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Edit: I made this one myself using a website called CustomInk, but if anybody wants to buy one here’s a link:
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I know my hair isn’t exactly the right color, but I wanted to show you guys anyway. This is my attempt at cosplaying Feyre from ACOMAF. This book is my life and I will never stop obsessing over it.


Barely 2 weeks from Otakon and I’m still adding to my lineup. :’D After some brief deliberation, I decided that I do want to cosplay Clemont to Ota. So. Time to start making that costume. I’m also definitely switching TS Jack to nighttime, because I’m certain he’ll be comfier. anyway. I’m pumped. Here we go:

Friday: Jack Atlas -> Team Satisfaction Jack
Saturday: Clemont -> Johan
Sunday: Lolita Coord with my gf <3

[As always, more pics/detailed lineups on my cosplay sideblog @reymorado.]

time for a SEWING PARTY woot woot
See ya on the flip side, Otakon.

How To Choose A Tie -

How to Match Your Tie

The style is discussed according to tastes and colors, but like other areas of discussion there are some rules as well. These rules are there to tell us what we can and can’t do to avoid teasing our colleagues or poking the eyes of the people around us.

Some use tie for their own style and for some it is a part of their uniform. Silk, knit or any material is easy to find, the hard part is to match the shirt. The businessmen sometimes struggling to dress properly, those who use Line 1 of the Paris metro realize it every day. Here are some notes to select the tie that goes perfectly with your shirt.

The color wheel

Before we discuss patterns, stripes, polka dots and other geometric shapes first let’s review some basics about colors.

Color wheel

If you do not know already that there are similar colors, complementary, contrasting, in short this wheel allows you to know the winning combinations of colors! Choose a color, the portions of each side of this color will be similar colors, the opposite portion is the complementary color and contrasting colors can be obtained by forming a “Y” which cut the wheel in three.

For simplicity, consider the example of the light blue, its family colors are blue-violet and blue-green, its complementary color is orange and its contrasting colors are yellow and red. In other words, do not take risk by betting on colors similar to a nice cameo, and if you are a little eccentric feel free to opt for complementary colors and contrasting colors. Remember that everything is played in the shade!

How to choose a tie?

Yes we may not be able to answer “What came first the chicken or the egg?” but can at least tell you how to choose your tie for your dress shirt.

Colors and patterns

Rule of thumb: always choose your tie in accordance with your shirt and not the opposite! In the morning, once standing in front of your wardrobe, choose your shirt in the first place. Then the choice of the tie will be much easier for you to make. Plain or patterned, the tie should be darker in general that your shirt. The tone on tone, white on white or black on black is banned! If your shirt and tie are reasons to think that the tie is the most impressive grounds as those of the shirt and conversely for each element is recognizable. If you are not sure with the reasons, find a tie with a common color for the shirt. Although it is only a small detail, recall color is important.

The long and wide tie

For a tie to fit perfectly with your shirt you should also consider your cervix. We do not put a decent slim tie on an Italian collar: follow a good proportion between your collar and your tie. For the length, know that a tie should come tickle your pants or your belt buckle. Neither too short nor too long!

What tie for what shirt?

Here we will give you some ideas of associations according to the most worn shirts.

The white shirt

The white shirt is always an essential of the men wardrobe. The patterns, colors, anything goes along except of course the white tie! Even if we did not say, it is clear that you must also pay attention to the color of your suit, jacket and pants.

The sky blue shirt

Referring to the color wheel you realize that the sky blue goes for complementary color everything in orange tones and contrasting colors red and yellow. A tie in the yellow-orange or burgundy tones will be accompanied perfectly with this kind of shirt. You can also choose a navy blue tie, knitting or peas. Play with patterns as you like on plain shirts.

Pink shirt

In past few years we have understood that pink was not exclusively for women. To accompany a pale pink, take a purple tie and purple tones with a fairly deep color. Green is a complementary color, a khaki tie works but this is a bold choice that will take. You can opt for a navy blue but avoid colors in shades of yellow and orange.

The plaid shirt

Tartan or gingham plaid shirts can be worn for both casual and teen fashion. Wrong impression that no patterned tie on a plaid shirt. We must be vigilant but a plaid shirt can be adorned with a patterned tie without any worries. If your shirt has small tiles choose a tie with large tiles with a recall of color and if it is made of large tiles prefer a plain tie. For the more adventurous, you can opt for stripes and peas, still large grounds on a shirt with small squares. However one must avoid geometric patterns that might interfere visually all.

Striped shirt

As mentioned before, combine thin and wide stripes to differentiate the two. You can also have fun mixing bands with a shirt with horizontal stripes and striped tie vertically or diagonally. Peas are also accepted. Think about the colors. To be more cautious, even a plain textured tie will be a good combination.

Visit :

Design your shirt : Here

Shirts collection : Here


I’ve had a lot of requests to make a “how to put on a furisode” video but just haven’t had the time. 

In the meanwhile, here is a start-to-finish video of a cute mom dressing her daughter in a furisode for Coming of Age Day. The obi knot she uses is a variant and not a classical one, but it’s pretty easy to do, as you’ll see.

There are no verbal instructions in English (or Japanese as they’re just chatting about random stuff) but it’s a clear step-by-step visual walkthrough. Feel free to drop me an ask if you have any questions about what they’re using or how they’re doing something. 

I hope people find it helpful! 

(Cultural note: many people in Japan don’t like putting their face out on the Internet, so that’s most likely why the daughter’s face is whited out.)