how to use psds

I’ve post this video in youtube too. click HERE to watch in youtube!

Brief explanation:

Step 1: Download the psd and pictures if you haven’t. (if you don’t have any psd files you can download my psd HERE)

Step 2: Open photoshop, as well as your picture and psd.

Step 3: Drag the psd to your picture. 

Step 4: If the psd has texture, click the texture in psd file. go to edit>free transform and then adjust the psd.

NOTE: I make this tutorial using photoshop cs5

Instagram PSD Tutorial: How To Use & Basic Help

So I’ve had a handful of people recently asking for help on how to achieve the results I did. As a novice once myself I understand how confusing things like PSDs and clipping masks can be so I’ve organised this (hopefully helpful) tutorial on how I did this graphic. I hope that after this you don’t have any more questions but if you do feel free to bother me with them, I don’t mind one bit! I’ll try my best. Please reblog/like if you found this helpful.

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How to use PSDs

Step 1.

First of all, you have to download the PSD file. By default, when you download something it will go to the downloads folder on your computer. Once you have downloaded the PSD go to Photoshop and open up the PSD and the picture you want to apply the PSD by going to file>open.

Step 2. 

Look over the layers palette, if the PSD is in a folder, select the folder and drag the group onto the image

-If the PSD has textures and they don’t fit well, you must go to edit>free transform and drag the corners until it fits nicely.

-If the PSD is not in a folder, hold down the shift key and select the first adjustment layer ,then select the last adjustment layer and drag it onto the image.

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