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okay so imagine that after ransom, holster, and lardo graduate they’re like “okay so where do we live now” and like holster and ransom already agreed that they were going to move in together after college while ransom gets his medical degree and they realize that wow apartments are fucking expensive so they’re like “lardo wanna move in with us too so we can actually afford a place with a roof” and she’s like “sure”

imagine the shenanigans they’d get up to

  • so it’s a two bedroom apartment and for some reason holster and ransom get the smaller room??? but they shove a bunk bed in there and can kind of fit a desk there too and there’s only one closet but they’ve been sharing clothes for years so it’s not really an issue
  • lardo gets the bigger room with these fucking beautiful windows in it like there’s a window seat she likes to curl up in when it’s sunny outside and she sets an easel up next to them so she can paint in the natural light and she swears that her art looks better when it dries in the sun
  • she also gets a huge ass bed that dwarfs her completely but she loves it so much cause it’s got fucking soft sheets and a thousand fucking pillows because shitty has a weird fixation on throw pillows and picks her up cute ones that have like a cat face on them or a saying like “i love my bed more than i like you”
    • when shitty sleeps over there isn’t enough room for all the throw pillows and both him and lardo.
    • also shitty loves little spooning it like with lardo wrapped around his back like a backpack he feels super safe
    • lardo also likes being the little spoon. they flip a coin to decide who gets to be it that night
  • none of them can cook for shit so they have a drawer of take out menus and they pull one blindly out of the drawer for dinner. they are on a first name basis with all of the best places.
    • when bitty visits he is horrified and makes them stuff and puts it in the freezer. they have enough frozen dinners to last them a month. sometimes they just eat them cold cause they can’t be fucked to wait for them to heat up. they will never tell bitty this information.
    • lardo actually can make a few dishes she had as a kid and when she’s feeling nostalgic or giving she makes them all dinner and it is so much better than take out
  • holster is surprisingly the best at laundry and he’s not really doing much cause ransom has med school and lardo has art shit to do and holster has a pretty lax job doing the books for a start-up business down the street and he only has to go in like twice a week so he somehow becomes the house husband of the group doing dishes and laundry and cleaning the house up after parties and just on regular days
  • the apartment they bought is in providence or near providence or something to that effect so they go to jack’s games all the damn time. jack lets them sit with the WAGS cause bitty is busy with school so he can’t use the seats and he likes looking up at the box and seeing holster and ransom freak out and lardo curse violently. they’re great additions to the WAGs.
    • a couple of the older guys’ wives kind of adopt the three of them because dear lord you have take out every night? what cleaning product are you using on your kitchen you are going to kill yourself? you don’t use coupons do you know how helpful that shit is? so a bunch of the WAGs teach them how to cook basic meals and what to clean with and how to coupon like a boss
  • bitty moves up to providence after he graduates too and opens his own bakery with a little bit of jack’s help (look i know bitty wanted to work for it but when you have a nhl boyfriend who has more money than he knows what to do with you might as well take advantage) and lardo works there when she isn’t busy cause she likes spending time with bitty and she’s good at it and holster of course does the books for bitty who hates numbers with a passion and ransom crashes there when he’s test stressed
  • okay well back to lardo holster and ransom dream team; they have family nights once a week. they play board games and watch movies and go roller blading in the park (lardo is surprisingly better at rollerblading than ice skating and she whips their asses thoroughly)
  • they get drunk sometimes like as a group and they get tipsy and honest and one time lardo gets too honest and starts talking about how much she loves shitty and she notices the looks holster and ransom send each other as she says shit like “he’s just so good at making me happy, you know?” but the two idiots don’t notice it at all which is infuriating
  • the frogs graduate too and it seems like everyone else is living in providence so they move there too and soon the entire smh group is living in providence and it’s probably not healthy that they’re trying desperately to cling to their college years but fuck it they’re happy and it all started because of holster ransom and lardo moving in together
  • years later when they finally move in with their SOs lardo tells holster and ransom’s kids about how dense their fathers were and how it is totally her doing that they got together in the first place because she is the one that locked them in the bathroom together when ransom was taking a shower and she leaves out the part where she had to leave the apartment because damn were they loud

What i find great about UA having the students live there is that it means SOMEONE is gonna have to teach them how to do normal everyday stuff. Aizawa teaching them how to use coupons after school and taking some grocery shopping, All Might showing them how to drive if they don’t already know, Mic teaching students to cook things besides microwavable foods, it just means all the teachers will essentially have to take up a sort-of parental role and i love it

any mutuals want to share a melon pass with me? I’m in gmt so ideally someone who lives in quite a different timezone so we can keep streaming while one of us is asleep or at school/uni/work??

im never going to be moved by any story about a man who didn’t know how to efficiently take care of himself before he got a girlfriend because it’s thoroughly pathetic. & it’s surreal to see these men say things like “how does someone even think of all this?” when their girlfriends already clearly have, and see these stories being interpreted as “My Girlfriend Showed Me The Light” instead of “I don’t have the common sense to know its not particularly smart to use the same washcloth I clean my ass with to wash my face”! men should be able to figure out how to pay their bills online and use coupons without their SO holding their hand and it’s so disheartening to see people not criticize something like that bc it’s presented in a “wholesome” context

Fighting for free pancakes at IHOP.

As someone who worked in customer service (mostly retail) for the better part of a decade, I am overly nice in every situation where I have a problem that needs a manager.  Y'all.  I had a FIFTEEN MINUTE DISCUSSION about free pancakes at IHOP because literally every person I talked to was dumb.  I’m gonna try to relay this to y'all as best I can so you can understand how simple the issue was.  This isn’t my receipt because I don’t have it but this is a pretty good example of a receipt from IHOP that has a customer survey coupon on it.

I don’t know if it’s at every location, but the IHOP by me gives you a receipt that has a survey on it with every visit.  You go home and take the survey, write down the code in the blank space (the fourth item near the bottom) and use that as your coupon for free pancakes at your next visit.  Not same visit, but the next visit.  I use one 90% of the time I go to IHOP and I go to IHOP more frequently that I’m finna admit to all out in public like this.

Study the receipt though, because it’s gonna be important to the story.

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Day Seventy-One

-I found myself watching a man who was trying with every fiber of his being to pass as a country star. Sadly, his best efforts were in vain, as he simply looked like a hairy tool.

-In honor of Christmas Eve Eve, I wore jingle bell suspenders. This look was phenomenal, and the comedic value made the shortcomings worthwhile. The shortcomings being, of course, that if I bent forward to far, the back would come unsnapped and spring up to hit me in the back of the head.

-A woman in her fifties came through with a nice dress, asking if it was on clearance. Upon being told that it wasn’t, she looked at it for a moment, then said, “I’ll take it anyway. I love it.” I am beyond thrilled that the Treat Yourself mentality knows no age limits.

-A man got a coupon for beef jerky with his purchase of the same. Rather than saving it for his next purchase, he immediately turned around and hung it on the rack of jerky for the next fortunate guest to find. This is one of the largest and most inspiring acts of kindness I have ever been witness to.

-With no prompting, an old man began to tell me all about how easy men were, how they don’t use coupons or discounts, how they pay with a credit card and are done, unlike women with all their frills and wastes of time. “You’ve got a point,” I conceded. “Saving money sure is a feminine thing.” I then watched him struggle for an entire four minutes to figure out how to use his simple credit card.

-A woman came through having raided the clearance racks. She did not take every item she brought, though. She interrogated me to find the full prices of each item, caring not for the lowest sale price but for the largest original. With a system that doesn’t allow for returns of clearance items to get more than clearance price, I do not know her reasoning for this focus, and yet, I feel a deep sense of understanding.

-Trying to find the source of a series of crashes I was hearing, I found a woman in her nineties running her motorized cart into registers and shelves all around her. Expecting to see her mortified, or at the very least too angry to care, I was shocked to see her laughing to herself, having the time of her life. I can see myself in her shoes in the future and I look forward eagerly to reaching that point.

-A woman was outraged with me when, upon handing me her bags which she had emptied of items, I placed them the counter rather than force her crumpled plastic on the next guest. She claimed to be caring about the environment, but as I even explained that the bin was for recycling, clearly she had a deep rivalry with the next guest and wanted to refuse them the joy of a crisp and clean shopping bag.

-“These are my favorite bandaids,” a woman told me, in a haughty tone I thought unachievable with such a thick southern accent. “No really, they are. I do so love those Minions.” Placing the large boxes of Minions bandages in the bag, I found a sense of clarity about how the nation got to where it is today.

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I work at the Way of Subs, and I just had a woman come in and attempt to use a coupon with an expiry date in 1999! The paper was so old it was yellowing and the ink was starting to flake, I almost couldn't contain myself from laughing. I don't know how anyone could think they could use a coupon that obviously expired almost 20 years ago.

I had a person use a coupon from 1986 once. It was .20¢ off a cereal. It expiration date so we took it.



Depending on your budget and living situation, groceries can take up 30% or more of your budget. What if you could cut that number in half, or reduce it even more? With just a little bit of time and effort each week, you can be well on your way to big savings! It’s all a matter of knowing some basic tips and tricks, and coming up with a system that will work for you. It can be a hobby that grows on you, with some amazing rewards. So with that in mind, this will be the first of many installations where I will share what I’ve learned on my extreme coupon journey.

How to Start*

  • Sunday Paper: This is my favorite source for coupons because of the variety and quality of deals, despite the cost of a subscription. Check in to discounts for subscriptions or asking someone who gets the paper if they’d be willing to give you their coupons. There are three types of inserts: Smart Source (SS), Proctor and Gamble (P&G), and Red Plum (RP).
  • Mail and Magazines: Sometimes coupons will come in the mail. Val-Pak sends out monthly coupon packages if you join their mailing list (you can sign up on their website). Some magazines also include coupons for name brands. 
  • In Store Savings: There are a few ways to snag coupons after you’ve arrived at the store. Many grocery stores have blinkies and tearaways, two types of coupon dispensers. The blinkies are the red plastic mechanical coupon dispensers that are often attached to shelves. Tearaways are ads of coupons. You can take as many as you want of these; just make sure you check the expiration date and don’t take too many that you’ll just throw away later! Another way to save in store is with catalinas, which is a needlessly fancy term for the coupons that print out at the bottom of your receipt to be used on your next shopping trip. These are generally only good at the store you made the original purchase, but if you want to use them at another store, ask if they accept competitor’s coupons (many larger chains will).
*My next article will talk about online coupons, as well as rebate and savings apps. Stay Organized

Now that you’ve started collecting coupons, you need to keep them organized! Everybody has a system that works for them, so I’ll just provide the most common methods and some tips. It’s all about what works for you!

  • The Binder Method: The hardcore couponers swear by the binder method, and if you are thinking of going this route, I definitely recommend googling some of their techniques because I don’t practice this one myself. Basically, you organize your coupons however you like in plastic sleeves in a binder so that you can see them all and easily flip through to find the ones you’re looking for. The downside of this method is that if you collect a lot of coupons, you’ll need a LOT of plastic sheets and they can get expensive. However, it is an excellent organizational strategy.
  • The File Method: This is my method, and I love it because I can easily carry hundreds of coupons with me but still find what I’m looking for quickly. I bought my coupon organizer at Walmart for $3 and it’s lasted over a year (actually I’ve expanded into 2 organizers, but I digress…). These are also known as accordion organizers, and they have anywhere from 6 to 15 tabs to stick different types of coupons in. I have mine organized in the tabs by type (frozen, canned goods, cleaning products, drinks, etc.). Within the tabs, I then organize everything by brand name to easily pick them out. It takes a little bit of effort to keep it organized, so normally after I cut coupons out of the Sunday paper I organize the new ones in their place and throw out any expired coupons. By doing it weekly, it really cuts down on the work.
  • The Quick Method: Don’t have time to file and organize? Simply keep any physical coupons you have in a filing cabinet or otherwise organized by dates. If you get the ones from the Sunday paper, just keep the dates straight. Then follow coupon blogs that tell you where to find the coupons they reference, and you can go straight to the coupon insert from that date and cut out only what you need. If you use this method, you can also make your store list and then use online printable databases to only find coupons for what you need. This method is for people who are shorter on time, but it won’t lead to such good savings. The key to extreme couponing is to plan your shopping trips around coupons combined with store specials. Once you’ve been doing it for awhile, the goal is to shop to stock up on different things each week so you’re getting the best deal on everything you need.

General Coupon Policies

Every store will have different coupon policies, so if you have a favorite grocery store or drug store, it’s a good idea to get familiar with their particular policies, almost always found on their websites. Sign up for the free rewards card, if it’s offered, because this will get you access to the best sale prices. Many grocery stores also offer gas rewards, which means that every dollar you spend there goes toward discounted gas at an affiliated gas station. (For example, I shop at Giant, who has partnered with Shell Gas. For every dollar I spend, I get a gas reward point. Every 100 gas points equals 10 cents off a gallon of gas. In addition, each week buying certain items will give you extra gas points. I save an average of 50 cents off a gallon per month, and since I rarely drive, this really adds up.) I have outlined some of the most common coupon policies to get you started:

  • Coupon doubling:  Most stores will double coupons up to a certain amount. Basically, this means that the store will match the value of lower value coupons. For example, say I have a coupon for 25 cents off a roll of paper towels. A store that doubles coupons would match that 25 cents, giving me a total of 50 cents off that roll of paper towel. Most stores in my area double coupons up to 99 cents, but be sure to check your store’s policy. In such a case, 75 cent coupons are my favorite because they double to $1.50 off your item with the store’s doubling policy. Some coupons will say DO NOT DOUBLE, but there’s a way to check if it will double regardless (if you find an awesome coupon you really want to use). There’s an iphone app called Double Check where you scan a coupon and it will tell you if the ability to double is encoded in the bar code. I’ve found quite a few coupons (especially Harris Teeter store coupons) that say do not double but actually do.
  • Stacking: How many coupons can you use on one item? For most stores, you can use one manufacturer’s coupon (i.e., the ones you print or find in the Sunday paper, usually marked “manufacturer’s coupon” or sometimes “mfg”) and one store coupon (i.e., the catalinas printed out on a previous receipt or specially marked store coupons-Target has lots of these) per item. So if you have one manufacturer’s coupon for $1 off orange juice and one store coupon for $1 off orange juice, you’ll save a total of $2. If you start factoring in lower value coupons and a doubling policy, it could add up to even more! The general rule is one manufacturer’s coupon per item, BUT you can still get multiple items. If you had three orange juice coupons, you could buy three bottles of orange juice and use each coupon. Most stores have a policy of three coupons on like items, and some only allow you to use two printed coupons per like item. 
  • BOGO and half price loopholes: Make sure to check with your store before trying this one, but some stores who sell things BOGO (buy one get one free) will ring the 2 items up at half price. This means that you can use two manufacturer’s coupons (and/or store coupons) on these items. For example, if you were buying granola bars that were originally $5 and on sale BOGO, each of the two boxes you buy would ring up as $2.50.  If you have a coupon for, say, 75 cents of one box and you have 2 of them, you’ll save 75 cents of each box, or $1.50 off your total. That brings it down to $3.50 for both boxes of granola bars. If those 75 cent coupons also double, you’ll save $1.50 EACH on the granola bars, bringing your final total down to $2 for 2 boxes of granola bars. If you had paid full price for those 2 boxes, you would have spent $10. When you find a great deal like that, and if you can afford it, stock up! I have an empty shelf in my linen closet dedicated entirely to granola bars and cereal because when there is a good deal, I stock up. Anything you don’t end up using can also be donated.

In my next post, I’ll discuss the actual process of taking your coupons to the store, general couponing tips, and explain some common acronyms for couponing.

Stevie, 23, is a technical writer for Navy engineers and will soon be attending George Mason for her Master’s in Biodefense. In addition to writing for No More Ramen, Stevie also runs her own personal budgeting blog (check it out!) and cooks way too much food at once.

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Customer: "I really prefer how [competitor store] does their receipts over yours. They have the decency to tell us how much we save on each item with their coupons and yours doesn't. I like knowing how much I'll get back if I return something instead of having it be a surprise because you're too lazy to do the math." Me, in my head: "Then???? Fucking shop at the competitor's store???? You're literally buying $70 worth of 50 cent stuff and using a coupon please leave this isn't worth it.

a short headcannon about neil giving matt friendship coupons (what a nerd) for @redbookpanda for the @aftgexchange. hope you like it!

  • it starts as a joke
  • dan decided to do a movie night before the girls all graduate and she made it clear they all have to be there 
  • so they all sit around matt’s room, matt and dan and allison are on the couch, aaron took up the other seat, renee and nicky are sitting on the floor, leaning on the couch, neil and andrew and kevin all brought their bean bags 
  • so like halfway through the movie, they all start drinking (besides kevin, kevin is already drunk, the boy needs to give his liver a break
  • and they forget about the movie and start talking about all kinds of shit 
  • and eventually allison brings up the fact that neil still has a flip phone (bc we all know she’d give him shit about that) (she’d give shit to andrew too but at least he has a maserati and she doesn’t text him anyway) 
  •  and so they all gang up on neil 
  • “how am i supposed to facetime you neil, i need to see that andrew hasn’t killed all of you when im in germany” - nicky 
  • “fuck that, how am i gonna stop neil from making terrible fashion choices” - allison (she still remembers the clothes from when neil first joined them) 
  • and neil mostly ignores them 
  • but like? he gets a new phone a week later anyway 
  • andrew rolls his eyes when he sees it and leaves the room 
  • and neil spends the rest of the day trying to figure out how to work it 
  • he brings it to practice as well and matt sees it 
  • he tries to help him when he sees he can’t use it but neil is a stubborn little shit and won’t let him 
  • and matt is annoyed™ and concerned™ bc how will his son neil talk to him 
  • and dan comes along and she jokes how they should make coupons to use so matt can help him even if neil doesn’t want him to 
  • and ofc other foxes chime in 
  • “he should make a coupon for a hug” bc that boy needs to be hugged 
  • and it’s a joke right and pretty much everyone forgets about it when they leave the court 
  • but neil 
  • the creative little shit he is he actually makes them 
  • he spends the whole evening making little coupons 
  • a hug 
  • a truth bc he’s still not used to telling the truth about everything and slips up and lies about things every now and then and he can tell other can tell but they never ask even if they want to 
  • a holiday bc allison still wants so take them to hawaii okay it’s pretty there 
  • a night out bc neil needs to go to the cinema before he graduates and can you believe he’s never been? allison tried to convince him to go once but he said he doesn’t see the interest in sitting in a dark room with a bunch of strangers just to see a movie but a couple of years later, when they went to visit allison in her new house, neil and andrew spent most of the nights in her cinema room
  • babysitting (that one is mostly a joke that nicky put in but neil still left it) 
  • and there’s some blank ones that mean they can choose whatever they want 
  • and the next morning neil goes over to matts room
  • andrew comes along bc he’s curious how this is gonna go 
  • his bf is such a nerd 
  • so neil gives the coupons to matt -and matt just stares at them for like solid 30 seconds 
  • and then he just 
  • hugs him 
  • and neil is like what 
  • and matt is close to tears bc thats so sweet? it was a joke but thats adorable and hes gonna use them all the time 
  • and neil is just standing there and he looks over to andrew and is like what do i do 
  • and andrew just rolls his eyes and leaves 
  • but secretly he finds it cute 
  • no one has to know he stole some of the coupons anyway

Tldr: guy has coupons that we can’t take, threatens to sue for false advertisement when they aren’t even our coupons.

So I work as a cashier at the Mart of Walls and I’m just ringing this guy up when I notice these two multipacks of canned dog food had coupon stickers on them. Guy looks at me and goes “they better be buy one get one free” and I’m all like “we will have to see if they go through the system.” Of course, they don’t. Because they don’t go through, I can’t do anything about it. Coupons on products are managed by the manufacturer, we just sell the merchandize. Some coupons are in our system, some are not. Even management can’t do anything about it. Well cue this guy screaming about how we should fix it and take off the few dollars and so on and so forth. ((Like buy a cheaper dog food??? All our dog food sucks, why spend 30$ on our crap???)) I call my front end manager and she comes over, looks at the coupon, and flat out tells him- “we don’t accept those coupons.” This guy isn’t having it, now he’s screaming about how he will SUE us for FALSE ADVERTISEMENT??? like Tf? Coupons work depending on home office and the manufacturer. They are on the products when they get here. We don’t know if they will work or not every time a new shipment comes.

The dude still left with free dog food…


Rather than just saying, “use coupons,” this video explains how the coupons policy works and I give tips on how to save even more! 

UPDATE JUNE 8, 2015: Here are some more tips gathered from other tumblr users! 

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94, 42, 6

94: Who was your HS crush?

Uh, I was super cynical in high school (think Tina Fey’s portrayals of herself as a teenager), so I didn’t really have a crush in high school.

42: Which are better legos or lincoln logs?


6: Do you cut out coupons but then never use them?

I’m a teacher. Coupons are how I eat. 

Thanks for the asks :D 

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My manager got so sick of people bitching about expired coupons and/or online only coupons that she told us to never give in to people who complained. However if someone mentioned it offhandedly and was totally fine with not using it we were to call her over so they could use the coupon. Her reasoning was something about how you never reward bad behavior. Btw she did clear it with both the district manager and corporate first. They liked it so much it's going to be implemented elsewhere.


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