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“Promise me, Steve. Promise me you’ll give her a life we couldn’t have.”

GIFTED AU where Mary is Steve’s and Bucky’s daughter. And when S.H.I.E.L.D learns about the gifted child of the supersoldiers, they try all things possible to take her away from Steve, who’d given up on all to give Mary a normal life that he had promised Bucky he’d give her before Bucky had gone under.

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how do you make the sparkles fall behind the image? like only on the background

hey, love! so i’ve been asked this a lot, and i finally have a day off so below is how i end up with something like this: 

(the psd used in this example can be found here)(i save my sparkle gif from here) (this is more to show how to remove the gif from over the model, a tutorial for how to use the gif in the first place can be found here)

this might get a bit wordy since i can never manage to keep things short, and since this is a little bit more complicated than the usual ‘sparkle’ effect, i’ve added a few pictures along the way to help but please feel free to ask any questions!

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Instagram PSD Tutorial: How To Use & Basic Help

So I’ve had a handful of people recently asking for help on how to achieve the results I did. As a novice once myself I understand how confusing things like PSDs and clipping masks can be so I’ve organised this (hopefully helpful) tutorial on how I did this graphic. I hope that after this you don’t have any more questions but if you do feel free to bother me with them, I don’t mind one bit! I’ll try my best. Please reblog/like if you found this helpful.

[tutorial under readmore]

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I’ve post this video in youtube too. click HERE to watch in youtube!

Brief explanation:

Step 1: Download the psd and pictures if you haven’t. (if you don’t have any psd files you can download my psd HERE)

Step 2: Open photoshop, as well as your picture and psd.

Step 3: Drag the psd to your picture. 

Step 4: If the psd has texture, click the texture in psd file. go to edit>free transform and then adjust the psd.

NOTE: I make this tutorial using photoshop cs5


If Wiishu ever gets snapchat I’ll be so happy

Psh.. I didn’t spend an hour trying to figure out how to use a psd to just say fuck it and spend another hour figuring out the best way to make my own version because I couldn’t work the psd.. psh.. no way.. haha ha :^)

topic: PSDs

What is a PSD?

a PSD is a photoshop document

Why do I have to use a PSD?

It’s easier because people are making the colourings and all that for you. And all you have to do is adjust the colours! But making PSDs are fun though…

Using a PSD helps you save time which means more time for tumblr!

- download your PSD first:

here’s a masterpost (not mine)

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How do I use a PSD?

(I assume you’ve already had a picture picked out to edit)

here’s how to use it in 4 easy steps:

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charmed appreciation week | day 2 ⇒ favourite relationship: phoebe & prue halliwell

↳ ❝ i can worry about my little sister, can’t i? ❞
don’t ever stop. ❞