how to use a dotting tool


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starry sky tutorial bc i’m bored and can’t sleep

this is going to be a long post btw. I just draw backrounds too often and wanted to make use out of one.

first of all, you should use the full version of paint tool sai  i don’t remember how limited the trial was

lower the density on the brush tool and stoke sevral large smudges preferably blue and purple colors. 

go over those strokes with a few other colors  try to mix black in until everything looks blurred and smudged

it should look like this or similar

now add a layer and poke a bunch of dots all over for stars in pen or airbrush. this takes a long time but it should look like stars

use varying densities, and change how hard the brush is every so often. use colors such as light pinks,blues and yellows  add in some stray strokes if you want

now make a new layer and do the same you did with the first. just with smaller brushes and more pastel colors

it should look like this after a minute a two. 

stretch it out and put it on luminosity or lumi and shade depending on what mood you’re setting (top left corner under paints effect)

add some random stars and sparkles if you want and that’s pretty much it!

I was just tired but wanted to to a short tutorial so I hope this can be helpful!

lostinmonstax  asked:

Hey :D I was wondering can I ask how you got the front to move on this gifset >> changkyun(.)cf/post/157177807588/monsta-x-zodiac-signs

ohhh you mean font!! haha well it might take a lot of explaining so i’ll do it in a tutorial style if that’s okay ~

so what you need is: 

  • basic photoshop skills
  • photoshop cs6/cc 

i’ll be showing you how to do this:

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This has nothing to do with Gaara, but Temari

Is anyone else kind of disheartened by the fact that there are so many other shinobi that wield giant fans? I just felt that it was part of her charm, and there was a sort of magic behind her calling the dots on her fans “moons,” but having a lot of other ninjas being able to use the same ability just takes away from it.

What really drew me to the sand sibs was how unique their abilities were to them, and during the chunin exam arc, it really added to their mystery and edge.

Now I’m just sad that no thought was put into making different justus/tools for the extras.

how to make an aesthetic post

step 1: make a playlist, but only add once in a lifetime by talking heads on it (this step is not optional)

step 2: listen to your playlist on repeat (very important)

step 3: open up photoshop, use your type tool and write something with arial bold (from my knowledge this is the only acceptable aesthetic font)

step 4: make a grid background or something idk

step 5: upload it on tumblr dot com