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idk if i already asked this, but how do you only use 5-6 adjustment layers? it's my greatest struggle in making gifs. I can NEVER do that. I use like 10 layers max to get the look I want. although the gif makers' tips I look at always say to keep it 5-6 layers :/

Hey there! I’ve received a similar ask, and I had yet to reply to it cause I’m so behind with replying to everyone due to lack of time, so if it was you, I’m so sorry!

Before I get into anything though, I’d like to say that…. you really shouldn’t let what all the other giffers say condition what you do. What works for others may not work for you, and if you’re happy with how your colouring turns out, what does it matter if it takes you a few more layers than other people? We all colour in different ways, and obviously tutorials and advices are super useful and they can teach you some stuff you had yet to discover and it’s always great to improve, but at the end of the day what’s important is the result and if you’re happy with yours, don’t pay too much attention to what other people say or do.

The thing I always stress about is making tiny adjustments, cause if you go super crazy with those, you just end up reducing the quality of the gif, by bringing out pixels.

How the hell do I only use 5/6 layers when I’m making tiny adjustments? Well, it depends on the layers you use and how you use them.

I end up using a couple more layers if I’m making a colour porn gifset, cause I abuse of selective colour, but generally I just use curves, brightness/contrast, exposure, selective colour, colour balance and photo filter. 

Out of all them, curves is the one that will impact your gif the most, and will make you lose less layers after, if you use it correctly. And by using it correctly I mean if you use the eyedrop tool with the white tip:

What this tool does is it turns whatever colour you click on with it into the whitest point of your gif, brightening everything accordingly. This is very useful especially if you’re giffing a dark scene! I’ve talked a bit about this tool here.

Everything is going to make more sense once you start using it, cause the more you practice with it, the more you get the hang of it! 

What you want to do once you click on it is to click on the lightest point of your scene. Keep in mind that it’s going to turn that point into white, so if you choose a dark colour your entire gif is going to look like crap. You want to choose as close to white as you can, but if you choose actually white, it’s not going to do much of anything at all. 

Now, you also need to keep in mind that this tool is going to affect the tone of your gif, based on which colour you pick, so if you pick a yellowish colour, it’s going to change the tone of the gif into blue, if you pick yellow it’s gonna make everything blue-ish and so on, going in the opposite way (so it’s very useful for those movies/tv shows that have a terrible yellow filter and such). 


if I were to pick that light green/blue colour behind harley (the red dot)

my gif would turn like this:

see? that colour turned into white, the gif was brightened accordingly, but since I chose a blue/green-ish colour, now the tone is reddish!

If I were to pick harley’s hair where it’s lighter instead:

I’d get this:

much better, right? 

A lot of this is trial by error. You’re going to need to click on a lot of stuff and undo it until you find a combo that works for your scene, but the more you use this tool, the more you understand how it works and the easier it gets!

Now you see why I would only need a couple more layers to be happy with my gif! And that’s by only using one tool, curves! Notice also how despite the fact that it’s a dark scene with shitty lighting, it got brightened straight away without bringing out pixels/lowering the quality!

You can achieve great results with a few layers, you just have to use the right ones ;)

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sorry if im bothering you,,, pal,, i love your doodled-on character posters,,, may i ask how you make them ?? thanks

okay, so here’s a tutorial on how to make the doodled-on character posters that i’ve been doing since a while.

  • you need some version of photoshop for this. im using photoshop cs5
  • you need a pinterest
  • like/reblog if this helped you pls
  • rest of the stuff is under the cut

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hi, have you got any recs for what to do and what not to do if you were to write a daredevil fanfic?



  • firstly, do listen to actual blind/vi people and what they have said about writing blind characters. i know a lot about daredevil, and i know about disability studies and media analysis, but i’m sighted. i should not be the extent of who you listen to on this. some potential resources for information and perspectives: 
    • blogs/etc about blindness specifically by b/vi people
    • organizations
      • world blind union
      • american foundation for the blind
      • the perkins school for the blind
      • national federation of the blind
      • national braille press
      • braille institute
      • american council of the blind
      • international council on english braille
      • blind matters
      • comics empower and their podcast
    • if you’re doing fight scenes, maybe read up on some b/vi fighters and athletes
    • i tried to go through who i follow on tumblr but i forgot that all i follow here now are my friends and blogs that post photos of jellyfish
      • on twitter i apparently exclusively follow disability activists and comic creators, which is pretty on brand for me
      • i have a lot of specific articles and stuff so hmu for those i guess
  • do include tech, tools, etc that matt might use. 
  • do research how that tech/those resources/tools/etc work before you try to include it. if i have to read one more fic where someone uses a ballpoint pen to make colored dots in a page and then matt reads it as braille, i will cry. like at least do some basic googling.
  • do check your work to make sure it doesn’t play into common ableist tropes, particularly
    • inspiration porn/inspirationally disadvantaged/overcoming disability (stella young on inspiration porn)
    • supercrip/disability superpower/disability-negating superpower (you can check tv tropes for info on these, although… eh, it’s iffy)
  • if you include stick, do emphasize that he’s matt’s childhood abuser, and any feelings of gratitude or debt that matt has to him — which he definitely could, as stick did train him and give him some sense of control over his senses — are not uncomplicated (post about stick as an abuser and why apologizing for him is shitty)
  • do give matt some real resources for dealing with what basically amounts to chronic pain. this is… so minor, given everything else, but like — come on, you’re telling me he doesn’t own any ice packs? really? (post where i just rant about this for way too many words)
  • do have matt’s senses be more than just “”compensation”” for his blindness, and that’s in double quotes because that whole idea is fucked up. i think a much stronger reading is similar to — or in fact actually — sensory processing disorder. (one of many posts i’ve written on SPD matt)

do not:

  • number one, most important thing to me, do not infantilize matt. do not erase how bloody and angry he is in order to make him cute and soft. (post on infantilizing matt in a larger media context) (more on cripplepunk!matt) (another post on this)
    • relatedly, i’m not saying don’t write matt as a sub, but think about why you’re doing it at least (post on how fandom only writing sub!matt is pretty iffy)
    • i’m also real suspicious of the number of fics where matt is made completely helpless and must get “rescued,” and of the amount of matt!whump out there. i get that having matt get rescued flips the superhero narrative of matt rescuing others in the canon, but, like, all you’re doing is flipping it right back to disabled people being helpless, which is not as creative or original as you maybe think it is (an ask on fandom making matt “learn his place”)
  • do not have matt say “god, i wish i could see you” or otherwise emphasize how much he must absolutely want nothing more than to be nondisabled (post on this exact thing)
  • do not write Matt Temporarily or Permanently Goes Deaf and It’s The Worst Thing Ever fic. there’s plenty, and it’s always audist, and it nearly always forgets that d/Deafblind people actually exist. 
  • do not write no-powers AUs unless you feel real sure you know what you’re doing (a recent post about why they’re nearly always gross)
  • similarly, do not write bodyswap AUs where matt bodyswaps with a nondisabled character unless you’re incredibly 100% sure you know what you’re doing. 
  • i will actually destroy whole buildings if you write a no-longer-disabled AU. i will just tear everything to shreds. everything else aside, there is no sighted daredevil. that does not exist. (here is a post on that)
  • do not forget that matt murdock is blind — actually blind. not “fake blind” or “not real-world blind” or “basically sighted”, but actually blind. he did not read that sign off the wall from 20 feet away, he is not disarming that bomb by identifying each colored wire, he’s not looking up into her beautiful hazel eyes. (post explaining that matt’s actually blind)
    • some of this is people fudging how far is powers go (please. he cannot radar sense the television screen. do not do this to me again.) and writing him as “fake blind,” and some of it is people literally forgetting that they’re writing a blind character. like i often read fic where the writer clearly just genuinely have forgotten that he’s not just a slightly gorier spider-man 
    • honestly it would be the absolute coolest if we could get to the point where “remember that matt’s disabled” can become more than just “don’t have him literally do things that he cannot do” and extends into, like, “have matt think about the world like a disabled person does, and interact with nondisabled people like disabled people do, and think about disability activism and ableism”. (here’s a post i wrote about matt manipulating ableist attitudes for his own survival, but like, it’d be cool if that kind of stuff was, y’no, intentional)
  • do not act like matt uses certain tech or aids because he has to “play” at being blind. no matter what d.g. chichester says, he cannot read a computer screen by touch, and his cane is not just a secret identity prop, or he wouldn’t use it in volume 4 even after his identity has been revealed
  • do not fall into the unnecessary face-touching trope (it’s always unnecessary) (one of many posts on this on the internet) (ETA: here is another)
  • do not pretend that foggy is perfect and can do no wrong and is somehow Free From The Burden Of Internalized Ableism (post on why having foggy be ableist is actually… important) (post on fandom tendency to put foggy on a pedestal) (post about foggy and ableist pity) (another foggy crit post i promise i dont hate him)
    • relatedly please stop fucking having foggy nelson Solve Ableism
  • do not just sub in ‘catholic guilt’ for matt’s canonical depression (more on this)

After getting that last ask I decided to show the steps for how I draw these characters

So the first thing I do is sketch the actual character on a layer with a low opacity brush

Then I add a new layer (you can lock the sketch one so you don’t accidentally draw on it) and just color it in one color

The color should be a dark grey so it’s a midtone rather than a shadow or highlight

Then I actually shade the thing! I usually use the burn and doge tool for the crows because I’m a lazy shit unless lighting requires I use colors other than black and white

I blend the things with the mixer brush tool (I’ll use the smudge tool in areas sometimes to give it more of a painting look) this is also where I give him feather floof and draw the nasal feathers

I go to image>adjustments>brightness and contrast and adjust it to how I want

(I later realized the beak was too light so the final image has a darker beak than in this one) 

Final step is the actual eye, which is just a blue dot with a blue outer glow

And thats all there is lel


✨NAIL ART TUTORIAL ALERT✨ Ever wondered how to create the RAINBOW YIN YANG NAIL? 🌈 It’s super simple! All you need is a cut up kitchen sponge , a dotting tool (can also use hairpin or toothpick) and the following colours ✨Soft Serve ✨ Blackberry Mousse ✨Blue Heaven ✨Vovolicious ✨Grasshopper Pie ✨Juicy Juicy 💖Looks totally amazing ! See for yourself ☝🏼 Shop the link in the bio ☝🏼💅🏼 #nailpolish #iscreamnails #nailartvideos #nailsvids #nailvideo #nailarttutorial #diynailart

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Hi! So I was wondering how you made those pixel art rooms for your ocs? They're super cool and I'd love to make something similar for mine if you don't mind. What program did you use, and did you use some sort of color palette? I just really think they're super rad, I'd appreciate knowing how you made them!

Hello! Waaah thank you so much! I got a lot of help from my friends who are advanced in pixel ;)

I use Photoshop CS6, I started with 150x150 canvas with 300dpi and then filling up the dots with pencil tool. My process is the same with digital art (lineart, base color, and shading). For palettes I chose a main color (pink/blue) and used analogous/neighboring colors! When you’re finished you can enlarge the image up to a few hundreds percent with nearest neighbor setting. 

I’m still learning myself but I hope this helps! Also here’s a tutorial my friend gave me *w*

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how did you guys attatch the dots on your Ladybug cosplay? I thought about doing hot glue but honestly not sure how to go about doing that since it will stretch ;w; thank you!


graphs on a Cartesian plane are mindblowing to me - specifically the fact that they’re a metaphor, one of the most useful metaphors our species has invented and utilized

If I’m at a lecture and looking at a graph of how wind electricity power generation fluctuates throughout a day (x is time) or as a function of wind speed (x is velocity), that image is a metaphor for *the way wind turbines act in response to variables*, and when I look at those couple of lines I’m translating it into an understanding of the behavior of an abstraction of a particular type of machine

moreover this metaphor is continuous - every point on the function that is drawn out has a specific meaning, e.g. ‘this specific dot tells me that at wind speed X, the power generated is Y’

even more amazing to me is that the math that governs (underlies? is a basis of?) both geometry and physics makes it so that the area under the curve translates to something meaningful as well - in this case, the amount of energy generated throughout a time period - the area is a metaphor for a physical quantity

when I do math, to reason about statistics, what I’m really trying to understand is the behavior of the world - if I have prior assumption X and observe n events, what is my new belief Y? - but I am unable to clearly understand the behavior of the world without drawing out on a piece of paper two axes + some dots or some lines - and my need to do this to get the answer effectively isn’t a feature of how the universe works, it’s a feature of how the human brain and education in my culture works* - and if I had a brain that processed information very differently, this metaphor may seem redundant or opaque or silly

* although graphs on a cartesian plane are so useful I can’t imagine what other visualization tool - and it would have to be a visualization tool - an AU modern human culture could use if they didn’t converge onto ours

starry sky tutorial bc i’m bored and can’t sleep

this is going to be a long post btw. I just draw backrounds too often and wanted to make use out of one.

first of all, you should use the full version of paint tool sai  i don’t remember how limited the trial was

lower the density on the brush tool and stoke sevral large smudges preferably blue and purple colors. 

go over those strokes with a few other colors  try to mix black in until everything looks blurred and smudged

it should look like this or similar

now add a layer and poke a bunch of dots all over for stars in pen or airbrush. this takes a long time but it should look like stars

use varying densities, and change how hard the brush is every so often. use colors such as light pinks,blues and yellows  add in some stray strokes if you want

now make a new layer and do the same you did with the first. just with smaller brushes and more pastel colors

it should look like this after a minute a two. 

stretch it out and put it on luminosity or lumi and shade depending on what mood you’re setting (top left corner under paints effect)

add some random stars and sparkles if you want and that’s pretty much it!

I was just tired but wanted to to a short tutorial so I hope this can be helpful!

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How do you paint space??

all i do is scribble the color pallet i have onto the darkest color i have as the base

and use the cloud tool and blend them doing a circular motion

and then just put white dots and shit lol

i just make things really simple for myself until i like how it comes out 

and depending on what space it is sometimes i use  more purple rather than blue and sometimes more blue then purple

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how do i select things and resize,flip them?

In the PC version there are several selection tools on the tool bar on the left side of the canvas. After making a selection you can use ctrl+T or cmd+t to resize your selection. While holding down cmd or ctrl you can free transform your selection. To flip your selection you go to ‘Rotate’ in the ‘Layer’ menu.

In the tablet versions above the canvas you can use the dotted line icons to make selections. In the Android version to after making a selection click on the dotted line icon below the canvas. This will open a menu that gives you options to transform your selection.

In the iPad version after making a selection, up the upper left above the canvas are a square icon with dots in the corners and an arrow shaped icon. They will let you scan and transform your selection.

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I have a request for a tutorail if you can do one that is,uhmm Could you teach use how to make custom bodies/poses??

Of course.

An introduction: I use Paint Tool SAI. If you do not use Paint Tool SAI,  your method of editing sprites may be different, but the idea is the same. If you have any questions(on the method or Paint Tool SAI), feel free to inbox/message me, but not on anonymous; that way, I can help you personally.

I am no means an expert, nor am I a good teacher, but hopefully this will help.

Custom bodies and poses can be done in two ways; by making your own resources completely or pulling from others to have different arms and poses depending on what you choose.

What that means is draw out your own pose, whether by scratch or using a pose already made, completely covering it:

Don’t ask why they all have capes; it ended up being coincidental and dumb.

Or taking various parts to make one(hint: the arm) while keeping the rest:

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by backgrounds it's either one really ;; id like to try both :')

okay so… i’ll add a tutorial part here for cropping the way that i do mine. i’m using photoshop CS6 btw. this is like… my first tutorial so feel free to message me if you have anymore questions.

please like/reblog if u found this helpful!!

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today I got this bizarre ad on

1. is that mettaton? I’m pretty sure that’s mettaton. not only is it undertale but it’s mettaton. you think ok, this is a cosplay website. you guess that makes it just a little less weird. but

2. mettaton got past my ad blocker somehow

what is mettaton doing? how does he have this power? this ad isn’t even a tricky ad that might fool a blocker, no, it’s a vanilla sidebar ad

3. this isn’t even an undertale cosplay thread. undertale is far from its height, it’s late 2016. and this is a fucking homestuck thread from 2012

4. refreshed the page. closed and went back to the url. in incognito. mettaton was still waiting for me. did cosplay dot com manually embed mettaton on their website? maybe that’s something they do. how would I know. I’ve only gone on this website to familiarize myself with the finer points of how to not kill myself via mod podge

5. not even to mention the rest of the ad. spring new arrivals. it’s late september. or is it new spring arrivals? and the badly aliased edges that reveal exacltly where someone used the magic wand tool to impose mettaton on that off-pink background

conclusion: mettaton what the fuck. why am I being accosted like this

how to make an aesthetic post

step 1: make a playlist, but only add once in a lifetime by talking heads on it (this step is not optional)

step 2: listen to your playlist on repeat (very important)

step 3: open up photoshop, use your type tool and write something with arial bold (from my knowledge this is the only acceptable aesthetic font)

step 4: make a grid background or something idk

step 5: upload it on tumblr dot com


💖THE FLAMINGO💖 Everyone wants to know how this one is created! There are a few different techniques but this is one 👌🏼 Using Blue Heaven, Bubblegum Bang , Soft Serve and Liquorice Twist! Here’s a tip… THE ESSENTIALS pack comes with our DIY book, dotting tools, striper brush and the black and white polish you see in the vid 😜 ✨Link in the bio✨ #nails #nailart #iscreamnails #nailpolishaddict #nailpolish #diynailart #nailartvideos #nailartvids #nailartvideo #nailsvids

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