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Me: I have no ideas for content

Me at the same time: starts like 5 new things and gets halfway through, then a pack gets released and I drop them all and work on new stuff

Anyways this bun was HUGE when I started, and I shrunk it down as much as I could so it could kept a gaping hole covered. I might shrink it more, who knows. This won’t be hat compatible sadly, I had to use the hat texture space for some of the long texture stands since the bun from Bowling Stuff literally stops every inch and I couldn’t fit some of the UVs on it. I am thinking of making a version 1 and 2. With version 2 having a ponytail instead. Thoughts?

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Michael’s fingers fiddled with the frayed strings of your denim jeans. His fingertips tickling your thigh as they brushed over the open gap of your ripped jeans. He loved your these jeans. In fact he loved these particular denim jeans on you. It was the way you wore them that drove Michael mad. His fingers slipping into the belt loops and pulling you back into his embrace. Michael had a weak spot for them and you knew that whenever you would wear these jeans, Michael would fall at his knees to your commands. 


You could never quite figure out why Michael had a favorite pair of denim jeans. He had called them lucky and because of that he had never washed them. It was a tiny quirk you loved about him, but also despised since the jeans were practically tattered up. You weren’t sure why you had grabbed the denim in the first place. Usually when you did laundry you’d stay clear of the lucky jeans. After washing them and realizing what you had done, fear had coursed through you. Michael was going to be angry. Now you were on the laundry room floor trying your hardest to repair your boyfriend’s favorite jeans.


It felt as if you and Michael were Briteny Spears and Justin Timberlake when they wore denim outfits. You felt slightly uncomfortable, but was enjoying yourself because Michael was having the time of his life. It was of course his idea for you two to match. And there was of course some refusal on your part. In the end Michael had won and you were a grumpy mess. It’s not that you didn’t like denim, you just found excessive amounts of it to be crazy. Knowing Michael he had done it on purpose knowing exactly how you felt about fabric.


Michael had found a new love for denim jackets. Somehow he had found a way to incorporate those jackets into his everyday life. If the two of you were going bowling. Michael would be in a denim jacket. Going out to dinner? Sure enough Michael would find a way to make his denim jacket look well enough for a date. His new love for this particular clothing began to fill your closet. You couldn’t help but to admire him for it. Michael did indeed look good in denim. There was no denying that. Though you had a different view on things, you secretly hoped he’ll continue to wear his denim clothes.


Denim clothes gave Michael a nostalgic feeling. He liked the thought of knowing that back then this was something people loved to wear. All the old school fashion trends were starting to arise once again. It almost felt like a keepsake for Michael. Memories of seeing old pictures of his parents wearing denim. How when he was younger he had a slight obsession with overalls. It was the little memories that fueled his love for the particular cloth. Michael was beginning to create his own style and denim was the key to it.

List of Season 2 Riarkle | Hints, Moments and Foreshadowing

2x1 - Girl Meets Demolition 

Aubrey to Riley: Well, this is one of a kind. And so are you. It’s yours.

  • Riley has always wanted to be a princess, and as we learned from Season 1: Girl Meets Friendship horses play a big role in Riley’s princess dream. 
  • Farkle is constantly wearing outer space, NASA, astronomy-centric t-shirts throughout the second season. Put them together we get a “beautiful” astronaut and a horse.

2x2 - Girl Meets Gravity

  • If you pay attention to Farkle in most scenes where he’s standing / sitting behind Riley you’ll notice his intent looks at her whenever she speaks. 
  • He wears his emotions blatantly on his face. So if you want to know what’s he’s thinking his expression is usually a giveaway. 

2x3 Girl Meets The New World

Riley: There will be many twists and turns that no one will see coming.
Farkle: I like the way you hugged me, Riley. I’m taking you.

2x4 Girl Meets the Secret of Life

  • Moments of typical Farkle, Riley in class setting. This time his scientific freakout / play-by-play of the class assignment amuses her.

2x5 Girl Meets Pluto

Riley: Pluto? I love Pluto. Everybody knows that. Pluto’s a little cutie-pie. The smallest planet with the biggest heart. I love pluto so much, I would kiss it on the face.

  • Seriously, before Farkle’s growth spurt isn’t he basically just pluto in human form?

Riley: Your favorite Orange turtleneck

  • Cory placed his infamous jean jacket in his time capsule, Farkle placed his orange turtleneck, the same one Riley wore in Girl Meets Flaws. NOT A COINCIDENCE

2x6 Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels

  • During Maya and Riley’s argument he defended Riley

2x7 Girl Meets the Tell-Tale Tot

  • As Riley happily sways he watches on with a little smile aka usual Riarkle classroom reactions

2x8 Girl Meets Rules

  • When Cory isn’t there to pick him up she rushes to him

Farkle: I mean, you know the reason I’ve never been able to choose between you? Because if it was you all the time, life would be like…la la la la la la la 

  • If Riley loosened up a bit more over time, she would be Farkle’s full package

2x9 Girl Meets Hurricane

  • When Riley comments that Lucas went to New Orleans to help out after Hurricane Katrina she motions toward Farkle for telling her the story 

2x10 Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington

  • When Farkle tells the girls he wants 11 children and to split them up however they want Maya concedes and tells Riley she gets all 11 of Farkle’s kids. 
  • Mars is referenced again in GMSTEM by Riley, the two have Pluto together & Mars

2x11 Girl Meets New Teacher

  • Riley says she doesn’t want Harper/Batman to lose…in GMRules, Farkle says: 
  • PLUS let’s not forget in GMBay Window what childhood Riley sings: 
  • All together: She’s been dreaming of a hero since she was a kid and present day she doesn’t want Batman to lose…

2x12 Girl Meets Yearbook

  • Donnie Barnes + Morotia M. Black | basically in this dark alternate universe they would totally be married living in a room of black drapes and curtains

2x13 Girl Meets Semi-Formal

  • Farkle is the first one to ask Riley to the dance and even at semi-formal he asks Riley to dance first while she’s talking to two other guys pining over her he still does it, you go Farkle Minkus!

2x14 Girl Meets Creativity

  • Adorable glances they give each other - anyone else notice the progression of looks Riley exchanges with Farkle (it’s more reciprocated now)

2x15 Girl Meets I am Farkle

  • This episode shows Riley constantly being the initial person involved/concerned about Farkle’s well-being out of the group. Let’s not forget their fake wedding!

2x16 Girl Meets Cory and Topanga

  • Farkle and childhood Topanga both express how they lack basketball prowess. It’s fitting Riley and Farkle are in the same shot when Riley takes her basket. A very subtle comparison to Cory and Topanga.
  • Riley won’t end up with a Cory or Topanga because she’s the best of both of them.

Riley: I’m going to have my own stories 

2x17 Girl Meets Rileytown

Farkle: You will come back to me after the war, won’t you darling?

  • This episode showcases how Farkle really does see Riley as much as Riley sees Farkle. They have this inherent understanding that only the two of them share out of the group.

2x19 Girl Meets Rah Rah

  • No one believes in Riley more than Farkle

2x20 Girl Meets Texas Part 1

  • When Riley runs over toward Lucas, Farkle runs over and places a hand on Riley 

Season 2x21 Girl Meets Texas Part 2

  • There were a number of Riley, Farkle moments throughout the episode: glances at Chubby’s, Ice Cream, and when Riley asked what they could do to look at each other’s faces longer she glanced at Farkle.
  • Riley asked if she could buy Farkle ice cream, right after Vanessa asked Zay out for ice cream.

2x22 Girl Meets Texas Part 3

  • The start of Farkle stepping in for Riley’s happiness: Calling her out on how she really feels
  • the pulling of each other out of the room begins
  • Farkle’s usage of ‘always’ to Riley
  • the exchange of the first I love you’s (note he’s wearing a denim jacket just like how Cory had his during his and Topanga’s inital I love you’s
  • Let’s not forget good ol’ Charlie’s words of foreshadowing wisdom

2x23 Girl Meets the Forgiveness

  • Riley drops the l word again

2x24 Girl Meets Belief

  • The group shuffles partners for their project; it isn’t until Riley pairs up with Farkle does the assignment work out. In GM Stem they are also a successful partnership - it really demonstrates that their differences make them dynamic partners in multiple ways 

2x25 Girl Meets the New Year

  • Farkle stepping in For Riley’s happiness continues, plus all those lingering looks across the room, Smackle getting defensive and the pulling of each other out of the room to talk, can’t forget Farkle’s flirtatiousness coming out: 

 Farkle: You dragged me all the way up the stairs. I liked it.

2x26 Girl Meets Stem [The MOST Riarkle Episode IMO]

  • This whole episode is Riarkle - Mars comment, science partners, and they were the only successful project. 

2x27 Girl Meets Money

  • Pluto is still a planet in Farkle’s bedroom planetarium, just for Riley

2x28 Girl Meets Commonism

  • Signature ‘always’ usage, and Riley picks Farkle & Maya over Lucas

2x29 Girl Meets the Bay Window

Childhood Riley [sings]: I am dreaming of a hero

  • Batman anyone?

Childhood Riley [sings]: Who will treat me like a princess

Childhood Riley [sings]: And he’ll be my handsome prince & I’ll love him 

  • AND she’s already told him that she loves him…so someone fits all of these points…come on Wiwey…wift you head and see Farkle!!
  • Cannot forget how future Riley is wearing a turtleneck - a signature of early Farkle. 

2x30 Girl Meets Legacy

  • Throwing it back to a few things that Farkle has experienced while pairing up with Riley/talking about science with Riley:
  • Farkle frequently calls himself a scientist - his question for Mr. Norton and this previous conversation with Riley really connects and makes me believe that Farkle honed in on what Riley said and continues to wonder about science / feelings overall helping him grow as a person
  • It’s obvious that Farkle and Riley excel when they work together and this seems intentional. In the context of Farkle and Riley when the two team up in all ways they really become a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully they realize not only could they make great partners in class but in life. 
  • Last hint - Stuart says Farkle only has 4 more years to Princeton / very similarly used in a Cinderella Story. Definitely intentional - of all colleges they have to use the one with Prince in the title and no other character loves the idea of a prince/princess than Riley Matthews.
20 Facts About Me

Thanks for tagging me, @darkicedragon! I hope this is at least somewhat interesting.

  1. I’ve always liked to draw, but I only started taking it seriously around two-ish years ago.

  2. I’m an Aries.

  3. According to the 16Personalities site, my Myer’s Briggs personality type is INTJ-T; seems reasonable.

  4. My first game console was the Game Boy Advance.

  5. I have this habit of clenching my hands and vigorously shaking them while scrunching up my face and baring my teeth when I’m excited/happy or something. I try to only do it only in private, but occasionally I forget. My mom always says that I look really ugly when I do that, but I’m already ugly 100% of the time regardless, so…

  6. I dress like gray garbage most of the time, but I’m actually picky about how my clothes feel.

  7. Related to #6, I never wear denim/jeans. I really dislike it against my skin.

  8. I’m also sensitive to clothing seams, especially against my legs.

  9. My skin friggin’ hates me. It’s given me so many problems over the years: eczema, psoriasis, dryness, weird reactions to products, blood everywhere all the time. Oh well.

  10. I live in California.

  11. But I have family in both Canada and Vietnam.

  12. Freakin’, I’m eighteen, but I only recently learned how to work the stove in my house. Yikes.

  13. Within my immediate family, I am the oldest child with a younger brother and half-sister.

  14. I speak English and Vietnamese.

  15. I’ve dabbled in piano, guitar, and violin. (My favorite was violin. I should relearn some day.)

  16. I’ve ridden an ostrich before.

  17. I’ve also fed alligators.

  18. As much as I love art, I wish to pursue a career in the sciences.

  19. I’m going to be in UC Berkeley’s class of 2021! Woop woop!

  20. Noblesse is kind of like my first and only fandom at the moment. Wow.

I’d like to tag the determined-as-dandelions @daylight-star, precious-as-poppies @earl-of-221b, and cute-as-carnations @laryna6, if you’re into this. If not, that’s cool. :)

stars-and-suprnovae  asked:

multiples of 20?

20: do you like your neighbors?

i don’t really know them or ever interact with them, but they never cause problems, so i guess i’m neutral

40: what do you want to do after high school?

go to college and get a degree in creative writing. then, move to seattle (or another place with publishing companies) and get a job as an editor and also a freelance author. have a cat and maybe a girlfriend (boyfriend too i suppose but i just like girls more atm) and live in a small apartment with lots of plants/books/windows.

60: ever won a competition? for what?

i got first once in the mile at a track meet this season

80: what color pants?

i’m currently wearing blue, three different shades of pink, and black striped pajama pants. usually i wear dark denim or black jeans

100: how are you feeling?

sleepy. in need of a hug. wanting her to like me back. (so yearning, i guess)

120: are you afraid of the dark?

not when i’m just in my room or at home. but put me in an unfamiliar place and i’m terrified out of my wits

140: summer or winter?

w i n t e r. i can cuddle up in blankets and drink hot chocolate without being judged and my body mass isn’t being sweated off

"Jongin has a girlfriend, evidence” logic/taekai response. @loveexosasaeng

(#1 E: Member he wants to date the most? Jongin answered himself.)

1. Taemin also saying before that he’d date himself. They also often say that they (taemin and jongin) are very similar eachother and so do other idols.

(#2 E: Jongin: I tend to look at girls who wear denim pants rather than cute skirts. I also love it when girls wear sneakers.)

2. Taemin often wears sneakers/jeans/denim (??? totally doesn’t attach to someone since anyone can wear jeans/sneakers)

(#3 E: Jongin: I love those who look good in denim. )

3. /inserts Taemin wearing denim many many many times but wait how does this “evidence” even make sense? Applies to anyone wearing denim?

(#4 E: He drives now, cars and a motorbike to unknown locations and mostly late at night, when fans will not follow him.)

4. Busy schedules of idols. Taemin and Jongin often saying they meet after hours/ late at night because their schedule doesn’t allow any free time during the day, (also supported by other members saying they often meet up during free nights). ex: those motorbikes were given to exo when they sponsored the brand.

(#5 E: He took Ravi as his 3rd wheel, and he asked fans not to follow him, as he was driving the car to another location that he wanted to keep private)

5. Taemin’s 4 things where Ravi mentions him being with Taemin and a friend (very possibly Jongin) a lot to meet up. Ravi radio interview mentioning him of the feeling being the “new” friend between Taemin and Kai. And have you never heard of wanting privacy?

(#6 E: ALWAYS on his phone, he claims not to be into SNS, yet he’s always on his fucking phone.)

6. Taemin always mentioning that he can only contact his bestfriend (Jongin or Moonkyu) through SNS/phone calls (Taemin’s most/closest/often friend is Jongin) therefore they are only given the chance to talk on SNS (usually KKT, seen on WGM) and are idols not allowed to always be on their phone? A lot of them are.

(#7 E: How to tell if an idol is dating:  ★; Lives on their cellphone.  ★ ★; highly emotional interviews, often talks about wanting to rest or go on vacation.  ★ ★ ★; ideal type gets more specific.  ★ ★ ★ ★- ★; get’s drivers license/gets a car and goes out late at night.

7. [★] Busy idol life. [ ★ ★] Taemin and Jongin often going places (water parks), going to Hakone, Japan for a secret vacation they got in trouble for and Taemin always mentioning him wanting to go on vacation with his best friend (Jongin) [ ★ ★ ★] Description of his dream girl matches well to Taemin if he were a girl. [ ★ ★ ★ ★- ★] Jongin got his license at the same time Sehun and Tao got theirs along with other members. Plus, they’re 20 and over. Shouldn’t they be getting their license and cars anyways? 

(#8 E: Some say he deleted his instagram , because he’s afraid to get caught dating and fans will give him backlash in the comments, plus he’s private so he doesn’t like the public, he only sticks to the fancafe and only post a few times out of the year :/ )

8. Jongin’s instagram was only for promotion purposes for exodus comeback, as stated by Jongin himself, his manager (groovechaja), sment and the other members (on radio).

(#9 E:  in a show with Taemin when they asked him about dispatch, Kai , instead of laughing and taking it lightly like Taemin did, Kai looked  upset and worried, probably thinking, that could’ve been him and his girlfriend, reality must’ve hit him to be more careful.)

9. If someone on live/public radio/tv were to ask you/say you were dating someone (or in Jongin/Taemin’s case, a boy) in South Korea where LGBT+ is not fully supported and some if not most of your fans/supporters have religions that go against LGBT+, wouldn’t you be worried if people started to notice/assume something? (P.S. Taemin nor Jongin have never denied any rumor of them dating each other) Would you not get uncomfortable if you got asked if you were dating someone, especially if you are and you can’t speak up about it? and you paused at a really random facial expression..

(#10 E:  Again, being specific about his ideal girlfriend, even smiling hard thinking about her: “a cute girl who wears something cute” )

10. Who would not smile when describing the ideal person of their love life? (P.S. his ideal “girl” fits the description of Taemin oops,, a lot of girls)

Dear people who have been assuming idols (such as Jongin) have a girlfriend, is totally not homo, please never ever rule the fact out that they are still people and no matter how they are presented to us, they have their own life and choices to make of it. 

More onto the taekai part. Never ever rule out the fact that an idol can possibly be homo/bisexual. Dispatch have been catching celebrity couples here and there. Word got out of Jongin having a girlfriend back then? EXO KAI?! They would get a lot of money for busting this rumor. They followed Kai around and what did they post? Taemin and Jongin on a very late night “friendly” date. Dispatch has also announced that from following Kai around so much, they’ve only had pictures of Taemin and Jongin at cafes, parks and arcades etc. that they’ve given up on posting them because there are too much. They do not think much of their relationship because they are only seen as “bestfriends” and nothing more. Dispatch being the media outlet that catches celebrities, the only thing they got out of Jongin going out late at night is to go meet up with his “friend” Taemin. Since these photos were released, Taemin wanted to “be more careful”, but be careful of what? They’re only friends, right? 

Yeah, right. Open up your minds and eyes, people.

louis in denim jackets

do you see this

this is cute louis in denim jacket. he is laughing at all of us, because he has that magical ability to look bloody amazing in any jacket he likes and we are all here just admiring him. also crying. personally i need to have a drink.

anyway. under the cut in no particular order there are many pictures of louis wearing denim jackets and everyone needs that in their life, i promise.

(gifs/pics are not mine. i have only pain)

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by jasonraish on Tumblr!

“My first true fashion illustration?  For the Wall Street Journal.  Since I’m working from Paris I put them in front of “La Maison Rose” in Montmartre.  Ask Terry:  Q: At Saks, I recently tried on a denim jeans jacket with cropped, darkish-wash jeans and looked like I was wearing an updated “leisure suit.” How, and when, is the denim-on denim look appropriate? And how do you put it together?”