how to use herbs

To be honest, the tumblr witchcraft community taught me more than any book on witchcraft I ever read.

Witch Tip:

If you want to fertilize your plants without using chemicals, you can use dried seaweed (regular nori sheets supposedly work)! Seaweed is full of trace elements, it’s a great a food source for soil microbes. Chop it up and let it sit in water for 2 weeks (loosely covered). Then use it to water the soil.

Tadaaaa, you’re done!

Uses for clippings from an Herb Fairy Garden

Some of the more recent fairy gardens I have been making include herbs, which occasionally need to be cut back. These clippings can be very useful.

A few weeks ago I cut back some chocolate mint, purple sage and oregano. I decided to try to re-root the chocolate mint. To do this, I cut back some of the leaves at the very bottom of the clippings and put them in a small mason jar filled with water. Every few days I change out the water. The roots are growing nicely and I should be able to add them to some of my newest fairy gardens soon.

Chocolate mint, lavender, and other herbs like chamomile could be used to make tea or infuse sugar or salt, for example.

With the purple sage and oregano, I’ve decided to dry them. They are great for cooking. I could add them as seasoning to steak or on top of spaghetti. The possibilities are endless!

These are just a few ways to use the herbs from a fairy garden. How do you use herbs?

As important as knowing how to use magical tools and manipulate energy is to know how to use herbs. Many people are dedicated to the knowledge of herbs because they are how Mother Nature communicates with us. Through them, We can use Its active ingredient to cure deseases, make magical baths, enchanted potions, teas… they provide us a thousand different uses. It is important to have a basic understanding of them, know what they are and how to handle them properly (bark, flowers, roots and leaves). Holding such knowledge means to have Power in our hands to solve or at least mitigate, physical, spiritual and emocional problems. #wickedandlovelystore #plants #herbs #powerofherbs #knowledge #magick #wicca #pagan #witchcraft #flowers

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13 days until school

Hey. My name is Ciara. I’m thirteen, nice to meet you.

I’m new to studyblr and  making an effort to join it this school year as it is my last at my middle school (eighth grade). I am making an effort to post daily when school starts and whatnot. 

I wanted to join studyblr for a very good reason, much like the rest of you. I wanted to make an effort to keep up with my grades. I also wanted to help out my friends and classmates around my school with things and academics needs. Actually, I and my closest friends are making a study group. That means some group posts are coming extremely soon.

When I go to college, I want to study herbalism. I really like how you use natural herbs as remedies and cures just as our great ancestors did. I want to start a natural remedy business to help people who are combating many problems. The term would be a herbologist because you cure people with herbs and spices. [Other terms within herbology would be the subject of botany and botanists.]

Anyways I’m really getting into black so expect more black toned things.


Fav Shows?

  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Criminal Minds
  • Switched at Birth
  • Private Practice


  • 007 (not James bond)
  • Harly and Joker (non-abusive)
  • dan and Phil 
  • Steven universe


  • Black things
  • surgery
  • plants (especially aloe veras)
  • aesthetics things
  • #blacklivesmatter