how to wear men's shirt

just saying that the shirt looks “big” on harry too and doesn’t really look all that much bigger on her. and if she was that petite that the sleeves go below her elbow, pretty sure she would be swimming in his. now knowing they don’t make it in long sleeves, it’s obvious it’s the men’s version, but regardless it doesn’t matter since the whole point of it was already pushed and obvious.

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tip for baby butches: don't underestimate the power a belt has to butch up an outfit. seriously, if you have an outfit that you feel doesn't look as butch as you'd like, try adding a men's belt to it, it will almost definitely make it butcher. & if you have butch aspirations but aren't in a place where you can safely dress how you want, try wearing a men's belt in an outfit where your shirt can cover your belt, even though the belt isn't visible just knowing it's there can make you feel butcher.

Good good tip, thank you! 
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So I see the anti-Roman trolls are here again

… hiding in the comments section of blog posts instead of reblogging like a person who’s adult enough to engage in real discourse.

But I’m glad the anti-Roman smarks and haters are trolling. I drink your tears and use your bigotry to keep me warm at night. Also, you’re each confirming my theory that you only have one endgame when it comes to Roman Reigns in the WWE: You’ll never be satisfied until Roman Reigns is fired from the company or squashed to the point where he is forever the brown lackey supporting every white wrestler’s title reign.

No matter how good he is. No matter how much merch he sells. No matter how many men, women and children love him, wear his T-shirts or brandish signs with his name on it, you will only be happy if Roman “knows his place” and stays in it.

Why else is there a smark troll running around commenting on Roman Empire posts claiming that Vince is trying to save Roman’s career? The career that’s held the World Championship Title 3 times, Tag Team Titles once, and now the US Championship. A career where he’s been requested on numerous podcasts, comic con panels, and photos with fans any time he’s traveling on the road. A career where he’s respected in the locker room and out. A career where he’s main evented multiple PPVs and always gets a reaction from the crowd.

Yep. Sounds like a solo career that has definitely gone over like a “lead balloon.”

You guys try so hard to assert your power, but continually fail to recognize that you have little over the millions of Reigns fans because we all know what fuels your desperate need to see Roman as a thug who backs up his white friends in the ring. (Here’s a hint: It ain’t your passion for wrestling.)

I used to think seeing Roman busted down to mid-card or low-card was enough for you smarks. But no. Like all bigots, you want to use your “power” to actually end livelihoods. You think it’s your right to demand that. How’s that for privilege?

You claim Vince doesn’t give you what you want. And yet …

1. Vince gave you a brand split.

2. Vince gave you a title around Sasha Banks’s waist, multiple times.

3. Vince made Kevin Owens the second Universal Champion after giving you a win by your fav Finn Balor.

4. Vince gave you a Women’s Championship instead a Diva’s Championship, and reworked the division so that the female wrestlers weren’t just treated like models, exotic dancers and valets.

5. Vince gave you Brock Lesnar in PPV after PPV winning left and right despite being grossly overrated, unable to tell a story in the ring, and shitastic on the mic.

6. Vince gave you Daniel Bryan as a World Champion, an Intercontinental Champion and now, a GM.

7. He gave you a World Champion in Dean Ambrose and pushed him into the spotlight to the point where he’s the go-to guy to main event Smackdown on an almost weekly basis.

8. He gave you Becky Lynch as a Women’s Champion.

9. He brought in Nia Jax in all her awesomeness.

10. He split up the Lucha Dragons and gave Kalisto a singles career.

11. He re-created a Cruiserweight Division to diversify the roster.

12. He invested in a Tag Team Division that’s leagues ahead of where it was a decade ago.

13. He gave you a longer Monday Night Raw, a live Smackdown and no Jerry the King Lawler on commentary.

These are all things you’ve clamored for in the last 5 years and yet, you still sit there and say “Vince doesn’t listen to us or give us what we want! ::kicks rocks::”

Does he give you everything? Hell no. Nor should he. You’re not children. You don’t get everything you want. But don’t you dare say he doesn’t listen to you or give you anything and that’s why you boo Roman.

You don’t boo Roman because he’s handpicked by Vince. You don’t boo Roman because he hasn’t earned it. At this point, he’s earned every title shot 10 times over. Why didn’t Roman put his US Title on the line at Roadblock? Because Kevin Owens wasn’t smart enough to demand it beforehand. Rollins demanded the US Title be put on the table when Cena challenged him for the World Championship Title. KO didn’t. That’s on him. Not on Roman. And the fact that KO didn’t demand it should have told you that Roman was going to lose (hint: sometimes there are clues if you pay attention).

But please, continue your trolling. Continue your facile excuses. Continue trying desperately to hide your bigotry in a weak attempt to fool everyone into believing your anti-Roman rhetoric has merit.

Go ahead. Roman’s fans will still be here. And so will he.

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Ok, let’s get one thing straight. If you’re a feminist, that’s great. Equal rights for ALL genders is very important, and it’s good that people are starting to realize that. BUT, just because you are a feminist, doesn’t mean that you are perfect. There are so any feminists who completely go against what they stand for, which is gender equality. For example, yeah, men do stupid shit, and they do it a lot. But not ALL men are rapist pigs, or inferior, or anything negative. Do you realize that when you say things like, “All men are pigs”, that could be considered oppression? The exact thing that you’re trying to end?!? And on top of that, I’ve seen so many feminists make fun of men who think that they are being oppressed.
Being rude to others isn’t going to solve a single thing. That’s one of the biggest reasons that people are turning away from feminism.
If you want gender equality, then fight for it, by all means. But do it in a way that’s actually helping to benefit others. Reblogging posts about how terrible men are or tweeting pictures of girls wearing meninist shirts and telling them that they’re idiots isn’t activism. It’s pointless. Go out to local protests, start a club at your school, donate to charities, raise awareness in productive ways. Just please be a kind human being, and help others, rather than hurting them.