how u do that mads


!!! stop sleeping, wake tf up !!!

trying some new  brushes in a not so pleased generation of miracles

bet they were told they resemble an oversized skittles bag

my apartment got inspected today and the owners or whoever the fuck they were said “how do u live like this this????” bitch it isnt easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i’m mad as hell i shoulda snapped im paying 800 a month to live in a windowless “study” aka a fucking closet smaller than my old dorm room which i’m pretty sure is illegal in some areas like whAt the fuck. How you gonna bring your evil capitalist ass into the closet i pay way too much for and insult me. And not even ask..“hmm are you okay?” The worst fucking part of being mentally ill is everyone judging me and nitpicking me over dumb shit and not even bothering to wonder if im okay. Im not thanks for not asking

planettaeil  asked:

Hiii 6,7,8,21! 😁

hiiiiii :)))))

6. Favourite vocalist?

probably taeil or doyoung their voices are so 💖💖💖

7. Favourite dancer?


8. Favourite rapper?

asdfghjkl how can u do this to me mad city line are my sons probably mark his voice and tone is 👌🏻 and seeing him improve on HSR makes me v happy :)))

21. What concept do you wish that NCT would try next?

tbh i hope they continue that dream/reality concept i just want more of that 7th sense and limitless goodness is that too much to ask for :”)

Thanks for asking!!! 💕💕💕

anonymous asked:

how do u know he doesnt deserve it? we only got to see like 10 seconds of how he behaved over the course of 3 years

ppft behaved? I dont give a shit of how might have behaved. Hes been shot, stabbed, manipulated and split in half in the doomed timeline, and now hes being abused, neglected, and he got stuffed in a damn fridge with body parts in it just cause he got manipulated by cal and killed equius and nepeta. Vriska has done much worse things but shes being praised. Gamzees not even getting the chance to speak. The only thing we’ve seen lately are damn honks and its bullshit. 

“why did you cut off all your hair??? it was so long and thick and pretty :(”

imagine this: you wake up. half of your hair is curly and normal, but the half that was against the pillow looks like it got blackout drunk and fucked a hamster. it’s still wet from the shower you took two days ago. you run your fingers through it and a hairball the size of a baseball comes out. eventually you try to thin it out with some scissors and a straight razor, which just makes it look weird and doesn’t help at all. 

i’m not saying it isn’t pretty, but it is a lot of fucking work

honestly keeping up with mads mikkelsen is so entertaining because one minute he’s getting knighted by france and the next he’s wearing a blue and white afro wig on a british morning talk show and just when you think he’s chillin out for a little BAM FURNITURE COMMERCIAL like i hope my life is half that fun and exciting someday

i’m kinda mad that anybody would talk shit abt jihoon bc honestly him and seungcheol have been around the longest so they’ve known each and every one of those boys since they became trainees and you can see how much each and every one of them care for each other so it’s rly somethin when somebody tries to say that one person in the group thinks they’re better than the others when they all literally never stop praising each other