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To be honest, the tumblr witchcraft community taught me more than any book on witchcraft I ever read.


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Loki X Reader

Warnings: Angst, mentions of death, Fluff, Soft side of Loki, like really sweet to her,  No?

Anonymous said: Hello lovely could you do one where Loki finds the reader curled up in a ball crying and he comforts her? Very fluffy cuteness please?

Anonymous said: Hi! May I have a Loki x Reader where the reader is an immortal witch and a new member of the Avengers and one day all the Avengers ask questions to get know her more and Loki realizes that they have more in common than he thought? Please and thank you! 💚💚💚 

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Men are so fucking concieted.

Men used to not give a single fuck that witch stood for women, but now that witchcraft is becoming ~cool and trendy~ and because we said “no” now they want to reclaim a word they spilt our blood on.

The word witch is stained with our blood, with the murder of women, girls and older women, for having knowledge about herbs and how they help us, for talking to animals, for knowing how to ease a woman through child birth.

We were burned at the stake, drowned, hanged, raped, starved for being “witches”.

And, now, because we said it’s only for women and some people took trendy photos that look like witchcraft and slapped an Instagram filter on it, they want to claim the word witch too.

Lol fuck off

Hello tumblr friends!

A dear friend of mine and I are thinking about starting a YouTube for explaining herbs and how to use them, teas and what you can brew and what to use them for, witchy and divination tips and readings, etc just a multiverse of different information and tips. Who would be interested? Please give me a message, comment or like if you’d see yourself watching them!

Witch Tip:

If you want to fertilize your plants without using chemicals, you can use dried seaweed (regular nori sheets supposedly work)! Seaweed is full of trace elements, it’s a great a food source for soil microbes. Chop it up and let it sit in water for 2 weeks (loosely covered). Then use it to water the soil.

Tadaaaa, you’re done!

Me again, baby witch trying to learn the most she can. 

So, I was perusing tags and looking up various things that interested me and while I was researching about gem water I saw a few things about herb water and people using essential oils in their water. I saw some warnings about it and then I had a thought.

I know that not everything that is an essential oil is offered as a flavoring or baking extract (think vanilla extract, mint extract, lavender extract) but as a safer alternative to putting essential oils in your water, could flavorings and baking extracts be used? I mean they use the things on the label to make the extract and get the flavor from them. They’re meant for baking originally so they’re completely edible and body safe. 

If a witch wanted to use essential oils in their water, could they get the same effect by using extracts instead? Because the idea of infusing water with different herbs and stuff piqued my interest but I was definitely not comfortable with the idea of putting essential oil in my water. I know if it’s diluted enough and if you research enough you should be safe, I’m just a little too anxious to take that risk tho. 

What really is Modern Witchcraft anyway?

I’ve heard a lot of people bashing “modern witchcraft” as of late. As if more ceremonial magic were more effective, or as if traditional witchcraft had no tie to modern things.
In the Folklore podcast Mark Norman mentions a line from his interview with Gemma Gary, probably one of the first names I heard when I was learning about traditional witchcraft. And she described more traditional forms of magic as “practical get-things-done magic”.
No to mention that traditional witchcraft incorporated Christian themes and prayers when the times started changing. There are charms made of psalms and plenty of what we consider christian items. Witches are nothing but resourceful and have always used what we have had on hand if need be.
So if you think the village wise woman or cunning man wouldn’t have used a coffee grinder for herbs, checked the internet to see how their herbal uses matched up with its medicinal ones, taken and modified a spell from someone else, or gotten quick garden tips from a library book if those things had been available, I’m pretty sure that would be largely inaccurate.
Witchcraft keeps incorporating new things all the time. That doesn’t mean we get rid of what we already know. We just have a limited patchy history to draw from now. As I’m sure a lot of witches did after the medieval period and the witch hunts. So if you think that these people weren’t going to use whatever was laying around I am pretty sure your dead wrong.

Obviously there are things that you need to be wise about, slow down and take your time to do and learn. There always are. But that doesn’t mean that learning is not quickly available. No I am not going to believe everything I read online, especially depending on the source. But we can access university websites and scientific papers and magazines on history and folklore. Who isn’t going to use that if its sitting right there?

Especially for me, especially for a disabled witch, why wouldn’t I use the simplest thing I could think of? I don’t want something terribly elaborate. I want what I can get done now and what will work.

What I honestly use, most of the time, is some of that good old practical get-things-done magic.

Listening to a book about wiccan herbal magic

I am listening to this book to better understand how some herbs are used in magic by most wiccans. My magic always comes from my intuition, but it is helpful to understand the connection humans have with the spirit world (including nature spirits). I can use that understanding to further build my relationship with the nature spirits and create a better bond. I am excited to find out what I will learn and I am excited to eventually share a new spell. 💗

Worldbuilding December #18

Do your clans use healing herbs? Do the herbs actually have healing properties in real life? Are they harmful to cats in real life? If yes, why are they different in your world? How did the clans first discover how to use them? Where are the best herb-gathering patches found? Who is in charge of the healing herbs? What would happen if one clan ran completely out? If clans trade herbs, how does the bartering work? Are the cats anthropomorphized to the point they can grow their own herbs? Have the cats discovered any new herbs recently? How do cats test herbs?

My mum is going to write down all of her recipes and findings about herbs and how to use them and all of the cooking secrets Into a grimore over a year and give it to me, I’m so excited and grateful

WC World Building Idea/Prompt 86

How would trans cats transition? Do they use herbs to hide their scent? Do they used ornaments, or just say the preffered pronous for cats who ask?

Uses for clippings from an Herb Fairy Garden

Some of the more recent fairy gardens I have been making include herbs, which occasionally need to be cut back. These clippings can be very useful.

A few weeks ago I cut back some chocolate mint, purple sage and oregano. I decided to try to re-root the chocolate mint. To do this, I cut back some of the leaves at the very bottom of the clippings and put them in a small mason jar filled with water. Every few days I change out the water. The roots are growing nicely and I should be able to add them to some of my newest fairy gardens soon.

Chocolate mint, lavender, and other herbs like chamomile could be used to make tea or infuse sugar or salt, for example.

With the purple sage and oregano, I’ve decided to dry them. They are great for cooking. I could add them as seasoning to steak or on top of spaghetti. The possibilities are endless!

These are just a few ways to use the herbs from a fairy garden. How do you use herbs?