how to use resin

harlequinqueen  asked:

Hey! Just curious, but how many pours do you get from your molds of the larger props? (I recently learnt about this kinda mold prop making from Adam Savage's tested series and it fascinates me.)

Pours as in how many pulls can I get from each? Or how much resin I use?

I use around 12 Pours of 500 ml of resin on the Buster Sword for a complete sword.

For how many casts I can get from each mold, it depends on the mold. If you use more rigid silicone like the Buster Sword, you might get 20-50 casts depending on wear and tear. My Falchion Blade lasted for 80 because it was a more flexible silicone.

This Buster Sword mold is different though, it’s a Matrix mold, so if the silicone breaks down I’ll be able to inject silicone into the hard jacket and make a new layer of silicone. It’ll last a ton longer than a regular mold.


just finished making my first necklace (and earrings!) and couldn’t be more stoked on how they turned out. used a lace applique, resin casts of crow skulls, and electroplated quartz, along with other materials.


Sans the Skeleton fig.2! 
Special edition because it literally took me a day to figure out how to use the clear resin. I am now the resin MASTER

Casted with a polyurethane resin, painted with acrylic paints and his base is made out of plywood. Hes unofficial and I cant sell him sorry!

Every Sans I paint will get a different shirt, I guaranTEE you that. (hahah)


SO its day 2 of spideypoolweek !! Today’s prompt is day off/vacation, so I made the boys relaxing in a tiny cup of tea after being miniaturized by a bad guy! 

I put the top picture in just to show how tiny these guys are. Made using polymer clay and resin for the tea because I can’t draw to save my life and I don’t think I’m much of a writer xD. I was kinda pleased how tiny I could get these guys, if you like my work maybe check out my etsy

As always what do you guys think?