how to wear green eyeshadow


Tips for wearing Green, Green, Green…

Green can be a very sultry and flattering color. It’s one of those shades that work on both cool and warm skin tones, and here are just a few quick tips for choosing the right shades for your skin tone.

Option 1 - Keep it simple

Foolproof option for everyone. Get an emerald green liner and just wear it along the inner rim of the lower lash line as an accent. You can keep your lids completely clean, and apply just mascara. 

Works for:

  • All skin tones
  • All eye shapes

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anonymous asked:

It just occured to me that makeup would probably no longer be a thing in the soulmate AU because who wants to live someone elses failed cat-eyes when you are fully capable of making your own unadvisable choices, but just imagine the Halloweenparty, Jack with full Sweenie Todd piemaker makeup and Bitty a murderous bakerkitty

oh my GOD can you imagine. A twelve year old girl puts on makeup for the first time. Somewhere, her 19-year-old soulmate stares blearily in the mirror “why am I wearing so much green eyeshadow? and *coral* lipstick?? …how much did I drink last night?!”

This did not occur to me, but you’re so right, in that au, makeup would lose popularity rapidly. Makeup would become a symbol that the person wearing it does not have a soulmate. Although now I want a story about a young woman who LOVES makeup and is so disappointed that she can’t wear it…only to discover that her soulmate is a professional makeup artist who’s been LONGING for years to try out her art on herself…and they have similar faces and skintones, so the makeup artist does their joint makeup every morning and it’s fierce to death.

(what happens to stage/screen makeup in this au??? unclear but i bet it’s interesting)

thank you so much for sharing the mental image of murderous bakerkitty bitty with me…so beautiful…so majestic…Jack in eyeliner to go with that kitten nose. RIP bitty and all of us.