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anon asked:  weird question, but… do you think the gerudo are one of those cultures that doesn’t really care about women going topless occasionally? like, they don’t sexualize the female form to that degree? and how would they feel about topless men? (i ask because it would be hilarious if nabooru went outside topless and nobody commented on it; then ganondorf tried the same thing and his witch moms fly over within 5 seconds shrieking COVER YOUR SHAAAAAME!)

Yeah, they probably don’t sexualize breasts and (in fact breasts are praised among their society and pregnancy is a high honor among their people) since they’re associated with nourishment and life. They usually don’t walk around topless though and they all tend to cover up equally, ex. Link and Ganon both wear their bandeau and crop top.

-Mod Junior

Cali Cool

Add a SoCal touch to your summer wardrobe

Being relaxed and laidback is what warm-season dressing in California is all about. Effortless style is key, so try wearing head-to-toe black and white, a color combination you can never go wrong with - it’s easy, simple and timeless!

Pair a white, lacy crop top with black, high-waisted shorts, and don’t forget to top it off with a boho necklace and fedora hat. Shop our California style pieces below.

1) A.L.C. Fremont Lace Cop Top

2) Forever 21 Ornate Lace Woven Shorts

3) Topshop ‘Heartbreaker’ Sandal

4) Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Sunglasses

5) House of Harlow 1960 'Tribal Tooth’ Pendant Necklace

6) Elizabeth & James Cynnie Pebbled Leather Drawstring Backpack

7) Victoria’s Secret Studded Wool Hat

8) Victoria’s Secret Ruffle Push-Up Bandeau Top

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Layering How-To: Three Ways to Rock a Woven Button-Up

We’re currently obsessed with the Fairfax Button Down Top, because it’s perfect for layering, especially when you’re going from hot sun to cool temps all in the same day—aka, going to a music festival!

Here, are fav three ways to style our new favorite shirt.

Photography by Jessica Foley

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I’m not, how shall I say, an endowed person. About a year back I switched to bandeau tops, so now when I put on the ol’ padding twins it feels like a strange prosthetic! Kind of like I’m wearing a little costume, but just on my boobs.

This is not a criticism of bras (they’re fun and cute!) or any critique of what people choose to wear or not wear. Just about trying out something that used to feel really familiar, and now makes you feel like you’re trying on a different person.