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when ur having a good day but then u remember that chenle asks their manager to slow down the car so he can catch pokemon

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“The harder you fall, the heavier your heart; the heavier your heart, the stronger you climb; the stronger you climb, the higher your pedestal.”  
 ―    Criss Jami

see i thought i could trust straight people writing sanvers but when they disregarded how traumatic it was for maggie to be outed and kicked out of her own home just to have a cheesy valentines date when alex couldve accepted the fact that valentines day is a Big No for maggie and done something else…

Recent Magi Spoiler Reaction

(Warning: Don’t read this is if you are a Hakuryu fan. I did not like him in this chapter. Also, reaction gifs under the cut.)

Huh, turns out Hakuryu using Belial annoys me just as much on the hypocrite scale as Aladdin using Mogamett’s staff.

Especially when it is to stop Sinbad from using his divine powers to enslave people into separating from their mortal bodies and becoming rukh (so… What did Hakuryu and Judar do to Belial, again? Oh right, enslaved him with Judar’s divine powers to be used by Hakuryu to reduce people into rukh! How nice… Also, Sinbad did not know Belial’s powers, really? When it started a war he won? Wat? And if this is Valefor? Who lived for thousands and thousands of years with only 73 other people, including Belial, around? Also, no one else in the history of Magi’s world ever used Belial? Remember, no matter how many times the manga says that 30ish-years-old Sinbad was the first conqueror, the extinct since a couple of centuries ago Koga Empire, and the centuries old Rem Empire, were all built on metal vessels! Jeezus Hugobert Christiansenson the continuity breaks and retconning in this manga!).

I mean, there’s nothing to convince me that Hakuryu actually went and properly conquered Dungeon Belial and then that Belial forgave and pledged loyalty to him, because that would be incredibly stupid of Belial to do since Hakuryu has, by his actions, proven what a bad king vessel he is (also, Sinbad’s djinni are all there by their own, free will, while at least one of the “heroes”’ djinni is enslaved and forced to be there, how nice).

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Okay I had this sitting about since December. I should have shared it sooner but well. I love this movie so much it reminded me why I do what I do

You know, I really, really liked this episode because of the way it clearly showed how much all the gems and Greg were grieving. 

Greg knows what babies are, and knows Steven is Steven.

 A baby. His responsibility now. He’s completely not ready for fatherhood. 

He’s not ready to be alone and dealing with this; he’s so afraid of messing things up. He wants Rose back to help him, but he understands: she’s gone.

 And she’s left him with a confusing baby that doesn’t do what babies should do.

What should he do now?

Amethyst doesn’t understand that Steven isn’t Rose. 

She thinks it’s what she’s used to: shapeshifting.

 Clearly, Rose is just having a fun little phase as a baby. But… she’s not stopping. 

And Amethyst doesn’t get why. Even she’s never done this for so long. 

Why won’t Rose come back?

Garnet knows Steven isn’t Rose: he’s just Rose and Greg’s fusion. 

A piece of Greg fused with a piece of Rose; she’s seen this fusion coming for ages. But even a perfect fusion can come undone, and… she wants to see Rose again. 

So… unfuse. She knows, fusion is amazing, but hey, just briefly. Why… why doesn’t Rose know her? Why doesn’t Rose know Ruby and Sapphire?

She just needs to see you, Rose. 

Pearl also realizes Steven isn’t Rose, but she thinks Rose is trapped. 

Her gem has been held captive by this… this human baby. Rose is right there, they can get to her! All they have to do is… is get rid of this baby. 

Poof him. Let Rose reform. It’s a normal gem thing. But… but they can’t. 

Steven is important. Steven is what Rose wanted… but she doesn’t understand why. She needs Rose to explain it to her. She can’t do this by herself. 

Why is this baby so important to you? 

All of them are suffering, and all of them need each other to cope. To accept what has happened and to accept that they don’t have the answers. To grow and change with each other.

To learn who Steven is and how he fits together with them.