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Jk: There’s quite a story behind this one… our first kiss really was something.

Y: Jungkook was already out when we got together.. But he told me to keep our relationship a secret to ‘protect’ me. A few hate preachers had dropped by our school a few times and Jungkook only kept worrying more and more about me. I understood why he was so worried for me, but I didn’t understand why he didn’t care when it came to himself. One day I dressed up like this, walked up to Jungkook in school and just kissed him.


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Idk I don't know, it seems such a weird thing for a showrunner to have a say over. Maybe it was a directer thing? Like maybe he wanted the show to end with them walking away, which would mean that he'd have to have the convo with Joe first.

Show runners control way more than you think. If you’ll recall, the writer of 2.16 said on a podcast that she had written up a few more cute scenes between Barry and Iris, but the show runners told her to scrap them because they didn’t want to oversell the romance before her confession.

I don’t believe for a second that Tom C. would say Barry needs to go talk to Joe, then scrap a longer scene with Iris.

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I would just like to say thank you for how you've written Lance's depression. I've never had depression before and when I've seen people talk about theirs, I could never really sympathise or understand how they felt. I never really took it seriously. But after reading ACC, I was surprised at what depression can do to someone and how awful it can be. Reading ACC has helped me understand it better and I thank for you that.

I’m glad I could help, anon :D The times when people can personally relate or learn something from my fics are the best times!

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bandrybarry: Walking by the bootleg man in Muna, Mexico and look what I found. To fully comprehend this, you must know that Muna is a town with a population of 11,000 souls, a small-town lover’s kinda small town on the way to the Mayan ruins of Uxmal. We stopped for some fruit at an open air market and lo and behold, Luz De Luna. Mama we made it!!! 🙌🏿

tried to draw some of my favourite bnha babies (and ships ahah) for the first time! somebody teach me how to draw kiri’s hair pls

one of the beautiful things about this clip was the amount of respect these boys have toward sana, it’s something that you could just feel. it’s such a popular misconception people have, muslim and/or arab boys who completely disrespect girls, who think girls are inferior, not as worthy as them. people associate islam with sexism. but when sana’s brother at the end of the clip made a really clumsy and unintentionally offensive comment to his little sister, these boys were not having it, they immediately let their friend know that it was 100% wrong for him to say that, even as a joke, you don’t make that type of comment, these boys felt that it was wrong, they felt offended by elias’ comment 

these boys are the complete opposite of sexists. these boys are actually feminists. don’t you dare make a sexist comment in front of them, they’re not gonna let it slide