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i was listening to this song and i really don’t know what i was going for but after this long art block im happy i was able to finally chuck something out. all those in favor of Ari’s bby ponytail say aye. (and dante’s cute messy short hair)



gotta dig that plumber/miner/electrician/gardener aesthetics right


some demon artie I have been procrastinating on– so many mistakes but shh and ignore it
@gallifreyanlibertea thank u for the advice with convincing me to colour this ahhaha, I prefer this rather than a flat colour tbh hhhh


| silver sun beast |

A piece done back in September, finally scanned down in hires and cleaned. Pens, markers, silver gel pen and gold acryl paint. Wait for this beast to appear on the dawn of the first winter day and then run. 

//drops down from the ceiling YO IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN

Time to shout about the newest Senyuu chapter ARE YOU READY

Please remember I can’t read a line of Japanese so my interpretations are probably super off but. Whatever yo

So!! This chapter we get some interaction between our second-favorite screwup (after Alba) Salt, and Elf and Alf :0

I’m pretty sure they start chatting about the original timeline and what Salt was like there. (Chubby, lazy and always taking Mage Alba’s credit lmfao)

But look at this sweet kid. I love him. I will protect his smile.

I honestly thought they might bring up original timeline Alba but they didn’t :’((At least, visually) I wanted to see my cute mage-san working hard with magic


Idk when Alf changed his outfit but I like it how it is now :0 Black suits him very well

Elf and Salt sorta have a rocky history considering Elf’s degrading of him in part 3;; but they seem to get along somewhat now (with some bickering haha)

This boy about to accomplish some serious shit!! Look at that face (also Alf’s little duck mouth is so cute lmao look at those boyfriends. Elf and Alf interactions make me smile a lot)

Alright kiddies, that’s all for now!! I’m still waiting for my boy Eruba to show up again. Where is he. WH ERE

See you next time //vanishes through the floor

Everlasting Party - Mystic Messenger Time Loop AU (pt 27)

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Summary: You’re caught in a time loop during the 11 days leading up to the RFA’s party unless you can do… what, exactly?

13+ Spoilers for Day 7 of Jumin’s route.

Ahhhh thank you everyone for your patience, this chapter was a struggle for whatever reason (work with me here Jumin, goddammit). I literally have around 1.3K that I just scrapped ‘cause it wasn’t working… ugh… but I’m much happier with how this version of Chapter 27 turned out. Enjoy!

Your fingers slip and the marker falls onto the page, leaving behind a purple splotch across the intricate lines of the mandala you’ve been colouring. Well, damn. You bring the paper closer to your face to inspect it, then pull back. You can maybe fix it with white-out, but… you put the sketchpad down with a sigh. Now there’s an ugly blot across your carefully planned design.

…You’re running out of things to do. Well, perhaps that’s a lie. It isn’t as though there’s an actual shortage of things to do, just that none of them seem appealing. Sitting in Rika’s apartment doing nothing is worse than doing something boring, though, so you’d gone to the internet again and discovered ‘mandalas’, geometric drawings with intricate patterns designed to take a long time to colour as a way of relieving stress.

You’re not really sure if you’re any less stressed out now than you were when you began, but at least colouring the small shapes means you’re not thinking about Unknown breaking into the apartment, or the bomb, or Unknown, or Mint Eye and their so-called ‘paradise’, or Unknown, or…

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anonymous asked:

How and/or when did you find out your lesbian? If your okay posting about that. I ask because I'm in the closet and I have very recently discovered I'm lesbian and I feel so lost.

ohhhh mannnn uhhh do u mean how i discovered i like women? or how i discovered i dont like men?? or both?

it took me a really long time to realize both! with my attraction to girls, i continuously repressed and explained it away. in high school i was convinced that all straight girls think women are hot, theyre just too prissy to admit it. i told myself i was just a “Cool” straight girl cause i could Admit that women are hot and sexy and beautiful, unlike all those other repressed straight girls
so when i finally admitted to myself that no, straight girls Don’t want to have sex with other girls, thats when i finally realized i like girls. at that point i identified as bisexual

i had never had sex with or been on a serious date with a dude so i just convinced myself that i was still attracted to dudes, i just had Really High Standards. so high that no man i ever met was ever good enough to meet them. i would make out with guys at parties to try and trick myself into being attracted to them, but all i could think about was how gross their tongue tasted, how unpleasant their hands felt, how bored i was, and whenever they tried to go further i would run. i thought i couldnt call myself a lesbian cause i hadnt had sex with a dude, so i didnt Know that i would hate it! even though i could barely tolerate kissing them

the thing is that when i was with a guy, my focus was entirely on every little thing that was unpleasant about the situation (im cold, he tastes weird, im tired, etc). but when im with a girl, all of that completely disappears. its like she and i are in our own world and all im thinking is i want to keep kissing her, i want to get closer. when i compared those experiences, thats when i realized i wasnt attracted to men

in retrospect, ive realized that a lot of what i interpreted as attraction to men was actually:
1. nervous fear (heart beating fast due to fear, not attraction)
2. feeling the need to be seen as attractive to men (performing het femininity)*
3. trying to follow the “script” of heterosexuality (”well, when he kisses me, im Supposed to kiss back, so i guess i should…?”)

*compulsory heterosexuality is hard to explain. in my “attraction” to men, i was an object that was acted upon. their attraction validated me as a heterosexual woman, my interest (or lack thereof) didnt play a part. whereas in my attraction to women, we’re equal partners, both attracted to and acting upon each other

idk its hard to be coherent about this! but if u wanna ask more questions ill try my best to answer!!