how to wear jean shorts

One time, Bruce was violently awakened at stupid-early o’clock (7.30am) by his cell-phone, and he was bleary and cranky and he answered it; “Ngnnghmf? Tim?”
And Tim said, “…how casual?“
Bruce, resisting the urge to smother himself with his own pillow and/or toss his phone against the wall, managed a (reasonably) coherent, “What.”
“It’s business casual Friday, Bruce! Seriously, how casual is too casual?”

drive in | yoongi (m)

word count: 3.6K

warnings: this piece contains sexually explicit themes so please read with discretion.

a/n: This took way too long to write … ah, please enjoy it anyway. It’s pretty much just smut… not plot, but I ended up being super proud of it!

prompt: yoongi is very needy on your anniversary, and whether you like it or not, he’s getting his way.

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can i just say how many of the men here are wearing jeans or shorts despite the jury instructions clearly stating absolutely no jeans or shorts

the women on the other hand have all followed the dress code

Dad things Bruce has said
  • “Whats an emoji?”
  • “Why can’t I wear jean shorts?”
  • “Whats a twerk?”
  • “How do you work skype?”
  • “What the hell is a sext?”
  • “Which remote turns on the tv?!”
  • “TIM, get in here I can’t figure out this TV.”
  • “that needs a coaster”
  • “I’m not throwing out my jean shorts, Jason”
  • “DICK, how do you twitter???”
  • “You’re having safe sex, right?”
  • “I can’t get off this website, how do you click off?”
  • “I AM pressing the red button, Tim, it doesn’t work!”
  • “How do you share a Facebook post???”
  • feel free to add more

anonymous asked:

I know it has nothing to do with your blog. But you are so handsome and gentle, and i'm curious. What's your favorite style? I mean your favorite style of clothes, jewellery and make up. :)

Good morning anonie :3
Wow…that’s an unusual question :D (And i wonder why you want to know this??) But okay, i will answer your nice ask :)

I haven’t an favorite style, just an usual style :D (Yes, that’s a difference).
I hate to wear dresses or skirts, because i’m “manly” or something. I mean that i hate it to stoop and watch out that nobody can see my underwear or that i must watch out how i sit in the public.

I wear the whole time Jeans and shorts. Because of my whithe tee-shirt obsession i wear them often, or shirts in another colors (but i have not a lot of other colors…except black). Then i love hoodies or sweater jackets. My favorite shoes are sneakers (i guess i have 15 pairs of them in different colors) and boots.

Between result: I’m not the kind of girl who act and wear clothes like a girl :’‘‘D

Jewellery…. i don’t wear much jewellery. I just wear 5 rings everyday, my most important necklace, 2 bracelets which are a presents from my best friend and earrings. I have a lot of earrings and i change them each day…or each 2 days. I have a lot of ear holes because of the piercings that i has a whole time ago, so i can change the ear holes to put in my earrings too :D

I need a lot of makeup. I guess nobody realized it, but my skin isn’t healthy, because i have couperose. It’s a skin disease which makes the skin in your face red/dark red like if you be an alcoholic. I’m ashamed of this, so i use makeup to cover it.
But i will tell you how it works :’‘D

I use sun cream as base, because the sun isn’t good for couperose. Then i use a base spray (from NYX). The next step is the BB cream, and i use the BB cream from Missha (i love this cream so much, because they don’t irritated my skin and feels light). I cover the BB cream with 2 layers of powder (first: Manhatten make up powder, second: a waterproof transparent powder, which i need to go to work, because i’m work in a bakery and without this i would sweat my makeup down :’‘D).
Then i do my eye makeup and fill my eyebrows. The last step: I fix the whole makeup with fixing spray annnn~ finish!!!
(oh my gosh, nobody want to know my makeup routine :’‘D) 

I hope i can answer your question well. If not, you can send me another ask if you want :D
Have a nice day.

An Open Letter to Indian Men Who Think It's Okay to Dictate Our Clothing
  • Jeans are in no way, sexually attractive. They cover our legs, and are essentially a more modern salwar. We can’t wear jeans? Then clearly we can’t wear salwars or churidars either.
  • How the hell are jeans more provocative than a bloody SARI? a sari is literally a blouse, a skirt and then a piece of cloth that just covers up your front. One pull and that all falls apart and a woman is left standing there with (occasionally cleavage), her arms and her midriff bare for everyone to see. And somehow THAT’s not a problem?
  • Thirdly, in what UNIVERSE is it okay to throw acid on girls for wearing jeans? If that applies, how about we start throwing acid on you for wearing jeans? Or for wearing shorts? Or for doing anything, that is “uncalled” for?
  • The reason we still exist in such a backward society is because influential men, like singers/celebrities or politicians think that it’s okay to use their “power” in a manner that is disadvantageous to our society. When you make statements saying that girls shouldn’t be wearing jeans, you essentially plant the idea in other people’s heads that “yes, girls shouldn’t be wearing jeans! the next girl who wears jeans clearly deserves to be raped, or have acid thrown at her, or physically mauled! And you know why? Because THIS man said so, and i LOVE him”. People don’t know how to distinguish between intelligence and idiocy and that means it is YOUR responsibility to remain open-minded and modern. 

Jean Shorts 4 Ways

U know how many times people have told me I can’t wear high waisted jeans, short skirts and crop tops because I’m not skinny….. Fuck that I look so good and so do the other girls we all look so good no matter what we wear

anonymous asked:

"I found your walkie talkie at the park and now we are chatting" as an Elsanna

It was just lying there. By itself, nobody around to claim it for the past hour Elsa was sitting on the park bench.

The walkie-talkie definitely intrigued Elsa. After all, there had to be someone on the other end. Right? It would make more sense for a pair to be lost or left behind. Perhaps the person who used it before forgot it and left their partner hanging. Or maybe it was some kind of prank?

Hesitantly, Elsa reached for it and picked it up to examine it. The thing was still on, set to channel 4. She pressed the button on the side and spoke into it.

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How can people casually wear jeans around the house?

All of my shorts and gym shorts are in the washer right now, so I have to wear jeans while doing shores, AND I AM SO UNCOMFORTABLE. HOW DO YOU PEOPLE DO THIS???