how unethical is this

when people try to talk about how honey is supposedly unethical because we’re stealing the bees’ food I’m just like, genuinely curious if you’re aware that the honey we eat is the result of beekeepers raising colonies and harvesting the excess honey while making sure the bees are all good and fine, and that the honey you buy at the store is from a farm and not just like going into the woods and sticking your hand in a beehive like a bear in a cartoon and stealing the wild bees’ honey


for the people that have the song blocked in their countries!!! 

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I also really dislike the idea that science is apolitical in general. Literally nothing is apolitical. Even the concept of something being apolitical is political.

Yeah like, literally everything about science is political.

There’s the obvious: funding structures (our money literally comes from the government guys, like i am literally paid by the NSF, which is funded as a part of the federal government), academic hierarchies, the politics of what research areas are in vogue, the politics of who gets the necessary education to even get the chance to work in science, all the issues of certain groups (i.e. white men) being viewed as more intelligent and more competent and more objective/impartial than others. 

Did you know that there are things about the human body and it’s tolerances for extreme conditions that we know only because of Nazi experiments on living people in concentration camps? This data is often considered ethical to use because redoing the experiments is so deeply unethical. Tell me how that’s apolitical.

And there’s a lot of the obvious things like literally any study about gender differences in the human brain, or all the drug trials that used non consenting prisoners or black people or women in Puerto Rico because they were considered too risky to do on white people. Or Henrietta Lacks. 

And sure, you can say that of course those are issues, but we don’t do that anymore and it’s just biology and medicine, which are messy human fields and not the pure fields like physics and chemistry. But a lot of the development of modern particle physics was driven by the development of nuclear weapons. Modern chemistry runs on the cheap byproducts of the oil industry. 

But there’s also the less obviously political. We all carry around implicit, unconscious biases that we pick up from living in society. Most of the time it’s things we don’t even realize. These types of unconscious biases can and do influence how we view data. We may think we’re being objective but the vast majority of sciences carry the same set of biases (because academic science is a monoculture that abhors diversity), so we all end up viewing things in a similar way. And often times those biases have been baked into scientific thought for so long that we can’t even see them anymore, because they have influenced things that are now accepted as facts. 

Science isn’t divided between the beautiful elegant process that uncovers facts about the universe and the messy humans who reveal that truth the world. Science is created by the scientists. Without us it wouldn’t exist. And we are inherently political beings. 

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As a screenwriter w hundreds of hours of critique under my belt, some things just have to be said firmly to get the point across. And you profiting off a pagan story is like, for example, a Christian profiting off a Muslim story. Its not ethical, regardless of how accurate/respectful it is. Instead of focusing on the aggression of critique, understand that when 1 person expresses discomfort or issue, a lot more follow whether theyre vocal or not. Be mindful of it.


First off, being a screenwriter has nothing to do with being qualified to critique things. That’s just the way it is. I accept people’s personal opinions, but please don’t try to make yourself look more important to prove a point.

Secondly, I don’t see how it’s unethical. I’m not retelling any classic stories pertaining to your religion, using copyright characters or undercutting pagan writers telling their personal stories. This is an original story, written by an agnostic, which has pagan characters in it (not pagans in their world, but would be considered as such by our standards). I can understand it being considered morally wrong if I stole the idea from a pagan or perpetuated negative stereotypes about pagans. However, saying it’s unethical regardless of how accurate or respectful it is is incorrect in this scenario. 

I’m mindful that others may share the opinions voiced by a few people, but you also have to understand that it doesn’t mean everyone disagrees with me.

As you can see here, other pagans do also disagree with the negative views of the person/ people disagreeing with me. This isn’t some obscure screenshot either- I took this just a few minutes ago. 

Please be mindful of your arguments and try to come with correct ones if you do continue to critisize. As someone who enjoys a good discussion with logical arguments, it’s borderline depressing to see some of the stuff you’ve come up with. 

Sincerely, someone writing their own creative work and trying to be respectful of others’ religious beliefs.

Meet Up

I’ve been trying to write more of my series but then I had this idea in my head for a while and kept on blocking any new ideas so I had to get it out.

Summary: As a group’s therapist you get to bring the confident side of Bucky, but then he asks for your help in meeting new people - you suggest downloading an app.

Warnings: Innuendos. I have tried to keep this light-hearted and funny.

Word count: 3.9k

A/N: I hope this makes you laugh? Any feedback is always welcome!

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You and Sam met working at the DVA. After losing his partner, Riley, Sam suffered from a lot of guilt-ridden nightmares and anxiety. That’s when you stepped in. One day you picked up a leaflet in a café which offered free meetings, where one can talk about any personal issues in true confidence and find some help and support. Being the curious person that you were you decided to go. You were studying psychology at the time and you figured any extra experience that can be gained from going to one of those meeting can only help your development, right?

Fast forward a few years – you were now with a degree and a solid friendship with Sam. So strong was the relationship, that he offered you a ‘position’ on the Avengers’ team. The superheroes struggled with their own demons and insecurities, just as much as anyone else, and needed professional support every now and then. Confident in your abilities Sam had arranged for you to move in the Tower and serve as the team psychologist.

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Sang Woo, attachment style, BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and Yoon Bum.

I have seen many readers suspecting Bum to have BPD, but I also believe Sang Woo may suffer from BPD. As someone else had done a very detailed overview of Sang Woo and BPD (Part 1, Part 2), I’ll be quite brief about my own stand (and support) on this. 

(Warning: this mini essay of mine will undoubtedly be messy as I did not plan for smooth segue nor am I that organised to plan an essay before writing. This applies to my academic works as well; I’m more of a let’s-just-write-and-see-where-it-goes kind of person. Do not be like me. You will regret it by the time you’re half way through the essay and you have no idea what you’re talking).

Now while BPD is associated with self-harming behaviour and ‘clinging’ dependency, they may also funnel their aggression to external environment (i.e. externalised aggression (EA)). Individual with BPD exhibiting EA can (note it is in bold) perpetuate domestic violence, assault of those who are familiar to the individuals (e.g. friends, acquaintance) and aggressive criminal behaviour such as murder in the form of familicide and serial killing (this is very, very rare. Its rarity level is on par to unicorn) (Gross, 2007; Sansone et al., 2012). 

Many men suffering from BPD are more likely to be misdiagnosed as anti-social personality disorder (ASPD) compared to women who are more correlated with BPD, although comorbidity (co-occurrence of more than one disorder) between BPD and ASPD can and do happen (For review, see Bateman et al., 2008).

It is interesting to note that many clinicians calls for BPD to be considered as not as a personality disorder, but as an attachment disorder (unfortunately for many neither DSM-V(1) or ICD-10(2) has not made this change). Many clinicians suggest the BPD’s core psychopathology arises within the domain of interpersonal relations (e.g. intolerance of aloneness) (See, Adler, 1993; Benjamin, 1986; Gunderson, 1984, 1996; Masterson, 1972)

Our attachment we form with our primary caregiver as a baby provides a basis to how we navigate our relationship with others as adults (Bowlby, 1969). Many empirical evidences suggests insecure and to some extent, avoidant and disorganised attachment are prevalent amongst individuals with BPD (e.g. Meyer et al., 2001). 

I believe Sang Woo fits the criteria for insecure attachment. While we cannot actually turn Sang Woo into a baby and into a room with a two-way mirror, bring back his dead mother and have her go in and out of the room while observing a stranger’s and his mother’s interaction with baby Sang Woo as well as his own response and interaction with them (AKA Strange Situation experiment designed to measure attachment) (Ainsworth & Bell, 1970), we can see estimate from the glimpses we have seen of his past interaction with his mother and more importantly, his social skills as adults and particularly his relationship with Bum, we can ‘guess’ his attachment to his mother was most likely to be insecure.

For more information about the experiment ‘Strange situation’: Experiment video

Random trivia: Today, while this experiment certainly gave great deal of insight into potential how the bond humans develop, this is considered very unethical from modern point of view. One of experimenter’s ethical guides is bringing no physical or mental harm to the participant and in the video; babies are obviously in high distress. 

Another example is ‘Little Albert’ who the experimenters wanted to find out about classical/operant conditioning so decided to traumatise an innocent baby named Albert (No, not Albert as in the Albert Wesker like in the Resident Evil haha, yeah sorry I’m bad at making jokes) and they made him develop phobia against furry objects as well as animal (e.g. dogs). Unfortunately for our Albert, he grew up to develop wide range of phobia including furry objects. His parent was paid only $1 for Albert’s participation and sadly, Albert (not his real name) passed away at the age of 6.

What is an insecure attachment?

Ainsworth (1979) put forward the ‘caregiver sensitivity hypothesis’ to explain for different attachment types. It suggest child’s attachment type depends on their primary caregiver (i.e. mothers usually) behaviour toward the child.

Insecure attachment is more likely to form if a mother is less ‘sensitive’, ‘emotionally available’ ‘inconsistent’ and ‘attentive’ to the child. This meant sometimes the child’s needs were met while sometimes they were ignored by the primary caregiver therefore the child come to believe communication of needs has no influence on their parent/guardian. 

Children with insecure attachment showed conflicting behaviours mirroring their caregiver’s. The children are often feels distrustful or suspicious of their mother, but they also act desperate toward and cling to their mothers and highly distressed when the mother leaves them, even for a while but when the mother approaches them, they ignore or even, push them away. 

These children then grow up to have a preoccupied attachment patterns that resembles the pathology of BPD which are the need for reassurance and approval, excessive dependency on their partner or someone they are close to, fear of rejection and are reject-sensitive etc.

Now we have seen that Sang Woo came from a very abusive household and seeing this manhwa is Korean, we can assume that his household was a very typical Korean household: patriarchal household (in Sang Woo’s case with angry father) and emphasis on the mother’s role as a provider of emotional wealth and rearing of the children. As a Korean, this picture is very familiar; of course, patriarchal household =/= Eastern-restricted custom.

We can clearly see his mother was very protective and very likely to be the primary caregiver of Sang Woo from her husband and his father’s wrath. Maternal instinct to protect their child is a very strong and compelling force; however the mother also knew that she has to be alive to be able to protect Sang Woo from his father.

 It is most likely that the Sang Woo’s father threatened to abuse Sang Woo (more and in worse way than he already does) if his mother don’t do what he says. This could very likely mean that Sang Woo’s father wanted thing done in a way he likes, for example, wanting no signs of having a presence of a child living within the house. This puts huge pressure on the mother who knows if she doesn’t do what he says, his wrath would fall on her and then on Sang Woo who in the father’s eyes, ‘the root of all problems.’

To try and hide signs of children in the house is very difficult; Sang Woo, who probably wanted to play with toys freely out on the floor, want to cry, want to play, want to run around, just generally want to be a child and telling the child not to be a child is something children won’t understand because their mental capacity isn’t as developed as adults. 

Because of this, sometimes mothers tend to resort restricting their children often in harsh way and quite interestingly, the child comes to feel more angry and resentful of non-abusing parent than toward the abuser themselves. So Sang Woo, as a child, would probably have been very confused as he did not know whether the next time he saw his mother looking at him, it’d be a loving hug or her being cold towards him.

There were hints Sang Woo might have murdered his mother so it could be that, Sang Woo felt betrayed and confused at his mother who were supposed to be his protector, the only one in the world who understood and loved him acting in a way he saw was no better than his father, who he probably remembers as being nothing but violent, unloving, neglectful to the point Sang Woo probably sees him as a stranger who also happened to live with him and his mother. 

We don’t know what happened to Sang Woo’s mother, but if he did murder her it could have been that she was thinking of abandoning Sang Woo and her husband, unable to bear such living no longer and Sang Woo snaps, or her leaving him to his father for another man, or he killed her because as he grew up he came to see her as a weak mother who did not love her son as much as she perhaps did of her husband; who was so weak and selfish that she didn’t even leave Sang Woo’s father earlier or when she had the chance to take him away from the abuse if she really loved Sang Woo. 

He probably thought that being in the street, starving and cold and with nowhere else to go was much more better than being under a roof that was no better than hell. Because he’d still have his mother who had proven she loved him and that’s all he wanted and needed.

BPD + ASPD = Perfect Match or Chaos?

Now this brings to the question since there are conflicts whether Bum suffers from BPD or Sang Woo suffers from ASPD and let’s say, for the sake of this argument, Bum suffers from BPD and Sang Woo has ASPD. 

How would the two mental disorder clash and if they end up having a relationship, could they have mutual respect for one another and make the relationship work or would they eventually cannibalise each other with their deceitful nature?

I, for the life of me, cannot remember where, but I read somewhere that pathologies of BPD’s subconsciously need and seek those with ASPD and such setup may work (“Opposite attracts”). 

Such relationship can become very pathological that resembles a strange, unhealthy cat and mouse game and this is a course typical in such relationship (think of Joker and Harley Quinn). 

Pushing buttons to see how they respond; making use of their fear of abandonment against them; knowing they won’t actually leave and would just keep taking it. It’d be a continuous circle through idealisation and devaluation.

·         One (ASPD) takes nothing personally (e.g. Borderline accusation/insults); the other (BPD) takes everything personally.

·         Psychopathic detachment can diffuse Borderline reactive rage

·         BPD extreme emotion can be sufficiently ‘loud’ to penetrate psychopathic flattened affect

·         BPD idealises and feeds into the narcissism and need to be approved that ASPD has.

·         The non-judgmental approach of a ASPD can counter black/white thinking of a Borderline, in the ‘quiet’ times when they’re receptive to logic.

·         Because of ASPD’s ‘fearlessness’ attributes, they are not so bothered about the ‘walking on eggshells’ aspect of BPD.

·         The ASPD love bombs BPD, flooding the BPD with affection and making them think as though they are special, ‘consoling’ BPD’s fear of abandonment desires.

·         The BPD might be more oblivious to gas-lighting(3) and dowsing. Their fear of abandonment and senses off self-emptiness (which is a trait in ASPD also) and their unstable self-image can be ‘easy’ for ASPD to manipulate.

·         BPD may appreciate the optimism and drive of ASPD.

·         BPD and ASPD tend to be reckless and impulsive, but this can mean accepting of the others impulsiveness.

·         Those BPD may also be more desensitised and have higher threshold for the abuses (abuses are not confined to physical, it can also mean emotional), as they typically do not internalize things as other individual (whether they have BPD or depression or have no known diagnosis) would internalise the same situation.

·         But ASPD will abandon (eventually) and with the abandonment issue of BPD, it will not end well. But if they are stabilised by that point, they’ll usually breathe a sigh of relief as they chuck up the deuces.

BUT! This is not to say those with ASPD or BPD or other mental disorder will end up killing or doing some sort of horrendous crimes or acts! Certain portrayal of certain mental disorder does not mean everyone will follow that same path.

A researcher called Rosenhan conducted an experiment called ‘On being sane in insane places’. Long story short, he had mentally healthy patients (pseudopatients) going in for a psychiatric examination and told them to tell the doctors they were experiencing psychotic symptoms. 

After they were admitted, Rosenhan had instructed them prior to the institutionalisation that they should start acting ‘normal’ and ‘sane’ and see how many doctors/staff noticed and realised they were actually not mentally ill. No doctors or staff noticed during their stays, ranging from 7 to 52 days although the other patients quickly noticed they were mentally healthy and wasn’t mentally ill. 

The pseudopatients noticed how when they began to act ‘normal’, the staff and doctors labelled their behaviours and acts as some sort of psychotic symptoms. For example, a group of bored patients waiting outside the cafeteria for lunch early were said by a doctor to his students to be experiencing “oral-acquisitive” psychiatric symptoms.

Lesson from this study: don’t generalise what you see or heard of someone’s behaviour or actions with certain mental illness to other people who also have same disorder.

A/N: Planning on writing my ‘In the defense of Alois Trancy’ next - the character is horribly misunderstood and judged.


(1)   DSM: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and offers a common language and standard criteria for the classification of mental disorders. The current updated edition is the 5th edition published in 2013 (DSM-V). Trivia: Majority of funding for DSM comes from pharmaceutical company. Hmmm…

(2)   ICD: The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems is a coding of diseases and signs, symptoms, abnormal findings, complaints, social circumstances and external causes of injury or diseases, as classified by the World Health Organization (WHO). Currently in its 10th revision. Trivia: The ICD is actually the official mental health system for the US, but even many professionals do not realise this due to the dominance of the DSM.

(3)   Gas-lighting: manipulation of someone by psychological means into doubting their own sanity. This is similar to an operant conditioning (rewarding wanted behaviour, punishing unwanted behaviour) observed by B.F. Skinner. It induces the feeling of learned helplessness and erode their logicality by manipulating someone to think what they are experiencing is ‘not so bad’, causing gradual acceptance of abuse. Synonymous to ‘grooming’.


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It is not abusively jealous to want to be monogamous.

It is not abusively coercive to express sexual desires.

It is not abusively manipulative to tell your partner that you can’t stay in a relationship where they aren’t meeting your needs.


If you bring force or badgering or guilt trips into these things, then you can cross the line.  But I’m concerned by how many asks I’ve gotten from people worried that it’s unethical to communicate any kind of dissatisfaction or disagreement in a relationship, that it’s the seed of abuse to want anything from your partner.

This simply isn’t true.  It’s okay and it’s necessary to tell your partner when you want something in a relationship.  Communicating ethically requires that you be willing to accept “no”; it doesn’t require you to protect your partner from ever having to say “no.”

The OA has lead me to research a lot of things I didn’t think I ever would, and one of those happens to be inter-dimensional travel. Turns out that there’s entire websites about this and a lot of people who claim that they have succeeded so I decided to make a post about what I’ve found out. 

-Firstly, I found out that food such as meat, sugar, dairy and cooked foods are believed to reduce the possibility of inter-dimensional travel. This would explain why Hap feeds them the pellets. Not only are they easy for him to prepare and distribute to his subjects, but they’re a food that is easy for him to control. He can give them the nutrients they need while avoiding all the foods that might mess with his experiment. It also explains why he says the sandwiches won’t be a regular occurrence- because they contain meat, dairy etc.

-Secondly, ethical problems could be a big cause of someone not being able to travel to another dimension. One reason Hap doesn’t go in the drowning machine himself is because he has found through his study that someone who has died before is more likely to come back. However I wonder if it could also be due to how unethical his research is. Maybe he knows that it makes him less likely to come back if he does die. On the topic of ethics, the captives are also very selfless and ethical, especially Homer and OA with the sheriff’s wife, potentially giving up their freedom to help her. 

-And finally, a lot of the things I read said about finding a ‘guide’. We know both Homer and OA’s NDE’s have people in them. We sort of hear Homer talk to someone when he’s listening to the recording in Hap’s lab, but barely. However we see OA have multiple conversations with Khatun. From what I’ve read, it seems like your guide will have a lot of knowledge about your life. For example, Khatun knows about OA’s father. I’m not sure if your guide would also know about your future, but I would assume so because Khatun seems to warn OA of things every time they meet. Also this could also be why, in the recording of Homer’s NDE, the unknown voice says “your name is not Homer”. Perhaps they know/remember something about Homer’s life that he doesn’t, or perhaps it’s something that will happen in the future. For example if her experienced amnesia, he may forget his name and get a different one.

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reader attempting to run away from the 3 ain since you have other work to do.

How do you run away from the Ains?!

Running as fast you can, you feel your lungs tire and your legs start to give way as all three Ains chase after you.

Arme mainly finds himself pursuing you and closing in distance above the ground, air hopping and gazing down at you as if you’re prey.

You narrowly dodge his attempts to swoop in like a hawk and pin you down. He curses to himself as he misses by an inch from his landing.

Mochi and Sia in the meantime, dedicates to hunting on ground. Sia more threateningly so, with a scythe in his hands. You have to wonder if he actually means to kill you, as you evade having your leg being almost sliced off from the corrupted man’s weapon.

The divine being quickly hops over to stop Sia from using his weapon though, lecturing and ranting to Sia on how unethical it is. He can’t do that if he’s corrupted, what if he corrupts you?!

And now, it’s only Mochi whose left. The other two are distracted for now. If you could just run away-

“Don’t leave us just yet!” Mochi exclaims, suddenly wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you in for a tight hug.

You fight diligently to squirm away from Mochi’s grasp, but alas, it’s of no use. You’re trapped.

“Come on,” you whine. “I have homework to do…!”

“But we miss you! And we still have lots of stamina to play! Pleaseee!” the Erbluhen Emotion begs, holding you tight. You click your tongue. It’s disappointing, but it seems homework would have to wait.

If it’s for these arrogant bastards, you’re going to have to submit to their wishes.

Has anyone else sort of thought that Obama is to the Democrats what Reagan was to the Republicans? And I don’t mean that in a good way.

I mean that they both did manage to try to hold up the image of being a charismatic communicator (and, to give them some credit, for better or worse, both can arguably be charismatic in their own ways), gave the pitch that they were going to be the men who going to set America back on track (though, in fairness, mostly every person running for president has given that pitch), and both have been put on a massive pedestals by their respective parties.

However, when it came to their actual policies and not just their “media-friendly” images, they were both involved in multiple shady behind-the-scenes scandals, have unwittingly furthered conflicts abroad in the name of a certain “greater good” (Reagan’s involvement in the Iran-Contra affair in order to stop Communism, no matter what the cost or how unethical it could become, and Obama basically continuing Bush Jr.’s mishandling of the wars in the Middle East), had domestic policies which sometimes did more harm than good, and left nation both political sides of the spectrum even more divided than they had already been.

That’s just my take on it.

sniperct replied to your postbutbut speedy recovery age gap!! /s

you know what’s funny, I have never once seen that complaint about tracer/mercy, like ever

I got an anonymous message this morning about how doctor/patient was creepy, wrong and gross and i’m like

dude, I literally want mercy to play naughty doctor with me, idek about how unethical that is, they key part of that is that I don’t even care about how unethical that is, 

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People often say that if you're depressed or otherwise experiencing emotional distress you should tell other people. But couldn't that be a little unethical? If telling someone how you feel would make them upset and distressed as well, is it OK to do that to someone you care about? It just seems like unnecessarily spreading negative feelings around. Wouldn't it be more ethical to at least try to deal with it on your own instead of making them worried or anxious?

Part of being close to someone is helping them when they have troubles. I want my friends to come to me when they have a problem, and my guess is that most people feel that way about people they care about.

Being upset or distressed is not a problem if those emotions are needed in order to encourage someone to find solutions. Sometimes you have to experience negative emotions in order to be motivated to solve problems.

And at the end of the day, if this is actually a concern for you, you can talk to a professional like a doctor, counselor, therapist, or teacher, people who are literally trained to deal with situations like this.

This image is a political cartoon, a comment on Nike’s use of sweatshops in the developing world to cut down on costs and increase their profit margins. In it, visual culture is used to send a message showing how unethical Nike is. First, there is a person with squinted eyes and ugly teeth with his mouth wide open, which the viewer is immediately led to dislike; it is obvious that this person is screaming at and about to beat the children, who are being forced to make shoes and trying to defend themselves.

This image then associates all these negative ideas with Nike by adding the Nike brand to the man’s shirt; not only does this show what the author’s opinion of Nike is in this photograph, but any viewers of Nike’s brand after seeing this image will associate it with this man, sullying the brand. Other brand items include the item he is using to beat the children in the sweatshop with, the Nike check, and the phrase he is shouting, “Just do it,” which placed into this context means forcing the children to continue to do work. In this way, this photograph leverages visual culture to highlight the work that many view as inhumane overseas, especially since the profit margins of Nike are already enormous.


Ah, dog ‘breeders’.

A Malinois ‘breeder’ came in today with her 2 years old dog having grade 3 lameness on its left hind leg. I started asking her about recent events that may have caused traumatic injuries, such as long walks, running, hiking, etc. She told me the dog ran up and down the stairs during the weekend, but that is not what caused her lameness, but its anal sacs that need to be emptied. Her dog had the lameness before and it resolved after we emptied the anal sacs.
I expressed my doubts regarding her ‘diagnosis’ and suggested booking an appointment with my colleague, who is an orthopaedic surgeon, for an x ray and a thorough examination, since I felt that its knee was swollen and painful to the touch. Until then, I advised cage rest and wanted to administer some nsaids because the poor dog was obviously in pain. She told me that she knows better, because she has more experience than I do in dog breeding and she doesn’t BELIEVE in painkillers. Like painkillers are some kind of religion in which you believe or not. Sigh. She also thinks that Malinois dogs have an insanely high pain threshold, so her dog will cope with the pain on her own.
I tried to convince her how unethical it would be for me to not relieve my patient’s pain but she vehemently refused the treatment.
Oh, she’s the same breeder whose pregnant dog died a terrible death a few months ago. We diagnosed it with uterine inertia due to a pup with hydrocephalus being stuck in the birth canal, so we suggested caesarian section asap, but she refused, saying that she always gives them oxyitocin and they’ll give birth without any problem. Although we strongly discouraged the use of oxytocin, she didn’t seem to care, but she came back the other day with the dog in a state of shock due to uterine rupture. Needless to say there was nothing we could do.
I hate this *person* with the burning passion of two hundred thousand suns.
Rant over.

i need more aus where alpha Bro is the guardian of both Dirk and Lil Hal, but Hal is still a program. no physical body. and Dave is just trying to be a parent to a sentient asshole-ish pair of glasses. like how do you punish him without being completely unethical (like depriving him of his senses, killing him briefly, etc.)? what do you do for family bonding? How do you get him to go to school/socialize/have any sort of a normal life? How do you impose any sort of fatherly (brotherly) authority on a 13 year old who lives in a computer? do you think they have family pictures? Does Hal have any friends? i need these things to be explored more okay

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hey, i'm just a little confused on what happened in syria (on the US side, not in syria itself but our attack). i understand we attacked the facility where the regime had been making/launching the chemical weapons, but i don't really know where to stand on it or where other people are. do you think you could just give me some rundown on at least where you stand on it? i want to be educated on the separate viewpoints

I just want Syrian people safe and in peace. This post highlights literally everything on why this is bad. Theres no proof the attack is contained and some people are already reporting death tolls of CIVILIANS. Its not an official number just reports so I can provide you with any proof of that yet. The point is, if Trump really wants to help Syrians, he would open his doors to Syrian refugees. He literally said he cares for Syrians but he wont let them into his country. How unethical is that? This attack can lead to many “casualties” and most likely Assad will fight back, and it’ll be catastrophic. I literally just want them safe how can someone stand there and say they care for the safety of these men women and children while simultaneously closing their countries door on them? Nah dont get it twisted he isnt doing this for Syrians  

How many suicides will it take for the neurotypicals to finally shut up about their magical sunshine for people who literally have to crawl to the loo,

their positive thinking bullshit for people who have had everything and everyone taken from them by their own family/school/job/church/country after decades of systematic oppression,

and - the kicker - invigorating exercise for people who, due to poverty and/or unemployment/underage abuse, have not eaten in a week and have not had a decent meal in the past 10 years for the energy expenditure of even sitting up?

How many suicides will it take for the existence of so-called therapists to be unethical?

How many suicides will it take for “positive people” and “well-meaning people” to get off their privileged high horse?

How many suicides will it take for sadistic assholes to cease and desist their “said my good word / did my good deed” quota for the day just so they can have some semblance of guiltless sleep, knowing full well they are useless at best, and harmful at worst?

Oh sorry, I forgot, it doesn’t matter if the whole fucking world kills itself because “suicide is just another glamourised fad”

TRB NYC Reciepts

••••DISCLAIMER: I do not know the names of the people who I spoke to.  I have no malicious content intent creating this post. For awareness purposes only,  I also have no affiliation with any media companies••••

                            Hi, I’m Ki.  I’m a fashion student in New York who happens to be a huge Bangtan fan.  So clearly, I was ecstatic when I found out they were having a concert here. At the same time I devastated when tickets sold out and I couldn’t attend. I decided to not give up in my dream of seeing Bangtan .  So, my plan of spotting Bangtan was simple, head to SoHo in the morning to do some shopping and maybe catch them at the supreme store (unlikely, but I needed to shop anyway). I thought they might like the SoHo area.  As I’m on the train on the way to the city, an OFFICIAL FAN ACCOUNT (not naming names) states that there will be a fan meet at the Oakley store next to the venue.  Obviously, I was super excited.  I thought how they could sign something for me, or even get a picture if I was lucky. I pass through that area everyday anyways so I figured I might as well stop by,  it was convenient.  I don’t know why I didn’t think it was suspicious.  So I get there and there’s a pretty big line.  Not huge; but still big enough for something that was only announced less than an hour prior.  I stood in what I thought was the back of a meet & great line.  A girl (obviously a fan) says “oh, this isn’t the back of the line.” I thought to myself okay cool that’s fine.  So I’m walking all the way down the supposed meet & great line, to soon find out little did I know this is the line for the actual concert.  I make a joke about the meetup when someone tells me “there is no meetup.” (WHY WOULD A FAN ACCOUNT  LIE TO ME?????? lmao, they would though.  Some fans are sneaky, remember that).  I go in to the Oakley store and I talk to one of the workers for a little bit.  He tells me to go to one of the security guards, maybe they can help.  So I do that.  Or, I thought I did that.  I see a Korean man with a TRB lanyard and he looked like he knew what he was doing.  He’s talking to a group of girls (translators / promoters / ?????), so I wait for a little.  They’re obviously talking about the tour.  The tea from this group is as follows:

1) the company didn’t hire people with experience because they strictly wanted Koreans to work for them
2) bangtan was given extra security because of threats towards namjoon + instances of a girl sneaking into their hotel room

So, I guess that’s more BIGHIT/ SubKulture related, but still. (See, threatening namjoon has its consequences).  Another guy comes out, smoking a cigarette.  He looks stressed as fuck. This is the guy who shocked me the most.  Literally, no chill.  He probably thought I wasn’t a fan of the group as I wasn’t dressed as a typical fan with tour tshirts on etc; I had a more professional look considering I was attending my class and I have my ID on me.  It was  understandable to misinterpret me as just a curious bystander, because he wouldn’t disclose (I’M HOPING HE WOULDN’T) this kind of info in front of a fan.

1) “all they want to do is complete their concert.  They don’t wanna spend to much time interacting with fans, shopping, nothing.  Just perform so they could sleep.

"They’re so stressed- they haven’t had a single break.  Which means I haven’t had a single break.”

2) “They’re so tightly wound up.  They’re just being difficult *jack off hand motion*  they don’t even have energy until they get on stage.”
3) “this is worse than ____*.  Like really, I doubt they’ll come back, especially with all the threats and stalkers.”
4) “like shit. These people are crazy”
5) when we rehearse, they power nap, get their Makeup.  Nap again.  Practice.  Nap.  Nonstop, they can’t even sleep normally"

My only question was if there was a meet up or not. Thank GOD there wasn’t.  Because after that, with this guy who’s been working with them, what he said…… The last thing I wanted was to be another stressor to our “bulletproof boys”.  I politely said thank you and went my way, truly horrified.

I know it doesn’t sound super bad.  It’s your typical kpop-companies-are-fucking-shit spiel.  But it was the fact it was from 2 workers that have been on the tour with them (also, another woman was present but she didn’t say much).  Like of course we all know how hard BTS (and all kpop groups) work, but it sounded to me like a they were suffering. Like of course, it’s their job, but their conditions seem to me subpar + unethical.  They have little security (how does a girl sneak into a private hotel room, and why would you get such a common hotel that also has subpar security + service), long hours, strenuous conditions, poor health (ie inadequate diets, poor care for injuries), and to be perfectly honest, the level of bullying could equate to emotional + verbal abuse.  

 Don’t try to bother them, if you come into contact with them be respectful.  They are just as human as you and me. Everyone freaks out when they see their favorite celeb. A little squeal and short talk is fine, but don’t hide in their rooms, block their way, or cause them stress.
I think what I’m trying to prove with this is that the poor treatment has to stop, and that the ARMY’s behavior is making an impact on the group.  But the solution does NOT come with boycotting/ insulting BIGHIT.  That will only make matters worse.  I just think people should know the extent (and this probably isn’t even the worst of it) of the mistreatment, and try to improve it in positive ways.

As you may know, high touch at the concert was cancelled due to death threats and other rude + dangerous instances during the event.  We also know the name of the hotel BTS is staying at, but don’t think ANYONE should be disclosing that info.

If you have any questions, please send me an ask or email me (address here)

thank u to ivy for editing this for me and being my wingman today xx

* I zoned out when they referenced the other concert, I believe it was Infinite, but I am not sure.

here’s a pic i took while talking, before anything happened (on snapchat)

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So wait, what are your opinion if the student is 18? Like, if the student was 18 and out of a teachers class but still in high school, is it still bad?

Are you serious? This question alone tells me that you are either still a child, or you’re an adult who believes that when someone turns 18 they magically become available to you sexually, regardless of any power imbalances that existed the day before their birthday, not to mention how completely unethical it would be to carry on a romantic relationship with someone you are being paid to care for - regardless of if they are “in your class” or not. Really, really think about that and what it implies about your morals, and then come back to me if you still want me to answer this question.