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The fact the video starts with OOTW dead makes my heart hurt. The video is my all time favourite video from the elements to the wolves (my fav animal) to what the song means to me. The song is tied with Long Live as my all time favs. Seeing OOTW dead was so heartbreaking but I’m so excited for this new era. I’m here for taylor not taking any shit for the most pathetic of things. I feel like a proud brother. This bitch

Okay yall real talk, something bad's going on with Star vs the forces of evil right now.

Basically, what’s going on is that Disney apparently is trying to errase the episode Collateral damage/Just friends. They are not planing to show it during their current season 2 rerun and pulled it off of their website. The thing here is that this episode in particular shows three same sex couple kissing during a concert and this treatment hasn’t been given to *any* other episode.

Now it’s to note that the creators *are not* responsible for this actions but the blame lies fully on Disney. Please do not harass any of them since Disney prevents them to truthfully talk about their opinions on that matter without risking being fired.

This episode is not only a huge accomplishment for lgbt representation in childrens media but also is extremely important for the show in total. It also contains a original song segment which is one of the hardest things to make in animation and literary took monthes for the team to do.

Please spread the word about this injustice and let Disney know how upsetting their actions are by using the hashtag #justiceforstar

Don’t let homophobic attitudes destroy the labor of love this entire episode clearly was!

EDIT: The episodes are back completely unedited! It’s still unclear what exactly Disney’s reasoning for their behavior was but the episodes aired yesterday unedited on Disney XD! I am not sure about the website though. Either way as of now it’s no longer necessary to contact Disney, if something like that happens again I will update you guys as soon as possible!

Defeating Anti

Fanart. We created him with that, maybe we can defeat him with it.
He said in the Bio Inc Redemption video. “There are no strings on me.” Why don’t we recreate him? Make him a puppet?
Anti was wrong. He lied in the video. He said we were powerless. But we aren’t. We created him. And we can destroy him.

Why don’t we, as a community, defeat him. We can make a fanart of him, recreate him or mold him into a powerless being.

Upload it anywhere you can. Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Deviantart. You name it, upload it.

If you upload it, use the hashtag #defeatanti.

Let’s show Anti how powerful we really are.

“I’m worried Karen won’t be in the punisher as much as we were expecting” look yes me too but you know what really matters? you know what’s deeply important to me? more important than the technicalities of how long Karen will be on screen for?
Karen and Frank bantering about man buns.

Imagine the whole palace preparing a surprise birthday party for prince!Hoshi only to have the boy find out about it by accident.

choices fandom appreciation week 🎈

hi everyone! Bree ( @celestialjake​ )  and i ( @jakexmc​ ) are hosting it and here’s what it’s about: we noticed there’s been some drama lately in our fandom, either about disrespecting ther players, hating certain characcters etc or just simply the stories in the books. however, this week is for spreading positivity to every choices player, and we would love for you guys to get involved! so let’s spread some love and positivity! here’s how it works — tag both Bree and i, post and/or reblog using the hashtag: #CFAWeek on each of the following themed days:

day one: players day. — get to know your fellow players! post a selfie (if you wish) and include your name, age, country, zodiac, how long you’ve been playing choices, and what got you into playing the game… you can also include some facts about yourself too!

day two: favorites day. — favorite books, characters, ships, LI’s, friendships, lgbt characters, poc characters, + more is what day two is all about!

day three: fanart day. — post your own art of your favorite characters, ships, LI’s, friendships, and even your mc! get creative and have fun!

day four: fanfiction day. — write fanfics of ships and characters from the choices universe. headcanons, imagines, and one-shots are included on this day.

day five: crossover/au day. — wish two of your favorite choices books were one? day five is for your dream crossover/alternate universe edits, fanfics, and art! hmmm, i’m thinking a hero/endless summer edit sounds fun!

day six: edit day. — aesthetics, video edits, photo edits; the possibilities are endless for this themed day!

day seven: ultimate positivity day. — spread some love and positivity to your fellow players! send a nice message to someone, and remember what this fandom is truly about!


Why we can't do anything

Forget the #septicsave, guys. It’s not gonna work.

First: Anti has more power than ever before. He killed, possessed or corrupted all the egos, and he’s constantly showing us how powerless we are. I hate to say it, but a hashtag isn’t gonna do shit.

Second: He corrupted us as well. We’re all addicted, dependent of Anti at this point. We HAVE to theorize, draw, write and edit to keep our sanity. He’s like a drug. He made us all drug addicts.

(And to be honest, I like it… I’m brainwashed as fuck.)


So we still haven’t recieved any renewal updates, which SUCKS. What we do know, is that the fandom has POWER - that’s been proved today by the Timeless un-cancellation. I have also heard from a reliable source (not SSA) that FOX has been checking out several NG Tumblr blogs today, so they are definitely interested in the fandom’s current mood.

So, let’s all summon our very last energy together, and SPAM SPAM SPAM the hell out of the #reNewGirl campaign, until Monday morning when we’ll get the news. They will listen to us!

Here’s how to do it:

Twitter (most efficient): use the hashtags #reNewGirl #NewGirl #Season7 and tag @foxtv, @newgirlonfox, @lizmeriwether and @finkel_is_great. Also reblog all the #reNewGirl tweets you find.

Facebook: use the hashtag #reNewGirl on New Girl’s offical FB page to comment on old posts, and write your own posts on their wall.

Instagram: use the hastag #reNewGirl on New Girl’s official IG, to comment on old posts, NG fan accounts or any other New Girl cast or crew member’s IG you’.re following.

Tumblr: reblog this very post to spread the word to as many Roomfriends as possible.

GO GO GO!!!! Together we will make #reNewGirl happen!!!