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i was listening to this song and i really don’t know what i was going for but after this long art block im happy i was able to finally chuck something out. all those in favor of Ari’s bby ponytail say aye. (and dante’s cute messy short hair)


some demon artie I have been procrastinating on– so many mistakes but shh and ignore it
@gallifreyanlibertea thank u for the advice with convincing me to colour this ahhaha, I prefer this rather than a flat colour tbh hhhh

                  UPDATE :       new  icon  to  celebrate  pride  month  !  if  you  want  one  like  mine,  just  message  me  your  fc  and  what  flag  u  want  and  i’ll  happily  make  one  !  :)

Everlasting Party - Mystic Messenger Time Loop AU (pt 27)

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Summary: You’re caught in a time loop during the 11 days leading up to the RFA’s party unless you can do… what, exactly?

13+ Spoilers for Day 7 of Jumin’s route.

Ahhhh thank you everyone for your patience, this chapter was a struggle for whatever reason (work with me here Jumin, goddammit). I literally have around 1.3K that I just scrapped ‘cause it wasn’t working… ugh… but I’m much happier with how this version of Chapter 27 turned out. Enjoy!

Your fingers slip and the marker falls onto the page, leaving behind a purple splotch across the intricate lines of the mandala you’ve been colouring. Well, damn. You bring the paper closer to your face to inspect it, then pull back. You can maybe fix it with white-out, but… you put the sketchpad down with a sigh. Now there’s an ugly blot across your carefully planned design.

…You’re running out of things to do. Well, perhaps that’s a lie. It isn’t as though there’s an actual shortage of things to do, just that none of them seem appealing. Sitting in Rika’s apartment doing nothing is worse than doing something boring, though, so you’d gone to the internet again and discovered ‘mandalas’, geometric drawings with intricate patterns designed to take a long time to colour as a way of relieving stress.

You’re not really sure if you’re any less stressed out now than you were when you began, but at least colouring the small shapes means you’re not thinking about Unknown breaking into the apartment, or the bomb, or Unknown, or Mint Eye and their so-called ‘paradise’, or Unknown, or…

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how do u think nora discovered her semblance. was it just something so nonchalant to her but it gave ren a heartattack?? like

“nora get out of the tREE theres a thunderstorm and that means LIGHTNING”


“nora we dont have parents”


“but get out of the tree ple–”

there’d be a flash, and ren would probably freak the fuck out, but when nora jumps out all giddy and excited (perhaps more than usual) he would be more confused than anything and just “nora??? what?? ?? the fukc? nora dont ever do that again” and nora would just be like “LOOK MA NO HANDS” and literally punch the tree so hard it would cackle electricity as it flies a few hundred feet for months to come and that was the time that ren realised,

he is afraid.

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how did u discover rh

i am a huge britpop hoe, so i kinda stumbled upon them in the way and i didn’t pay much attention, until i watched romeo + juliet around the time, and both talk show host and exit music kinda clicked… so i became a fan but bc i was so young i was a casual one, they even toured here around the time i was getting familiar w them but i didn’t know (and now i suffer daily thinking about them)

during tkol era i was v excited but bc at the time i kinda hated it i didn’t push forward in getting more acquainted w the band members, all i knew back them was that thom was fucking awesome (heh) and that they had a cute guitarist. but amsp era brought me to a whole new level of misery thanks rh for my life.