how to wake up right

All the lies
All the lies
All the lies
You sat right in front of me
And watched me cry.
Then you turned to the side
How I’m watching everything we ever built
Crumble before my eyes.
I’m catching myself
Learning how to wake up
And think
Without you right here
Next to me—
Did you
Did you ever love me
Or were you always
Just feeling sorry?
All the lies
All the lies
All the lies
We sat in my car together
How I wish I would’ve just died.
All the lies
Come and go by
But my love
You will eventually subside.
—  Las Mentíras; C.D.

Why do I get so much motivation to do stuff at times when I should be sleeping

Sending hugs to all

Just a little note, saying I know how hard this all is… I know how tired we are. I wake up every morning wondering which one of my rights is going to disappear, what new abomination is going to come down from the executive branch. I am having trouble studying, wondering if it’s an exercise in futility.

I’m a queer, bisexual, Jewish woman… I have many friends whose ethnicity or religion has made them a target. I am afraid of the future, and whether or not a residency will take someone like me in two years time. I am afraid that there won’t be anywhere safe for Amazing Girlfriend and I to live. I am scared of having to hide my faith, my relationship, who I am. I am afraid for my friends, especially my Muslim friends, and what happens if the powers that be try to deport them, or put them in camps. 

I am afraid for our planet, for the precious little time we have left to correct the course of our future toward one that won’t lead to irreparable damage. I am afraid for academic discourse, for diversity of thought, for the ability to speak truth to power. I am afraid for my patients, for those who are undocumented, for those who are struggling, for those who are suffering. I am afraid for people with disabilities, and what the future holds for them. I am afraid for my those like me who struggle with mental illness.

I am afraid that those I voted for will not stand strong for our rights, and will make ‘compromises’ to keep the peace.

But as hard as it is, I know there are things that I can do and must do to ensure that I have a say in the future. I must keep studying, as doctors who are willing to speak out will be needed. I have to reach out to my friends, my community, my family, and tell them I love them, that we are not alone, that we are not helpless. I have to continue my advocacy work, and try to help make the world better. I have to keep finding things that make me smile, bring me joy, as joy when others would have you feel defeated is one small victory. 

So I’m rededicating myself to learning how to help people in the future, trying to help them now, and helping myself. I am reading about street medicine, and am building kits that I bring with me to every march. I am crafting with my friends, hugging dogs, and trying new recipes. 

I just want you all to know that you’re not alone, that we’re in this together. Sending all my love. 

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Please remind your followers that Shoot has a huge international fanbase and that they're still asleep for now. We need more people to vote to increase the gap or once Europeans go to sleep we're screwed.

THIS!!! We really need to increase our lead or we’ll wake up to being really far behind.. 

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I’ve got the Timbs, the ripped jeans, the White T-Shirt ™ 

What do you guys think?

I will be working on Sims!Jimin soon because what kind of Jimin stan would I be if I don’t?

Am I the only one who takes hollyhark’s Children Wake Up series as canon?

And I don’t mean that literally, of course. I don’t mean I actually believe that her creation is a real part of the Star Wars canon. I mean for myself, in my spare moments, when I can sit down and get lost in something so utterly unattainable, yet somehow incredibly real. It’s a work that I not only enjoy, but believe in fully and completely.

The Children Wake Up series was the first kylux fanfiction I ever read. Someone on here recommended it to me when I first made this account, and I was completely taken by surprise. It’s not just the writing and the structure that’s good; it’s the complete and total respect given to the characters. I have yet to read (or write) another fic that hits the nail so hard on the head with Kylo and Hux’s characterizations.

Even the things we don’t know for sure, like inner monologue and personal histories, are written so beautifully and realistically. Honestly, I’ve never read a fic where I’ve felt satisfied both as a trashy fan girl AND as a fan who respects and loves the canon. Children Wake Up is the perfect balance.

I don’t know exactly why I felt the need to write this? I think it’s because I felt down today, and the only thing I really wanted to do was curl up in a blanket and get lost in that amazing universe again. That’s true, powerful writing.

This kind of turned into a really long fic rec, but seriously. If you haven’t read it, and you’re looking for new Kylux material, I will recommend this fic every single time. If someone asks me what I think kylux really, TRULY is at its core, I’ll give the same answer.

I just really love it you guys ok rant over wow that wasn’t funny wtf aren’t I supposed to be a humor blog???? now I have to make a joke??? uh, 69, 420, hi hungry, I’m dad

Sorry this is late... BUT!

I Was Tagged!!
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Name: I would rather not say…
Nicknames: Shooting Star and Valkyriewarrior
Zodiac sign: Aries
Height: 5 foot 5 inches
Orientation: Pretty sure I’m straight… Never been in a relationship though
Ethnicity: White
Favorite fruit: Pineapples.
Favorite season: Winter.
Favorite flower: Lilac
Favorite scent: I like the smell of good food, (Like my mom cooks) and Lilacs
Favorite color: Purple/Violet
Favorite animal: All the Kitties
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: I like hot cocoa and tea. Don’t make me drink coffee…
Average sleep hours: I like to try for at least nine but my brain is dumb sometimes and doesn’t let me sleep… -.-
Cat or dog person?: KITTIES!!!!!! Though I do like dogs.
Favorite fictional characters: Ja'far-Magi, Sans-Undertale, Kirby/Meta Knight-Kirby series, Death-Discworld Series, Pit-Kid Icarus, R2-D2-Star Wars, Lord Death-Soul Eater, Wheatley/Potato Glados-Portal 2, Erza-Fairy Tail, Kaze-Fire Emblem Fates, The tenth Doctor-Doctor Who, Samus-Metroid. Those are the ones off the top of my head.
Number of blankets you sleep with: One sheet and one blanket.
Dream trip: Either Brittan to vist a Discworld Convention or Back to Ireland.
Blog created: I think it was the end of 2015…
Number of followers: It SAYS 93 but I counted 21. Is there something I’m missing here?

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Hey there love, I’m sorry for it all
I’ve been killing myself for awhile now,
Overdosing here and there,
Hoping it’d be enough to make me go,

But it turns out it was never enough
So let me turn this bottle upside down
So let me forget everything
And let’s reverse this frown

Let me get fucked up, let me get high
Let me forget how to live
Let me say goodbye, let me die
Let me turn this bottle upside down

I want to forget how I’ve hurt you,
I want to forget how I’ve bored you,
I want to forget how I hate myself,
I want to forget those words you said,

I want to forget how I’ve felt for so long,
I want to forget that first cut I made,
I want to forget the first time I wanted to die,
I want to forget how I feel right now

And I don’t ever want to wake up from my high,
I want to end it right there,
In the cold, in the dark, high as I can be
So won’t you give me a bottle

Won’t you give me a gun,
Won’t you give me a reason,
Won’t you tell me you hate me,
Won’t you tell me I’m worthless

Because I want to get drunk,
Because I want to get high
Because I want to kill myself
Because I want to forget it all

“This isn’t the time for that conversation.”

Literally all I asked you, asshole, is what your plan is for shoveling out the walkway, cars, and trashcans that have to go to the curb tonight. I didn’t ask you to assess the state of our marriage or for your 10 year plan. I asked a simple fucking question. It shouldn’t be like pulling teeth every time I want to make a plan for getting shit done around here. If you don’t plan to do any of it until morning then I need to know because it will affect our routine and whether I can work online. God forbid we do anything but fly by the seat of our pants in life.



Arrow Summer Rewatch

Olicity Moments (2/5) – 2x22


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A - age :  29 years old
B - biggest fear :  getting old lmao
C - current time :  14:11
D - drink you last had :  soju
E - every day starts with :  a long, 45 minute shower, no matter how late i wake up
F - favourite song :  this bop right here
G - ghosts; are they real :  most definitely
I - in love with :  music, life, parties, sex
K - killed someone :  hell no, but i’ve wanted to 
L - last time you cried :  i can’t even remember.
M - middle name :  I don’t have one.
N - number of siblings :  i’m an only child
O - one wish :  to be able to come out to the public.. i already have everything i could ever wish for
P - person you last called/texted :  my manager
Q - questions you are always asked :  “who are you dating these days?”
R - reasons to smile : my fans
S - song last sang : last night at a bar my friends convinced me to do karaoke and i sang aoa’s like a cat.
T - time you woke up :  sometime after eleven
U - underwear colour : not wearing any.
V - vacation destination : somewhere warm and sunny. like miami.
W - worst habit : sticking my tongue out
X - x-rays you’ve had : my ankle when i broke it about twenty years ago
Y - your favourite food :  anything sweet
Z- zodiac sign : taurus