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Boohoo circle bag from last year 

How do you wear an off shoulder crop top? With denim shorts and confidence, that’s how. If you wear plus sizes, these off shoulder crop top styles can be hard to find, but I’ve got you sorted with several similar options in the widget below! I got this one tailored like I have been with most of my new clothes this summer - custom tailoring isn’t a luxury I’m always going to have at my fingertips, so I’m making the most of it while I’m in Bangalore. I’m still going the retail route for a few essentials however, like these ASOS denim shorts.

Denim shorts used to be a summer staple in my wardrobe, until my last pair got too old and battered to wear on a regular basis - and I’m so happy now to have found the mom short style on ASOS because these are the perfect denim shorts my wardrobe had been missing for way too long! I’ve been wearing these pair constantly since they arrived, and here’s what I love about them: thick, non stretch denim that I always prefer on shorts because my thighs make short work (ha ha) of all other kinds, and an inseam that doesn’t ride all the way into my crotch the moment I sit down or start walking (fellow fats, you know the thing I’m talking about.) I can actually move around and do things in this pair, and that’s a huge plus.

I’m not gonna lie, this outfit is the most skin I’ve bared to the world at large in a long time, and I wasn’t a hundred percent secure about it at first. It’s one thing to be perfectly happy with my body by myself and a very different thing to have to deal with creepy, staring men - a double whammy of fatphobia and misogyny (ugh.) But once I was at the Lal Bagh garden centre (all time favorite place) and shooting with my photographers and distracted by all the pretty plants and pretty photos, it stopped mattering whether anyone was staring or commenting or not. I was doing something I enjoy, and in a place I love and I came back home afterwards with some teeny tiny cacti and succulents. It was a good day. I wore what I wanted to and didn’t compromise, and I had fun in the end. And that’s how things should be!

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Pairing: Zach x Reader
Warnings: Very minimal swearing, a lil smut hehehe

A/N: This is my very first imagine ever. I’m not a writer so don’t get your hopes up too high.. Hahaha, not gonna lie, this has been in my drafts for weeks but I’ve been insecure about posting it. But here ya go! Let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy!

It’s a typical warm summer night, and you’re getting ready for one of Bryce’s big parties.

You’re wearing a white spaghetti strap top, along with a red flannel and denim booty shorts. Underneath you’re wearing a sexy black bikini top and bottom.

You sit in front of your mirror and tie your hair up in a bun, when your phone buzzes.
You look down to see a text.

Zach: You ready?
You: Yep. Just meet me out front.

You and Zach Dempsey have been talking since the end of the school year, something you didn’t really know how to go about, mostly because he was one of the hottest jocks at school and you had no idea why out of all the girls in school, you were the one he wanted to talk to. He still had girls coming from every corner to get all over him, he never established anything between you two, and you were pretty sure none of his friends knew about you. You assumed you were probably just a fling. So instead of giving him all of you, you always held yourself back from becoming too attached, in order to prevent being heartbroken. The last thing you wanted was to get played.

That being said, this was only your second time seeing Zach all summer, since you’ve been holding yourself back. Though, the thought of seeing him again made you more excited than ever.

You grabbed your duffle bag (in the rare case you’d end up needing to sleep over), and headed downstairs to meet Zach at his car.

Locking the door behind you, you looked over at the car, where you saw Zach standing outside, leaning against it. He looked you up and down and bit his bottom lip as you walked over. “Damn, mama.” 

“Oh shut up,“ you responded playfully, as he wrapped his arms around you to hug you. You gotta admit, you missed the warmth of being in his arms. He opened the passenger door for you, and put your bag in his trunk.

He drives you both to Bryce’s place, which is about 15 minutes away from your neighborhood. You look out the window, gazing at the stars, when all of a sudden you hear Zach’s phone buzz.

“Y/N, can you check that for me?”

Looking down, you see it’s a text from one of the prettiest cheerleaders at school, Jess. 

This clearly upset you, as if Zach didn’t have enough girls waiting for a taste of him already. Now he pulls one of the hottest chicks you know? It wasn’t fair how he could possibly make you this jealous. This is why you were afraid to get attached.

“Who is it?” Zach asked, interrupting your train of thought.

“Oh, um, it’s that one cheerleader, Jess.” Irritated, you tossed his phone into his lap as he drove into Bryce’s driveway.

“Jess? What could she want from me?”

Oh, I have an idea, you thought.

You both got out of his car, and you walked into Bryce’s backyard, his arm around you. You didn’t wrap yours around his waist, which he was used to, giving him the sense that you were pissed off.

“You okay Y/N?” He asked, with a concerned look on his face.

“I’m great,” you said, faking a smile in his direction.

As you made your way to the hot tub, you stop suddenly when you see Jess, along with the rest of Zach’s friends, inside.

Great, she’s here, you thought.

“Why don’t we go in the house?” You suggested to Zach, before you were rudely interrupted.

“Zach! You’re here!” You turn to see Jess coming out of the hot tub to greet Zach. She has a great bod, it’d be no surprise if Zach left you right then and there.

She hugs him, the wetness of her suit soaking the dry clothes on his body. “I haven’t seen you since school ended. I missed you!” She turned around to look at you, with a smile, “Oh, hey Y/N, sorry didn’t see you there.”

You never ever gave in to anything that irked you, but in this moment you really wanted to smack her across the face.

But you didn’t.

“Hi, Jess,” you said with a small wave. Zach continued talking to her, not realizing you were irritated, and so you decided to give him a taste of his own medicine.

You ran inside to grab a couple of beers, and came back out to join the guys in the hot tub.

You unraveled your hair, which was previously in a bun, and began to strip. “Who’s ready to get fucked up?” You handed the beers to each of the boys as you took off your clothes, the boys whistling as your top and shorts came off. You knew the boys were too drunk to control their actions, which made it the perfect opportunity to get back at Zach.

“Damn, look at you Y/N. Didn’t know you could get freaky,” Bryce commented.

He did disgust you, but you played along and winked at him.

In your peripheral, you can see Zach staring you down. Perfect.

You joined the boys in the hot tub, and challenged them to a chugging contest.

As you see Jess enter the house, Zach decides to join in on the hot tub fun. He lifts off his shirt and enters the hot tub, and you realize your plan was backfiring. You scoot next to Justin Foley as he puts his arm around you. You look over at Zach, who immediately gives Justin a death stare. “Didn’t know you were such a party girl, Y/N.”

“Yeah, neither did I,” Zach said in a deep menacing voice. You could tell he was getting pissed. So you kept doing what you were doing.

“Wow Alex, have you been working out?” you said to Alex Standall, sitting across the tub.

“Uh… yeah.. a little. How’d you know?” He responds.

You slipped out of Justin’s arms and sat next to Alex, placing your hand over his abs, whispering loudly in his ear, “You just look really sexy tonight.”

He didn’t react the way you expected him to, which made you realize he was the only sober one in the tub. Feeling uncomfortable and confused, he pulled back and asked, “Dude, what is wrong with you?”

Zach’s voice bellowed across the tub, startling everybody in it. “YEAH Y/N, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?”

He gets out of the tub, shaking his head, and makes his way into the house. 

Justin wonders, “What’s up with him?” The rest of the boys stare at you with confusion, and you apologize for your immaturity, as you get out of the tub and follow Zach into the upstairs bedroom.

Walking up the stairs, you try to gain his attention. “Zach, I’m sorry.”

He walks into the bedroom, refusing to turn around to talk to you. You close the door behind you so that it’s just you two alone. Only silence and the bright moonlight filled up the room.

“Zach, I was just playing around–”

“Playing around? With what? My feelings?” He paces around the room, his trunks still soaking wet, dripping all around the carpet. “What the hell is going on with you? Canceling our plans, ignoring my calls, I acted like everything was okay between us but I guess it’s not. Do you know how long I’ve looked forward to this day for? This is our second time seeing each other this summer and this is how you treat me?”

You stood in one spot, your back facing the closed bedroom door as you watched Zach unravel his anger on you. You realized how much of a dick you were being, but continued to defend yourself. 

You yell, “You’re not the only one who feels like their feelings are getting played!” Zach stops pacing, and draws all his attention towards you.

“What the hell are you talking about Y/N?”

You sigh, “Do you know what it’s like to just stand aside and watch all these attractive girls drool all over you, trying to make moves, and I can’t do anything about it?” Zach listened attentively. “You just let Jess–”

“Oh, so this is about JESS! Are you for real right now?” Zach laughed, throwing his head back in frustration. “Jess is just a friend. Just another person. Okay? That’s all she is.”

You didn’t believe him. “Oh yeah, so that explains why she was all over you, with the whole ‘oh my god Zach, you’re here!’” you mocked.

“Oh my god, Y/N, you’re overreacting. But look, that’s the thing. I wasn’t all over her, like you were all over ALEX STANDALL’S NONEXISTENT ABS!”

Shit. He’s right. 

“Why do you even care? I’m nothing like those other girls at school! I’m not sexy, I’m not beautiful like them, I’m not popular like them–”

Zach walked towards you, causing you to back up against the door. Aggressively, he exclaims, “Who the hell cares?! I didn’t choose them.” He reaches his hand out to reach the door to lean over you. You can feel his breath brush your cheeks, as he looks into your eyes and says, “I chose you.”

Letting your insecurities get the best of you, you asked, “And why should I believe you?”

Without warning, Zach forcefully pushes his lips against yours, and you wrap your arms around the back of his neck as you get on your toes to kiss him back. He lifts you off the ground, gripping your thighs, as you wrap your legs around his waist. Running your fingers through his hair, he carries you across the room and places you gently onto your back on the bed, kissing you. You can feel the pressure of his tongue asking for entrance, and so your lips part, giving way for his tongue to dance against yours. You softly moan into his mouth which turns him on. He moves his hands from your waist to your ass, which he grasps tightly.

He whispers in your ear, “I chose you…”

You can feel his hard on through his trunks rub against your inner thigh, which was still wrapped around his waist. Your hands wander from his hair, down to his back. His lips travel to your jaw, down your neck, as he sucks on your collarbone. As he leaves his mark, your nails dig down his back, as you try to gain more satisfaction by rubbing yourself against him. You let out a soft moan as his hands move to your back. He reaches for the back of your bikini, and makes eye contact, asking for your approval. As you nod, he pulls the string and throws your bikini across the room. But before he can take in the sight of you half-naked, you’re both startled by the sound of laughter.

As Zach climbs off of you, you gasp, grabbing the bed comforter to hide your bare torso. 

And there you see it. Justin carrying Jess into the bedroom, kissing her passionately. He pushes her against the wall, her hands running through his hair, his hands gripping onto her thighs. 

You and Zach look each other in the eyes, snickering softly, as this awkward moment filled up the silence of the room.

After sitting there for a good minute, wondering how you could both escape this situation, you decided to just make the two lovebirds aware of your presence. 

Zach loudly cleared his throat, “Ahem.”

Jess pulled away from Justin, you hear her whisper in his ear, “Dude, this room’s already taken!” She looks up over his shoulder to see Zach on the bed. “Oh, h-hey Zach…” she stuttered, as Justin gently placed her onto the ground. “…and.. Y/N?” 

Still protecting your body with the blanket, you wave at her, embarrassed, “Heeyyy Jess.”

Justin stares at you in shock, and apologizes to Zach. “Shit Dempsey, sorry, if I knew Y/N was your girlfriend I wouldn’t have moved in on her in the hot tub.”

You scoff, “Justin, I’m not his girlfriend.”

Zach, wraps his bare arm around you and stares into your eyes. “Yeah, you are.”

You blush and lean in for a kiss, when you’re interrupted by Jess, awkwardly standing against the wall with her arms crossed, watching. “Uhh.. you know, one of us pairs has to leave the room. Unless y’all want an orgy to happen up in here.”

You look at Zach to answer, and he responds, “Right. Um, you know what, we were here for a while, you can take the room now.” You frown to yourself in disappointment. You wanted to keep kissing him.

He gets up to leave, and you pull back at his arm to remind him you’re still naked. “Oh, shit. Sorry.” He goes to grab your bikini which was hanging on a lamp, and puts it back on you quickly. 

You get up from the bed, and follow Zach out of the room, as Justin and Jess close the door behind you. 

“That was so awkward,” you chuckle, holding Zach’s hand as he led you down the stairs. He walked you two back outside, through the backyard, past the hot tub. “Where are we going?” you asked in confusion, wondering why you were all of a sudden leaving the party.

He leads you back to his car, as he opens the door to the back seat, and gestures for you to go in. “We’re going to continue our session in the car.”

Zach crawls into the backseat with you, ready to press his lips against yours, when you stop him.

“Hey Zach,” he looks up at you, his eyes gleaming at your beauty. “I believe you.”

froofie replied to your post “It is ten thousand degrees out, Chicago is like the surface of the sun…”

Please tell me you’re also wearing shorts and a tshirt (and sporting pink hair).

Yep. Well, shorts and a t-shirt, the hair is no longer pink. :D But yeah I’m summer only from the calves up.

Also then R and I got lunch at a blues club so there’s me in denim shorts, a t-shirt, and calf-height snow boots jamming out to some dude covering Little Milton…. 

notoverjoyed replied to your post “It is ten thousand degrees out, Chicago is like the surface of the sun…”

Sam, that is NOT easier than carrying them (how?!?)

Because they’re huge and heavy! (They are calf-height, which is a lot higher than I usually wear) AND they were in an REI bag, and REI bags have twine handles on them that were clearly put there by Satan. 

(I BROUGHT a reusable bag, I brought TWO, but NEITHER were big enough for these boots, so I put the boots on and put my sneakers in the reusable bag.) 

candiedgingerbadger replied to your post “It is ten thousand degrees out, Chicago is like the surface of the sun…”

Sounds like you are living your best life.

I’m certainly living some kind of life….

I will say that I got the boots for $80 when normally they are about $200 and I also got a $80 ultralight camp chair for $15, so I made out like a bandit in any case. 



Today is the day I graduate from college. Just like last time, it’s early June. But unlike last time, I don’t feel a single ounce of sadness. I’m sitting in front of the mirror in mine and Jackson’s room in our townhouse that we rent, and he’s getting dressed behind me.

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Chapter 6!

Wonderwall - A Cockles Mixtape - Chapter 6


As Vicki and Dani were walking into the house, Jensen was walking out, stopping briefly to kiss Vicki hello. Misha looked up from gathering their luggage to see Jensen casually make his way across the driveway. He was wearing denim blue board shorts, a shirt from last summer’s GISHWHES, a white backwards hat, and to complete the perfect picture, a pair of Ray-Bans. Misha stared shamelessly, luggage forgotten.

Jensen grinned as he approached Misha, reaching out to grab the bags from Misha’s shoulders. “See something you like Dimitri?” He leaned in to greet Misha properly with a slow, burning kiss.

“Fuck, Jen.” He ran his hand up Jensen’s arm. “How much to send all these people home so I can take you upstairs and fuck your brains out?”

Jensen cackled and grabbed the rest of the bags and Misha’s hand to pull him towards the door. “Oooh babe. As much as I really want you to do that, it will have to wait until later. We have a few… extra people around for this years BBQ.” Jensen hesitated before opening the front door. “Now Mish… don’t get mad but…” He could feel Misha stiffen beside him, the grip on his hand tightening. “I know it’s really early but I wanted to do something before we were going back and forth to work so…” He opened the door. “Happy birthday?”

Read it from the beginning on Ao3


Vans Girls at Camp Gritty | What to Pack

We’re lacing up our Sk8-Hi’s and hitting the road to attend Charlavail’s first ever Camp Gritty. This isn’t just any ordinary summer camp, it’s a weeklong getaway catered to crafty creatives, with ‘Girl Power’ flowing through their veins. So what does a Vans Girl pack for camp? We’re sharing all of our essentials to get you through those hot Tennessee days, and chilly summer nights.

We’ve packed our Old Skool II Backpack with some of our favorite Vans Girls pieces, starting with our latest obsession— the Meridian Mixed Flannel. We love this fun, colorful flannel because it can be worn around the waist during the day, and as a light jacket after the sun sets. Of course when you’re going to be outdoors in the hot summer sun, the Reek Havoc Tee Dress and matching Dugout Baseball Hat are a must. The best thing about this dress is how simple and easy it is to wear. Plus it looks extra cute with a pair of Sk8-Hi’s! Another one of our staple outfits is Denim Shorts and the Vandal Girl Top (in stores) paired with our favorite Semirimless Cat Sunglasses and a bandana necktie for a cute outdoorsy look. Of course, we couldn’t leave home without our Boom Boom Jacket for chilly nights hanging around the campfire.

If you need us, you can find us kicking back in our Checkerboard Slip-Ons making s’mores.

Denim Daze

By Closet Freaks

Casual Denim Is The Move

As we got closer to the summer months, my wardrobe starts to shift more and more towards casual comfort. One thing that will always remain a staple in my warm weather outfits is relaxed denim. To me this pair of patchwork distressed denim embodies the spirit of that laidback summer feel we’re all chasing before we cool down for fall again. I paired my denim with a striped oxford shirt, some easy slip-ons, and a felt fedora for a carefree summer look that’s perfect for around the town and those long summer days that turn into wild summer nights. What does your casual summer uniform look like?


Blue Stripe Twill Casual Short Sleeve Shirt

Patchwork Jeans - LT. BLUE

Fred Perry Turner Slip On Canvas Sneakers

NEW ON WANTERING: Check out how your favorite wardrobe must-have is doing on social media with our new social hottness score. Just search and click on any item on Wantering to see who’s been sharing and wearing it.   


Steezy Seersucker Summers – Almost two years ago, I saw the top photo of Popeye editor-in-chief, Takahiro Kinoshita, come across my dashboard and instantly I wanted a seersucker suit of my own. 

Cut almost too fashion forward (I suspect by Thom Browne), the jacket’s short length and shorter-still two-inch cuffs exposing bare ankles looked somehow restrained by the simple white club-collar shirt and black silk knit tie and penny loafers. 

Seersucker suits aren’t anything new. Beloved by Ivy and trad purists, you can still find the suit sold by the usual purveyors of such clothing. But those suits always struck me as a bit too frumpy, with legs a bit too wide, jackets often undarted into a sack and cut a bit too long –  placing them safely into traditional territory. They often look like they demand to be worn with nothing other than white bucks and a bowtie, which I think makes them harder to wear if you’re not in the South or perhaps along the East Coast.

And I could never think of a good reason for me to own one, despite liking the idea of owning one. After all, how many garden parties, outdoor summer weddings, Southern courtrooms and Congressional Seersucker Thursdays would I find myself attending?

Regardless, I keep coming back to this particular seersucker suit and the idea and execution of it seems more modern and perhaps wearable in an urban setting. I’d change a few things: make it three buttons, add patch pockets and have the interior construction suited for travel. 

Ideally, the suit would be one you could wear on a trip and also wear as separates. Just pack a navy rugby polo, cadet blue Bermuda shorts, faded denim, a chambray or linen shirt and white canvas sneakers and you’d have a combination of outfits for a summer trip. 

But a third summer will now pass and no seersucker suit hangs in my closet. Perhaps next summer. 

anonymous asked:

how do you headcanon the boys' sense of style? (psst your blog is an absolute treasure ily)

Ahh, thank you!!

I tried to use the most common term for any type of garment I referenced, but I might flip-flop between terms, hopefully it’s understandable. Also, I just remembered that “jumper” has a different meaning in different places… I’m using it to mean a sweater you pull over your head, not a dress. Just keep it in mind for Yahaba and Matsun, lol


  • questionable
  • he has a lot of cute clothes, which sometimes make cute outfits, but sometimes he’ll either match them up terribly or it’ll end up with him dressed like a four year old
  • he wears a lot of cutesy hair clips (unfortunately they’re against school dress code or he’d wear them at school too) (they are mostly all from Iwa-chan, given to him as birthday presents over the years)
  • honestly, the team is a little embarrassed to let anyone at school see their captain in such an undignified manner, so if they’re ever going anywhere with the intention of seeing non-team members in casual clothes, Makki has to dress Oikawa
  • even some of his fangirls get a little disillusioned when they see Oikawa in casual dress


  • he’s terrible at telling if clothes match each other, but always manages to look reasonably well-dressed, because most of his clothes are so similar it would take a lot of work to make a mismatched outfit using his clothes
  • a lot of board shorts
  • earthy, neutral colours, mostly browns and greens (not bright colours)
  • layers quite a bit, mostly open button-ups over t-shirts
  • “You’re so fit, you should dress to show it off more y’know.” -Makki


  • very fashionable, knows how to put an outfit together
  • mostly sticks to well-fitted button-ups, always buttoned all the way up
  • hardly ever wears shorts outside of volleyball
  • laments his team’s terrible fashion taste
  • always dresses well; he’d never sacrifice fashion for humour
  • “Honestly I don’t know how you’d all survive without me.”


  • like Iwaizumi, Matsun uses layers a lot
  • has a load of jumpers, and mostly wears them, with some kind of collared shirt underneath, even in the summer!!
  • never takes the weather into account when he gets dressed (has been stuck in nothing but a t-shirt and denims during a thunderstorm on more than one occaision)
  • manages to look good for the most part, but sometimes has to be sent back home by Makki, telling him to change his shoes or shirt or something


  • tight shirts… the kind of tight shirts everyone wishes Iwaizumi would wear
  • mostly black shirts, but some dog-themed ones (tastefully dog-themed though, like with a cute lil bone or dog silhouette at the centre)
  • owns no sweaters… only a jacket, for when it gets really cold
  • baggy cargo pants, (“a real delinquent look” -Oikawa)
  • (I’m thinking specifically of Furuba’s Kyo, and his crop top outfit (x))


  • similar to Matsukawa, Yahaba mostly owns jumpers, that he wears with button-ups
  • Oikawa and Makki joke about their similar styles, since Yahaba and Matsun also share a birthday (“How creepy! Maybe they’re clones…” “Wouldn’t we look at least a little more similar if that were the case?”)
  • a lot of Yahaba’s clothes are thrifted, even though his mother hates that he buys second-hand stuff, he likes being frugal
  • he’s always cold, so sometimes he’ll even have a cardigan over a jumper, over a button-up
  • owns no shorts (besides for volleyball)  


  • a lot of his casual clothes are just exercise clothes
  • he just likes those shirts and sweaters with holes for your thumb
  • usually composes outfits of one brightly-coloured item and the rest of the outfit is either dark colours or variations of the same bright colour
  • likes cute fruit or animal patterns, but knows how to use them well (unlike Oikawa, who likes them, but struggles to use them well)


  • not bad?? he’s a first year, give him time and maybe he’ll improve
  • lately, his style has been greatly influenced by Iwaizumi-senpai’s
  • Makki says Kindaichi always dresses like he’s going to cut down trees, but he doesn’t even have any charming flannel shirts to soften the blow (although, he continues, it’s better than his old mathlete chic)
  • has quite a number of knitted sweaters and vests, and of course, sweater-vests (in a stunning team effort comprising of Makki, Yahaba, Kunimi, and Kindaichi’s own step-mother, Kindaichi has been convinced to retire his sweater-vests from the public eye, although he has unfortunately not yet gotten rid of them entirely)


  • most of his wardrobe is black
  • he’s lazy, so he doesn’t have to fuss over whether an outfit matches or not, it always does, because all his clothes match
  • dark skinny jeans and baggy sweaters
  • it must have pockets, or he doesn’t want it

#FBF Hot Pants

Wear denim shorts like your favorite style icons…

Summer is here (hooray!), which means it’s time to wear one of our favorite warm-weather essentials, the denim short. They’re easy, casual, classic, and come in so many styles and colors that we’re spoiled for choice.

In honor of Flashback Friday, see how French beauty Jane Birkin styled her denim cutoffs, and embrace high-waisted denim shorts like sex symbol Cindy Crawford. Shop our selection below so you can dress just like one of the pros.

1) PPLA High Waist Denim Cutoff Shorts

2) Topshop Moto ‘Mom’ High Rise Shorts

3) Rag & Bone The Mila Denim Cutoff Shorts

4) MICHAEL Michael Kors Destroyed Denim Cutoff Shorts

5) Vince Mason Rolled Wrecked Denim Shorts

6) Victoria’s Secret VS High-Waist Short

7) Siwy Denim Camilla Cut-Off Shorts

Which style icon will you channel this summer? Tell us!

Also, check out our guide on How to Distress Denim Shorts to learn how to refresh your old shorts with easy DIY style upgrades.

8 Denim Shorts of Your Dreams

A summer staple 

The perfect weekend outfit = denim shorts and a t-shirt. Simple, easy to throw together and super comfortable.

Here’s style blogger Thoughtful Misfit wearing the essentials, but watch how she mixes it up with studded ankle boots and a long-tailed shirt. 

Ombré Bleach Denim Cutoffs

Cutoff Short

Lyocell Denim Shorts

W2 Boyfriend Shorts

Women’s The Sweetheart Denim Shorts (5")

Citizens of Humanity Denim Shorts - Ava

Marilyn Short

‘Le Grand Garcon’ Distressed Jean Shorts (Maxella)

Search and shop more denim jeans and shorts on Wantering.

You’ll Never Guess How Easy It Is to Distress Denim Shorts Yourself

Find out how this DIY fashion-hack can save you $$

It’s almost summer, the best time of the year to wear those really cool ripped up denim shorts you’ve been coveting. But have you seen the prices on some of the distressed denim out there? If you’re on a budget, or you just want to try this at home, listen up.


What You’ll Need: Shorts, chalk, scissors, sand paper block, washer/dryer

1) Cut a pair of looser fitting jeans into shorts or start with one of the recommended 6 denim shorts below.

2) Try them on and mark lines where you’d like to distress them with a chalk. Then, take them off and cut horizontal slits with scissors (the wider the slit, the bigger the holes).

3) Pull on some of the white threads to get your desired look. You can cut some threads off entirely as well.

4) Grab your sand paper block and rub it in different directions around the hole to create the perfect fray. You can use the sand paper block in other areas (back pocket, bottom edges) to roughen up the shorts.

5) When you are done throw your shorts in the washer and dryer. That’s it!

*If you are nervous about cutting your shorts, try to distress them in small corners on the back pockets first and then move on to larger areas.

Here are the top 6 denim shorts we recommend to try at home. Click through to see how budget-friendly they are!

1) Forever 21 Cloud Wash Cuffed Shorts 

2) Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Turn-Up Hem Denim Shorts 

3) GAP 1969 Sexy Boyfriend Denim Shorts (30% off this weekend!)

4) Nasty Gal After Party Rampage Short in Blush 

5) Bullhead Denim Co. High Rise Double Cuff Shorts at Pacsun

6) Forever 21 Blue Jeans Babe Overall Shorts (take a closer look, these have a striped seersucker-like pattern)

We’ll show you what’s trending in fashion on our Tumblr. Follow it here!

Photo credit: Pinterest

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What do you think are the must haves for winter? And for this summer? Going on a shopping trip and wondering what to buy?? Xxx


  • COATS, KNEE LONG COATS. Check our Zara’s lookbook they make amazing coats. Leopard coats are also a heck yes. Vanessa from The Haute Pursuit is where i get my coat-spiration and she has amaaaaazing ones.
  • CHUNKY SWEATERS. Also check out Zara because they stock and do wonderful ones that are very very thick and suitable for winter. They have nice turtleneck ones as well where i would pair them with a coat and simple black skinnies and chelsea boots. 
  • BOOTS. I really like Chelsea boots for some reason… Not too sure why. I guess just the plain-ness and simplicity of how it looks is why i’m so attached to it. Also, they’re probably hella comfy and super versatile to pair with. You can match them with jeans/skirts or even wear them in autumn/summer/spring as well with shorts!
  • JEANS. My favourite jeans are black skinny jeans as they are so comfortable and you can wear them all year round. They’re the easiest thing to match with. Aka, denim jackets/leather jackets/kimono etc etc. You can pull over anything in your closet and pair it with black skinnies and they’d look fine. 
  • LAYER UP! Just pair every single sweater/shirt and layer the heck up if it’s super cold. 


  • Plain tees. Have some oversized as well but not TOO over-sized if you know what i’m saying. My colour palette is extremely boring and consists of many colours such as… White / Grey / Black. Only on special occasions and days where my clothes are still in the wash, my coloured clothes come out.
  • DENIM SHORTS. Hmmm not the trash denim undies kind of denim shorts but denim shorts that are high waisted and have a few rips in them? Alexa Chung has really nice pairs of high waisted ripped denim shorts, so you can look to her if you need to know what i’m talking about. 
  • BUTTONED DOWN TEES. For some reason, i really like buttoned tees with a collar (but not a big-ass LOOK-AT-ME-COLLAR kinda just a really laid back one?) I think printed buttoned down tees are cute like with polka dots. Alexa Chung has been spotted wearing a red polka dotted buttoned down blouse and paired it with denim shorts, pink sunnies and converse. I feel like i would wear that outfit on a daily basis, so i need to find a vintage-esque buttoned tee like that. 
  • SNEAKERS. I love converse, but each to their own yah?? I like low and high top converse in black and white (Hahah adventurous colour palette yet again) and they’re so easy to match with. 
  • CHUNKY SANDALS. Check out Windsor Smith or Jeffrey Campbell because they make hella amazing ones! Chunky sandals look so yum with everything and anything. Seriously, you can be wearing a bad dress but the sandals probably will make up for it.
  • LACE SLIP DRESSES. I don’t know if i’m the only one who likes this look or it gives you guys the idea that i enjoy looks that make people look like a prostitute. But whatever, Rumi Neely appreciates this look and so will I. You can find dresses like these on Asos or Zara. I think they’re very Rochas SS13 where Antonina Vasylchenko was wearing this loong silk slip dress. YUM.
  • PAIR OF FUNKY SUNGLASSES. Karen Walker makes the absolute best ones and i think i will continue to live off them for the rest of my life. They are pricey but the quality is amazing and definitely worth the investment. 
  • LEATHER SHORTS/STRAIGHT CUT SKIRTS. Does this really need to be explained? 
  • BIKINIS!!! I really like Tigerlily ones and TRIANGL! 

I hope this helps you out a little!!!

Cameron imagine for Carly

You and Cameron snuggled on the bed as he was resting from the long day of Magcon.  He ran his fingers down the middle of your spine when he spoke up. ‘Carly im bored’ ‘Well what do you want to do?’ ‘Well I haven’t made a video in forever but I don’t know what about.’ ‘What about the girlfriend tag?’ ‘Yes! I can’t believe I never thought of that.’ He said excitedly.’ He got up and set the camera up while you fixed your hair and makeup. ‘Carly come sit.’ As he pointed to the bed. You got up and climbed onto his lap. As he started recording.
‘Hey guys! Cameron here and as you can see I have my beautiful girlfriend Carly with me.’ He said kissing your cheek.  ‘Hey guys’ you said and waved to the camera. ‘So what we are doing today is the girlfriend tag, so let’s get started…ok Carly ladies first.’ ‘Cameron where did we first meet?’ ‘Um we actually met at the beach on spring break,  you were at the pier with some friends and you caught my eye. So I walked up to you and started chatting. At first I thought you weren’t interested but my charm worked.’ As he finished his sentence you couldn’t help but laugh and playfully hit him. ‘As I remember Cameron wouldn’t leave me alone. But I did think you were cute.’ ‘Ok that’s true is just because you looked really pretty.’ He put his arm around you and smiled. ‘Right my turn.  How long have we been dating?’ ’ Easy a year and two months.’
‘Where did we go on our first date and what did I wear?’ ‘We went to Six Flags and you wore denim shorts and a cropped white blouse, with black converse.  I chose Six Flags because I could hold your hand on the roller coaster when you got scared.’ You couldn’t help but blush at his words. ‘Cam thats so sweet how you remember all the the little details.’ ’ Well your not hard to forget.’ ’ Carly where was our first kiss and what was it like?’  ’ Um we had our first kiss a month into our relationship, it was summer and there was a carnival in town, remember?’ ’ Of course I do’ Cameron replied.  ’ Anyway you won me a bear and we held hands all night and when you walked me home you leant in and gave me a kiss. I was so nervous but then afterwards I couldnt stop smiling.’ ‘I love you Carly.’ ‘I love you to Cameron.’ ‘Ok guys that’s it for today’s video I hope you enjoyed it see you soon.’ Cameron said and waved to the camera. 
You got up from his lap but he grabbed your arm and playfully pulled you back to him. ‘Cameron!’ You screeched. ‘Babe’ he said softly and kissed all over your face. You giggled at him and he laughed back. The two of you sat on the bed and intwined your fingers talking about your relationship. ‘Lets take a selfie.’ Cameron said. He got out his phone and he kissed your cheek, you held his chin and looked at him and smiled. ‘Thats my favourite.’ You said. ‘Mine too’ he posted the picture on Twitter and instagram captioning it: ‘with my girl today, so lucky to have her’ you fell asleep in Camerons arms. The next day you woke up with loads of twitter mentions saying how lucky you were to have Cameron and how they loved you two together.

Are these the most popular sandals for summer this year?

Read on to find out why you need these in your closet and how YOU can help a child in need…

LEFT: TOMS Playa T-Strap Flat Sandal for $59 at Nordstrom

RIGHT: TOMS Correa Ankle Strap Flat Sandal $59 at Nordstrom

Hello, Summer! You’re looking at the two MOST POPULAR sandal styles for summer this year. 

The TOMS Playa t-strap sandal comes in funky, fun prints perfect for lounging on the beach. Pair it with a maxi dress or your favourite cut-off denim shorts. 

The TOMS Correa ankle strap sandal is a two-tone leather and chambray mix - there’s nothing cooler to wear for a city stroll through the park. Roll up your distressed boyfriend jeans or pretty it up with a flowy sundress. 

Did you know? 

When you buy a pair of TOMS shoes, the company will give a pair of shoes to a child in need for their One for One giving program. TOMS is investing in local communities and producing giving shoes in the regions where they donate them: Ethiopia, Kenya, Argentina and China. 

Click here to see Where to Buy

Halloween with Calum- smut

We could probably have a better title but there you go. 

Word Count: 2500

Master List

Halloween is not usually your favourite night of the year; as soon as you are no longer young enough for trick or treating, it is practically the expectation of society for you to go out and get smashed at a party or scare yourself to death in haunted houses.

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Surprise (Taehyung Fluff)

Prompt/Request: One Shot; Kim Taehyung, Candyfloss, His giggles, Funfair 

~Fluff fluff fluff
Hope you guys like this! -Autumn


The morning sunlight snuck its way through your bedroom curtains and left a striped pattern across your face that taehyung couldn’t take his eyes off of. He loved how you looked when you slept, the subtle way you snored; even though you argued that you didnt, and how you looked so pure it was as if you were an angel. But he knew that he had to wake you up right now in order for today to go as planned.

“jaaagiii…..jaagii baby it’s time to get up okay?” He whispered, lightly shaking your shoulder. You didn’t budge at first but soon your eyes fluttered open, to be greeted with your loving boyfriends square smile.

“Jagi we have plans today! C’mon, I’ll pack a bag while you get ready” He tried to contain his excitement through a hushed tone but it didn’t seem to work

“I don’t remember having any plans today? Did I forg-” He was quick to cut you off

“I made them, so if you could please get ya booty ready then we can get going!” He didn’t give you a chance to question him further before he skipped out of the room before coming back and leaning on the door frame.
“Also I got you something, its hanging up in the closet” and then disappeared into the living room.

You figure that after almost 2 years of dating you’d be used to Taehyung and all his little shenanigans , but he never failed to surprise you. Even though you had absolutely no clue what events would take place today you excitedly hopped out of bed and rushed into the bathroom to take a quick shower. Wrapped in your towel, you brushed your teeth and did your hair in a cute side braid. You made your way to the closet in you shared bedroom to see what Tae had gotten you to wear. It was a pair of light blue denim, short overalls and a Pink tee with tiny ice cream cones all over it. You couldnt help but laugh at how cute he was, you changed and put on some slip on vans and met up with him in the kitchen.

“You look so cute (y/n)! Well..we look so cute in out matching shirts” He smiled, and thats when you saw he was wearing the same shirt but in blue.

“Whats the plan oppa?” You asked grabbing his hand, and interlacing your fingers.

“Today is the start of the summer festival so were going!” He said flashing you the biggest smile.

“Well then, what are we waiting for?!” You whined,sticking you tongue out at him. Squeezing your hand, he grabbed his backpack, keys and you guys were out the door.

The walk to the city wasn’t long and it was literally the perfect day to be outside.Since Tae worked alot with his group BTS and the touring schedule was hardly in you favor, it wasnt everyday that you were able to do something like this. He tried his absolute hardest to make sure you were top priority but you let him know that you understood work had to be first sometimes. It was hard, but you could deal with it.

”What the heck is a nacho dog” He asked, tilting his head to the side as he looked at the food stand menu.

”Its literally what it sounds like, nachos on a hotdog” You said through a mouthful of funnel cake. His eyes lit up as he took out his wallet

”Three nacho dogs please” 
Completely stuffed, you guys sat on a bench right infront of the games stands, where Tae had just won you a giant stuffed pink icecream cone. He ‘HAD TO WIN IT’ because it matched your outfits and you ‘NEED IT’. Surprisingly it only took him one try to get it, even the kid working the stand was amazed.

“Whatcha wanna do next (y/n)?

“Hmmmm..” You tariled off. Looking at your surroundings, there was so much to choose from how could you just pick one thing?
“How bout the ferris wheel?” You asked, looking up at him. He was perfect in everyway, his jawline, the way his brown locks flowed in the breeze, the way his clothes were maybe just a little too big on him, and your most favorite, his smile and the way his laugh fill a sad room with joy. How did you get so lucky you wondered.

“Sounds good! Can we get Cotton Candy first?” He asked, puckering out his bottom lip.

“How can I say no to that face.” You cooed, pinching his cheek causing him to whine.

The sun had started to set, leaving the sky in beautiful shades of red and florescent orange. You stood in line for the ferris wheel hand in hand with Tae munching on your cotton candy. The line was a little long but you didnt mind. You spent the extra time people watching and getting into a debate over what movie you guys would watch later that evening when you got home. Finally it was time to go on the ride. By now the sun had set and the city lights had taken over.

“Look how small everyone looks jagi, they’re like ants down there” His boxy smile taking over as he giggled, pointing at the small specks of people as you were brought higher into the air.

“Oppa, look at the stars” your gaze going from the ground to the glass ceiling.
He never looked at the stars. His gaze was fixed upon you. How small things brought you excitement, how he could sit in comfortable silence with you. He loved you more than anything in this whole entire world and would give anything to make sure you always had a genuine smile on your face. You both sat there for a moment, you admiring the night skyline as he admired you.

“What is it?” Your eyes fell back on him as you smiled.
“I love you”
“I love you too tae”

He gently held your hands in his. Your hand were so small in between his, they fit perfectly together. Almost like a match made in heaven.

“(y/n) I really love you. i know i’ve always said we’ll be together forever and I really meant it. I know it gets hard sometimes but im never going to leave your side.” His eyes were glowing in the moonlight, and his worlds melted your heart.

“You know I’ll never leave your side, I lov-” A loud boom interrupted your intimate moment. You both nearly jumped out of your seat. Looking through the glass,you saw the firework show had started.

“That scared the shit out of me” He snorted, you playfully slapped him in the arm as you both exploded with laughter. You tried to compose yourself but his laugh was too contagious and it left you with teary eyes and sore abs.

“ I was saying, I love you. I love you so damn much” You mimicked his square smiled as he cupped your face and kissed you with so much passion you felt butterflies in the pit of your stomach.
”I’ll never leave your side tae, ever.”

You snuggled together and watched the rest of the firework show, not even realizing the ferris wheel had been stopped for the last 10 minutes.

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"bless the spring semester stage combat class for practicing on the North Lawn, because watching my crush get sweaty and worked up while pretending to fight people really Does Things to me, okay” AU?

Ok, went in a different direction at the end. But hey? it was fun. I might go through and edit it.

(I’m assuming Bellarke)

Clarke had always sat in the North Lawn during her breaks, come rain, hale or shine, she would be under that gazebo, at the same time, at the same table. In summer, she’d be wearing a summer dress or a singlet with some denim shorts and some sandals. In winter, rugged up with a ski jacket, scarves and a huge beanie. (The beanie was actually how she met one of her best friend Nate).

She’d been using the spot for two and a half years. So when people actually started to use the North Lawn, she was miffed to say the least. The stupid stage combat class was out there every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, beating each other up. She would have been even angrier about it but Blake was in the class.

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Country Clubs and A Yankee

Alex has once again found herself victim to yet another stuck up brat and before she can deal with him, someone else steals her attention.

“Chin up and get back out there.” Is all that Alex’s boss tells her when she runs into the kitchen with a handful of soiled washcloths and a stained apron.

Working for her best friend’s country club is tiring but it has it’s fair share of good moments, in between the hidden threats and neighborly gossip. She’s met a lot of great people, like her sister’s fiance, Ryan, who smirks at her as he tosses a new apron her way, “They’re a bunch of snot-nosed pricks, don’t let them get under your skin.”

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