how to want

~Contains Spoilers for Steven Universe: Wanted~

What she says: I’m fine

What she really means: HOLY FUCK BALLS So Lars is now pink and brave and probably immortal and stuck on Homeworld for the time being while Steven gets to go home to earth and I really hope??? We get to see the off colors come to earth??? They need to be happy and Lars needs to be happy and OH SHIT SOMEONE MIGHT HAVE FRAMED ROSE QUARTZ!! Is Zircon gonna be okay??? Please don’t shatter her!! And holy FUCK Lars died??? But Steven, god bless him, brought him back to life and THAT’S MORE THAN LIKELY WHAT HAPPENED TO LION AND IM LOSING MY SHIT



shadowhunters kissing stats

okay, i’ve been wanting to actually sit and do this for a while and finally i have. i remember talking, briefly and dramatically, about the disparity between the length of kiss scenes in shadowhunters between het pairings (read: pairings that include clary, mostly…) and magnus/alec (the shows current only nonhet canon relationship) so i’ve actually compiled Numbers and Data

maths is definitely not my strong suit and if anything seems glaringly wrong, sorry. also, obviously this is just from skimming through episodes - if i missed something, sorry - but in my mind, this looks pretty accurate. 

the actual list of numbers and timings is below the cut, but i just want to make a few points clear

  • magnus and alec are probably the most heavily promoted and well-received couple on the show and are a main couple
  • magnus and alec have been together for more time than clary and jace were together and more than simon and clary have been together
  • i have included all ‘’pairings’’ that kiss on this show, this includes camille/simon etc
  • i can’t really be bothered doing any commentary on why this is important rn, i may reblog this later and make more comments but feel free to reblog and comment on this
  • pay attention not just to the total times, but the longest kiss scenes each pairing gets, and how many kisses the total time is spread over
  • have fun getting mad w/ me lmao 

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if this season just ends up solely blaming sana for ,,,assuming things,,, which led to ,,,misunderstandings,,, so the perfect white girl is propped up to be always ,,,kind,,, and ,,,right,,, despite showing her true hypocritical colours for the entire season 2… i will be worse than unpalatable i assure you

jane fonda interview drinking game

take a shot every time jane:

  • says ‘older women are the fastest growing demographic’ 
  • brings up the harvard medical study about how not having female friends is worse for u than smoking 
  • talks about how much she loves lily
  • talks about how people tell her the show has given them hope/made them less scared of getting older
  • says something very slightly gay

“That tensile strength is off the charts. Who manufactured that?”

“I did.”