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Theory of BTS Prologue?

Ok. So I don’t know if anyone thought of this yet and if they have then sorry if it seems like I stole it. But I think I got a theory on the BTS Prologue of the missing Jin scene and why BTS is not active on Twitter, etc.


I first saw on Instagram of this post saying ‘In the original ending credits, the song in it used an Edith Piaf vocal sample, and this new version did not. Now idk how many of you watched the movie Inception, but this song was the song used to wake people up from their dream state. And the reason why Jin’s part was removed was because it was never there, we were all just having the same dream and now we’ve been woken up.


Later on I saw a Youtube comment on the new BTS Prologue video and they commented ‘ Jin’s part is missing at the end. What if this is because they’re going to upload clips every few days, cutting down the video more and more. What if its showing us that none of this really happened, and it was all a part of V and Jin’s imaginations, and it keeps rewinding till it just black.’


Now my theory of the BTS being not active on Twitter.

The reason why BTS is not active on twitter is because they DO NOT exist anymore? O-O like they were never there…. and we’ve all be hallucinating the whole time.


In this conclusion. Big Hit is messing with our feelings and our minds. 

**Stolen** ‘BTS isn’t just making music, they’re making art.’

Attack on BTS on October. Let’s all prepare our feelings and minds and heart. We’re in danger.