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Hairstyles with R!Genji! And a bonus canon Genji because he is beautiful and I love him

How to Apply Eyeliner

One of the questions I’m most commonly asked is how to apply eyeliner. Sometimes all you need to finish off a look is eyeliner, but it can sometimes be a tricky thing to apply (especially on the upper lash line)

You Will Need: Gel Eyeliner, Precision Eyeliner Brush, Cotton Tips, Eye Makeup Remover

For lining the upper lash line I recommend a gel eyeliner with a small, precision brush, this allows you to build up the liner as you go and get as close to the lashes as possible. Liquid is great too but can be more harsh looking and difficult to correct.  Which brings me on to correcting the eyeliner, I’ve found the most effective method is a precise cotton tip specifically designed for makeup with a little eye makeup/micellar remover.

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me: *sees a pretty girl* wowwww, I should totally get around to doing my eyebrows, maybe change up my hair, buy more clothes, learn how to use make up other that eyeliner

How to Use Eyeshadow as Eyeliner

There are hundreds of different makeup products on the market, but the question you may be asking yourself is “do I really need all of them?” If you’ve ever been tempted to try a bright blue eyeliner but haven’t wanted to purchase one or if you just don’t wear black liner very often the great news is that you can just use your eyeshadow, and there are two ways how.

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Really should draw more stuff from FC3&4 since those are one of my fav games. Also what I’ve learned about being a baddie in FC games when drawing this; apparently you need to be a homicidal maniac (which is nothing new) with a partially shaved head, have a drug problem, and apparently, use eyeliner.

Also, I love how Pagan is canonically something like 7cm/2.8inches taller than Vaas haha.


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I wanted to call you and tell you how lost I was; and how I missed how things were before. I can’t talk on the phone to anyone except my parents because I panic.
I typed out a paragraph for you because I knew you would like it. Then I remembered, you wouldn’t like it anymore.
I tried to draw on my eyeliner how I used to wear it. But I was stronger then. Now my hands are too shaky.
I wanted to listen to my old favourite song but I started crying and lay staring at my ceiling. You ruined all of my favourite things and I still haven’t recovered.
I found myself biting my wrist because I wanted to think and focus on the pain and numbness instead of having thoughts of you overflowing in my mind. I stopped when it started to bleed, but never managed to stop thinking about you.
I threw up at 2am. I cleaned myself up and went back to sleep because I think that I was only trying to throw up the part of you that you left in me.
—  6 things I can’t manage to tell you.
SHINee crossdressing
  • Onew: *clears throat* I'm manly
  • Taemin: *sexually confused*
  • Minho: *rapping in falsetto* dibidibidis my name is minho
  • Key: *brings out a mirror* I accidentally popped my pimple yesterday and let me teach you how to use this eyeliner that baekhyun recommended to me
  • Jonghyun: *angrily turns to camera* is this the reality you wanted

anonymous asked:

Hey how do you apply your eyeliner? I always use pencil eyeliner but lately I've noticed that it smudges throughout the day and I look like a raccoon, so do you have any makeup tips to help

I love using the pencil eyeliner bc it looks so much better on me plus the liquid doesnt look good on everyone. For pencil eyeliner try to draw directly on your water line without poking your eye so that ur eyes don’t water up and it doesn’t smudge. I don’t use liquid eyeliner but if you want to try it you should use tape to draw it evenly and in place the first few times but for that practice makes perfect so u just gotta keep doing it till you get good.

Dear Jeff Davis

Holland Roden, Arden Cho and Shelley Hennig are great actresses

their characters don’t deserve your half-assed shitty development

give us girly sleepovers, the three of them hanging out and kicking ass

give us kitsune/banshee/were-coyote mythology

give us Lydia and Malia cheering Kira on at lacrosse matches

give us Mr Tate meeting Kira and Lydia and Malia getting excited that she can have her friends over

give us Kira teaching Malia winged eyeliner and how to wield a katana

give us Lydia picking out their outfits for her birthday party

give us a study group with Malia freaking out but Lydia and Kira making sure she still passes

give us Malia taking them hiking to her favourite spot in the woods

give us Kira looking after Lydia because she doesn’t understand the voices in her head

give us the three of them shopping for fucking toilet paper i don’t give a fuck

love your female characters jeff davis

love them like we do