how unfortunate right


iris west week 📰 day three  
iris + the rest ⚡ favorite scenes


“What’s that thing Samuel Beckett said?”

“I can’t go on. I’ll go on.”

“Let’s go on. Together.

the greatest lie ever sold in dragon age is that it is about mages versus templars.

it’s mages vs an oppressive organization that jails and abuses mages, leashes templars with lyrium and conditions them to abuse their charges, and find ways to screw over any race that isn’t human and rain exalted marches against people that follow religions that threaten to overtake them, all in the name of the maker and the ‘greater good’.

So I finished my watercolor.  I still think it’s pretty meh, but a few people wanted to see it finished, so here :)

I tried lol.

anyway im enthusiastic and pleased with how my fic is going!!!


#feminine wiles work on superheroes too

Patrick Warburton has been cast as Lemony Snicket. It’s gonna feel kinda weird to have Kronk narrating A Series of Unfortunate events…


I stared at these shots for a long time trying to decide which one of them is more of a poor unfortunate soul with a damaged as fuck brain.
But I found out that I can’t really choose.

Delton: Look ah, Commander? I know you’re upset, but maybe you should… I dunno… show the recruits how to hold a shield properly? Instead of just yelling at them?

Cullen: What? No… That’s… N-No! That’s a terrible idea. Shut up.

my problematic kink: The Straights not realizing that the worst thing to come out of my jokes is them being slightly uncomfortable for a total of 2 minutes after which they can log off tumblr and go be welcomed in any country and any church and any wedding reception and my grandma’s house while I’ll go back to living a lie pretending to be someone I’m not cause if I don’t pretend I’ll end up dead in a ditch somewhere lmao like buddy pal chill you’re arguably the most largely privileged group in the entire world go buy honda civic on a loan and have a budweiser bradley