you responded.

After a few minutes your dress came as they were taking down the mask you had on. The whole time there was French music playing on the background.

“Alright, I think the hair is done, my assistant did a good job at this. Now let me look for the materials I need to start your makeup.”

Then out of no where you heard a familiar voice coming from the doorway, since you were facing away from the door you could not see the person that was coming.

“Alright, what do we have here. Ooh nice dress, good choice _______.” Suddenly you thought, “Is that Ota, Oh my gosh what is he doing here!” Then Ota turned your chair around to face him.

“I’ll take it from here.” He order the makeup artist. The makeup artist was so shocked that she was in front of the so called “Angelic Artist,” she froze. Ota in the other hand, was holding the edge of the chair, and was examining your face.

“Actually can you do me a favor, It would be wonderful if you could pass me my makeup boxes near the dress…yes that one, near the bed….thank you.” He said as she finally gave him his materials and headed towards the door.

“Ota, what are you doing here?” You said.

“Arn’t you glad to see me? I bet you were very bored with that old men of Eisuke.”

“Yes, but what are you-”

“So you agreed? Bad girl _____ you shouldn’t be like that to your master…..haha I’m joking. I’m here to do your makeup and make you look wonderful for tonight. Its very important to Eisuke that you look your best. Alright, enough chit-chatting.” He said as he pulled a MAC pallet and some brushes.

The whole time you thought, “What is this event even about.” After about 40 minutes Ota says,

“Good, let me see…” he backed up a little to see you more from afar, and then continued, “I think we are done here _____. I’m sorry I didn’t talk, I tend to concentrate fully when ever I’m working. Here,” he handed you a mirror.

“Ota, I look..”

“Amazing, yes, I did it, what else where you expecting”

“Thank you.”

“Ok now put on that dress, and shoes that we are short in time.”

It was almost eight when you got done putting your dress and shoes.

“Put on this bracelet, and this earrings, and this pendant.” You did as he said with out a word.

“You know you can talk to me right, I’m not Eisuke, now cheer up! We are going to a very special party, and you need to look great for the cameras.”

“Well hello there pretty lad….I mean gorgeous white rose.” Baba said as he came into the room from the hallway.

“Both of you are here?!”

“Actually, all five of us are here.” Baba laugh.

Both men escorted you to the reception the event was taking place, which was at another hotel. As soon as you guys arrived there you saw Mamoru, and as you approached him he took out his cigaret out of his mouth, and said, “Eisuke is a lucky bastar huh?” Weirdly you were flatter, but your train of thought got distracted as you saw Eisuke and Soryu talking on the other end of the room. Soryu seemed to give Eisuke a small black box. “No way, is it a drug, or a code, or a micro chip?” you thought. Eisuke soon saw you gazing over where they were and started walking to your direction. He looked extremely handsome, as he made his way to you, you felt that you were on another dimension, as the place was sparkling from how glamorous it was, it was evident that this was indeed very important event.

“Good, you are here.” Eisuke said as he walked towards you, you were so eager to ask what this event was about but you did no wanted to make Eisuke mad with any questions. “It must of been that deal he made that made him even richer,” you thought. “Lets go” Eisuke said holding your hand. Both of you talked to many people, like you guys always did on events like this. To your missfurtune Eisuke had to stop by François.

“Good evening” Eisuke offered a smile.

“Sir, Madame,” François bowed. “Both of you look wonderful.” 

He said as he took a quick glance at your right hand. You still had not taken the ring off. However you could see the that his heart was tearing apart, and you felt so awful that you were were the cause.

After talking to a few people, Eisuke and you sat with the rest of the Bidders. All of you ate, drank, and shared news. Eisuke then got up of his chair and said, “Wait here,” as he walked to the stage’s direction.

As he stood in the podium he took a quick nervous glance at you, locked eyes, and took a deep breath. “It is with great pleasure that I stand here in front of this great audience. As we all know we are celebrating the deal that two companies made recently, two days ago. However, that is not the main reason we are all here. We are here to celebrate a very important event for two people. There is a great saying that I only managed to understand a few months ago, it goes like this. “Behind a great men is a greater women.” I find this to be extremely precise, for I did not come all the way here alone. The great women who is behind me has stuck with me through thick and thin. She has been my loyal companion on many occasions. Always there for me when I most need her. This women, has indeed captured my heart with her kindness and charisma. She has shown me what love madness is, as well as what it is like to care for someone more then oneself. She has taught me what it love is. This wonderful women does have a name, her name is _______-________. She is soooo fantastically wonderful that I want to spend the rest of my life with her. So today I ask you my love, under the moon of Paris, would you marry me?” Eisuke said that last phrase as he opened a small black box holding the biggest stone ring that was breath taking gorgeous.

“” you gasp. Baba saw that you were surprised, and so he said, “_______, go for it!” Quickly you stood up, and gracefully walked to where Eisuke was, nonetheless, you ended up yelling “YES!” midway to where the stage was, you just couldn’t wait any longer, you had completely forgotten about François who was in the audience. Everyone cheered, and clap at the proposal. All of the things he had done, and all the appointments had lead to this event. Paparazies and reporters had not chill with the amount of photos they were taking. When you reached the stage Eisuke welcomed you with a tight embrace, he then kneeled on one knee, and asked you again, “will you marry me?” You nodded with tears forming on your eyes as he inserted the ring on your left hand ring finger.

The event went on for a few more hours, every one congratulated both of you. Around 12am you guys came to your room. Both of you wanted to love each other fully that night, the lust was in the air.


Eisuke picked you up and placed you on the bed sitting you down, “Strip for me honey.” He said as he started to strip down, however you did not strip, you wanted him to do it. When he was on his boxer he notice that you were not following his order. “You are naughty,” he knew what you wanted. “Come here.” As he unzipped your dress, you felt an untamable need for him to fill you. You were were on you underwear and heels. Eisuke let out a smirk at the sight. You then, almost like a cat, climbed on the bed. Eisuke quickly followed, and when he reach you he hooked a finger on you underwear, pulled it down, and threw it on the floor. Your get pussy was now fully visible to his hungry eyes. You arced your back, as you brought your chest and head to rest on the mattress, while lifting you ass as an invitation for Eisuke to start. A few seconds later, you felt him grasp you butt cheeks apart, as an attempt to get more area uncover. Instantly you felt his mouth suck on your folds, his tongue massaging at the same time. You then felt a small slap on your pussy, making a wet sound as it resonated. “aah” you let out shortly after. It was followed by a few more slaps.

“How does that feel? Good?” He said now massaging your clit. “Do you want me to stop _____”

“aaah..*gasped*…noo” you said moaning.

“Good, because we are just starting.” You wanted him so bad that you with out thinking said a number.

“69, aah” still moaning from him playing with your clit.

“I thought you’d never asked” He said with an devilish smirked and tone. As you two were getting positioned, he made sure you saw him lick your essence off his fingers. “You taste good_____.” You skin was so hot that you didn’t think it would get any hotter, but as soon as you saw him do that your skin started to burn. Now on the 69 position, you started by giving a few licks on the tip of his member. Soon, you had his whole hard cock on your mouth, your right hand was going up and down with the patter of you mouth and tongue. You heard a low moan, as he had three fingers on your tight wet pussy. “_____, I don’t want yet” he said taking breaths in between words. He then moved to face you. “Let me show you how you taste.” he said, and quickly kissed you, his right hand was pulling your bra off and squishing your boob hard.

“aaiih” you screamed in the kissed, this pain however felt so good, you didn’t tell him to stop. His fingers know were skillfully playing with your left nipple, making it harder then it was before. He moved his kissed down to the nape of your neck, and licked his way down to the nipple he was playing with. Aggressively he started to suck on it, and later the other one, as he, with his left hand, inserted 2 fingers on your wet entrance. He pulled his fingers out and turned you on you belly.

“Raise that ass for me….good.” He then grabbed the left check and bit on it, the addictive agonizing pain was soon followed by more as he slapped your right cheek hard making it bounce from the impact.

“ei-suKE” you yelled.

“That is right scream my name.” His mouth moves to your entrance. His tongue was now entering your vigina slightly. You then felt another two slaps, this time on both of them. Almost immediately you felt the walls of your entrance stretch as his member entered. Eisuke, already knowing that you were wet enough, stated trusting merciless. “Tell me how this feels” he slaps your ass again.


“What do you want me to do with you _____”

“Make-me-yours” It was difficult to say things with the pain and pleasure you were having.

“undulate you hips____, you know this already love.” You did as told, as you could no longer function on your own from all the waves of pleasure you were having. Both of you were at your edge. You arced your back, a fixture that drove Eisuke and you to uncoiled the flexing muscles, bringing you two to oblivion. The spasm that you were having brought you tired down on the bed. Eisuke, fell on top of you and then rolled over. Both of you were gasping for air. “ Yes I will” you mumble.

“Yes, you will do this again tonight because we are not done.” He responded.

Both of you made sweet love until the next morning.


It was Monday, and Eisuke had a meeting. Nonetheless he took time to eat breakfast with you until 11am. To your surprise there was a knock on the door minutes after Eisuke had left for his meeting. Thinking that it was him you opened quickly.

“Good morning Darlin, you must know who I’m right?” A women that looked like Megan Fox asked.

 “Oh gosh you don’t, I’m Eisuke’s partner….. on this project. May I come in, thank you.” You hadn’t said a word, yet she was still there. “You see darlin-” You heard footsteps coming from the corridor.

“What the hell are you doing here Natalie. I knew that you would come here, Get out!” Eisuke said as fear and anger took over him.

“My, my, Eisuke…. Well don’t you think it’s only fair for your fiancée to know the truth before she accepts to marry you, honey?”

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Obviously Alphyne for the domesticity thing

other anon: “(for the domesticity meme) alphyne?”


  • big spoon/little spoon: undyne is usually big spoon but it’s also good to think about alphys being big spoon (i.e. jetpacking) b/c that is cute as HECK
  • favorite non-sexual activity: my first thought was “watching anime” but i’m also thinking about these dorks having ridiculously aggressive Mario Kart tournaments… i am torn….
  • who uses all the hot water: undyne takes long-ass showers
  • most trivial thing they fight over: how high things get stored in the cabinets (alphys is smol and needs a stool for anything above Shelf One lmao)
  • who does most of the cleaning: undyne, but she only does it every once in a while when she gets VERY PASSIONATE ABOUT HOW DUSTY THIS COUNTER LOOKS
  • what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue: alphys
  • who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: undyne. alphys doesn’t do phone calls unless she has to. (courtesy of @flowerats)
  • who steals the blankets: ALPHYS
  • who leaves their stuff around: both of them are p tidy but alphys’s desk is COVEREd in papers
  • who remembers to buy the milk: undyne b/c she’s the type to drink it straight from the carton tbh
  • who remembers anniversaries: undyne, the sentimental fish
  • Who cooks normally? undyne, until alphys gets fed up with pasta on the ceiling, ehehe
  • How often do they fight? as often as any couple fights, but they never go to sleep angry at each other (work those problems out like a healthy couple :3)
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other? alphys tinkers, does lab stuff, animes, hangs with metta. undyne trains, plays piano, hangs with papyrus. 
  • Nicknames for each other? undyne calls alphys “al” or “alphy.” but alphys…… oh goodness me….. idk what nickname she would call her? other than the usual “babe” and “love” sorts of pet names. except for “undy,” which sounds like “undies,” and i sincerely doubt undyne would handle that well XD (EDIT: SHE WOULD CALL HER A SUSHI ROLL NAME. PLEASE CONSIDER. AFTER THEY GET TO THE SURFACE. ALPHYS CALLS UNDYNE “CALIFORNIA ROLL” and undyne asks why and she’s like “California girls are h-h-hot, apparently, and y-you’re hot and also s-sushi?” AHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA)
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner? they alternate :3
  • Who steals the covers at night? ALPHYS (lizard ball of lizard warmth)
  • What would they get each other for gifts? we already know the cute shit alphys gets for undyne, and undyne would probably get anime merch for alphys.
  • Who kissed who first? u n d y n e
  • Who made the first move? A L P H Y S. IT IS C A N O N 
  • Who remembers things? undyne, still the sentimental fish
  • Who started the relationship? THEY BOTH DID I LOVE THESE NERDS
  • Who cusses more? undyne, unless she is around children, in which case she makes up colorful not-swears
  • What would they do if the other was hurt? turn the world upside-down to make the hurt person feel safe and comfortable ;_;
Basic Training- SSS

A/N: Here’s a preview of the Christmas one shot I’ve been working on. Thank you, anon, for requesting an SSS. This is unbetaed and subject to change. 

Modern AU Everlark. Rated E for explicit language, graphic sex, and passing references to drug and alcohol use. 

It’s his mother I see first, in the reflection of my water-spotted spoon, as I hold it up to inspect it for dirt. The curve of the metal shows her how she really is, how I see her, emphasizing her deformities—a cold and shallow woman, who’d always thought, with that over-sized head of hers, that I was never good enough for him, not even as his friend.

What kind of monster thinks that about a kid?

Our booth is in the back corner of the diner—where they seat all the ugly people—and because my back is to the rest of the restaurant, I don’t immediately notice them when they come in and are seated half a dozen tables behind us. By the time I see the bitch, she’s sipping tea out of a chipped porcelain mug, one of her haughty eyebrows raised and her puckered, prematurely wrinkled lips pursed in disapproval as she listens to a man with a buzz cut say something to her.

Subtly, so Prim doesn’t notice me looking, notice her, and then open her big mouth, I rotate the spoon to see who else is with her. Her husband sits next to her and looks none too happy about it, keeping enough distance between them for the Holy Ghost and an entire host of angels. No love lost between those two. And next to him, wedged into the corner, one of his broad shoulders pressed to the wall from lack of space, is their oldest. Across from them, with their backs to mine, is Rye, with his trademark douchebag man bun I’d recognize from outer space, and next to him, on the aisle side of the bench, is the man with the buzz cut.

It doesn’t occur to me right away that it’s Peeta—my Peeta (except he isn’t mine at all)—because Peeta has wavy blond hair that curls at the very ends, feathery wisps that hang over his collar and ears, begging to be clutched and grasped and twirled by curious fingers. (Not that I’d ever had the courage to do any of those things.) He’s had hair like that his entire life—at least for as long as I’ve known him, which amounts to pretty much the same thing—the sign of a boy who has always been careless about his good looks.

His hands give him away, gesturing as he talks. They’re recognizable even in the convex surface of my spoon, and I swallow with effort, dropping it into my coffee. Emptying a plastic cup of creamer into my mug, I swirl, swirl, swirl, trying to erase the memory of the way his hands looked holding mine. I stare down at the cream dispersing, transforming something straightforward and pure into a muddied, adulterated mess.

Of course he’d be back now for the holidays. Exodus, I guess they call it. In basic training, they let even the lowest grunts go home for Christmas.

Lesson Learned - Jack Gilinsky

wow ok sorry for the wait but when I wrote this I was dead (bc feels) and I intend to give you guys the same feeling ayy lmao ((; ((SMUT!)) requests are open you little horn dogs (; xo

Jack and Y/N go to a classy dinner with the parents. Y/N gets a little bored and decides to tease him, so Jack decides to play it twice as hard back at their apartment after dinner. xx


“C’mon babe, are you ready yet?” Jack’s voice called from behind the bedroom door. I eyed myself in the mirror once more and grinned at my appearance. I was definitely ready for this dinner with my parents.

“I’m ready now,” I called back, putting in my greatest earrings. The door was pushed open and Jack walked inside. His bright smile immediately curved into a mischievous smirk, causing me to giggle. “Not tonight, Jack! We’re having dinner with my parents!”

He stared at me in awe, eyes raking over my body. “But y/n,” he whined, “You look breath-taking. Besides, I won’t be able to keep my hands off of you with that skirt hugging your body like that. It’s pretty sexy, babe. Maybe we shouldn’t go…”

“We’re going,” I told him, putting on my black heels and standing next to him, “And you will keep your hands away from me. This dinner is important to me, Jack! I haven’t seen my parents in months. They’re paying for our dinner, and you know how expensive and fancy that place is! We can’t just blow them off!”

Jack groaned in disgust and grabbed the car keys. “Can we at least have a quickie before we go?”

I stared at him, hands on my hips, and rolled my eyes. “You won’t be getting any if you don’t walk out of this door and start this damn car! You can hold off for a few hours, babe.”

He frowned and stomped out of the house with a scowl on his face. I giggled quietly and followed him out, locking the door behind me. We both got in the car and drove to the address my mother sent to me. Within moments, we were parked and ready to go inside.

"Are they even here yet?” Jack asked, his eyes locked on the part of my thighs sticking out from the bottom of my skirt.

“They should be, and if they aren’t, we’re going inside anyway,” I replied, unbuckling my seat belt.

“Y/n,” Jack frowned. “You’re being a cockblock tonight, baby. You’re never like this,” he pouted, jutting out his bottom lip. I stared at his jawline and watched as it clenched. I bit my lip and locked eyes with him.

“It’s just for a few hours, Jack. You can wait that long and as soon as we get home you can have me any way you want.”

His eyes darkened slightly and he smirked, licking his upper lip slowly. “Fuck,” he stared down at the steering wheel, probably fantasizing about what was to come. “Let’s go inside, baby.”

I nodded my head and hopped out of the car and over to Jack’s side. He leaned down and laced our fingers and we walked into the restaurant together. Immediately, I spotted my parents at the booth they were seated at. My eyes scanned over how everything about this restaurant was detailed and dainty. There was no doubt that this restaurant would be extremely expensive.

We greeted my parents and I slid into the booth, Jack following after me. We both exchanged hellos and I smiled over at Jack as my mother exclaimed that “he’s only getting more handsome as time flies”.

“What would you two like to eat? Remember, everything is on us and you don’t have to worry about the prices,” My father explained, grinning at Jack and I.

“What are you getting?” I asked my parents, raising an eyebrow.

“We’re going to split the Gnocchi Parisienne,” my mother replied. “We’ve been told it is one of the greatest here.”

I glanced at Jack, who glanced back at me. “We’ll take that,” I told her, watching as Jack nodded in agreement. We ordered immediately and engaged in small talk.

Jack and my father were in the middle of a deep conversation about college football when I felt Jack’s large, calloused hand grab the inside of my thigh. I froze, tingles running through my body as I tried my hardest not to think about it. 

I bit the inside of my cheek and took a sip of my water. Jack’s hand went higher and cupped my heat through my panties. I let out a small gasp, causing my mother and father to raise an eyebrow at me. “What’s wrong, honey? Are you feeling alright?”

I nodded my head and sunk into the seat weakly. Jack’s fingers hooked into my panties and he lazily began to rub me. “I’m fine,” I faked a smile, “I just thought that was our food coming, but it happened to be the table behind us.”

My father chuckled, nodding his head, “I know how you feel,” he started. He immediately began to tell Jack of the time when those types of things had happened to him.

Jack’s fingers dipped into me, causing me to shake slightly at the pleasure. I sat up straight and closed my legs, but Jack moved them away with his forearm. He leaned down and pressed his lips to my ear as he picked up his speed. “C’mon baby girl, you’re doing so good. Come for me, right here in front of your parents.”

I glared at him, pushing his hand away. “I said we weren’t going to do this,” I snapped, fixing my skirt. He smirked, chuckling softly to himself. He turned his attention back to my mother, smiling softly. 

“Have you done something different with your hair?”

She gushed, placing her hand on Jack’s and giggling softly. “Oh, I’m so glad you noticed!” She began to tell him the story of her hair salon and the troubles there. 

I wandered off from her story and watched as our food came. We all did a toast with our drinks and began to eat our meal. Jack took the first bite and let out a happy sigh. “Y/n, babe, try this!” He handed me a spoonful and I took it from his hands, taking a bite. 

It was delicious.

The four of us were silent and ate our meals. I became full and sat back, watching Jack finish off our Gnocchi. I thought of how to get him back and immediately scooted closer to him, running my hand down his inner thigh and then back up, my hand resting on his crotch.

Jack immediately tensed under my touch and he froze in his spot, glancing down at me. I smirked up at him and palmed him through his dress pants, causing him to let out a groan. Jack covered his groan with a cough and took a sip of his water.

He stared at me angrily and leaned down to my ear. “Y/n, if you give me a boner here in front of everyone, I swear as soon as we get home you’re going to be in for it.”

 I smirked to myself and looked into his dark eyes. The thrill of Jack taking me home and having me rough excited me. I squeezed my thighs shut for friction, trying not to picture Jack hovering over me. Jack looked down at me and smirked softly. “Aw baby,” he chuckled. I knew exactly how to get him to crack; dirty talk drove him crazy.

I rolled my eyes and leaned over to him, jutting out my bottom lip. “I can’t wait to get out of here,” I whispered seductively, trailing my hand down his inner thigh. “So I can lay you back, pin you down, and suck your di—”

“Well, thank you for the dinner. It was fantastic, but y/n just reminded me that we left the windows open and the air is on. We better get home to shut them; it’s practically shoving money out of the window!” Jack spoke in one long, labored breath.

I smirked softly and nodded in agreement. “Thank you both, I love you guys! I’ll call you later tonight,” I told my mother, hugging her and my father before rushing out of the restaurant with Jack hot on my trail. We both got to the car and he hopped in and stared at me, anger and lust clouding his eyes.

“What the fuck was that, y/n?”

“What? I wasn’t the one that rushed out of the restaurant!”

He bit his lip and smirked mischievously. “You’re lucky if I don’t take you in the back of this damn car and fuck your brains out.” His dark glare and intimidating smirk gave me shivers. I’d only seen Jack angry once or twice, and when he was angry, he literally took down everything in his way.

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest, trying my hardest to act disinterested.

“Fuck,” Jack raised his voice and glanced over at me. “Do you know how hard it is to drive with a fucking boner? Dammit, y/n, you’re getting it as soon as we get home!”

I bit my lip with anticipation and closed my legs for friction once more. Within minutes we were home. I pushed open the car door and hopped out, watching Jack cautiously. This side of Jack intimidated me, but that made it all the more hot.

He stared back at me, licking his lips. He smirked to himself and chuckled softly. “If you keep looking like that I’ll fuck you twice as hard,” he sneered, grabbing my wrist and tugging me forcefully into our apartment. I swallowed a gulp I didn’t know I was holding and kicked off my heels.

“What the hell are you doing?” Jack asked, staring at me in disbelief.

“I’m taking off my shoes,” I raised an eyebrow, “Like any normal person would do after they arrived home…”

Jack chuckled and tossed the keys on the kitchen island, smirking softly. “Oh, baby,” Jack cooed, “Are your feet hurting?”

I shrugged, nervously glancing back up at him. “A little.”

He smirked mischievously and tore off his shirt, tossing it to the ground. “Don’t worry, y/n. After I’m done with you, you won’t just be complaining about how much your feet hurt.”

I bit my lip and tried hiding the grin on my face. Rough Jack was my favorite Jack.

“Upstairs,” He growled, watching me with dark eyes as I scurried to obey his command. Before I could even make it to our bedroom, Jack was pulling off my shirt, smashing his lips to mine. He pushed the door shut behind him and then lightly pushed me down onto the bed, attaching his lips to my neck.

I let out a soft moan as he continued his harsh attack, sucking and nibbling, and occasionally his tongue would soothe the broken skin sweetly.

“So you think it’s funny to get me hard in front of your parents, baby?” He paused, running his fingers along my bare torso softly. “Well you’ve got another thing coming for you, baby. In your case, another three.”

My eyes widened and I bit my lip, glancing up at him. By the lustful look in his eyes, I knew what Jack was planning for me - overstimulation. “W-what do you mean three?”

“You’re going to be a good girl and come for me three times,” He smirked, “Unless you’re a bad girl, and then I’ll up your orgasms to six.”

I stared at Jack with wide eyes. If I could barely do three on my own, I couldn’t imagine how sensitive I’d be after six. “Now be a good girl and take off that damn skirt. Nice and slow for me…”

I reached down and stepped out of my skirt, wiggling my hips slowly and sensually for effect. I bent down and gave him a view of my ass in the process. Jack groaned, rubbing himself slowly through his dress pants.

“Lay on the bed, baby girl.”

I nodded and lay back on the bed, hands at my sides. Jack hovered over me and trailed kisses down my torso and stomach, avoiding where I needed him most. “Jack,” I whined, “Please.”

He smirked cockily and pulled off my panties, running a finger over my folds. I shivered and arched my back, biting my lip to hold back a moan.

“No,” Jack spoke, pecking my lips softly before smirking. “I want you to be as loud as you can tonight, y/n. I want everyone to know who’s making you feel this good.”

I nodded in response and let out a soft moan, throwing my head back on my pillow. “More,” I begged.

“You want more baby?” Jack asked with a wicked smirk. As soon as the words left his lips, I knew I’d be in serious shit. His thumb pressed to my clit, roughly rubbing it in circles as I cried out. Two of his fingers plunged inside of me, working me the way only he could.

“Fuck, Jack! Don’t stop!”

He only went faster, and before I knew it I came around his fingers. He pulled them out and sucked them clean before giving me a long, needy kiss. “There’s your first for the night, babe. There’s more to come.” He paused and then smirked at his stupid pun. I laughed along, rolling my eyes at the goofball I fell in love with.

“Are you laughing at me, y/n?”

Before I could even reply, his tongue plunged into me. I moaned at the feeling, arching my back as I struggled for breath. I hadn’t even come down from my first orgasm, and the feeling was sore but filled with immense pleasure.

He wrapped his lips around me and sucked softly, his tongue flicking around my clit quickly. I moaned and stared down at him, reaching to run my fingers through his dark hair. He locked eyes with me and smirked, sucking harsher on my clit.

I cried out, squeezing my eyes shut as I felt my second orgasm approaching. I felt the familiar pool of pleasure swarming in my stomach and I moaned, tightening my grip on Jack’s hair as I came. He cleaned me up and smiled cutely back up at me.

“You’re doing so good, baby girl. But I can’t take it; your moans are so fucking hot. I need to feel you so bad, y/n.”

Jack let out a groan and wiggled out of his pants and boxers, his dick proudly poking up. I fell back onto the bed, shaking my head. “Jack, I can’t,” I panted, trying to contain my breathing.

“You can, and you will,” Jack groaned, slamming into me without warning. I let out a scream as he pumped himself in and out of me roughly. I dug my fingernails into his back, loud moans and curses escaping my mouth. “Fuck, y/n, you feel so good, babe.”

He thrusted into me at a slightly different angle, seeming to hit my spot perfectly. “Jack,” I cried, “Shit, baby, right there! Oh fuck!”

He kept hitting my spot repeatedly until I couldn’t handle the pleasure. My vision blurred and I felt myself clench around Jack, falling into a pure state of ecstasy as my orgasm took over. I moaned loudly, squeezing my eyes shut as my body became limp. Jack came shortly after, whispering sweet nothings as he did so.

He pulled out of me and flopped on the bed next to me, causing me to flinch.

“Damn, babe. Are you that sore?”

I nodded my head weakly, blushing over to my boyfriend. “I guess I am.”

Jack grinned successfully and pulled me into his arms, pecking my forehead lightly as he cuddled me into his chest. “Aw, I’m sorry, babe. I didn’t think I was being that rough.”

I shook my head, smiling back. “You weren’t that rough, Jack. I fucking loved it.”

He smirked, resting his head in the crook of my neck. “Me too, babe. I hope you’ve learned your lesson, though. Because next time, I’m aiming for the full six I’d mentioned earlier.”

My eyes widened and I let out a nervous chuckle. “Lesson learned,” I giggled, only half kidding. “I’m so tired now, though.”