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MTL likely to be rough










Namjoon, Yoongi, and Jungkook would want to show you how tough they really are. They are the ones who would want to be dominant in the bedroom, so things will get rough. Jungkook would want to prove to you that he’s not a kid.

Jin and Jimin wouldn’t mind a good night of rough sex, however, they would also enjoy having passionate, soft sex some nights. These would be the boys who would most likely be on the bottom and would love seeing you rough.

Hoseok and Taehyung would not be a big fan of rough sex. They would not be able to enjoy the sex because they would be too busy worrying about if he was hurting you and if you were enjoying it.

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How many relationships did each of them have before they got together?

That’s a tough one, and depends on how you define relationship.

John had a college boyfriend, Francis, that he was with for a few years. He had at least 2 other bfs, less than a year each. 

Alex dated Angelica, then Eliza his freshman year. Laf was his first serious boyfriend. He had several bfs and gfs throughout his relationship with Laf, but John was the only one that became part of the trio.

CW for Laf’s back story, has…dub con elements:

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you know what’s great?

the fact that beast boy always goes above and beyond to make raven smile.

he is literally the only other Titan who cares so much about her happiness that he practically zones in on it and makes it his goddamn mission. 

he’s so good at reading her, he can tell when something’s off even when no one else does. it’s how he knew about malchior, and how he figured out her birthday before anyone else even noticed something was wrong. 

Best Friends …

1. Are always there for you.

2. Always believe in you

3.Never give up on you (even when you want to give up on yourself).

4. Laugh with you in the good times, and cry with you in the bad times.

5. Never judge you.

6. Accept you as you are – without strings attached.

7. Never tell you to change.

8. Tell you that you can do it.

9. Understand how tough it is for you.

10. Can see your true beauty – and they help you see it, too.


Which is great and everything but #GiveMazikeenAGirlfriend2k17


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Truthfully this year kicked my ass, but I think I turned out alright . Lesson of 2016: don’t let people walk all over you, don’t take life for granted, & most of all, love yourself more than anyone else .
Thank you 2016 for showing me how tough I am .

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do you mind explaining how love can be tough? (to someone who has not experienced love with a significant other)

you’re a whole person wanting to be with another whole person. neither of you are perfect. both of you are constantly growing and changing. you have to decide what is worth it and what isn’t, what you can accept about another person and what you can’t. you have to be vulnerable. love is tough. love is constantly choosing & deciding. the rosy beginnings always fade. and then the people you love show you that they are real people. real people who still deserve love. and you have to figure out how to love them the right way while you’re loving them. 

You know I’m sick and tired of this dumb trope that female characters are only strong if they’re badasses who don’t take shit from anyone. And this idea is not only perpetuated by men but by women as well so don’t get on your feminist high horse and try to blame this all on the male demographic.

Don’t get me wrong - I love a good female badass as much as the next person, but why is that type the only one that seems to get the widest recognition as being “strong”? Strength isn’t just measured by how well you can hold up in a fight or how tough you can be when going toe to toe with the boys. There’s a lot more to it than that - I know. I’ve gone through a fair amount of crap in my life that tested my strength and none of it pertained to what is conventionally thought of as being strong.

Little girls deserve better than to just be told that the only way to be strong is to be a fighter. They need to be shown that what matters is inner strength, and that strength looks different in every woman. Sure, maybe the outgoing tomboy who loves karate is going to grow up to be a kickass like Black Widow, but what about the shy girl who waits her whole childhood to see another quiet girl like her become as much of a heroine as the badass girl? What about the girly girl who wants to be independent and educated without letting go of her love for dresses and pretty things?

NOT ALL WOMEN ARE THE SAME. It’s time to stop lying to our girls and encourage them to develop their own inner strengths, however varied they might be.

“ Its already end. But I still care ”
“ He’s already with someone else. But I still wait ”

It’s okay to stop. It’s okay to let them go.
It’s okay to walk away. It’s okay.

I know how tough you are
I know how hard you tried
I know you don’t want it to end

You did everything because you want them to know that you still want them.

You did everything Because you want them to know , you are bleeding for them.

But , after all this fight. They still didnt even say a hi. After all this scars , they still didnt care.

So , walk away.
Its not worth. It’s not worth to bleed for them. It’s not worth to fight for them. It’s worth to stay for them.

Love is not to be chased. It is to be appreciated.

Love doesnt make you bleed and cried on 3 a.m. Besides , it makes you sleep and smile with them.

Love doesnt let you fight alone. Besides, Love fight for each other and keep you guys both together.

You are fighting alone
You are bleeding alone

It’s not a love
It just a hurt

Its no longer a fight
Its a suicide

Don’t hurt yourself for someone who doesnt want you. Don’t hurt yourself for someone who doesnt appreciate you. Just don’t. It’s not worth it.

Let it go

I know it is hurts to leave the fight
I know it feels bad to give up at the end

But, you deserve to be happy without them. You deserve to be loved by someone worth better than them.

Love is a drug
Either it heals you , or it kills you.

Now it kills you right ?
You are bleeding. You are crying. Then know that it is not a good drug. Throw them away.

“ Its not that easy to move on ”
“ Its hard to let it go ”

It’s not easy
It would never be easy. Its though. Its hard. Its difficult.

But , fighting and bleeding for them again and again will only make it harder for you to move on.

Some people crossed into your life.
But , not all of them meant to be yours. They might give your happiness. But they might also give you scars and sadness.

Above all
They left you something.. Its a lesson.

Chill , calm your ass. Get a lot of food. Travel around. Live your life.

Someday , you’ll meet someone better. Someone who are willing to bleed for you. Someone who are willing to fight for you.

Now , stay strong mate
Let it go , Let them go

—  LuqmanSan
You’ve shown me your scars and you told me what’s behind those burnt skins and scars. Since that night, my amusement towards you is beyond words; you let me in your life, you let me know your struggles, you showed me how to be tough during miserable days. One of your scars is from the broken promises, you got hurt when you tried to pick the pieces of it on the ground. I should have known you since the day you knew how to love; I should have been with you since then so you didn’t get the scars you thought made you repulsive but let me tell you something, when you show all of it to me, I thought those made you more beautiful, pure and just really amazingly wonderful. You have me now, no one can ever hurt you again; I made you a safe home full of love. I won’t promise such things like I won’t put another scar on you and won’t leave you hanging. All I know is as long as I’m breathing; as long as my heart is beating; you are the reason of its functions.
—  w., every scars has its own story

// BAD BOY V ™

- It’s sort of hard for him to be
“ Bad ” because look at this man? he is so beautiful and squishy?

- He sometimes leaves the cap off of the toothpaste though that’s pretty hardcore

- in highschool was where Bad Boy V ™ was born and started by him dying his hair that pretty shade of blue that he’s always just stuck with.

- But he was never the mean kind of bad, he just tried wearing more leather, acting tough and fuck he wore black eyeliner how emo can you be

- Back then Jumin was like
“ are you ok ”
and now if V starts doing stuff like that again he’s just
“ are you ok ”

- He doesn’t wear eyeliner anymore but the hair and leather? Still lives on

- He likes faux leather now days, especially really ugly boots with flames why is he like this?

- Sometimes he’ll cuss at people when he’s driving and they almost kill him he’s already nearly been a victim of homicide no more of this

- It’s usually after a really close call and he’s driving with you he’s just like ” what the fuck don’t you know i’m carrying precious cargo over here ” my heart

- It’s canon he smokes a pipe that’s so hipsterish emo

- Honestly he’s tried cigarettes and he choked so hard he never picked another one up again but pipes are more gentle for him

- Usually he only smokes when he’s stressed though.

- He might grow his hair out until it’s his natural color; black, again. He looks even more emo why

- But still a Beautiful Man ™ regardless

- It’s hard for him to be Bad personality wise because he’s just so pure, it never really goes further than flipping people off or cussing here and there

- he’s just so sweet protect him


i am finally back after like…7 months, I’m so sorry I’m awful lol


“Y/N quit it”, Daryl grumbled, trying to shift closer to the wall next to your bed. You were currently laid in bed together, you constantly running your hands through his surprisingly soft hair. You smiled softly, not stopping. You knew he didn’t want to sleep, he was just sulking because he’d got all embarrassed earlier that day. He’d been acting all tough with the guys, so you told them all how he enjoyed it when you played with his hair, and he even fell asleep on watch once when you did it. They’d all teased him about it for the rest of the day, and he was still mad.


“Come on, kid. I could hit a turkey between the eyes from this distance!” Daryl mocked Carl, who had just attempted to shoot a machine gun for the first time. Carl frowned, putting the gun down on the floor. You sat watching them, giggling ever so often at Daryl’s ‘manly’ outbursts.

“It’s my first time, give it a rest.” Carl mumbled, earning a laugh from Daryl.

“Y/N!” Daryl shouted, gesturing for you to go to him. You jumped down from the rock and walked to the fence they were stood by. “You think he can do better?” Daryl and Carl both looked at you, urging you to take their side. You smirked, knowing this was the perfect chance to embarrass Daryl.

“You know what I think?” They both shrugged. Men. You stepped close to Daryl, your chests touching, and spoke just loud enough so that Carl could hear too. “I think that Mr-Tough-Guy here shouldn’t act so scary when he likes to fall asleep with tiny braids in his hair”. Before Daryl even realised what you’d said, Carl literally fell to the floor in laughter. Daryl glared at you, storming inside. 

“Does he really?” Carl managed in between laughs. You nodded, looking towards the door Daryl had just slammed. You thought for a second that maybe you’d gone too far, but the thought vanished when you remembered how funny it was. He didn’t speak to you for the rest of the day.


“Y/N!” He raised his voice a little more this time, getting obviously agitated. “I said stop. Haven’t ya pissed me off enough today?” You raised your eyebrows at his tone, rolling your eyes and staring up at the ceiling, letting go of his hair. Maybe you had gone too far? Nah, he deserved it.

“Come on, have a sense of humour.” Daryl scoffed, his only response being to pull the covers from you to cover his head. You signed, standing up to get your jacket, guessing he wouldn’t give the covers back.

“Where ya going?” Daryl mumbled, still hiding his face under the covers. You sat back down on the bed, using your coat like a blanket.

“Didn’t wanna freeze. It’s cold in here” You faced away from him, hearing sheets rustle. Suddenly, the entire blanket was covering your body. You turned your head to see Daryl sat up, watching you.

“Sorry. Just take the cover, shouldn’t’a took it”. You shook your head, pushing on his chest so he laid back down. You pulled the cover over both of you, resting your head on his chest. You waited for him to protest, tell you to move, but he didn’t. He wrapped his arms around you, kissing the top of your head. “I know it was just a joke, I just got embarrassed that’s all.” Daryl paused, sighing. “I do like it when you play with my hair.” You giggled, leaning up to give him a kiss. He smiled, snuggling into you.

“I know. I love you.”