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Where we have chosen the favorite and most liked AU’s and Prompts from the past week.

To get things started (this will not be repeated on future recaps), let’s explain this a bit. We’ve gotten a lot of fresh ideas, recommended some really nice AU’s and recieved so much love and support with all these likes, reblogs, asks and new followers! It’s overwhelming and amazing. Now we would love to keep this mess of all those stories a little more organized with this recap, which will basically showcase those stories who got the most attention and love added with personal favorites.

Disclaimer: If there isn’t a new or groundbreaking idea for one week, there will be no Weekly Recap. So always keep at it my creative sweet little children.

Added to that there will be weekly shoutouts to those who show some extra love, who have created new AU’s and who have done some amazing fanart/fanwriting for the AU of the week. Of course it’s always a big shoutout to all our followers but that list would be too much.

AU of the week

Of course it has to be the Asylum AU originally created by @slawter-rhinfox

In this AU, what we have gathered so far, are Wildcat and Nogla the guards in the Asylum. Mini, Delirious and Ohm are patients and Vanoss and Bryce are the Psychiatrists taking care of said patients. It is open for multiships and open to add more participants, as Mod Loo has added Lui to the party already.

The original and first creations of this AU can be found here

The Asylum AU tag for more fanfiction and fanart can be found here

It is a fantastic story with an open end and we’re definitely looking forward to more creations dedicated to this.

Weekly Shoutout

Biggest Fans:

And extra shoutout to @cosmosogurl for these amazing ideas and support you’ve been giving us. Really appreciate it!

A big thanks to @my-names-blue for giving us the brilliant idea to do Weekly Best Of’s.

At last we would like to thank @sfheibai and @derpydoodlez for the amazing fanart [1 / 2] for the Asylum AU.

That about wraps it up for this recap, we thank you for everything so far and there will definitely be something special for those damb 200+ follower we have recently hit!

♥♥ Much love, AU-Hell  ♥♥

let dan and phil make money without complaining 2k17


doniconi asking about seungri’s role in the made album


‘95 line fanboying over NCT U vocal line


SHINee: Everything = sex, never be in public while viewing anything

NCT: Pick a bias quickly and hang on, if you let go you’ll be lost in there forever

Exo: Lay needs to be protected no matter who your bias is, everyone has abs don’t be fooled by beagle line, try not to start shit with ARMYs, Tao, Kris, and Luhan left don’t bring it up

BTS: Bias J-Hope he’s the best and most under appreciated, try not to start shit with EXO-Ls, comment “Jungkook its not that serious” on every picture

Got7: It’s Jinyoung now, Markson is undeniable, Maknae line transforms like 1023483% 

Monsta X: Learn to enjoy being uncomfortable all the time

KNK: Not a lot of English subs but you should tune into the vapps anyway, little rookies need support <3

Block B: There’s more than just Zico, they get drunk sometimes its just how it is

Beast: Too many weekly idols to watch em all, trust the memes instead, pick your favorite era and watch that one.

Winner: Stay away from Song Minho :)

iKon: You need to watch WIN: Who is next, Mix and Match, and Show Me the Money 3

Big Bang: You too late

K.A.R.D: Don’t be afraid to bias someone the same sex as you. 

Altitude (m)

Word count: 5,187

Warning: Jimin smut


You take a swig from the bottle in your hand, savouring the sharp flavour on your tongue you’ve been waiting for all day long.

The boy next to you, impatiently holding out his hand, rolls his eyes when you let out a fulfilled sigh. “Dude, it’s just vodka with fucking water.”

“Fuck off, Yoongi,” you respond, showing your affection for the guy by taking a sip. Only when he basically rips it out of your hands do you hand it to him with offendedly. “Fine, take it.”

Yoongi leans back until his head hits the brick wall, then copies your actions. “Fucking hell, Jimin again today.”

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