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What if Jason found a half dead kitten on the street and nursed it back to health?

Jason and a kitten, yessss!!!!! (im on mobile sorry for everything.)

He finds the kitten in an alley while he’s getting some dinner because he’s too tired to cook. He crouches down to look at the tiny, scruffy kitten on the dirty ground, lying on their sides, meowing softly.

Jason stops. Of course he stops. The kitten is thin and obviously hasn’t eaten anything filling in a while and Jason should leave the kitten or find an animal shelter but the kitten purrs and Jason isn’t strong enough to leave them to die.

He gets some towels when he arrives at home so the kitten will be warm and comfortable. Jason goes online and reads some sites how to nurse back a kitten to health because he knows jack shit about how to take care of an animal. He buys everything the kitten might need because his money might go to worse places than this.

It takes weeks before the kitten can walk around more than ten minutes.

Things that definitely happens after Fangs (yes, that’s her name) is up and healthy:

Fangs finding Jason’s chest the most comfortable place to sleep and Jason doesn’t move so he doesn’t wake her up. Damn his good heart.

Fangs snuggling to Jason’s neck when he’s laying down and then walking over him and Jason phones rings and Fangs steps on his face and yes, cat hair in his mouth. Nice.

Fangs hissing when there are strangers in Jason’s apartment. So like the first time Duke comes over, Fangs hisses at him from the table and–

“Wow, dude, why is she looking at me like she wants to kill me?”

“Huh, yeah that sounds pretty serious. Don’t worry I will protect you.”

“Har-har-har. Why do you even have a cat?”

“She blackmailed me to take care of her. She’s dangerous.”

“You’re a dork, oh my god.”

Ok, but Jay waking up from a nightmare and Fangs just snuggling closer and licks his face and “yes okay thank you cat but that’s not comfortable at all.”

Jason trying to let her go after she recovers and he opens his window and everything but she just stays on his bed and meows. “Yeah, I wouldn’t leave either.”

Sometimes he woke up in the middle of the night, startled by something. Might be his dreams, might not. He didn’t remember enough of them to tell.

What he remembered of them usually went like this:

He woke up alone. Statics filled the air. The streets buzzed. The punches never came, and he just walked the streets until he was on the ground, in front of an alleyway. The dusty lamppost stood between him and the entrance. The light flickered the way usual household light bulbs did, but slower.

Then he woke up, alone, the newest podcast playing on loop in his ears. The light was always off.

It really wasn’t much to go by.

even more bc it has to run its course 


I hope their relationship progresses to big sis and lil bro always making fun of each other vibe


Some illustrations inspired by chapter 1 of Soft Purr by @we-are-ichu. Keith is a kitty shifter and I died from the cute. (This isn’t even all I’ve drawn for this so there will be at least one more post eventually :’) Edit: more art here: x

Bonus: I gif’d it. Bad Keith.

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So Shizuo got his dog, what if Izaya got himself a cat? I think he's sort of feline-like himself and I'd imagine he'd get along well with a cat!

You’d be right to imagine that! Izaya has skills like a cat, and what he lack in knowledge he make up with elegance and grace. He’s just as gracious as one, what, with his parkor jumping and flying through the tall buildings of ikebukuro with such prescription and reflexes that are out of this word.

I read a post somewhere about the similarities Izaya shares with a cat, and I can’t seem to find it (if you know of it please link it?), but the person pointed out all the facts of a cat and tied them to Izayas own habits and traits.

For instance, Izaya is often seen up on high grounds, mostly buildings, but it’s been noted Izaya’s often strolling along walking on nothing but railings. This plays well with the unnatural, again out of this world, balance that he often shows off.

One other similarities was that Izaya’s favourite food is raw fish, which doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but it’s a nice addition to the idea that Izaya might actually be part cat.

There were a bunch more of these ‘similarities’ that the person pointed out, but you get the general idea of how darn similar they are!

I think that, if Izaya got a cat, he would prolly be having it around mostly because he’s lonely. He has Namie to keep him company, but we all know how good on terms they are with each other, so the idea that Izaya keeps a cat around mainly to keep him company…I’d say that’s not a stretch and so out of character for him. Izaya is someone that, more than anything, despises to be left out on things. Or more accurately, he hates to be left out on information. I say this because we all know Izaya is too prideful to admit he cares about people since he deems himself to be somehow above humans, but we also know that he got slightly melancholy during the hotpot part at Shinras place which he wasn’t invited to. (this poor boy #letIzayajoinahotpot2017)

Izaya having a cat is, once again, not a far fetched idea to consider simply because he is human and he do get lonely, and so the only thing I’d imagine he’d do to surpass this feeling of ‘loneliness’ is to acquire a household pet. (since he’d be too darn proud to go out of his way to make up excuses just to ‘hang out’ with ‘friends’.) (we all know he would be lying to himself as well and dismiss the idea of him feeling any sort of negativity of being alone. He’d treat it as ‘solitude’. Not as loneliness.)

Also just imagine Izaya getting a kitten (Because he’d want to influence it whilst it’s still young) and it’s a darn expensive maine coon cat that grows to become tiny lions. Imagine Izaya buying it just because it’s expensive.

He won’t know how the fuck to care for it at first, but if it’s one thing Izaya prides himself in it’s his quick ability to learn.

He names him Tofu.

Tofu is an indoor cat, but Izaya brings him out regularly on a leash. Tofu enjoys it immensely.

Izaya likes to seperate his work phones with his one personal phone, but all of his phones are loaded with pictures of Tofu. (Tofu lying down, eating, jumping, sleeping and the likes.)

I think it would be darn adorable, and he’d get to talk to Tofu and consult in him as well. “This company sells straws. Straws!” ‘mjow’  “I compeltely agree Tofu, they aren’t worthy of my time.”