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i haven’t been able to scroll through tumblr all day and it’s been killing me because clearly the skam fam went above and beyond today. i feel bad for the future fans who dig up some old posts and have to figure out why everyone is sucking a board, who was the storefront in season 3, and why, for a show dedicated to social media and technological storytelling, we were freaking the fuck out over black and white screenshots where you can literally see the pixels.

OK but how big of a statement winning this poll will be to freeform (& the rest of the world) tbh would be so so so fucking good. This is the biggest ship poll on the internet every year, trust me I’ve been around fandoms for a long time. We lost by such a small percent last year, I’m not doing it again this year. PLEASE VOTE FOR MALEC DURING ALL THE ROUNDS. They deserve this so so much.

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Imagine Katie complete fuckable Mcgrath doing an interview completely focused on the fact that she plays Lena so gay that her ship with Kara won against all the other major couples on TV. Like just imagine her knowing that and people asking her what she thinks about it. I don't know how but we have to win that


I just scanned my copy of the FEif fanbook that came with the December 2015 issue of Nintendo Dream!

It’s pretty old, but I wanted to share it because I love how this cover looks! Do you think Takumi would win the popularity poll in other countries too?

Abysmal Hatred & My Concerns

While January the 28th may be just like any other day of the year, it also just so happens to be the day that Crunchyroll’s 2016 Anime of the Year award winner is revealed. Now without wasting your time, I’m just to get this out of the way immediately.

Yuri On Ice will win Crunchyroll’s Anime of the Year award.

Not, if. Not, maybe. It will. This is for certain. It is a solid fact and there is no probability about it at all.

Now, I will get to this in a moment, but for now, I just want to get some more important things out of the way first.

So, let’s start, shall we?

Why Yuri On Ice Won Everything It Was Nominated For:

Yuri On Ice won every single category that it was nominated for in Crunchyroll’s 2016 poll by a staggering amount of votes. 

But how?” 

Some people have been asking this for a few weeks, so I thought it was about time for a specific answer.

-Reason One:

The sheer amount of people who voted for Yuri On Ice was unmatched and wouldn’t have rivaled any other show due to its fame.

Since the vote was solely based on popularity, Yuri On Ice won its nominated categories in a landslide. It has also become the most profitable show since SNK, reaching in numbers of about 51,000 copies sold within its first week of sales and then another week later growing to about 63,000 copies total. That’s about 12,000 sales in growth within a week and it’s absolutely amazing.

Now, because of those numbers, this means that a fraction of the viewers would have voted for the show, increasing its chances of winning. Not to mention how much the fandom promoted the poll and told fans to vote, which also boosted the number of individuals voting.

A simple estimation would suggest that around 22,000 - 25,000 people voted for Yuri On Ice in each respective category, while other shows like MOB Psycho and Erased each received around 1,500 - 2,000 votes (granted, this estimation can change greatly depending on the category.) Thus, leading to the show’s domination.

-Reason Two:

Yuri On Ice brought new fans into the anime community. 

A large percentage of the show’s fans were never a part of the anime community to begin with. For many, this was their first anime and it introduced them into a whole new world of TV and entertainment. 

When it came time to vote, these kinds of inexperienced anime fans went and voted for the show that they critically thought was more deserving and picked Yuri On Ice. 

For lack of a better term, it was inexperience paired with personal preference and should not be insulted. They chose to try a new form of entertainment and are still learning about it and they’ll eventually grow into it.

-Reason Three:

The fans just didn’t watch the other shows that Yuri On Ice was nominated against.

2016 was a rather weak year for anime. There obviously were some really good shows this year, such as Erased, MOB Psycho 100, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, Yuri On Ice, and a few others. 

Though, it goes without saying, that there were more bad shows than good, and there were also not very many shows coming out in 2016 either. 

Not only that, but many longtime anime fans had begun to distance themselves from anime as a whole and stopped watching it. Yuri On Ice seemed to bring many people back to anime altogether, giving them a new hope for new shows in the future. 

So, when the voting began, these people voted for Yuri On Ice, because they hadn’t bothered to watch any of the other shows that were out at the time.

-Reason Four:

It was really well received, people really, really liked it, and it was actually really good. (This reason doesn’t really need an explanation, so I’ll move on.)

My Opinion on the Awards Outcome:

(This is my own personal opinion and has really nothing to do with my main points. Skip ahead if you don’t want to listen to what I have to say about this.)

-Best Animation:

There’s been a lot of pathetic arguing about this subject and it’s quite sad. 

I absolutely do believe that MOB Psycho 100 definitely had far better animation than any other show out this year. Its style is diverse, experimental, colorful, and incredibly well done. It is an animation masterpiece and it definitely deserved the award in my opinion. 

Though, when I say that MOB has better animation than Yuri On Ice, I don’t mean that Yuri On Ice’s animation is terrible, because it’s not. No, it’s much more complicated than that when you’re looking at the show from a critical standpoint.

In fact, one of Yuri On Ice’s greatest flaws is their inconsistent animation. The show’s animation either looks so beautiful that it takes your breath away while simultaneously bringing you to tears, or it’s so bad that it looks like a drunk five-year-old tried to draw each frame with broken crayons. There really is no in between. 

This may be a bit of an exaggeration for the sake of comedy, but this is basically the best I can describe it without going into a several hundred page analysis and going frame by frame throughout the entire animation process. I have to just keep this nice and simple.

-Most Heart Warming Scene:

I was absolutely torn at this decision. I was at a crossroads. 

 Hinazuki’s first home cooked meal, or The Kiss™. 

On one hand, I had sobbed during that scene in Erased. It was so incredibly sad but heart warning at the same time.

But on the other hand, The Kiss™ was absolutely everything to me. 

And I, being the mature adult I was, threw my chair across the room, punched my arm through my desk, and screaming so loud that I had the police called on me. 

The Kiss™ wasn’t so much heart warming, as it was a threat to my furniture. 

It was more of a shock value, than a heart warming scene. Other scenes from Yuri On Ice that would have been better suited for this category would have been something like The Ring Exchange.

Though, because I was at such an absolute dilemma over this, I just didn’t vote for that one category. I couldn’t choose between the two, and I’m so glad I didn’t, because it would have haunted me for a while.

-Final Thoughts on the Awards:

I personally believe that Yuri On Ice did indeed deserve the other awards it received, such as Best Couple, Best Opening, Best Boy, Etc.

But even if you thought differently than me, even if you think that Yuri On Ice deserved absolutely none of the awards it received whatsoever, then that’s perfectly fine.

My opinion is no greater and no better than that of anyone else’s, but what do I know really.

Yuri On Ice Will Win Crunchyroll’s Anime of the Year Award:

I am only saying this now, a day in advance (depending on what time you read this), because it’s completely obvious that this is the inevitable outcome. It will win Anime of the Year on the 28th and there is absolutely no if about it.

My reasoning behind this is simply because Yuri On Ice has won countless other anime of the year awards already and not just from one place either.

Not only has Yuri On Ice won many, many Anime of the Year awards already, but the number of people who voted for the show is absolutely unbeatable. No show even comes close to those numbers, so mathematically, it’d be practically impossible for anything other than Yuri On Ice to win.

The (ridiculous) people in Crunchyroll’s comments seem to be setting themselves up for disappointment, almost intentionally. And this intentional and impending disappointment, brings us to the most important part of this article.

Abysmal Hatred and Heinous Spite:

This was the whole reason I decided to write this in the first place. I was so overcome with confusion because what I was seeing was so absolutely and totally bizarre.

To explain this simply, an online anime popularity poll result upset some people. They decided to insult people, complain, and succumb to hatred because they refused to accept the results like a group of self-entitled children.

What made this whole situation worse, was the fact that they didn’t keep their hatred contained to just Crunchyroll’s website.

No, they decided to harass individuals on every format, flood comment sections on websites like YouTube, Instagram, and Pixiv, and also Tweet obnoxious insults to Crunchyroll’s Twitter.

Some of the things I’ve seen generally make me concerned or question my existence, but not in a deep and thought provoking way. No, I mean the, “Why do I exist when people can be so dumb that it makes me question whether the word, ‘intelligence’ has ever meant anything at all,” kind of questioning your existence.

I’ve seen some pretty backwards statements before all over the internet, and sometimes in real life too. It obviously wasn’t a surprise to me when I saw hatred overflowing after January the 11th, but I never thought it would be on this kind of level.

There were some people that weren’t just hateful to the fans, the show, and people’s opinions, but they were also being hateful to gay people as well. You just can’t make this up:

People being blatantly homophobic because of an anime popularity poll is just absolutely ridiculous.

One of the most frequent comments I see regarding Yuri On Ice is: “I’m not homophobic, but I didn’t like the gay characters/gay couple.” 

Not only is that an incredibly strange thing to say, but that’s akin to saying, “I’m not racist, but I didn’t like the black characters/black couple.” 

If saying the last statement makes you seem racist, then wouldn’t saying something like the statement before it make you sound homophobic as well?

Besides all of this chaos, it got people to start very interesting conversations about how female fans are treated differently than most male fans.

Well, regardless of the blatant homophobia, hatred, and general idiocy that had taken place just a few weeks ago, I’m here to tell you to prepare for more because it’s not going to stop and January the 28th is just going to make it worse.

Future Hatred and Intolerance:

Remember how I said their impending disappointment seems almost intentional?

Have you ever known that something wasn’t going to go your way, but you built it up for yourself anyways, just so you could have an excuse to hate something? Yeah, maybe when you were a child

This is what these people are doing to themselves right now, solely as an excuse to hate the show more than they already do. 

In fact, there will probably be ever more backlash from Yuri On Ice winning Anime of the Year 2016, than from any other award it has won so far

If this happens, then the harassment, homophobic behavior, and hatred for the show and its fanbase will only increase. 

My only goal, as of now, is to let you all know beforehand, so it isn’t much of a shock when it inevitably does happen.

Final Thoughts:

I honestly think that if Yuri On Ice hadn’t won a single award, that this fandom would have accepted the fact and moved on.

I don’t think that the Yuri On Ice fandom would have done anything even remotely similar to what these hateful people did.

Of course, there will always be a handful of rude or immature people, but overall, this fandom is generally well behaved (which is a miracle.)

I’m going to be serious here for a moment and say that I don’t want it to ever get this hateful at any point within the fandom, ever. If this fandom ever becomes this hateful and this toxic at any point in the future, then you will know why I gave up fandom culture for good.

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Overall, how many of the polls did we win?

  1. Best Kiss (Clarke and Lexa 3x07)
  2. Best Fight (Lexa vs Roan)
  3. Steamiest Moment (Clexa’s sex scene)
  4. Dramatic Actress (Eliza)
  5. Best Guest Star (Alycia)
  6. Female Breakout Star (Alycia)
  7. Best Fandom (Clexa)
  8. Most Heartbreaking Goodbye/Exit (Clexa goodbye)
  9. Moment that Made You Want to Throw Out Your TV ( Lexa’s Death)

GOOD JOB KRU!!!!!! I’m so proud of us!!!! 

Open letter to Cait on her birthday

Dear Caitriona,

It’s your birthday, you wonderful person you.  It certainly has been great joy watching you these last few months.  I must say that it definitely caught me off guard.  I never expected to be captivated by someone like yourself because I don’t watch too much TV; I’m a bookworm.  But regardless, I can’t help but watch you perform.  To say you are the perfect Claire is an understatement.  How you come into work day in and day out and play that role so powerfully is amazing and often wonder…

It’s funny too because I see you capturing the hearts of my lady friends here on tumblr.  They, too, are enchanted by you.  I can’t help but mention @paperbgprincesss and @calleder because let’s be real here, you elicit many feelings from them that should not go unnoticed.  If you need proof, just look through their blogs.  Just ignore the lady boner balfe tag, sometimes we don’t know where they come up with that stuff ;)  Watch all of us go ‘gaaahhh’ over you:

It’s hard not to notice how beautiful you are.  You are classy and elegant.  But let’s remember how you’ve stated numerous times beauty comes from within and nothing makes a woman more beautiful than letting believe that in themselves.  We should own up to the queen you say are within ourselves. 

Now we know you’re silly…

But you’re serious too when it comes things you are passionate about.  For instance, World Child Cancer….you’ve told us how proud you are being their patron.  Who wins a popularity poll and in her fans’ honor, donate to 5 different charities.  All I can say is you get it done (from 19 years old to now).

So go on girlfriend, enjoy your 36th birthday.  Enjoy life’s journey and live the life you lead.  We are grateful you entered ours for sure.  Do some karaoke, enjoy a dance or two with friends and friends alike.

Just remember it’s your day and you could do whatever you want.  Heck, read some glorious smut and enjoy it with your “friend” over there in Sam Heughan. 

I’m sure he’s waiting. 

Happy Birthday Cait!!  We hope it’s a good one.

Turkey’s modern ‘democracy’ = Kill, arrest, expel anyone who opposes you, censor anything that criticizes you, destroy any opposition, then brag about how you are winning in the polls with your biggest supporters being Islamists in other countries screaming about how much they love you because you are their modern-day Saladin!

Saying that Delena Stans are voting for Olicity because they ship Olicity.

Sorry but we aren’t that stupid and know the DE Stans game long enough to know that the number one reason why they are helping out Olicity is because they want to spite Bamon fans and make us lose the poll.

If they were doing it mainly because they ship Olicity then why represent themselves as a fandom teaming up with Olicity to help Bamon lose? Why is it necessary for them to represent themselves as Delena fans who are voting? 

If they were truly doing it for Olicity and only because they loved Olicity then there would be no reason to even bring Delena into the subject at all. Like I ship WestAllen and if they are in a poll I consider myself voting for them and supporting them as a fan of WestAllen. 

I’m not going to represent myself as a Bamon fan voting for WestAlllen since I truly ship them. I’m not going to make voting for WestAllen some how a victory for Bamon or the Bamon fandom.

Yet some Delena Stans are voting against Bamon to make this a victory for  the Delena fandom.  Trust and believe that it is not about Olicity and mainly about Delena for those bitter ass, pathetic DE Stans spending all of their time  with the goal of making Bamon lose.

Their goal is to make Bamon lose. They don’t give a shit about Olicity and is fooling that fandom into thinking that they care. When if it was Clexa who had the next highest amount of votes to Bamon then they would be putting in all of their votes for them just to see Bamon lose.

They will not be celebrating as  Olicity fans if Olicity wins they will be celebrating as Delena fans who will view this as a victory for Delena and then try to send the results to JP/the writers of TVD to prove how “no one ships Bamon or cares about Bamon”  So they can try to make sure that JP does not do romantic Bamon if they can “prove” that no one ships Bamon.

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